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November 7, 1:00 PM ET
Chat with Kipp Adams

Kipp Adams
  (12:59 PM)

Hope everyone had a great weekend. Okay lets dive in and get to your questions on UGA recruiting.

Matt (Athens)

Kipp It says on Dawgnation that Derrick Henry had a very big night Friday for Yulee High School. Do you know how big of a night?

Kipp Adams
  (1:00 PM)

Derrick Henry did have another big night for Yulee, running for 170 yards and four touchdowns in only the first half. In nine games this year, the 2013 UGA commitment has 1879 rushing yards and 24 touchdowns. That gives the 6-foot-3, 232-pound running back 7142 yards rushing and 89 touchdowns in less than three seasons.

Drew Adler (Savannah)

Do you see UGA signing a full class bc looking at who they have left which i think is 15 recruits they have a chance at i doubt all 15 go to UGA which leads me to believe they cant sign a full class.

Kipp Adams
  (1:03 PM)

Georgia is going to put themselves in the best position possible to sign 25 prospects they feel can help their team win games in the SEC. New offers might need to go out to get to that number, but they are not going to just sign players just to sign players. Evaluations will continue for the next two months, and they will have recruiting meetings to discuss where prospects stand on their board. If a few targets commit elsewhere or are likely not headed to Georgia, they will probably just offer the next player on the board, regardless of position. Prospects like OL Jordan Watson, ATH Will Redmond, ATH Sheldon Dawson, WR Quinshad Davis and LB Justin Thomason are just some of the prospects UGA is continuing to evaluate.

Justin M, (Fayetteville, Ga)

Jordan Watson has been hearing from UGA lately. What's his status with them? You think UGA can flip him from UK

Kipp Adams
  (1:03 PM)

Jordan heard from OL Coach Will Friend about two weeks ago. He just told Jordan he liked how Jordan was playing and had heard about his Atlanta TD club award and he wants Jordan to get back up for a game soon. With recent JUCO OT target Donald Hawkins leaning toward giving his last official to Florida, UGA could increase the interest in Jordan, who has had an outstanding season for Whitewater.

Scottie P! (Americus)

Kipp! Whats the story on Trae Elston. I see ESPN has his interest as "high", along with Tennessee and Florida. We beat Tennessee and Florida, so how do we look for him? Are we a realy player? Also been hearing some interesting rumblings about Agholor. Are you hearing anything new on him?

Wesley Howard (Savannah)

Do you think that UGA would take Lee,Whitehead,Eligwe and JHC to add depth at the OLB position since Outlaw and Fields wont be at UGA come next year which opens up two more spots

Kipp Adams
  (1:10 PM)

With the uncertainty in the ability of linebackers Kent Turene and Shannon Brown to enroll as part of the 2012 class, Georgia would not flinch at taking commitments from both Dillon Lee and Ukeme Eligwe. Their lack of depth at the position was apparent earlier this year, and both would have a great shot at playing early in Athens. Georgia would like to take two more outside linebackers this year, with Kenderius Whitehead and Josh Harvey-Clemons being the top targets on the board other than Jordan Jenkins.

Its Always Sunny (in Athens)

How good of a shot do we have with this Elston kid?

John S. (Los Angeles)

Kipp, what is the latest on K Marshall? Hearing there are some positive rumors out there regarding his potential commitment...

Kipp Adams
  (1:20 PM)

Keith Marshall has two officials set for November: to Clemson November 11th, and South Carolina November 25th. He is also considering Georgia, Florida and Notre Dame. While he has yet to make any sort of commitment yet, he has targeted the first week of December as a possible decision date. As of now I like Georgia's chances to sign the five-star talent, but as you probably know, anything is possible in recruiting.

Kipp Adams
  (1:22 PM)

Elston let me know Sunday night he is looking to try and set up an official to Georgia for this weekend's game versus Auburn. Looks like one to watch for sure, as Georgia has yet to secure a commitment from a defensive back for the 2012 class.

Mathew (Ringgold, Ga)

How high can Georgia's recruiting class climb now that there seems like there is somewhat more stability in Athens with the head coach?

Kipp Adams
  (1:22 PM)

Georgia currently sits at No.15 in the ESPN Team Recruiting Rankings, which interestingly enough, is also where they stand in the latest BCS standings. There are at 10-12 spots left to fill in the 2012 class. Several high name talents are considering Georgia like Lowndes LB Josh Harvey-Clemons, Millbrook RB Keith Marshall, and Palm Beach Gardens OT Avery Young. Getting those three would make a huge impact on the class ranking, and give them a great shot at moving up. But to crack the top 10, they will likely need to flip a committed linebacker like Ukeme Eligwe, currently committed to Florida State, or Dillon Lee, currently committed to Alabama. They are trying to make a big push for both.

Drew (athens)

Do you think UGA has a good shot at landing Reuben Foster and getting in with Robert Nkemdiche ifwe keep on winning. Last question where do u see Eligwe signing since he will now visit UGA's GALA and is giving UGA a hard look

Kipp Adams
  (1:22 PM)

Reuben Foster made an early commitment to Alabama after almost committing to Auburn and Georgia the week before. He has since visited Auburn, and is still in contact with coaches from UGA. His recruitment looks to be far from over. Georgia will sell Foster on playing early and the success of their defense under Coach Todd Grantham, but they have their work cut out for them versus Alabama. Nkemdiche is an elite talent and worth fighting for, but currently does not have Georgia in his top list of schools. The interest in Georgia has never really been there for the 6-5, 265-pound defensive end, regardless of how hard Georgia has been recruiting him. Eligwe committed to Florida State back in the spring, having no desire to stay in-state. He has since visited UGA for the South Carolina game and has setup an official visit to Athens the weekend of their senior banquet. He has maintained he is solid to the Seminoles, but admits he is intrigued by the chance to play early at Georgia. Prospects typically stick to the school they originally commit to, but this one could get interesting in the next two months.

Drew (savannah)

If Shannon Brown doesnt get into UGA in the 2012 class could u see UGA passing on him to try and get a HS kid that will be able to be there for 4 years

Kipp Adams
  (1:24 PM)

Grantham has made Shannon Brown a recruiting priority for two years now, so chances are as long as Brown takes care of things in the classroom at GMC, he will have a spot at Georgia when he is ready to sign with an FBS school. When healthy, Brown is an inside linebacker who hits as hard as anyone you will see, and would bring that edge that Georgia's defense has lacked in recent years.

Bobby kutchey (Athens)

Do you think Avery Young will be a UGA commit when signing day rolls around?

Kipp Adams
  (1:24 PM)

I think Georgia has as good a shot to sign Avery Young, a native of Cuthburt, Georgia, as anyone. Before taking his 1st official visit to Auburn and naming the Tigers his current leader, Young had mentioned Florida and Georgia as the two programs that stood out the most. This is with the 6-5, 270-pound tackle having visited Gainesville multiple times, and having never visited UGA before. Whether or not Young signs with Georgia will depend on how his official visit goes.

Mclain Matsouka (Athens)

Where do you see WR Cordalle Patterson enrolling for spring, UGA or UT? Would figure UGA has more of a need for him

Kipp Adams
  (1:25 PM)

It is a tough call on Hutchinson WR Cordarrelle Patterson, who will be taking his official visit to Tennessee in two weeks, then another to Georgia December 9th for the Gala weekend. Georgia would love to close out their wide receiver class with the big play wideout, who would pair with Malcolm Mitchell to give Aaron Murray two explosive targets downfield. But the Volunteers may be tough to beat. Their staff got in early with Patterson, and he has made several unofficial visits to Knoxville as well. It cannot hurt that former high school teammate Tim Worley has started the past two games at quarterback for the Vols. Going into his next two official visits, I give Tennessee a slight edge for Patterson.

Jan Michael Dimmit (Savannah)

In your opinion do you see JHC going to UGA since we are as of now his only OV.

Kipp Adams
  (1:26 PM)

Lowndes linebacker Josh Harvey-Clemons is currently focused on leading his team in the playoffs, and will have to face an angry team in Stephenson that lost a heartbreaker to MLK last week 50-49. But after his season is over, the No.1 prospect in Georgia will start to focus on his recruitment, and will likely set more official visits. Florida, LSU, Louisville, and possibly FSU stand to get visits. Because of its vicinity to Tallahassee and the recent pipeline of top players to Florida State, many have felt the Seminoles are the clear leader in the Harvey-Clemons sweepstakes. But like with Ray Drew last year, Harvey-Clemons and his family may connect more with the Georgia staff, so getting him on campus for the Gala and the in-home visits may be the key to signing the thin but explosive outside linebacker. He definitely liked how aggressive Grantham is with the outside linebackers when he visited for the South Carolina game.

Daniel Newell (Sav)

as a guess who do you see UGA closing with.

Kipp Adams
  (1:30 PM)

If Outlaw and Fields do not end up at Georgia, and it definitely looks that way at the moment, the Bulldogs will look to bring in 12 more in the 2012 class. The staff would likely love it if that included running backs Keith Marshall and Todd Gurley, offensive tackle Avery Young, tight end Blake Jackson, wide receiver Cordarrelle Patterson, outside linebackers Joshua Harvey-Clemons and Kenderius Whitehead, inside linebackers Ukeme Eligwe and Dillon Lee, defensive backs Chaz Elder and Trae Elston, and possibly Sheldon Dawson or Will Redmond if offered. It is a tough but very possible scenario for Georgia, and one that could very well propel the Bulldogs into the top top in the team recruiting class rankings.

thomas (atlanta)

Is Robert Nkemdiche even giving UGA a look?

Kipp Adams
  (1:30 PM)

He is, but just barely. Still very early for Nkemdiche, but as of now his interest in playing for the Bulldogs is minimal at best.

Drew (Dallas, TX)

Who is on an official visit this week? And how are some unofficial visitors that you know about?

Kipp Adams
  (1:33 PM)

As of now, the official visitors for this weekend for UGA are quarterback/athlete Faton Bauta and outside linebacker Jordan Jenkins. Defensive back Trae Elston is also a possible official visitor. I will have more on unofficial visitors later in the week, but quarterback Brice Ramsey and defensive end Francis Kallon are two who may be in Athens on Saturday.

Billy (Atlanta)

What's our chances with Avery Young and Yuri Wright? I know dogs have offered Marshall and Gurley, but have they offered any other RB's that have an interest in GA

Kipp Adams
  (1:36 PM)

I feel that Georgia has as good of a shot as anyone with Young, but Wright is going to be a tough pull if they do not get him down for an official. There have been reports that he may not give them one, but nothing has come officially out from Wright yet.Georgia could give Memphis area athlete Sheldon Dawson a look at running back, and he will be visiting for the Kentucky game. He does not currently have an offer, but it could come during his visit.

Kipp Adams
  (1:40 PM)

That depends on your definition of prospects UGA did not expect to get. I think that if Georgia were to offer Memphis area standouts Sheldon Dawson or Will Redmond, chances are good that they would be able to get one or possibly even both to switch to UGA. They are versatile athletes who could play cornerback, running back or even some slot at the next level, but at the moment Dawson is hoping to stay at running back. As recent as a few months ago, Tarboro (N.C.) running back Todd Gurley was a heavy lean to UNC, but the uncerainty of the program's future and the recent surge by Georgia has given the Bulldogs a great shot at signing the four star talent for sure.

Ryan (Cochran, GA)

Does UGA have any chance with Dillon Lee?

Kipp Adams
  (1:45 PM)

I think Georgia has a chance with Dillon, but they are still playing major catch up with Alabama. He really connected with the Crimson Tide staff early on in his recruitment, and has maintained he is solid to them since committing back in April. But Grantham and Olivadotti are working to sell him on playing in Athens as well.He has certainly seen his fair share of games, and the success of the Georgia defense, along with the chance to give his parents the convenience of watching both kids at the same school, are playing in the Bulldogs' favor. If they get Lee on campus for an official during the Gala banquet December 10th, watch out.

Josh (Fayette)

With the much improved season we are having so far, and if the dawgs finish the drill and make it too the SEC championship and a good bowl showing, I think those would be more than enough reason to give Coach Richt an extension. How much do you think that would help this class and future class recruiting? And do you think that if our AD waits too long we will miss out on top players, like Marshall?

Kipp Adams
  (1:47 PM)

I think Mark Richt has made a strong case for being at Georgia for the foreseeable future, especially if he gets to the SEC Championship.Getting an extension would definitely help out in recruiting efforts overall, because prospects want to know who their coach will be for the next 3-4 years.I do not think it will affect Marshall as of now, because as it stands now, Richt is going to be at Georgia when Marshall makes his decision in December.

Jawja Dawg (Decatur)

What do you think is the greatest need that has not been addressed with a commitment yet by the UGA staff?

Kipp Adams
  (1:51 PM)

Great question. While Georgia does not have any DB or WR commitments yet, those positions do have some depth currently. Next year Michael Gillard and Christian Robinson will be seniors, and after Amarlo Herrera and Alec Ogletree there is only Brandon Burrows, who has basically had season ending injuries for three of the last four years. I feel the greatest need is at inside linebacker and that is why I think Ukeme Eligwe and Dillon Lee could be vital pieces in the 2012 class.

Billy (Atlanta)

We need a couple of monsters @ DE, any coming in on the 2013 since it looks like we lost out on Nkedme..............not sure of the spelling but that kid is a beast...............why can't GA get those guys any more..........UGA used to be high on DE list on a yearly basis still cant believe we lost Peagan

Kipp Adams
  (1:55 PM)

Many of the defensive ends UGA recruited in the past would play OLB in Georgia's 3-4 scheme now. So many of the DL UGA recruits from now on will be of the DT variety. 280+ pound prospects who can take on blockers at the point of attack. One prospect to keep an eye on is ELCA lineman Isaac Rochell, an early target for UGA. He is only 6-5 240 right now, but his frame suggests he will be 280 at the next level, and he could be a top five prospect in Georgia for next year. Chris Mayes is a JUCO signee from the 2010 class who figures to end up at UGA as well. He is currently 6-5 320.

Kevin (Athens)

Obviously Marshall and Theus are our top two targets this year and are sure to make an impact next year. Any other big time name you expect to sign with the Dawgs and see immediate playing time next year?

Kipp Adams
  (1:58 PM)

I think if UGA gets TE Blake Jackson and loses Orson Charles to the NFL Draft, then Jackson would stand a great chance of replacing what he does on the field. Lynch and Rome are great all-around TE, but neither will likely stretch the field like Jackson is capable of. He is similar to Charles in that he is a hybrid WR-TE.Look for both kickers, Marshall Morgan and Collin Barber, to replace Blair Walsh and Drew Butler as well. I feel that any linebackers UGA signs in this class will have a chance to make an early impact as well, especially inside.

Billy (Atlanta)

Any surprises you see happening on NSD?

Kipp Adams
  (2:02 PM)

Lowndes outside linebacker Josh Harvey-Clemons picking Georgia would not surprise me, but it would likely surprise a fanbase that has had their heart broken twice by Vikings prospects. LB Telvin Smith and DB Greg Reid both spurned the Bulldogs for Florida State, and that is why many feel Harvey-Clemons will likely follow suit.I do not think that is a big factor for he and his family, so look for them to make the best decision for Josh.

Kipp Adams
  (2:04 PM)

Thanks for your time guys, I really enjoyed it. Lets do this again in two weeks. In the meantime feel free to send me questions for next week's mailbag via email, on the DawgNation message board, or via Twitter.Make sure to follow me on twitter @KippLAdams. Hope you have a great week!