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November 9, 4:00 PM ET
Chat with Paul Biancardi

  (3:56 PM)

Thanks for all your questions. I am just about to get Paul on the phone.

Paul Biancardi
  (3:59 PM)

Welcome to the first day of the early signing period. Stay connected to our recruiting site because this should be a wild week. Let's get to the questions.

ryan (kansas city)

what recruits, who have not signed, is bill self and ku after? who do they have a good shot at signing?

Paul Biancardi
  (4:00 PM)

Hey Ryan, KU is after Shabazz Muhammad and then they will see who didn't sign. Plenty of talent still on the board for the Jayhawks to score big -- Anthony Bennett, Devonta Pollard -- especially.

George (Juarez Mexico)

if Arizona land Shabazz, will that make the 2012 recruting class the best of all times? and is this a possibility or wishfull thinking?

Paul Biancardi
  (4:01 PM)

Thank you for the question George. If they land Shabazz, it will be a top-three class of all time. Will they, who knows?

D.J. (Morgantown, WV)

Paul,What are your thoughts on Elijah Macon and Terry Henderson for WVU's 2012 class?

Paul Biancardi
  (4:03 PM)

Hey DJ, I can tell you're a diehard fan. Macon is physical can rebound and he's athletic. He's an aggressive post player. Henderson has excellent size, good IQ and makes open shots. Bob Huggins has recruited guys like this -- hard working guys without superstar names -- and makes them better.

Ben (Indianapolis,IN)

What are you hearing about Gary Harris? Is it down to MSU and Purdue?

Paul Biancardi
  (4:03 PM)

The more I hear is that it's down to Michigan State and Purdue with the Boilers closing fast.

Joe (New York)

Paul, as a Duke fan, I am getting nervous about our 2012 recruiting class. So far we only have one top recruit and just lost to Michigan for McGary's services. Whoelse can we possibly land in this recruiting class?

Paul Biancardi
  (4:05 PM)

Joe, don't ever be nervous with Coach K in charge. You have an outstanding recruit in Rasheed Sulaimon. Duke will come on strong in the late period. They will be looking for a post guy or they could save it for the junior class with Jabari Parker, Nerlens Noel, Julius Randle and Nate Britt. Duke will take the right guy.

Ben (Charlotte)

can you talk a little bit about Mitch McGary committing to Michigan? even if he is a one-and-done player, do you see him as a program changing recruit?

Paul Biancardi
  (4:08 PM)

I don't believe McGary is a one-and-done player because he has areas to work on - expanding skill level, IQ at the collegiate level and overall team defense. But that's a learning curve for all freshman. He will be a program changer though with his ability to score 15 feet and in, tremendous motor and his ability to make plays you just can't coach.

Dave Nichol (Providence, RI)

Hey Paul, do you see Ed Cooley and the Friars snagging another recruit or two for this incoming class 2012. I think they've taken care of the guard positions. Any chance they can recruit and sign an impact big man. Thanks

Paul Biancardi
  (4:11 PM)

Easy Ed Cooley did an outstanding job ressurrecting the Friars with a top 10 class but they are still hunting for more -- especially size. They are heavily involved with Chris Obekpa.

Aaron Haynes (Springfield,MO)

What in the world is kansas going to do now since they have lost all these recruiting targets to Zona

Paul Biancardi
  (4:12 PM)

Aaron, don't panic. Bill Self is one of the best coaches and recruiters in the college game. He will look for who emerges, as well as decommitments -- like Ricardo Gathers who just decommitted from St. John's.

terp lover (NYC)

Any more love out there for my terps recruiting wise for 2012.

Paul Biancardi
  (4:14 PM)

We love your Terps too. Here is a piece I did on first-year coaches including Mark Turgeon. <a href="">Story</a>

Flyers (OHIO)

With the pickup of Devon Scott. Dayton now has Jevon Thomas, Jalen Robinson and Devon Scott signed for next year. All three players were Big East (decommits). It seems as if Dayton is turning this around in a big way. Add these players to Vee Sanford (Georgetown Transfer) , Matt Derenbeck (LSU Transfer) and Alex Girolovic (Providence Decommit) and its seems are roster is full of BCS players. What are your thoughts on what Archie Miller is doing?

Paul Biancardi
  (4:17 PM)

Archie Miller is doing an outstanding job landing talent. At Dayton, you rely on transfers and landing talent that could go to a major conference. Miller is doing just that and he's pursuing talent in his own backyard like Scott.

Chris Fiegler (Latham,NY)

Who do you think is the Best High School Basketball Player to play College Basketball this season?

Paul Biancardi
  (4:18 PM)

I'm going to have to go with Austin Rivers, Anthony Davis and P.J. Hairston. Make sure you check those guys out.

Eddy (Melbourne, FL)

How many points do you think Arizona will win the 2012-2013 National Championship by?

Paul Biancardi
  (4:18 PM)

They'll win by one.

Brennan (Austin)

Hey Paul, do you think Memphis gets poythress and stokes? With Wilson and Goodwin that's a top 3 class, right?

Paul Biancardi
  (4:21 PM)

Well, we'll find out soon. Poythress is going to announce at his high school tomorrow. I just sopoke with him right before the chat. If they get both (depending on what other programs do) they will certainly be in the running.

Brock (Chatham)

Big day for the 2012 signees...any way you can peak in to your crystal ball for the class of 2013 and tell me where you think Julius Randle and Jabari Parker will be signing this time next year?

Paul Biancardi
  (4:22 PM)

My guess is that Parker is going to Duke and Randle for Kentucky. This strictly a quick prediction.

Micah (Louisville, KY)

Which one of Arizona's recruits for 2012 do you think will have the biggest immediate impact aside from Tarzcewski? (they really need him at center)

Paul Biancardi
  (4:24 PM)

Hey Micah, I think Jerrett. He can score, he has the frame to produce right away and he has a good IQ. Also, Gabe York will be instant offense.

Travis (NH)

any chance somebody commits to duke over the early signing period like tony parker or devonta pollard

Paul Biancardi
  (4:26 PM)

Parker loves Duke and Ohio State. Duke has a good chance of landing him. The Blue Devils are right there with Pollard as well.

Tyler (Evansville, IN)

Just wondering what the latest is on uncommitted Gary Harris?

Paul Biancardi
  (4:27 PM)

He's ready to make his decision soon. In my opinion, it looks like he's struggling to make a decision between Michigan State and Purdue.

Joe (Rhode Island)

Darion Clark is deciding next week between Rhode Island and Charlotte, who do u think gets the nod?

Paul Biancardi
  (4:28 PM)

Clark had a chance to go to URI and is scheduled to visit Charlotte this weekend. I am going to give the nod to Charlotte.

Raymond Veras Casso (Bronx, NY)

Which Class will have more NBA all-stars when its all said and 2012 or 2013?

Paul Biancardi
  (4:29 PM)

Great question and an easy question. Randle, Parker, Noel - can't see anyone in 2012 with a better chance of being an NBA All-Star.

mark (okemos mi.)

will gary harris become a spartan

Paul Biancardi
  (4:31 PM)

Mark, I think they're the favorite. Harris is a football guy too and Izzo seems to love guys with that kind of toughness.

Kevin (Arkansas)

Were you surprised at Pastner being able to get Shaq Goodwin, Georgia's top prospect in a loaded class, to announce for Memphis?

Paul Biancardi
  (4:32 PM)

With Josh Pastner, I'm never surprised. He's a recruiting machine. He's politely persistent. He made Goodwin a priority and got him. Future is bright at Memphis with him at the helm.

mike (bel air md)

The terps started out real hot on the recruiting trail but has slowed down as of late, do you see them landing anymore recruits?

Paul Biancardi
  (4:33 PM)

Mike, I don't think they've slowed down at all. Shaq Cleare is a great post player and Layman has great upside. They are hot on Torian Graham, but I'd be happy with this class.

Tom (Raleigh, nc)

With Tyler Lewis, Rodney Purvis, and TJ Warren already in the fold what are your thoughts on NC State's chances of getting a comittment from Amile Jefferson?

Paul Biancardi
  (4:35 PM)

First ofall, that's a great perimeter. It's a perimeter you can win with in the ACC. Jefferson just visited NC State this past weekend and is visiting Stanford this weekend. He's expected to make a decision when he comes back from the West Coast.

KO (Galen Center)

Why won't ESPN list USC as a potential option for Shabazz?

Paul Biancardi
  (4:37 PM)

Hey KO, USC is there <a href="">Muhammad</a> and when he visited. But I don't think USC's the favorite.

Bucky Badger (Final Four?)

SAM DEKKER!! How awesome is this for Wisconsin?? Its just too bad he and Taylor couldnt somehow be on the same team. What are your thoughts?

Paul Biancardi
  (4:38 PM)

I had a chance to coach Dekker at the NBPA Top 100 Camp. He has excellent skill, great IQ and is tough as nails. When I saw Bo Ryan at his games, he was smiling both times.

Mark (New Jersey)

How is UNC's class looking? Is there anyone else who they are still targeting?

Paul Biancardi
  (4:40 PM)

UNC's class looks good to me at No. 3 in the country. Marcus Paige is an oustanding PG who can run the floor in an up tempo game or half-court set. They also have a pair of bigs in Brice Johnson and Joel James that will get better in time and shouldn't leave early.

Kyle (Indy)

Paul, do you have any impression on 2012 guard Kellen Durham? I heard he is a great shooter, and I believe he would become a star at Butler.

Paul Biancardi
  (4:42 PM)

He is a guy with great range and accuracy with size at 6-5. I think he can produce right away at an elite level. Could develop into a great one.

Evan (Auburn Ala.)

How impressed are you with Tony Barbee's recruiting class? What are the chances Wannah Bail signs with the Tigers?

Paul Biancardi
  (4:45 PM)

Hey Evan, I'm so glad you brought up tony Barbee's name. I love his class and the kids he's getting. I think Jordan Price is underrated. He is a significant player and explosive athlete who can play SG/SF. Barbee's getting this program on track to make a push in the SEC. Auburn is in the hunt for Bail with Arkansas, Baylor, Kansas and others.

James (Palestine, Texas)

What under the radar signing will have the biggest impact in a major conference next year?

Paul Biancardi
  (4:46 PM)

Let's stick with Auburn. I'm going to go Jordan Price and also Sam Dekker at Wisconsin.

James (Palestine, Texas)

Which players are most likely to sign with the Kentucky Wildcats during this early signing period?

Paul Biancardi
  (4:47 PM)

Cauley and Goodwin we know and KY is making a push with Poythress, Harris, Stokes and Pollard. Poythress and Harris are expected to sign early.

Jeremy (Indiana)

Big question of the day. Rumors have it Gary Harris has it down to MSU and Purdue, does this have any base to it?

Paul Biancardi
  (4:48 PM)

No facts to this. Just heavy chatter - Sparty edging out Purdue by a nose.

Kat (Charlotte, NC)

Paul, honestly i mean its the early signing period and kids today are so confused on where to go. The University of Texas at Austin is currently ranked 4 in the class of 2012, what is the chances of the improvement or declining of the rank?

Paul Biancardi
  (4:50 PM)

In hoops, we have two signing periods. So if a kid doesn't know where he wants to go early, he can wait until April. Texas is No. 4 in the country and I'm pretty sure they are done. It's hard to move up from No. 4.

Garry S. (Malibu)

Is Shabazz Muhammad to Arizona more possible than people think? How about the new Fab 5.

Paul Biancardi
  (4:52 PM)

If Miller could convince Shabazz to come to Tucson, it would be a new Fab 5. Shabazz is going to study the styles of play with all the schools recruiting him, as well as keep an eye on the NBA collective bargaining agreement. He wants to go somewhere and win and be an immediate impact. But anywhere he goes, he will be an impact.

Steve Alford (Lobo Land)

Paul, I've got three great NLOI in my pocket but I'm waiting on a superstar. Do you think Winston Shepard is going to choose the cherry and silver?

Paul Biancardi
  (4:53 PM)

Shepard is looking at you hard. He's already visited New Mexico and holds them high on his list. If you can can get that done, that would be great.

Henry (Bloomington)

Why are analysts at espn not as high as IU's top three guys as other analysts? (Yogi, Hanner, Hollowell)?

Paul Biancardi
  (4:56 PM)

Oh Henry, IU has the No. 6 class in the country. We have a full staff and have seen them multiple times. They are great players, but there are a lot of grat players in the class.

Mike (Queens)

Gathers decomitted but says St Johns still the leader,what do you make of that? seems weird..Maybe he just wants to make sure Lavins healthy?

Paul Biancardi
  (4:58 PM)

When a kid decommits and still lists that school at No. 1, something seems fishy to me. I think you're going to see a strong push from LSU and Kansas. He had his chance to stay committed and to sign, but didn't.

mathieu (san francisco)

How about them Buffalos? Should we expect similar results from Tad Boyle and his staff in the future?

Paul Biancardi
  (4:59 PM)

Go out and buy your Colorado gear right now. Boyle went out and got the talent he needs to be competitive int he Big 12 -- something the school hasn't been in a long time.

Sam (DC)

Where does Shabazz sign? Who is the darkhorse in the race?

Paul Biancardi
  (5:00 PM)

If you're looking for a dark horse UNLV would be the choice. But they are not the favorite.

Kevin (MI)

If the NBA allows players to come right out of high school again in the new agreement, who are the likely candidates to make that jump from the 2013 recruits?

Paul Biancardi
  (5:01 PM)

Great question. If I was drafting in the NBA I would strongly look at Parker, Noel, Randle and Andrew Harrison. But personally I hope they go to a two-and-out rule for college.

Matt (Toronto)

Show 'Cuse some love... How good can Coleman be next year? I know they are very different players, but can DaJuan come close to Derrick?

Paul Biancardi
  (5:03 PM)

Matt, we love the Syracuse class. Jerian Grant has turned from prospect into player with great upside and Coleman is going to be ready to play right away. He should be close to a double-double right away, if he gets the minutes. Give major credit to head coach in waiting Mike Hopkins.

Tim (New York)

Where does Amile Jefferson end up?

Paul Biancardi
  (5:04 PM)

My gut tells me NC State or Kentucky.

Tim (New York)

Why do you have the Pitt class ranked 8? when Syracuse, Providence, and Baylor clearly have better classes

Paul Biancardi
  (5:06 PM)

Pitt has one unkown in Steve Adams. He's an unknown but someone who is highly thought of. he could be an Enes Kanter type. He played great at the adidas Nations and when you put him with one of the best leaders in James Robinson, you have the makings of a great class. We are putting a lot of stock in Adams, but Robinson is the real deal.

Eric (VA)

How much will recruiting improve in the ACC when Pitt/Syracuse join?

Paul Biancardi
  (5:08 PM)

Eric, there's a lot of Big East coaches happy that they are leaving. These programs win consistently. They will make the ACC the best conference in the country based on the rosters returning and recruiting going on right now.

Paul Biancardi
  (5:10 PM)

Thank you so much for all your passionate questions in regards to basketball recruiting. Stay connected this week as we are expecting decisions from Alex Poythress, Amile Jefferson, Robert Carter and others.