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June 1, 3:00 PM ET
Fantasy NASCAR with Mark Garrow

Mark "Guru" Garrow
  (2:58 PM)

Good afternoon everyone...hope all is well in your part of God's country...and let's get this partaaaayyy started!

Daniel (IN)

hey Mark, since this is the 1st time the Cup guys will be racing at Kansas this early in the year, what notes can they go off of or do they have to try and compare this race to another one already ran this year?

Mark "Guru" Garrow
  (2:59 PM)

I think you can look Daniel at who ran well in the last races at Charlotte and Texas and as a whole this season on the 1.5 to two-mile tracks. That's why I think it's going to be a pretty good day again for the "Roush-keteers".

Steve (TX)

howdy mark, how gets it done come Sunday? i'm thinking one of the Roush cars pulls it off, either Biff or Matt i'm thinking.

Mark "Guru" Garrow
  (3:00 PM)

Wow..Steve...great minds do think about my pre-race top-30 to show you what I mean......

Mark "Guru" Garrow
  (3:00 PM)

My Kansas pre-race top-30.....1.Greg Biffle2.Carl Edwards3.Matt Kenseth4.Jimmie Johnson5.Kevin Harvick6.Marcos Ambrose7.Clint Bowyer8.Jeff Gordon9.Dale Earnhardt, Jr.10.Denny Hamlin11.A.J. Allmendinger12.Kyle Busch13.David Ragan14.Mark Martin15.Tony Stewart16.Kurt Busch17.Kasey Kahne18.Ryan Newman19.David Reutimann20.Brian Vickers21.Paul Menard22.Jeff Burton23.Juan Pablo Montoya24.Joey Logano25.Regan Smith26.Brad Keselowski27.Martin Truex, Jr.28.Jamie McMurray29.Bobby Labonte30.Casey Mears

Rick ma [via mobile]

What is going on at egr guru? They can't find speed? I still think the 42 can make the chase, alot of solid tracks for them coming up and only 24pts out. Am i crazy?

Mark "Guru" Garrow
  (3:03 PM)

They certainly have had their problems. But when I talked to McMurray's crew chief before the race Sunday...Bono Manion said they had been junk but on the off day, Friday, at Charlotte they asked their engineers to start with a clean piece of paper and come up with something new and different to work with. Manion said when they put it on the car for practice Saturday it took it from a 1.5 to 7.5 and then McMurray got it up front Sunday before they blew the engine. We'll have to see if what they found at Charlotte can be massaged into something better for Kansas. Manion said they as a team were just plain lacking speed and couldn't figure out how they had gotten so far off.

Nick Rolando (Orlando)

Mark, buddy last week was tough, strategy and bad luck killed my team. All I know is a Ford should've won. For Kansas this wk I have on the ESPN team: 99-17-16-9-20 and Y!: 99-9-43-6, or should I look at using Dale Jr instead of Ambrose or Dinger?

Mark "Guru" Garrow
  (3:05 PM)

Those are two pretty good line-ups Nick. I think Dale Jr. will be pretty solid but I'm not sure I would be put him ahead of the two Fords. I'd like to see the practices first.

Magnuss (San Diego)

Mark, Who's Hot and Who's Cold for tracks like Kansas?

Mark "Guru" Garrow
  (3:08 PM)

Well if you look at the last four races Greg Biffle has been blistering hot...with two wins and two third place finishes...Jimmie Johnson has scored the second most amount of points in those races followed by Jeff Gordon, Kevin Harvick and Carl Edwards...I also think you have to look at how hot Kenseth has been for who's not...Ryan Newman, David Reutimann, and Kyle Busch are ranked 23, 24, and 25 in points scored the last four Kansas encounters..

John Pardue (N. Wilkesboro, NC)

Thanks for all your help this year! What do you think at Kansas? 99,16,48,17 pick two 9,4,33,88,43,5 pick four 6, 27, 47, 78 pick two. Those fords are burning up the mile and a halfers.

Mark "Guru" Garrow
  (3:11 PM)

I think you can go for any combination of the three Roush drivers and be in good shape as far as the first group is the second group I would go with 9,33,43 and either the 5 or the third group 6 and 27...that's the best I can come up with right now John.


Vacation in Baltimore this week so need early picks! please rank;11, 9, 43, 00, 6, 88 for Kansas. Thanks!

Mark "Guru" Garrow
  (3:13 PM)


Fireball (Nashville)

Will this race reward another driver who runs terrible all day, but manages to get better gas mileage and win the race?

Mark "Guru" Garrow
  (3:14 PM)

Gosh I hope not because it absolutely makes me look like a dummy...I mean "Goober Garrow" instead of "The Guru"

Fireball (Nashville)

Why is Burton ranked so low? He ran well last week and was near the top before he spun due to Kane running out of gas.

Mark "Guru" Garrow
  (3:15 PM)

You know Fireball, Burton is one of my favorite drivers out there but they just can't seem to by any luck this year and trouble seems to come looking for them each and every week. He doesn't even have a single top-10 finish in the first 12 races and I find that unbelievable. So, as much as it pains me, I've dropped him in the rankings until they can put together a strong race from green flag to checkered flag.

Fireball (Nashville)

Thanks for the answers "Guru"!

Mark "Guru" Garrow
  (3:18 PM)

No problem my man!

Fireball (Nashville)

With the season reaching the half-way point, do you think we will see more teams gambling to get that 1 win or 2 that would put them in chase, despite being outside of the top 10 in points?

Mark "Guru" Garrow
  (3:28 PM)

Absolutely Fireball. You had better believe Jeff Gordon will be scrambling to get one more win figuring that will do the trick. Then you have guys like Montoya, Martin, Ambrose, Kahne, Burton, McMurray who have won before and know a single win might sneak them in. Kahne in 19th and Burton in 22nd probably don't have a realistic chance to make it to 10th..and few others are on the bubble when it comes to that and one more stub of the toe or they are going to have to reel off about five, six top-5s in a row or win some races or that's it.

Emily (NJ)

Mark, I had a feeling that Carl wouldn't run all that great at Charlotte last weekend. That track has given them fits once the temps change. My question is: since most of the 600 was run at night, why would nascar schedule both Saturday practices during the heat of the day? Why not make final practice at dusk after the NW race?

Mark "Guru" Garrow
  (3:37 PM)

Emily...that's one question the teams have always wasn't super critical until they put the new testing rules in. It used to be they would at least get in one night of pre-race weekend testing in so they had some notes to go by. That's not the case anymore. Now while the track was hot and slick Carl and Matt were bad to the bone and I think that sets them up well for Kansas this weekend.

Paul (West Orange)

Hey Guru...who is the best darkhorse this week 6, 9, 31, 88, 43, 39, 4 or other? How bout a lock besides the biff... 33, 99, 17, 14, 29 or other? Thanks.

Mark "Guru" Garrow
  (3:42 PM)

I think Ambrose in his Ford is the best pick among that group. He's been more consistent as far as finishing than Ragan, who's really beginning to come on strong. As for "locks", I think 99 and 17 belong in that category and maybe the 29 because of his lucky golden

Doug (Wis)

Told you #18 was rated to high last week, even though he didn't get nailed for speeding, he showed he CAN wipe out. I see with your rating this week of him, you came to your

Mark "Guru" Garrow
  (3:47 PM)

Doug, let's face it that race at Charlotte turned out to be a little on the weird side. Those issues at Charlotte and fact he really hasn't done much at Kansas caused me to drop Kyle in the rankings and yes, come to my senses.. :)

Emily (NJ)

Mark, do you see Smoke contending this week? I know he has been off lately, but a hot and slick 1.5 miler may be just what the doctor ordered. (And by the way, do you have any job openings? Just graduated college with a 3.97 GPA LOL)

Mark "Guru" Garrow
  (3:52 PM)

Wow...another brainiac...congratulations Emily on great GPA...I got the same score...on my IQ test..As far Tony's concerned he talked yesterday how his team is a little off right now..I figured he'd be better at Charlotte and it just didn't happen and Newman was off too. I'm to have a wait and see attitude on Tony this weekend..but given where he is price wise in the ESPN Stock Car Challenge there will probably be some better picks at or below his value.

Joanie (Michigan)

Guru - have you been able to get any sort of feel for Brian Vickers so far this year? I have no idea what to expect from him for the rest of the season - and if he can show any sort of consistency. Thanks, as always!

Mark "Guru" Garrow
  (4:02 PM)

That's the maddening part Joanie..he's always had flashes of brilliance, but not a lot of consistency. He's in better shape now that he's getting help from Kasey Kahne instead of a rookie like Scott Speed. Vickers is usually a better bet on the big tracks and might have a shot at doing something this week. And as always you're welcome!

Mark "Guru" Garrow
  (4:03 PM)

Well that's going to do it for today, please remember our Kansas race day chat will come your way at 10:30 Sunday morning...Have a great week everyone...sad to say it but must "The Guru has left the building!"