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August 17, 11:00 AM ET
Chat with AJ Mass

AJ Mass
  (10:59 AM)

Good morning gang! Sixty minutes of fantasy chattage up ahead. Let's get right to it. Second cup of coffee in hand. Read any good books lately? Who is up first?

Chris (PA )

What are your thoughts on MJD this year? Do you think he gets over 10 TDs?

AJ Mass
  (11:00 AM)

I think 10 is about right. I'm certainly taking him in Round 1, and not too worried about the knee.

Bobby (Cali)

I need your help, please! Which catcher should I go with for the ROS? Wieters, Iannetta or Arencibia?

AJ Mass
  (11:01 AM)

Chris, Matt, JP.

Jack (Tampa)

Who do you like better this year? Blount or Shonne Greene?

AJ Mass
  (11:02 AM)

I have higher hopes with Blount.

Matt (Columbia, MO)

FF ethics question: In a 3-tiered keeper league (1 keeper drafted in rds 1-5 last year, one from rds 6-10, one from rds 11-15), do you think we should be allowed to trade the "rights" to a third-tier keeper? For example, our commish doesn't have a good third tier keeper player this year, so he just traded the rights to his third-tier to another team, so that that other team could use it to keep an extra (4th) player from his roster. In other words, no player was actually traded, just the rights to a keeper spot. Should this be legit?

AJ Mass
  (11:04 AM)

If it is not covered in the league constitution, it should be. Vote on it now before the draft and majority rules -- whichever way the league decides is legit.

Mike (Chicago)

Should I be concerned about Matt Forte after watching his O-Line not block anyone?

AJ Mass
  (11:05 AM)

There are many reasons to be concerned with Matt Forte. The performance of the O-Line in Preseason Game 1 is not one of them.

Anibal Sanchez (Fla)

Believe I have finally righted the ship after last night's performance? Or is it just a result of Colorado being a poor team?

AJ Mass
  (11:06 AM)

Gave up three HRs...not exactly "righted the ship" in my book. But I do think he's a decent pitcher ROS.

JoeC (Illinois)

How do you feel about starting Price vs Lackey this afternoon? Impossible not to put him out there right?

AJ Mass
  (11:08 AM)

I rarely, if ever, determine whether or not I am starting a pitcher based on who is throwing for the other side. It has almost zero impact on how well Price does in shutting the Sox down.

Nate (Florida)

Charles at #1? Too crazy?

AJ Mass
  (11:09 AM)

Most drafts have him going no later than 4, so I'd hardly call that crazy at all.

Brian (Huntsville)

Cuddyer or N. Walker @ 2B ROS?

AJ Mass
  (11:10 AM)

Given that Cuddyer's neck and back are keeping him benched, I'd go with Walker.

Ryan (Miami)

I am going to wait on picking a TE this year. Which TE's should I target late?

AJ Mass
  (11:11 AM)

Plenty of choices late - Dustin Keller and Greg Olsen are ones I've been taking in mocks.

Nick (Dayton, OH)

Which rookie WR has the better year, Julio Jones or AJ Green?

AJ Mass
  (11:12 AM)

I think it is Green. Not enough targets going to be sent JJ's way in the ATL.

Dan (Boston's finest)

H2h no yearly limit. Keeping Jhouls Chacin or Stephen Strasburg???

AJ Mass
  (11:13 AM)

I'd take my chances with Strasburg, especially given how quickly he has gotten back on the mound. Bodes well for 2012.

Alix (Orlando, FL)

Do you think Dez Bryant will have a breakout year this season?

AJ Mass
  (11:15 AM)

I lean to yes. I think either Austin or Bryant ends up as a top 10 WR. The problem is that it could be either, and it will ultimately hinge on which one Romo ends up liking best.

Scott (Northglenn, CO)

You taking those 2 TEs over the NE duo, Pettigrew and/or Graham?

AJ Mass
  (11:17 AM)

I'm not really sweating TE... I'm perfectly happy waiting to grab Owen Daniels and then take a backup in the last rounds. Don't dislike the names you mention... there's plenty of sameness here.

Scott (Northglenn, CO)

Which guy you like better as a QB2, Bradford or Stafford?

AJ Mass
  (11:19 AM)

Safety versus upside. Stafford is going to be better if he plays 16 -- but he certainly hasn't shown he can do that yet. Bradford likely will get you consistency, but not have the highs that Stafford will.

JoeC (Illinois)

Does Gio G's recent string of bleh starts worry you ROS?

AJ Mass
  (11:21 AM)

He's been a No. 4 SP value so far this season, and I don't expect he'll rise above that... not worried because I don't have much faith to begin with.

Steve (NEw England)

Does "The Law Firm" Green Ellis, get the majority of the work in NE this year? Belicheck is like La Russa Sometimes!!!

AJ Mass
  (11:23 AM)

I think he should, but like you said, Bill has no problems shuttling in 4-5 different guys when the mood strikes.

Ben (Boston)

Hey AJ, I need to pick my keepers by 4 today. Do i risk it with Maclin or keep F.Jax or Braylon Edwards?

AJ Mass
  (11:25 AM)

I'd take the Maclin risk -- I like him better than DeSean and there's still plenty of time for him to get some reps in.

Rob (NJ)

Is Minor a good stream option tomorrow v. Giants?

AJ Mass
  (11:26 AM)

I don't love Minor, but I did raise him a few spots in DN for Thursday given the fact that the Giants have maybe 5 healthy bats.

Brian (FL)

Do I keep Mike Wallace (8th round) or Mike Williams Tampa (12th round)?

AJ Mass
  (11:28 AM)

As a Syracuse alum, I love Mike "TB" Williams, but he won't score as many TDs this season, and I can't pass up Wallace's value there.

Mark (St. Louis)

8 team draft. Which position do you want to draft in?

AJ Mass
  (11:30 AM)

A different league. I keed, I keed -- but in a league with that many stars available, it really doesn't matter any spot and you should be able to stock up on studs.

Adam (Chicago)

If you play 2 QBs instead of one, how does that change your draft strategy?

AJ Mass
  (11:31 AM)

You absolutely have to grab one of the elite guys in a 2-QB league, so I take my first QB no later than Round 2.

Ted's (Montana Grill)

You interested in any of the STL receivers? I'd like to get my hands on Amendola and MSW...

AJ Mass
  (11:32 AM)

I like Amendola and think he and Bradford will hook up frequently - nice rapport there.

Chris (ABQ)

Can I ride Constanza for the ROS or will he flame out soon?

AJ Mass
  (11:33 AM)

I doubt he'll hit .400, but for one more month, and possibly against a few call-up pitchers? I'd take a chance.

Rick (Boston)

Nunez was just dropped in my H2H league. I don't need any more closers, but my closest two competitors do. Do I use my top waiver claim to keep then from pouncing on him?

AJ Mass
  (11:35 AM)

While I have no issue with, and actually endorse, this type of "playing defense" in fantasy, I'd be more than happy if one of my competitors grabbed Nunez and blew up their ratios.

Jules (Boston)

Just finished the book..loved it. Thoughts on Vincent Jackson? I can keep him in the 10th round, or Andre Johnson in the 2nd.

AJ Mass
  (11:36 AM)

Thanks, Jules! The book officially came out today, so it should be at your local bookstore, assuming your town (unlike mine) still has one. (If not: -- Bargains are great, but generally speaking, I want the better player, and I still think that's AJ.

Esmerelda (Texas)

Jennings vs. H.Nicks? Who do i take in rd.2?

AJ Mass
  (11:38 AM)

A lot of people are down on Greg, and I'm not getting why. Yes, Finley is back and he'll get some red zone looks that went to Jennings last year - but Rodgers is still going to throw, unlike in NYG which always ends up turning into a ground team late in the year.

Rachel (Big Brother House)

No one gets between me and my man! Is Brendon getting evicted again this week?

AJ Mass
  (11:39 AM)

If not, I seriously will consider dropping the show until next year.

Andrea (CT)

Would you start Jair fresh off the DL against the hurting Giants?

AJ Mass
  (11:40 AM)

One of the few instances where I'd be tempted, but in the end, I'll stick to my "no first game back" rule for DL'd arms.

James (Norfolk VA)

Who is your #1 pick in a PPR? And would it be better to trade down a few spots for value like Rice or McCoy?

AJ Mass
  (11:42 AM)

Still AP. As for trading down, it all depends on what the offer is...if I end up with Rice and Vick, then sure.

Steve (NJ)

For drafts occuring early (like this weekend), how would handle the Chris Johnson situation? Proceed as normal or drop him a couple spots? Thanks.

AJ Mass
  (11:43 AM)

I think you have to go into things assuming that he signs, and if he signs, he's top 3. Maybe I consider Charles ahead of him if I'm nervous... but lower than 4? Can't see it.

Nick (Saginaw, MI)

Has Verlander pretty much locked up the Cy Young? He is leading all of baseball in 2 of 3 of the "pitching triple crown" categories and looks like he could very well catch Weaver in ERA.

AJ Mass
  (11:44 AM)

It's certainly opinion-based, so you never know. But, since I picked Verlander to win Cy Young in pre-season, my opinion is certainly not changing.

CAM (Chicago)

Wright has cooled down considerably since a strong return from the DL. Meanwhile ARam just keeps hitting. Who do you want ROS?

AJ Mass
  (11:45 AM)

Aramis for me.

Mike (San Diego)

Regarding Vick, are you leaning more towards Berry's opinion (draft him #1) or Karabell's (not even the #1 QB and definitely shouldn't go round 1)?

AJ Mass
  (11:48 AM)

Depends on the size of the league and scoring rules... if you're in the back end of a 12-team and you can take Vick (essentially a QB and a RB in one) plus a RB1, I do it. If I'm in the middle of the round, I don't.

Dave (Philadelphia)

Will you answer Fantasy Baseball questions or has this become a Fantasy Football chat? Lawrie or KJ ROS?

AJ Mass
  (11:49 AM)

I will,but once the preseason starts, the Q's turn to around 90/10 NFL. I'm going Lawrie.

julie chen (big brother house)

did america really vote for Brendan or was that made up by CBS

AJ Mass
  (11:50 AM)

I doubt highly that CBS rigged the vote. Combine the "returning player" familiarity, the split vote between Dom and Cassi, and the fact that America loves Jordan (and Brendan is her "ally") and it makes sense.

Mike (San Diego)

Don't you mean the questions this time of your are usually 85% football, 10% baseball, 5% Big Brother?

AJ Mass
  (11:50 AM)


Jason (NYC)

How long is Rauch out and who closes in his absence?

AJ Mass
  (11:52 AM)

About 3-4 weeks, so pretty much you can stick a fork in him. Double F gets the call.

Bob (CA)

Best or Benson for RB2?

AJ Mass
  (11:53 AM)

Best. Bengals O-Line will be exhausted by Week 3.

mike (nj)

edwin jackson or Javier Vasquez ROS

AJ Mass
  (11:54 AM)

Edwin, but I don't like either too much.

Matt (Syracuse)

Who would you rather keep(No Penalty) in a PPR league: Ray Rice or Andre Johnson?Thanks AJ

AJ Mass
  (11:54 AM)

Rice. Generally speaking, even in a PPR, I go top RB over top WR.

Joel (MI )

Does a brittle Colston and no Reggie Bush equate to Lance Moore being a high end WR2 this year in PPR leagues ?

AJ Mass
  (11:56 AM)

That's my story and I'm sticking to it. We've got a new 12-team standard mock coming out soon (maybe even today?) but I've ended up with Lance in nearly every mock we've done.

Jason (Binghamton, NY)

You stick a fork in something to SEE if it's done, not because you know it's done -- despite the fact that the expression is routinely misused in the sports world these days. Just saying.

AJ Mass
  (11:58 AM)

True, but you don't stick a fork in something unless you sense the time is close... and since none of us are 100 percent accurate, we don't KNOW they're done. Point taken, but I stand behind the phrase, Captain Grammar!

BJ (Indiana)

You could stick a fork in something to start eating it

AJ Mass
  (11:58 AM)

Imagery causing me to feel a little sick.

Nick (Saginaw, MI)

Fister or Porcello ROS?

AJ Mass
  (12:00 PM)

I think the exchange rate is Fister = 2 Porcellos.

AJ Mass
  (12:01 PM)

Time to run, gang. But fear not! I'll be back on Friday for another hour, and until then, there's Twitter. Until we meet again, good luck and may the odds be EVER in your favor!