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May 20, 12:00 PM ET
Chat with Chris Sheridan

Chris Sheridan
  (12:01 PM)

Good afternoon from New York, across the Hudson River from where I attended the draft lottery three nights ago. Strange not having the Knicks there. Questions?

Scott (new york)

What do you think of the knicks taking Kenneth Faried? Also do you think the knicks will try and trade for Cp3 this summer because of how the mid season melo trade show the team needs time to gel. Thanks

Chris Sheridan
  (12:04 PM)

Faried's stock continues to rise, and I do not know that he will be there at No. 17. But that being said, he is strictly a 4, and the Knicks are using Amare Stoudemire as their 4, and Stoudemire himself has said he wants a 5 to play alongside him. We all saw last season with Anthony Randolph how limited the opportunities are for a backup 4 in the Knicks' rotation. As for Chris Paul, as I have said before, they need to find a buyer for that team before anybody can seriously consider trading that team's No. 1 asset. Right now the league office owns the Hornets.

a.j. (dallas)

is billups contract still only guaranteed for $3 million as a trade chip to clubs looking for financial relief?

Chris Sheridan
  (12:06 PM)

No. Billups' contract is now fully guaranteed at $14.3 million, but he also is now tradeable between now and June 30 when the labor agreement expires. But again, the time when I see him being a major trade chip is at next year's deadline if there are players trying to leverage their way to New York. Billups' salary would make the numbers match.

Moe (Phoenix)

How confident are you in Donnie Walsh's drafting skills? He's passed on a lot of good centers and PGs in the last 3 yrs.

Chris Sheridan
  (12:08 PM)

The Jordan Hill pick was probably his biggest bungle. The Landry Fields pick was quite a find, but Walsh would be the first to tell you that the Knicks made that pick after taking a vote from everyone in the war room (more than a dozen people) at the start of the second round when they looked who was left on the board. His best pick ever remains Reggie Miller when everyone in the state of Indiana wanted him to take Steve Alford.

Tim (New Rochelle)

I know its often mentioned, but what is the likelihood that the Knicks buy a late 1st? And on a reverse note, is there any chance that they package their pick and Landry or Toney to move up? Could they get into the lottery with that package?

Chris Sheridan
  (12:11 PM)

Late firsts are usually held by teams that would rather have $3 million to help pay their luxury tax bills, but that is not the case this year. The buy-up opportunities are in the second round, where the Lakers have four picks and the Clippers three. As for your other question, Tim, they would have to really be in love with someone in the 10-12 range to part with one of those guys (Fields is the more likely) to move up a few spots. Do they really love someone that much? That is what they are discussing among themselves at the draft combine in Chicago right now.

Amir (Brooklyn)

Chris, regarding your answer to my question about the Knicks going after Ryan Hollins, so what if he wants a multi-year deal?The guy is relatively young and has great upside, especially since there are zero centers on the horizon.

Chris Sheridan
  (12:13 PM)

That is going to be the problem across the board in looking at free agents this summer. Anyone young, tall and good will want a multi-year deal, and the Knicks want to preserve cap space. See my blog entry from a couple weeks ago regarding Dalembert for more on this dynamic.

Joe (bronx)

who do you think will be the knicks starting center this upcoming season? And do you think cp3 will ask out of New Orleans before the season?

Chris Sheridan
  (12:16 PM)

On your first question, I have to take the safe route and say Turiaf, although on second thought that is not a safe statement because Ronny is playing for France this summer at Eurobasket and will probably get hurt. But he is their only center under contract, and we are still a long way out from the draft and then free agency -- provided there is a labor agreement that allows for free agency.

Anthony (NYC)

There will be a rotation player available at 17. Be it Fredette, Selby, Jenkins, Faried, Mantajunus, Harris, Singleton, etc. The Knicks need to go best player available. They are a very incomplete team with several holes. Whoever they evaluate as the greatest talent with highest chance of success needs to be the pick. End of discussion.

Chris Sheridan
  (12:19 PM)

Well said, Anthony. So the question becomes which of those players is highest on their board? I would imagine it is Fredette, although I have a growing affinity for Jenkins, the scoring machine from Hofstra.

Keenan Slusher (Queensbury, NY)

Chris, what are the Knicks options to improve their bench for next season before the FA class of 2012? Who stays and who goes?

Chris Sheridan
  (12:21 PM)

If I told you the best big man option might be Jared Jeffries on a one-year deal, would you punch your computer screen? Because he might be the correct answer. But as I have said before in these chats, if they are going to go after only players who will take one-year deals, Kurt Thomas has to be considered among the bigs and Grant Hill has to be considered among the wings.

david n (nyc)

Love your coverage of Knicks and NBA Chris! Are you surprised at the complete silence from MSG on Walsh, D'Antoni, draft, trades, et al? Usually there are tons of rumors, there are end of season statements from GM and Coach?

Chris Sheridan
  (12:23 PM)

It long ago passed the point of ridiculousness. But when Jim Dolan says to clam up, everyone clams up. And if the public doesn't like it, the public be damned. That is how Dolan has always thought of public relations.


Chris, out of the 5 PGs you rated, which one would be the most disappointing pick for the Knicks to take at 17?

Chris Sheridan
  (12:24 PM)

Darius Morris from Michigan.

mike (nj)

Is there anyway the Knicks get Jimmer and make him the 2 with Billiups the point? Fields can come of the bench to spell him.

Chris Sheridan
  (12:28 PM)

I don't think Jimmer will be there at No. 17. If he is, you DO NOT pass on a guy who shoots and scores the way that guys does. Yes, you risk the inevitable Adam Morrison comparisons, but you also check during interviews for signs that he might or might not be the next AM. The Knicks had Jimmer in last year and he got hurt duing the workout, so they have already spoken to him and have somewhat of a feel for him.

Ori (New York)

Do you expect there to be a Mid Level Exception after the new CBA agreement?

Chris Sheridan
  (12:29 PM)

I expect there will be something resemling the current MLE, though probably at a smaller starting salary than where it is set now, which is the league median.

Andrew (Chicago)

Your article yesterday about Silver, Hall and the lockout was a fantastic and opmistic outlook. Can explain why you are so confident there will not be a lockout in the NBA? I agree with you because David Stern realizes how damaging a lock could be.

Chris Sheridan
  (12:32 PM)

Thank you, Andrew. Aside from a vibe thing, there is the logic thing. The last time the NBA had a work stoppage, I covered it. And there was a need for a lockout at the time because MJ's career with the Bulls was ending, the new faces of the league were Allen Iverson and Stephon Marbury, et al, and the contracts being given out were enormous (Example: Kevin Garnett's $126 million extension). Back then, the financial picture was out of control. Now, there is a system in place with mechanisms to control the percentage of cash going to each side, and those mechanisms can be tweaked to give the owners their desired result, which is a bigger slice of the pie. It takes 5 years for a league to recover from a work stoppage in which games are lost, and this is no time for the league to be digging itself that kind of a hole when business is booming.

Mendes (Schenectady)

What kind of contract do you see JJ Barea getting this summer. And do you think he is a guy the Knicks will pursue?

Chris Sheridan
  (12:35 PM)

That kid is earning himself millions upon millions with his playoff run, and the Knicks cannot pursue him because they will have no cap space to speak of. One thing to watch for with him is whether a lockout would keep him off the Puerto Rico national team for the Tournament of the Americas in Argentina, which will yield two Olympic berths. Brazil and Argentina are the obvious favorites, but PR is a close third.

Chris (Manhattan, NY)

Do you think there is any legs to the rumors of the Knicks being interested in Ramon Sessions? It'd seem to make sense for both sides with Cleveland likely getting Kyrie Irving and the Knicks need for a reasonably priced backup for Billups.

Chris Sheridan
  (12:37 PM)

Sessions is under contract through 2012-13 and would eat up too much of their space. Don't see it.

Ryan (NYC)

an outside the box idea for knicks need for big man, Sofoklis Schortsanitis? your thoughts?

Chris Sheridan
  (12:39 PM)

I believe he has reached agreement with Maccabi on a multi-year deal, plus you'd have to acquire his rights from the Clippers. I have seen him play many, many times, and he wouldn't last 4 minutes in D'Antoni's system.

Russell (Brooklyn)

Chris, what are your thoughts on Marshon Brooks from Providence? He was the best scorer in the best NCAA conference last year, and has had an amazing combine so far; Chad Ford is very high on him I know...

Chris Sheridan
  (12:42 PM)

I will have more on Brooks in my next blog entry on draft prospects, looking at wing players. Again, he could fit into that best available category, and he indeed can fill it up -- although there are questons about whether he has NBA 3-point range. Brooks also has a 7-2 wingspan on a 6-5 body.

Rahul (Brooklyn)

Do you think jamal crawford would sign a one year deal or is he looking for a multi year deal

Chris Sheridan
  (12:43 PM)

Multi. Something he can close his career with.

Joshua (Los Angeles,CA)

Do you think that the Knicks could compete with a hard salary cap? I mean they can't win with going 40 plus million over the cap, so why would they evan be competitive with being under the cap.

Chris Sheridan
  (12:44 PM)

I do not believe there will be a hard salary cap. It is something, IMO, the owners have asked for with the sole intention of pulling back on it in order to yield something in negotiations.

Mario (Brooklyn)

What about D League guys like center Sean Williams, who can block shots and a kid like Javaris Crittenton a big PG who can pass? These guys have had controversial pasts, but so did Shawne Williams.

Chris Sheridan
  (12:47 PM)

They could have had Sean Williams at the end of the season for an extra big body to take into the playoffs, but they passed. So I think that ship has sailed. Crittendon is an intriguing name because he'd do a one-year deal, and the Knicks might have a need there if they do not draft a PG. But if it came down to a choice between him and Anthony Carter, I think they'd retain AC.

Tim (New Rochelle)

Another question - this one on Fields specifically. Don't you think that the devaluing of Landry Fields is a little overblown. Not many people have mentioned the rookie wall AND the mid-season shake up which especially affects a player like him - who needs to know the tendencies of his teammates. Dude was phenomenal for 80 percent of the year. Won't he be fine?

Chris Sheridan
  (12:49 PM)

It is not all that overblown when you consider the guy went into a slump the moment the Melo trade was made and never emerged. Ever. Not even once.

Kevin (Jersey City)

Have there been any more rumblings on who, if anyone, the Knicks might bring in as a Defensive Minded assistant?

Chris Sheridan
  (12:51 PM)

No rumblings along that fault line yet. Too many No. 1 jobs still open, and D'Antoni has not exactly endorsed the concept. When the Knicks finally allow him to speak, that is one of the first questions that will be coming his way.

Chip (NYC)

What do you think about Kwame Brown for the Knicks? Would he be willing to do a 1 year deal

Chris Sheridan
  (12:51 PM)

I am not a big fan.

Delusional Knicks Fans (Everywhere)

Rose and Durant seem pretty good. Can we trade Fields or Toney and maybe a pick for them? They probably want to play in NYC anyway.

Chris Sheridan
  (12:52 PM)


Sean (Saratoga Springs)

Chris, what are the odds D'Antoni lasts a full season next year? I would love to see a more defensive minded coach come in and hold these guys accountable on that end of the floor. Anyone possibly waiting in the wings to take over the position?

Chris Sheridan
  (12:54 PM)

If Mike is not extended (which he might be), he will be under the microscope big time next season as a lame duck. Odds he lasts the full season under that scenario? 80-20.

Elan (NYC)

Chris, do you think the Knicks holding out for Paul or Deron may be a big mistake? I don't think the Knicks chances are as good as people think and I stilll think we would be a good big man away from winning a championship.

Chris Sheridan
  (12:57 PM)

It's not really an all-or-nothing game with those two (plus Dwight), because if you miss out on all three you still have max cap room to spread around on complementary players. It is a nice fallback to have.

Chris Sheridan
  (12:58 PM)

That is a wrap, folks. As the playoffs roll on, check back at the Knicks blog from time to time for more draft preview material. Over and out.