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July 29, 12:00 PM ET
Chat with Wally Matthews

Wallace Matthews
  (11:57 AM)

Happy friday, everyone. let's chat

Gavin (Laramie,WY)

can you please tell me that the yanks are going to make a move. it is so nerve racking not seeing them do anything with sunday coming up real soon. WE NEED ANOTHER STARTING PITCHER. AJ cant be trusted along with the rest of the starters. tell me the yanks will do something big so we can get back to the promise land

Wallace Matthews
  (12:01 PM)

Gavin, I wish i could tell you that but honestly, i do not know what they will do, and any of the various 'insiders," many of whom such as my colleagues Buster Olney and Jerry Crasnick are verrry wired in and knowledgeable,who tell you they know what the Yankees will do are not being honest. The Yankees are famously, notoriously close-to-the-vest at trading deadline time, and I can;t recall one expert who predicted lance Berkman, Kerry Wood or austin Kearns last year at this time. in fact., those names were never mentioned and took everyone by surprise. i agree the Yankees need an SP and also an RP, pref. LH. But who those people will be? I haven;t a clue and neither does anyone else other than Brian Cashman

Dick (Blueballs,PA)

Hey Wally do you think after seeing what is going on with the starting rotation its time to give up some talent and get Ubaldo???

Wallace Matthews
  (12:03 PM)

Nice town you come from. I think giving up what the Rockies are asking for would be a panic move. Besides, it sounds as if Colorado is just going to sit back and wait for the last possible moment and then, they still may not move Jiminez. I think they realize their asking price is outlandish -- Banuelos, Betances AND Montero? -- and are hoping that Yankee desperation will allow them to get lucky. But the Yankees rarely deal out of desperation. It's a game of chicken and I think the will, and should, hold firm to not giving up too much

LeAnne (Washington)

Wally, when do you think Teixeira picks up that batting average? He's not a .240 hitter is he?

Wallace Matthews
  (12:05 PM)

he never has been, and his degeneration from an exc. all-around hitter to Dave Kingman is one of the great unexplored stories so far this season. Teixeira has always been a big "look at th eback of my baseball card" guy to explain away in-season slumps, as is to imply that everything will magically right itself by the end of the season. But at this point, it looks like his 2012 baseball card is going to have a line that just doesn;t make sense.

yankeehomer (new york)

is it time to say dustin pedroia is better than cano right now look at numbers Cano/290avg/16hr/63rbi/62 runs/333obp/sb 6/bb 19/ to dustin 308avg/15hr/54rbi/72runs/407obp/sb 20/bb 68

Wallace Matthews
  (12:06 PM)

Pedroia has certainly had a better 2011 than Cano, although I don;t think you can say Cano has had a "bad" season, just not one up to the standards he established last season. Kevin Long said before the season, and I quoted him, that two guys in his lineup would have difficulty matching their 2011 production: Swisher and Cano. Turns out he was right on the money, doesn;t it?

Chris Fiegler (Latham,NY)

What National League Team is Absolutely Terrible at Yankee Stadium & Which National League Stadium is the Yankees absolutely Terrible at since Interleague made its debut in 1997?

Wallace Matthews
  (12:07 PM)

Chris, IDK off the top of my head but the answer is no doubt readily available somewhere like If I get a chance, I'll check it out

Reece (North Carolina)

any chance we get Heath Bell or Ubaldo or SOMEBODY?!?!?!?!?

Wallace Matthews
  (12:08 PM)

There's a chance you'll get SOMEBODY!?!?!?!? But don;t ask me who that SOMEBODY!?!?!?!? is. I think Bell is a more realistic possibility than Ubaldo simply because Colo asking price on UB is ridiculous right now. But that could change, and history tells us it probably will

Eric (Boston)

Happy Friday! Not to nitpick, but what do you make of Tex's .243 batting average (a good 40 points off his career number)? Has he changed his approach at the plate significantly enough to account for this or is he the victim of "bad luck" this year (he does have a .224 BABIP).

Wallace Matthews
  (12:11 PM)

Eric, I just tried to answer this question but the BABIP, which I hadn;t checked recently, is an interesting wrinkle. Sometimes it can be an indicator of hitting in bad luck. Sometimes it can be an indicator that the batter simply isn;t hitting the ball very well. Tex' 28Hrs would seem to indicate the former. I promise I will bring the subject up with him before today's game. Knowing him a little bit, I doubt he will have a satisfactory answer.

Eric (Boston)

The newest person in pinstripes after the trade deadline will be...

Wallace Matthews
  (12:12 PM)

Ivan Nova? Seriously, I don;t know. Never would have predicted L Berkman or KWood last year, so who knows what Cashman has up his sleeve

Mark (NY)

Wally, any chance the Yanks pull off a blockbuster at the deadline and get a SPer like Clayton Kershaw from the floundering Dodgers?

Wallace Matthews
  (12:12 PM)

Interesting question because the Dodgers obv. need to dump payroll but if the Rockies want like 12 guys for Jim,inez, what would LA demand for Kershaw? Great thing to dream about, but I think that's all it is

Matt (Fair Lawn, NJ)

Hey Wallace, I just wanted to know or take your opinion on this situation of the Yankees #2 starter conflict. The Yankees are the richest franchise in sports and rumored about trading for the Cardinals Chris Carpenter. Would this be a hard trade to accomplish? Thank You!

Wallace Matthews
  (12:15 PM)

The only thing that makes trades difficult to accomplish is when every team in the league knows you are hot to fill a certain need, as everyone knows the Yankees are with pitching. And most teams assume the Yankees are willing to pay any price if they think it gets them to the World Series. Consequently, demands become ridiculous, and sometimes, they are even met, so that only encourages teams to ask for more. I don;t know what St. L would consider a fair bargain for Carpenter but so far, the Yankees have been very protective of their young talent. One guy who might be expendable for the right MLB-caliber SP is Andrew Brackman, but I wonder if the Yankees would give up on a No. 1 pick so quickly

Robert (arlington, texas)

Hey Wally- You think Cashman doesn't care to make a move this season since he is probably gone after this year? And do you see Joe Torre taking over as GM real soon?

Wallace Matthews
  (12:17 PM)

I'm not so sure Cashman is gone after this season -- where do you go after you;ve been the Yankees GM? To Pittsburgh or KC? -- and I don;t think he would bag the season, simply out of pride and professionalism, two qualities the GM has in abundance. Plus, it wouldn;t look too good on the resume to fail with a team with the resources of the Yankees, now would it?

Mark (DC)

Wow look at those first two questions. Do Yankee fans wonder why the rest of baseball hates them? You guys have the third best record in baseball, and are a lock for October. Calm down already. Jeez

Wallace Matthews
  (12:18 PM)

Amen. This is a fan base that has come to expect the best of everything every year, and in fairness, they pay prices that might lead one to feel entitled to it. But you;re right. For a team in such "dire" straits, the yankees have done OK so far this season.

Bob (Doylestown, PA)

Do you see any chance the Yankees going after Pence if they can not get a starter

Wallace Matthews
  (12:21 PM)

That question has occurred to me in the past few days as well. the problem is he is very much in demand in the national league and the Phillies are said to be well in the process. But he is the kind of player who could add depth to the bench and some pop in the outfield

Brian (Orlando)

Hi Wally,I would be very Dankful if the Chi Sox would trade the Yanks John Danks. What say you?

Wallace Matthews
  (12:22 PM)

The ChiSox are still in the AL Central race. Don;t think they're going to move anyone of importance to them. Like the pun, however

Dave (New York)

I hear rumors that the Yankees are interested in Wandy Rodriguez. Do you think this is really a possiblity and should the Yankees go for it?

Wallace Matthews
  (12:25 PM)

I've heard Rodriguez, Bell, Jiminez and Kuroda, who the Yankees coveted before he signed his deal with LA. Any one is a possibility, and I understand the frenzy of wanting to know who the next yankees are going to be. But I've gotten burned too many times on wrong guesses at this time of the year, and gotten surprised many times when guys I, nor anyone else, ever suspected wind up in pinstripes. So Im content to wait untul 4 pm Sunday rather than drive myself nuts trying to guess.

Eric (Chicago)

Please take Zambrano, Please take Zambrano, Please take Zambrano...we just want Gardner.

Wallace Matthews
  (12:26 PM)

It seems that the Cubs, literally, cannot pay the yankees to take this guy off their hands. Think L Rothschild has given Cashman a diff. scouting report than the one he gave the rest of us?

Wallace Matthews
  (12:27 PM)

Thanks, peeps. Gotta head to the ballpark. Just think, by the time we do this again next week, we'll know the answers to all these question. and of course, we'll have new questions to ponder. See ya then