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November 17, 11:00 AM ET
Chat with Dick Vitale

Dick Vitale
  (11:06 AM)

I am in New York to call the Arizona-St. John's game at Madison Square Garden tonight. Tuesday night was a magical evening as Coach K earned his 903rd win to pass the General, Robert Montgomery Knight and it was so special with Bobby there calling the game and so many former Duke players on attendance. It has been a magical star of the season starting with the game that was highly-rated on the USS Carl Vinson. Meeting President Obama was certainly special. Seeing Kentucky which will be dynamite as they get used to playing together. Kansas will win its share of games though the talent level is not the same as it has been about at Kansas over the years. What about some of the early upsets? Wow, excitement galore.

Dick Vitale
  (11:07 AM)

Does anybody have a tougher month than Long Beach State...what a great upset last night. There have been shocks already...Loyola-Marymount and Middle Tennessee State over UCLA, Long Beach State last night, Cleveland State over Vandy, Elon over South Carolina and on and on. Fire away.

Kevin (Maryland)

Congrats to Coach K. With Coach K's 903 and your 78 wins, you can tell everyone that Coach K and Coach Vitale have combined for 981 college wins and counting :)Please share any special Coach K stories.

Dick Vitale
  (11:09 AM)

Obviously he is all about intensity, emotional and a commitment to excellence. He talked to me about passion and how people have goals but that winners commit and have a game plan to reach those goals. I remember listening to him in his office one time talk about that. I have spent many great moments with him and have so much respect fr all he has accomplished.

Alex (LA)

What is wrong with UCLA?

Dick Vitale
  (11:12 AM)

That i a good question. It seems like there are chemistry problems, Josh Smith may not be in great condition, Reeves Nelson was suspended and now brought back. This was a bad start losing to Loyola-Marymount and Middle Tennessee State. Ben Howland's teams over the years have been known for defense and the Bruins allowed 71 percent from the field against MTSU. They have to right the ship quickly.

Tyler, Indiana [via mobile]

Can Indiana compete for a Big 10 title or are they still a year away?

Dick Vitale
  (11:13 AM)

I think the loss of Creek will hurt them. The goal this year in be in the first division of the Big Ten and make the NCAA tournament. That would be a great step in the right direction. I think great thinks are ahead next year with a great class coming in for Tom Crean.

rick alabama [via mobile]

How legit is Syracuse going to be this year

Dick Vitale
  (11:15 AM)

I think this team is going to be dangerous and consistent. They have athleticism and great guard play with Jardine and Triche having experience. They will be knocking on the door in the Big East and very tough come tournament time. Kris Joseph is a PTP'er.

T.G. (Georgetown,KY) [via mobile]

Do you think this is the most talented team Calipari has ever had? Can he win it all with the young roster?

Dick Vitale
  (11:18 AM)

For starters, they are as talented as I have seen but the talent with Wall and a total of five first rounders was pretty good. Marquis Teague has got to cut down on turnovers but he is a real talent. I think this team has a lot of potential. Kentucky has the talent to win it all.

Kevin (Maryland)

Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family.Are you coming to College Park in January for the court dedication for Gary Williams? Would you vote for Gary for Hall of Fame in 2012?

Dick Vitale
  (11:20 AM)

We will be honoring Gary at the Dickie V gala in May 18th. I do not think I am scheduled to be there for the court dedication. Gary is right there knocking on the door for the Hall of Fame. It is not just about numbers, look at all the programs where he had success, like Boston College, Ohio State, Maryland. I think he belongs in.

Martin Norton (louisville)

look i understand a player shouldn't show off too much after a big play but don't you think you were being a bit to critical on the wildcats everytime they did something which lasted at the most three seconds I mean come on it's a dunk shouldn't they get excited GO BIG BLUE!!!

Dick Vitale
  (11:23 AM)

Not really. If you are going to be a classy team and they are elite, you have to represent it that way. Maybe I have a different interpretation of the goggles thing because I am old school. They represent a great program. Someone tweet me the meaning of the goggles thing, tweet me. I just don't like the posing thing and you don't want to embarrass people. I like Kentucky and have a lot of respect for the program and John Calipari, but I do not believe you have to show up your opponent. This team is too talented.

Los Angeles, CA [via mobile]

Hey V big fan, with the NBA locked out what NCAAB games do you recommend me watching this weekend?

Dick Vitale
  (11:25 AM)

There are a lot of great games ahead so check out some of the great teams all across America. The Maui Invitational is loaded. There is an interesting tournament in Puerto Rico on right now with Alabama, Purdue, Temple, Wichita State and Maryland in there. Watch our games tonight and tomorrow from the Big Apple, baby!

Trey (Indiana)

Thoughts on Notre Dame?

Dick Vitale
  (11:26 AM)

Get to see them next Monday. They have quickness in the backcourt with Atkins and Grant. Abromaitis gives them a shooter. Cooley looks like Harangody but a key is his development inside. I am looking forward to calling the game in Kansas City at the CBE against Missouri.



Dick Vitale
  (11:30 AM)

I just wish those guys would settle things. There are zillionaires out there and then there are those missing money, guys who rely on the jobs like vendors, ticket takers, people parking cars, etc. Those are the people I feel bad for. I wish the NBA would get it together and come back. These are the best athletes in the world. I saw Chris Paul at the game the other night and I know he would love to be back on the court. It is a sad situation right now. College basketball fans will enjoy so many quality team this season because it looks like it will be a while before the NBA comes back.

Alejandro Beale Street [via mobile]

Adonis Thomas is going to be one of the top impact freshmen in the nation. He fits the tigers like a glove. What do you think about him?

Dick Vitale
  (11:32 AM)

I like what Josh Pastner has done at Memphis. Thomas fits in while Will Barton, Joe Jackson, Wesley Witherspoon and company. That was a quality win over a very good Belmont team. Thomas is athletic and has good skills. The diaper dandy will be a major factor for Memphis.

sgt davis...iraq [via mobile]

youthoughts on clemson and their potential this year. Thanks

Dick Vitale
  (11:34 AM)

Brad Brownell is an underrated coach. I was impressed by what he did last season and the Tigers almost beat North Carolina in the ACC tournament until Harrison Barnes had the game of games with 40 points. Clemson is one of the those teams that will battle the likes of Florida State, Virginia and Virginia Tech for the third slot in the conference. I still feel North Carolina and Duke are the creme de la creme of the league obviously. NC State may climb into the equation when CJ Leslie comes back. I like the potential of Clemson, perhaps a bit of a sleeper.

Tommy (Pittsburgh)

Is this Pittsburgh team going to get burned more often? Last night was disappointing and the offense inside is not the same as past teams. I love Jamie Dixon but some weaknesses were exposed, especially on defense.

Dick Vitale
  (11:37 AM)

Pittsburgh saw its 58-game non-conference home win streak go bye-bye. I think you have to give a lot of credit to veteran coach Don Monson as his team plays such a rough schedule. That win will help the team a lot in building confidence. Casper Ware was the star of stars, I think he finished with 28 Points. I am sure Jamie Dixon was not happy with the defense as his teams don't usually give up 86 points. It is early and this Pittsburgh team has talent, led by All-Solid Gold Ashton Gibbs.

Colby Fuller (Washington)

Should the Washington husky basketball team be ranked?

Dick Vitale
  (11:39 AM)

I had the Huskies in my top 25 last week and it is still early. Lorenzo Romar lost his top three scorers from last year and he has a lot of young talent, especially in the backcourt. I think Washington will be right up there with California, Arizona and maybe UCLA will bounce back. I am looking forward to seeing Sean Miller's Wildcats tonight and California next week in the CBE Classic in Kansas City. Mike Montgomery's club is super.

Noah (California) [via mobile]

Dicky V! Hey baby!!!! Anyways, do you think it is possible for North Carolina to run the table? I mean after they take on non-conference, it seems like a pretty easy ride. I do however fear LBSU after their upset of Ptt. And obviously we go to Calipari Land to take on Tucky, but after that, what do you think?

Dick Vitale
  (11:42 AM)

North Carolina has that NBA frontcourt with Harrison Barnes, John Henson and Tyler Zeller. Running the table, I don't know about that because the Tar Heels will get everybody's best shot. I think Roy Williams would say his goal is to cut down the nets t the Final Four, not necessarily running the table. Then again, every coach wants to go out and win every time they are on the court. I am looking forward to seeing the Carolina-Kentucky game at Rupp. That is a real battle of two Golaiths.

greg roxboro nc [via mobile]

what do u think of nc state this year with d new coaching staff?

Dick Vitale
  (11:43 AM)

I like what Mark Gottfried is doing with the Wolfpack. He has put together a good staff anbd last night was a good win over Princeton in a hard-fought game. The future is bright since NC State has a top five recruiting class coming in next season.

Dick Vitale
  (11:47 AM)

It has been a hectic tart to the college basketball season. It was a great experience calling the game at the USS Carl Vinson between North Carolina and Michigan State, the experience of a lifetime. Then seeing Coach K with number 903 was so special the other night. I think you will never see a situation where the pupil passes the mentor for a record like that ever again. It was great for Bobby Knight to be there for that. There have been so many shocks like Long Beach State, or Elon over South Carolina, and that makes college basketball special. You are not going to see those kind of shock-city results often in college football. I think the SEC may have two different levels, Davids and Golaiths. I am excited about seeing a young St. John's team in the Garden against a ranked Arizona club. I hope you are watching us on ESPN2 tonight.