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November 3, 6:15 PM ET
Chat with Michael Rothstein

Michael Rothstein
  (6:14 PM)

Greetings everyone and welcome to my first solo live chat at ... Good reason for it, too, as Michigan just picked up the nation's No. 2 recruit for 2012, forward Mitch McGary. Get those questions in and we'll chat about McGary and anything else Michigan hoops, hoops recruiting and more.

ThWard (Under a Rock)

Any idea where McGary is leaning?

Michael Rothstein
  (6:16 PM)

For those who missed it, Mitch McGary verbally committed to Michigan -- the Wolverines' biggest recruit since at least 1999 (LaVell Blanchard) and maybe 1994 (Jerod Ward) or 1991 (Chris Webber/Juwan Howard).So, in other words, it's been a while.

Andrew (Ann Arbor)

What does this mean for the rest of the recruiting class? Will we see more high profile players considering michigan?

Michael Rothstein
  (6:18 PM)

Andrew, The 2012 class is closed -- and it's a really, really good one. McGary is obviously the jewel but Glenn "Trey" Robinson III is going to be a very good player and instant contributor to Michigan. Nick Stauskas, a Canadian wing playing high school ball in New England, is also a legitimate top 100 player on the wing. Even without McGary, the Robinson/Stauskas haul was a good class. McGary makes it great.

Michael Rothstein
  (6:20 PM)

And adding on to that, right now the Wolverines have four 2013 commits: PG Derrick Walton Jr., Wing Zak Irvin, F Mark Donnal and F Austin Hatch. Because of the plane accident that took the lives of his father and stepmother, Hatch's basketball future is unknown, but that is another solid class wrapped no matter what. Plus, if Hatch can play, he might reclassify to 2014 to give him more time to recover.

SteveMcQueen (Austin)

Mike - Hardaway has to stay for a third year now, right? I mean he HAS to, right? P.S. - miss the gameday chats at AAN.

Michael Rothstein
  (6:22 PM)

Steve,Think we're getting a little ahead there. Hardaway Jr. doesn't have to stay for a third year, but I wouldn't rule it out. I think it'll all depend on how he plays this year and how he handles being the focal point of every team's defense now -- a role Darius Morris took on last season.If Hardaway Jr. does remain in Ann Arbor for a third year and point guard Trey Burke develops as expected as a freshman, the 2012-13 season could be a very successful one.And thanks...

J-turn14 (Atlanta)

What do you think the chances are that McGary and Morgan are on the floor at the same time? It would be a shift in philosophy for Beilein, but it seems like it would be necessary to get the top 5 on the floor at the same time.

Michael Rothstein
  (6:24 PM)

J-turn,That's a really good question. I'd expect they play together a lot. Michigan coach John Beilein has already said he's willing to experiment with playing two big men at once this season. Have to think the addition of McGary to this team in 2012-13 would make that a certainty. While McGary doesn't have the shooting touch of an Evan Smotrycz, he isn't strictly a post-up player either. McGary's commitment could change a lot of how Michigan runs things. Beilein is ever-evolving in that respect.

Bob (Minneapolis)

How is trey burke progressing at the point?

Michael Rothstein
  (6:26 PM)

Bob,Everything I've heard is that Trey Burke is playing very well and is extremely comfortable with the ball in his hands. He supposedly played well during the "secret scrimmage" against Toledo.While Beilein said today he isn't going to start Burke tomorrow -- he's going with a more veteran unit (read: Stu Douglass) -- he spoke highly of the freshman point guard.In other words, expect him to play a lot of minutes this year.

Jack (Minneapolis)

Do you think Michigan has a chance to win out and be 11-1?? If so do they get a bcs berth?

Michael Rothstein
  (6:28 PM)

Jack,Wasn't planning on chatting about football but sure, why not, let's do it. If Michigan wins out, it'll have a shot at a BCS berth, but it might not end up in the Big Ten title game -- that depends on how Michigan State finishes up as well.I'd say 11-1 Michigan has an extremely good shot at a BCS game because it would have beaten Nebraska and Ohio State and likely in the Top 10 of the BCS standings. But wouldn't call it a lock because it depends what happens in other conferences. The Big Ten's strength just isn't there this year.

Michael Rothstein
  (6:32 PM)

It's worth noting, when it comes to McGary, this is also John Beilein's highest-ranked recruit of his career -- and it might not be close. Actually, this incoming class of McGary, Robinson III and Stauskas is probably be the best class of Beilein's career.

SteveMcQueen (Austin)

Do you think this is a gamechanger for Beilein's program? His recruiting was getting better - but this shows that the sky is the limit right?

Michael Rothstein
  (6:44 PM)

Steve,Yeah, I think it is. From a recruiting standpoint, it silences any former critics about his ability to land elite talent. Doesn't get more elite than McGary. On the court, it gives Beilein the ready-made star he's never had. He molded Mike Gansey. Molded Darius Morris. And Tim Hardaway Jr. did things no one expected a year ago.But yes, this commitment shows Beilein -- and his staff led by McGary's lead recruiter, assistant Bacari Alexander -- are going to go after high-level recruits.

Vivz (A2)

Forecast the starting 5 when he steps on campus. How do he smot horford and morgan all find minutes

Michael Rothstein
  (6:47 PM)

I'll give you two -- one with Tim Hardaway Jr. and one without. With Tim Hardaway Jr: PG -- Trey Burke SG -- Tim Hardaway Jr.SF -- Evan Smotrycz or Glenn Robinson IIIPF -- Mitch McGaryC -- Jordan MorganAnd then you'll see Horford, either Smotrycz or Robinson, Stauskas, Brundidge and Vogrich get a lot of minutes off the bench. That's a pretty solid 10-man rotation.

Michael Rothstein
  (6:48 PM)

Without Tim Hardaway Jr.: PG -- Trey BurkeSG -- Carlton Brundidge or Matt VogrichSF -- Evan Smotrycz or Glenn Robinson IIIPF -- Mitch McGaryC -- Jordan MorganEssentially, it'd become a nine-man rotation then, but either way that team will be the deepest Michigan has had in a long, long time.

Michael Rothstein
  (6:49 PM)

With that, appreciate everyone taking the time to come by and chat -- we'll definitely do it again.

Michael Rothstein
  (6:50 PM)

Make sure to stop by WolverineNation for all of your Michigan football and basketball team and recruiting coverage. Thanks again.