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November 8, 3:00 PM ET
Chat with Carter Strickland

Chris Fiegler (Latham,NY)

What Texas College Football Players are Ready in the NFL in 2012?

Carter Strickland
  (3:01 PM)

I think we had a question that was similar to this last week, but my thoughts are that Randall could make an impact. Robinson might get a solid look. I like Fozzy as a free agent. Vaccaro, in my opinion, is gone. I think he could be a third round pick.

Paul (Norfolk)

The Texas Football Longhorns are looking prime for a late season collapse. Thoughts?

Carter Strickland
  (3:03 PM)

If they don't get the passing game going, you are right - things could go downhill and fast. Baylor did have 291 rushing yards last week against Mizzou. But those yards came only after RG3 softened the defense with the pass. I am just not seeing a prolific passing game. KSU can play run defense like crazy. They are 13th in FBS. TAMU is not bad at it either. Teams are going to load the box and unless Texas gets tougher receivers on the outside and Ash throws with confidence they are in trouble.

Jake (Austin)

How is Malcolm browns injury holding up? Is this something that will reoccur through his career?

Carter Strickland
  (3:05 PM)

Malcolm is in a boot this week. He is going through some of practices. But when he is not in cleats he is wearing that boot. The injury is something that should heal but really will not be 100 percent better until he goes through the offseason. Now on the positive side he is not going to have to carry the ball 28 times anymore because of the emergence of Bergeron. But toes cane be really tough because the RBs use them so much to plant and turn. I would say you are going to get an 85 percent Brown until the bowl game.

Jake (Austin)

Do you think the emergence of Joe Bergeron has an effect on if Johnathon Gray will continue to stay committed to Texas?

Carter Strickland
  (3:07 PM)

It is tricky because as you have sen some kids have already left because they know they are not going to get playing time. I think Gray stays committed. But the real underlying question is whether or not other programs start to use the fact that Texas has played so many freshmen against UT in the recruiting world. By that I mean a coach may approach a prospect leaning to Texas and say, ''Why are you going there? They played 19 freshmen last year. You're never going to get a shot because they are set at all their positions for a long time."

Ricky (Garden City, Kansas)

How do you think with the emergence of Texas' two running backs will affect the amount of carries Johnathan Gray gets next season?

Carter Strickland
  (3:09 PM)

Well if they keep running the ball 54 and 72 times each game like they have in the past two that should not be a problem. There will be plenty of carries to go around. What will be interesting is if Jalen Overstreet takes over the QB spot and therefore takes some of those carries. I think that is the bigger worry for Gray and the RBs. But talent will shine through and if Gray is as talented as he appears to be he should make it on the field plenty.

Allan (Texas)

Carter, Will the Longhorns run the table I sure hope so. Hookem Horns.

Carter Strickland
  (3:11 PM)

It is possible, which is not something anyone would have said about five weeks ago. It really depends on this game against Mizzou. If Texas can win this the entire team will be infused with confidence. Listen, they know KU and TTU are not that good and they were supposed to win against those teams. So while those were good wins, they were not real confidence boosters. A win, on the road, against Mizzou, a solid team, would be a huge boost and could carry Texas.

Allan (Texas)

Carter, Do you feel that Texas can get Dorial Green Beckham and Collins to join the 40 Acres.

Carter Strickland
  (3:12 PM)

If Texas got both of those guys it would no doubt have one of the best recruiting classes in school history. DGB, in my opinion, will stay closer to home. His family situation just seems to dictate that. Plus Arkansas is a high-flying offense that is attractive to a wide receiver. Collins, is a guy who you can tell, ''Listen we need a safety right now and you are going to play right now." But getting him away from LSU and the SEC would be tough.

Dave (Ohio)

Are you sold on Ash, or do you think one of the new kids is going to get a shot next year?

Carter Strickland
  (3:14 PM)

I am lukewarm on Ash to this point. But he might be the best alternative UT has because you don't want to have to go through having another freshman at the helm again next year. My issue with Ash is I have only seen him make one college-level throw - the 37-yarder to Goodwin against TTU. I know he has a good arm. But until he shows me consistent throws with zip on them, I am not going to be convinced he is the answer at quarterback.

Chase (South Dakota)

I couldn't have been more excited when we signed Hicks from Ohio however I have not seen the hype as of yet. Are my expectations to high and when can we expect our next big time recruit not from Texas?

Carter Strickland
  (3:17 PM)

Hicks has not had the start to his career he should have had. His hamstring bothered him early and quite frankly he may be better suited to play in a league like the SEC or Big Ten where they run the ball more. He has been squeezed out of the lineup by nickel and dime packages.As for out of state guys, QB Connor Brewer from Scottsdale, Ariz, is the guy to watch this year. He is tearing it up in high school. The other two huge gets would be Landon Collins from Geismar, LA and Dorial Green-Beckham form Missouri. But Texas does not have commitments from those guys.Also Texas is looking at offensive tackle Donald Hawkins and JC player form Mississippi by way of Memphis.

Mark (Los Angeles)

Do you see a receiver stepping up to make a difference? What about a new recruit for next season?

Carter Strickland
  (3:20 PM)

That is a huge question Mark. The receivers have not been exactly helping out the QB. Mike Davis was supposed to be the guy, but he has only proven that he can go deep. He did catch eight balls against OU but everything was underneath and he goes down when someone gets near him. He is not a playmaker. He is only a guy who has the speed to run under the ball and catch it.As for next year, Shipley will be back to 100 percent and better. He is pretty darn good now. And look for Cayleb Jones to make an impact. This is a smart kid who is a very hard worker. He knows the program because he lives in Austin. He knows what it takes and will be ready to play in 2012. Darius White and DeSean Hales both have a long way to go still and that has been a disappointment. Darrell Wyatt the new WR coach is god so he might be able to bring them around.

Evan (Austin)

Any chance Vaccaro's little bro commits to UT? And if so how does he compare to Kenny?

Carter Strickland
  (3:26 PM)

I know that would be one way to get Kenny to stay. He is not as powerful or fast as Kenny but is still a good athlete. Texas needs guys like him who know how to get it done. UT will have some open slots as recruiting winds down so I don't think it would be a huge reach to say he gets an offer. But right now there is not a lot of buzz on that. So, i would say, wait till January, see how things shake out with a couple of guys UT is after and then see.

Carter Strickland
  (3:30 PM)

Thanks for the questions guys. We will be back next week at the same time. If you have any questions between now and then go to our mailbag or hit me up on twitter @espnstrickland