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May 13, 2:00 PM ET
Chat with Ohm Youngmisuk

  (2:00 PM)

Hey guys and gals, let's get this rolling!

Rachel (Hattiesburg)

Ohm, which NY Giants should I lookout for on my fantasy draft day? This will be my second season playing and Im trying to soak up all the knowledge I can.

  (2:02 PM)

Hi Rachel! Don't worry, I will definitely help you with your fantasy team. Every weekend during the season, I provide fantasy updates on which Giants to play and answer questions on who to start and sit. And I will help you with who to draft if you need help. I would have to say that if you wanted one Giant, it would be Hakeem Nicks. He was excellent last season when healthy and I expect him to take another step forward this season with Eli cutting down on the turnovers. Mario Manningham could be a nice mid to later round guy with Steve Smith on the mend.

  (2:02 PM)

But when the time gets closer, you can hit me up with any fantasy questions... same goes for all you guys and gals.

Rich (Giants - Jets fan in SF)

With the current draft history, will there be any off season deals by both the Jets and Giants and who'll go farther in playoffs?

  (2:04 PM)

Rich, I am sure both teams are not done. Once free agency starts, they will be all over it. As far as any offseason deals, nothing can start up until the new CBA is agreed upon. I don't envision the Giants being too active making any trades but I do expect them to work it in free agency a bit. Giants have several players they ahve to re-sign. As for Jets, they got their hands full trying to keep many of their own guys.

Chris Fiegler (Latham,NY)

Who will be the first New York Giants Player to have his Number Retired at the New Meadowlands Stadium?

  (2:05 PM)

CF, tough one to answer. Are you asking me which of the current Giants will have their number retired next? Obviously, Eli will. I think eventually Tuck and Osi could as well.

Pete (MI)

Sparty sucks.

  (2:05 PM)

See you in the fall when we start our defense of our Big Ten title.

Duke (New Jersey)

Do you think the Giants will make any major moves in free agency, if/when free agency happens.

  (2:07 PM)

Duke, I expect them to first try to re-sign several of their key guys which to me will count as big moves. As for getting any other major free agents, I think you will see them possibly add a linebacker, maybe a center. As for getting Nnamdi or any other major free agents, hard to tell. I think the Giants should still make a run at Nnamdi but I'd be surprised if they shelled out a major contract for another defensive back for the second straight season.

Vinnie (Columbus, OH)

Ohm's Law!!! Am I wrong for being most excited to see 2 of our lowest draft picks rather than the early round guys? DaRell Scott and Tyler Sash could provide an impact. The prince and Austi do nothing for me.

  (2:09 PM)

Vinnie... well, let's see if Da'Rel makes the squad. He has Bradshaw (provided he's re-signed), Jacobs and Ware ahead of him. As for Sash, he's a hard-nosed safety, should help on special teams. Sash could be a good underrated safety. I am curious to see how Greg Jones and Jacquian Williams do on special teams and at linebacker. I think the Giants have some really intriguing sixth-round picks.

Aditya (Banglaore, India)

The Cardinals haven't swept or been swept in a series the whole season, and I doubt it will happen this week. How odd is that? Also, when do you think it will end?

  (2:10 PM)

Aditya, I have to apologize but I have been so focused in on the New York Giants that I haven't been following too much baseball outside of my own fantasy team, LOL. Sounds like you are a Cards fan. Hopefully Albert starts balling soon!

Gino (Rye, NY)

Who is the current front-runner for the No. 3 reciever spot for the Giants? Smith? Cruz? Barden?

  (2:13 PM)

Well, I still have Nicks, Smith and Manningham as the top three in that order. But factor in that Smith will be on the mend and who knows where he will be at in his recovery, ok, we'll move him down to three until he regains his old form. If Smith isn't ready, it's between Barden, Jernigan and Cruz. Perhaps Hixon sneaks in but we have to see how his knee is holding up. Barden is coming off ankle surgery and says he will be ready for camp. But you never know. But I think Cruz will fight and make the team. Very interested in seeing what Jernigan does. And then let's not forget that Plaxico will be released in June. I don't know if the Giants are going to go full steam after him but they will look into it and possibly consider it.


Aside from the 1st Annual Eli Manning Throw and Catch Camp, have there been any player organized workouts on the defensive side?

  (2:14 PM)

JJ, Justin Tuck said on Jim Rome's show yesterday that he hasn't organized any defensive workouts because he doesn't want anyone to get hurt. The defensive players are very competitive and like to beat each other at competitions and what not. Tuck doesn't want anybody getting hurt. He says he knows where each of his players are and where they are working out and he is keeping tabs on all of them. For now, no defensive unit organized workouts.

Chad (Philly, PA)

Hey Ohm, are the giants going to get Plax or not? We need him!!!

  (2:15 PM)

Chad, no way to know right now. And you won't know that answer until lockout is lifted. Plax gets out at beginning of June. I think lockout still very well could be going on.

Andrew (Ann Arbor)

What's good Ohm. How do you see the wide receiver position shaking out? Who will make an impact after nicks, manningham, and hopefully steve smith?

  (2:17 PM)

Hey Andrew... After the first three, I think it's time to see what Barden has. He will be on the mend after ankle surgery so who knows how strong he will be but he says he will be ready for camp. After Barden, it's Victor Cruz and rookie Jerrel Jernigan. Hixon will be in the mix but is coming back from ACL surgery. There's Devin Thomas to consider as well. Lot's of receivers.

Bill (Long Beach)

Ohm, What's the point of this particular chat? Seriously. What's there to chat about?! Speculate about the upcoming season? Do you really think there's gonna be a season?!! Lets talk about the Giants new draftee's?? Face it, the "in-coming" rookies are more likely to be bagging groceries or washing cars, then breaking into the league in the fall.

  (2:18 PM)

Trust me Bill, I rather have something substantial to talk about. Also, I wouldn't mind being on a Carribbean beach right about now. But I'm here to distract you guys from work I guess, LOL! We can talk about whatever you want... NBA playoffs, Dancing With the Stars, America's Best Dance Crew... whatever. LOL. I do think there will be a season, though, on a serious note. I think come training camp, they will come to an agreement. Just my guess.

Tor (vrigina)

williams will be a beast

  (2:19 PM)

Tor... or is it Thor? Has anyone seen it yet? I need to go see it. As for Jacquian, all indications are that he is raw but fast. Needs to learn more technique and get bigger. But fast. And athletic.

Chad (Philly, PA)

We need PLAX!!!!!!! Eli needs his safety blanket!

  (2:20 PM)

Well, I'm a Spartan. And you won't get any argument from me about one of the school's best receivers.

Plaxico (Agrees)

Go Spartans! Who do you see as the KR/PR? Hixon? or our 3rd rounder?

  (2:21 PM)

Plax... I think it comes down to Hixon vs Jernigan. We'll see how Hixon's knee is after surgery. Jernigan is going to get every shot to win both jobs. Ware is a factor on KR as well.

Chad (Philly)

Another one for ya....What's your take on the whole Giants vs Jets thing? Growing up in North Jersey, the Jets were always a joke and the laughable team (still are to me)....What's your take on the situation?

  (2:22 PM)

Chad, Jets aren't a joke or a laughable team. They are legit. And for now, they can say what they want because Rex is right, they have been the better team the last two years. Better organization? That's a whole different argument. But as far as who is the better team in the area right now? Jets. They've been to two straight AFC title games. Giants need to get back to the playoffs. That December game between the two is going to be awesome. But it will be extremely difficult for the Giants as well.

Mike (NY)

Ohm- Does the drafting of Austin signal the end of Cofield in a Giants uni?

  (2:24 PM)

Mike, Well, it definitely allows the Giants the flexibility to not have to bring Cofield back or pay him. It's likely very possible that we have seen the last of Cofield. He wants to return and the Giants want him back but Barry wants his first big contract after playing as a RFA last year. He deserves a sizeable contract after having a career season. He just may have to get it elsewhere. The Giants have a ton of DTs now with Canty, Bernard, Joseph and Austin. But if Cofield is an RFA again this year, the Giants could try to bring him back on the cheap but Cofield said he would consider asking for a trade if that's the case. We'll see.

Steve (NJ )

Ohm- whats the deal with the lack of particapants in Eli's Hoboken workouts? It seems as if other teams had better participation rates.

  (2:25 PM)

Steve, I think a good number of guys are out of town and live elsewhere and I think a major factor is guys do not want to risk injury. If you get injured during these workouts, you are not covered by the NFL or your team. You can risk a lot by getting injured. I think that is a major reason why.

Plaxico (Agrees)

You're the man Ohm! Curious...what was you're reaction when we got Prince in the first? Did you see that coming?

  (2:28 PM)

Thanks dude. Can't wait till you get out of jail #4 (MSU number). I didn't see Prince coming although McShay had Prince dropping to 20 in his final mock the day of the draft and I thought to myself, that would be interesting, perhaps the Giants wouldn't pass on him. I think the Giants did the right thing in picking what could be top-10 talent in the draft. Prince has some flaws in his game like anybody else does in the draft. But he was once considered a top-10 guy in the draft. And he is one of the top two or three corners in the draft with Peterson and Smith. I think the Giants do need another young talented corner so I like the pick a lot. That doesn't mean he is going to be a sure-fire stud. We have to see. He might not live up to expectations. But if he is anywhere as good as many of the draft prognosticators think he is, the Giants will be alright.

Joe (NY )

Ohm, Giants going to bring Andrews back with that big bonus hes due?

  (2:29 PM)

Joe, I don't know... been thinking about this one. The bonus is a sizeable one. I like Andrews and think he did well when healthy. The Giants have to see how his back is doing. I haven't seen Andrews tweet anything about his back so maybe he is doing well. When healthy, he could easily be the starting LT on the team and Diehl can move to LG while Seubert is on the mend.

Bill (Long Beach)

Ohm, you're right, I appologize. There are other things to talk about besides the Giants/lockout. What's wrong with David Wright? I've noticed he has trouble catching up 93+MPH fastballs for well over a year now. That should not be happening to a 28 yr old allstar. I cant' help myself. One last comment on the NFL. The players suck a little, but the owners SUCK A LOT!!!

  (2:31 PM)

You know what Bill... I got DWright on my fantasy team. I follow the stats but haven't seen him play live on a nightly basis. I have been more pleased with his stats this year than last year, that's for sure. But he hasn't really been the same player for over the past two seasons in my mind... Would like to see more from DWright but I still love the dude. Don't worry about the lockout. It will be over by the time the season is supposed to start... in my mind at least.

Andrew (Ann Arbor)

So I gotta ask about my boy d-mo too.. Is he a first rounder in your opinion?

  (2:35 PM)

Darius Morris? I'm assuming... well, I heard he could be a second-rounder but I haven't done a lot of snooping around to tell you the truth. I will say this, I am glad he isn't coming back. That dude is a good college ball player. At the next level, he's got some tools. Nice handles. Decent athleticism. My guess is that he would be late first round at the very best... maybe second-rounder... He is going to have to have some good workouts. I wonder about his outside shot. He can take college kids. Can he break down pro defenders though? I don't think he is that quick. But Chris Douglass-Roberts is in the pros and he kind of reminds me of him for some reason, a crafty player.

Frank (Work )

Hey Ohm- why do Giant fans continue to overrate this teams need for a LB? Under Perry's system the majority of formations consist of 2 LB's and 3 safties anyway. Boley, Goff, Sintim seem to be adaquate enough.

  (2:36 PM)

Frank, I hear you but I do believe that Perry would play three linebackers if he had a third linebacker he wanted to play full-time. If they had a stud linebacker, Perry would play three linebackers. He used three safeties because they didn't always have three full-time linebackers. We need to see more from Sintim. And Goff is steady but also needs to improve a bit more as well.

Chris (Brooklyn, NY)

In terms of production, do you anticipate Steve Smith having the same bumpy recovery that Kenny Phillips had last season? How soon do you think they'll both return to form (if they ever do)?

  (2:37 PM)

Chris, yes, all indications are that Smith will be brought along very slowly like KP was. I think this season you should see KP return a bit more to form than last year. And as for Smitty, I think you have to temper expectations a bit. His surgery was not a routine easy one. He has a long road to recovery but all indications are that he is on track so far. We don't know if he will be fully ready for the season opener though.

Derek (DC )

Ohm- anything on the Coughlin contract?

  (2:39 PM)

Derek, last we checked, nothing. Giants haven't released any information on it. Sure that when it happens, the Giants would release that info. My guess... and purely a guess, is that a classy owner like John Mara might not want to give out a new contract during a lockout. The Giants haven't had any paycuts but I wouldn't be surprised if the Giants didn't wait to announce Coughlin's contract status until after the lockout. They are a classy organization.

Mitch (PA)

Ohm- Big fan, you got a scouting report on Greg Jones?

  (2:42 PM)

Mitch, I gave a long, lengthy one last week. LOL. I will say this, I like him a lot. He is tough, got good instincts. He is athletic but not crazy athletic. He is good at chasing down guys from behind and dragging them down, a good solid tackler. Not incredibly big in stature or size but stout. Has heart. I think they did very well to get him in the third round. I will say this, he was a beast his junior year. I wanted to see him take the next step and become a first-round pick his senior year. He was still solid and it's not like he took a step backward but he never really took that next step forward and dominated games like I had hoped. Perhaps other teams were concentrating on him more, perhaps MSU's front line got a lot better as well. But I think he makes the team, contributes on special teams at the very least, and pushes Phillip Dillard and might even surpass Dillard.

Jeremy (Rockland)

Hey Ohm,Giants have to make a run at Nnamdi, if anything else to drive up the price for the Eagles, right?

  (2:43 PM)

Jeremy, bingo. I think the NFC East is going to go after Nnamdi. Even with Prince aboard, I'd still go after Nnamdi and even if he is too rich for your taste, just be in the mix at least.

  (2:43 PM)

Alright guys, thanks for the questions and see you all next week! Enjoy the NBA playoffs! I know I will!