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November 7, 11:00 AM ET
Chat with Tedy Bruschi

  (10:58 AM)

Good morning and welcome to our chat. Let's roll.

Shriram (Chennai, India)

Hi TedyCan you look into your Crystal ball and predict what Bill will do about the a) sagging defense, b) tepid offense and c) passive playcalling?

  (11:00 AM)

Defensively, there is no player can sign off the street that will do a better job, that will solve all the problems. He's not coaching any different. These are the players he has chosen. As we continue to watch the season, as sad as it may sound, you just have to hope the players there will get better.

  (11:01 AM)

Offensively, turning the ball over doesn't help. When Brady has a bad day like he does yesterday, things aren't going to look good for the Patriots.

Roger (Ca)

I was too late last week so the stats may have changed,but how do you explain a defense that is dead last in the league. I get the change to 4-3, different personnel, but with BB we should never be dead last.

  (11:03 AM)

Don't focus on the 4-3. That's not the problem. To me, the problems lie with the players executing Belichick's defenses. Especially the lack of depth. The revolving door in the defensive backfield is the biggest problem right now. So many players have come and gone, so when you have one starter go down, there is a huge dropoff. Even for just one play.

jimmy (Rhode Island)

Has Tom Brady really regressed? I know thats sacrilege, but he cant seem to get anything going with anyone other than welker and gronk. Back in the day - dare I say in his prime - he was making average guys look like all pros. Now he cant get the all pros to look average?!?

  (11:04 AM)

Let's give some credit to the defenses he's played the last two weeks. The Steelers and GIants executed their game-plans very well. Tight coverage on the WRs, coupled with pressure on Brady, and you have a recipte for success. It's just that few teams can get both of those aspects done. The Steelers and Giants are two of those teams that can.

Rich (New Jersey)

Eli Manning got the better of Tom Brady, 24-20, on Sunday. Do you think this was a Super Bowl preview? Who was the hero and goat, if there was one, in this game?

  (11:06 AM)

The Patriots are nowhere near Super Bowl ready. Neither are the Giants. It's still too early. There were many heroes for the Giants. I was most discouraged about the Patriots' defense not coming through in the end.

charles (ri)

tedy, why dont the pats STICK with the run? it seems after a cpl short gains they decide they cant run and abandon it. when BJGE touches the ball 20 times good things happen.

  (11:07 AM)

This is not a running team. I know they came out running the ball, but watching them, you know it's not going to last. They'll eventually want to throw the ball on a regular basis. Their passing game sets up their run game.

Monte (palestine,tx)

tedy, what is going on with the offense they have struggled badly the last three games. This game against the jets coming up is huge! How are they going to move the ball against the jets?

  (11:09 AM)

I see this being another difficult week for the Patriots' offense. The Jets are playing well right now. They have the secondary that can man up vs. these receivers. I'm not sure they can apply the same type of pressure that the Steelers and Giants did, and if they can't, that means more time for Brady, which will give the receivers more time to create separation and that's a chance for success.

Paul C. (San Antonio, TX)

Hi Tedy - what area do you feel the Pats are in need of most improvement? It seems that as soon as one area begins to mend and show improving performance (def), another area begins to falter (off). I am worried given the AFC playoff picture that any further losses and we will be too far behind to even secure a wild card spot.

  (11:11 AM)

Paul, defensively, this secondary has major problems. There are holes all over the place. They have especially been struggling in situational defense, such as two-minute drives. This is where the most improvement is needed. Offensively, another receiver has to emerge. The Ochocinco relationship is at its worst right now.

Jeff (Rochester NH)

Teddy do you think it's time for BB to get a defensive coordinator ? I think he needs some one to challenge him with different views I mean in the world outside of football opposing views is how things get better

  (11:13 AM)

I think that's a great thought, Jeff. He has two great candidates on staff right now in Pepper Johnson and Matt Patricia. Giving the title of defensive coordinator can give a coach a confidence boost to where he can call more shots.

Pete (San Fran)

Ok-staying in the AFC east- do you think the Bills have a chance to get into the playoffs?

  (11:14 AM)

It's a three-way tie for first. What do you think? Of course they do!

Shaun (Boston)

Was Brady's performance yesterday more of Brady forcing throws and making poor decisions, or recievers not getting open and forcing Brady to be perfect?

  (11:15 AM)

Brady was off to start the game, there is no doubt about that. The sign of a great quarterback is how he can turn his performance around mid-game. That's what Tom did. He put the Patriots in the lead with 1:36 left to go. One mistake I'd like to point out is Danny Woodhead running out of bounds on that final drive. The Patriots were obviously trying to score while taking as much time off the clock as they could. That was a huge error.

David (North Attleboro,Ma)

Unfortunately, because of injuries Tracy White and Sergio Brown couldn't come up with big plays at the end of the game. Is the Patriots lack of talented depth the killer for them on defense?

  (11:16 AM)

David, it's not only the lack of talented depth. It's also the lack of ability some of these starters have to execute.

Brian (NY)

What do you think the Pats focus will be vs the Jets?

  (11:19 AM)

I think Tom Brady was right when he said "We'll see what this team is made of." It's tough in that locker room after you win a game. It's even tougher when you lose two in a row. Coach Belichick can make it a stressful work environment, but he does that on purpose to test your mental toughness. These players have to realize they are the only ones that can turn this around. It's not about schemes this week. It's about them wanting to win one football game.

jim (rhode island)

why is ochocinco still with the team

  (11:21 AM)

They are financially committed to this guy. I've seen early-round picks that should have been cut immediately, but stuck around due to their draft position. This is the way the NFL is. The Patriots made a commitment to Chad, and I see them continuing to try to develop him. However, every throw that goes to Ochocinco is one less throw to Welker, Gronkowski or Hernandez. Right now, if I'm a defender playing against the Patriots, I hope they target him five more times because that's five fewer their real playmakers will have.

Peter (VA Beach)

Hey Tedy,Do you think that a major component that is missing from our defense over the last several years is a major presence? Someone like yourself, Rodney Harrison, or Seymour. Wilfork, Mayo, and McCourty are great players, but I just dont see them stepping up on the field and being the Ray Lewis of the defense. Thoughts?

  (11:23 AM)

I think Jerod Mayo is a strong leader. However, when you're hurt, and you're busy rehabilitating, it's tough to continue in that strong leadership mode. Now that he's working his back, playing every snap on Sunday, I see him starting to make more plays as we enter the holidays. He's your leader.

John (NY)

Are the past few years of poor performance tarnishing Bill Belichick's legacy as a defensive genius?

  (11:24 AM)

I don't think so at all. When coaches are at the top of their game, and start to be labled a genius, take a look at the players executing those schemes. Whether it's for Mike McCarthy and the Packers right now, or Bill Belichick when he had those great defenses back with the Giants. The biggest difference is player execution, people. When you have so much shuffling on defense over the last couple of years like they've had, the chances of struggles are higher.

tim (massachusetts)

tedy, do you think that if the patriots lose a 3rd game in a row (to the jets too) this team falls apart without veteran leadership to keep them going?

  (11:26 AM)

It's not out of the question that they won't lose this week. All of those streaks mean nothing, which is the reason I picked the Giants last week. It hurt me to do so, but I'm trying my best to see this team objectively. I don't see them falling apart if they lose to the Jets. I almost see them coming together, because how much adversity have some of these young players faced? Maybe they need a little.

Gavin (Barbados)

I know this has been said a million times, but it's time to ditch ocho and bring back Moss!! Thoughts?

  (11:28 AM)

Like I said earlier, they are commited to Chad. I remember Chad referencing the New England Patriots as football heaven. The New England Patriots organization is NOT football heaven. It's "football academy", and it takes a certain person to succeed in an acedemy-like environment.

Mitch (Boston)

What are your thoughts on the pass interference call on Brown?

  (11:29 AM)

Black and white call. It was pass interference. The theme of the year for Sergio Brown has been bad angles.

Anonymous (Massachusetts)

Hey Tedy whats your take on Haynesworth? Seems like BB has faith in him and has plans for him in certain situations.

  (11:31 AM)

That's exactly what Haynesworth is right now, a situational player that will get on average about 20 snaps a game. Any production out of those 20 snaps is a plus.

kaylon (san antonio tx)

Do you think as the season continues the patriots will click on all phases offense/defense/special teams.

  (11:33 AM)

It is still early. We're only halfway, but right now, I don't see it. Based on the last two weeks, what Coach Belichick refers to as complementary football, is nowehere to be found. As for the rest of the season, I remember being 5-5 and still winning a Super Bowl. Anything is possible.

Jeff (Rochester NH)

Am I out of my mind to come away from yesterday's defensive performance with some hope yeah they only played 58 minutes when they needed to play 60 but that 58 minutes was the best I have seen in a long time

  (11:33 AM)

Aaah, here is my glass-is-half-full guy. I like it, Jeff. I too noticed some good things, but you have to finish.

Adam F. (Needham, MA)

I dont understand how an organization who says it will do whatever it takes to win can have such a no-name defense in the prime of Tom Brady's career.

  (11:36 AM)

Coach Belichick will always do what he feels is best for this team, and if it means releasing veteran players and continuing to sign players until he finds the combination he's looking for, that's what players on the team accept. The window is still open for Tom Brady's championship chances. Once again, we're just halfway. Let the Patriots lick their wounds for today, and then we'll see what they are made of in New York on Sunday.

  (11:36 AM)

Thanks to everyone for chatting. Way to bring it today!