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November 23, 4:30 PM ET
Chat with Jesse Rogers

Jesse Rogers
  (4:31 PM)

Hi all, welcome to our weekly Hawks chat. Little diff time with the west coast game. Hawks and Sharks finished up practice..should be a good game..I talked with Havlat, Vandemeer, and Niemi today from San all the away questions!

Andrew (Bourbonnais)

I believe in your blog the other day you said that 32 will be paired with 5.. does that worry you at all or just me?

Jesse Rogers
  (4:34 PM)

It doesnt bother me as much as it does others...When/If Scott is really exposed Im not going to make a big deal out of it...6th D-men usually dont determine the outcomes of games HOWEVER, if there is little trust in Scott by coaches in-game then it puts pressure on others to play bigger minutes...but until the other 5 d-men are doing thier job IM not concerend with scott...montador needs to buckle down in Hawks zone for sure

Jesse Rogers
  (4:35 PM)

Meant to say if Scott is exposed we can argue about it more but he hasnt been, really. Bascially, the least of their problems right now

Alex (Chi)

I know Crawford is different, but it seems like this is the 3rd yr in a row where around this time the #1 goalie has been slumping... coincidence?

Jesse Rogers
  (4:36 PM)

Yes, coincidence....though the team in front is slumping more than the goalies..there have a been a few weak goals but too many easy close in goals have been scored...they have hung their goalies out to dry....believe me, Ill put the onus on goalies when need be but overall too many easy goals by opposition..still, they need to tighten up

Joel (Dubuque, IA)

Any possible trades that you see could happen?

Jesse Rogers
  (4:38 PM)

Definitely, but WAY too early...its going to be hard to read Stan because now the entire league is available to longer does it have to be a marginal player on last year of his deal but that means if bigger names are at play, they wont become avail until close to the deadline...when teams make that final decision they arent going for it this year and they might dump a big too early is the point

Matt (my desk)

Jesse, what about John Madden to help out the struggling PK?

Jesse Rogers
  (4:40 PM)

Nah. That ship has sailed...its in a slump, no doubt but madden is not the answer..More than anywhere thats where Craw and Emery need to step up..I said this to Craw today, "if goalie is always considered the most important penalty killer and you guys are ranked 29th in that category..what does that say?" he agreed, they have to be better.

Portia (boston)

Think Kane misses playing on the same line as Toews?

Jesse Rogers
  (4:42 PM)

I mean they are both great players so of course in one sense they prob miss each other but I dont think he's losing sleep over it...its part of the game and every opposing coach including Mclellan today say its a match-up night mare to have them on seperate lines and its not like Kane has been bad without toews...been pretty good

Chammer36 (Chicago)

Out of the 3 remaining games left on the trip, how many points do you think we will come home with? Great reporting out there btw. Hawks!

Jesse Rogers
  (4:43 PM)

I def see at least one overtime game in Southern california, maybe two so let's say 3-4 points...

Dino (Chicago)

What are your thoughts on Bryan Bickell? Most games this year I don't even notice him on the ice.

Jesse Rogers
  (4:44 PM)

Yeah, he's just been kind of out there since hte first few games of the season..and youre right if you odnt notice a big guy like that, its not a good thing...good chance if all are healthy tonight, bickell will sit

hdp (St. Louis)

The hawks problems seem to be somewhat related to the mental drive or toughness needed to be competitive every night (i.e., they don't always 'show up' for a game) - is it possible this is because, having won a cup, they don't feel the need to prove anything?

Jesse Rogers
  (4:46 PM)

You're around the potential answer but not exactly on it...My theory is when you know youre good and not "fighting" to prove it to yourselves, you can have those letdowns..more likely against avg teams then the good ones which you get up for...I also think its more likely to get blown out..maybe thats why philly, wash, chicago all have gotten hammered at times this yr for dont worry about games in nov as frustrating as it is

Jess L (Chicago)

Jesse, LOVE the blog. I'm a band wagon fan and you have really helped me understand the game and the dynamics of it all. 1)who do you think is going to be on fire the most tonight and 2)any good stories about what went down in Vegas?

Jesse Rogers
  (4:48 PM)

Honestly, it sounded like it was pretty subdued on veags but I wasnt there so who knows...I mean it was only a day..they watched football in the sportsbook and a big dinner and went out...too short to really go nuts...tonight, I guess Toews..I see Hossa having a good game as usual..hard to say who comes out on fire..just tough to read

Neil (Fresno, CA)

Jesse, a lot has been said that we are not physical enough, especially around the net. Is this a system issue?

Jesse Rogers
  (4:50 PM)

I dont think its a system issue..I think its a bear down and play better in your own zone problem..not sure what can be done by anybody but the player when he's open off a rebound or standing near the slot..its on the defensive player at that moment

Tony B. (North Hollywood, CA)

I'll ask: Hawks have $ to spend & players in the system to trade. What is the possibility of Big Buff ever playing for our sweater again?

Jesse Rogers
  (4:51 PM)

There is always a chance but he signed a pretty big deal to be a part of their core in Winnipeg but if they change directions there you never know..I dont think he has any more chance than anyone else though..its not like Hawks management is pining for those former players.

Brian (Hammond, IN)

Jesse, After an awful weekend that really is pretty commonplace, can we please stop with the MYTH that Duncan Keith is an elite defenseman in the National Hockey League? As someone suggested last week the reason I say this , is NOT because he isn't physical, and it has nothing to do with points that shape my opinion. The guy's play in his own zone has been declining for years. Even when he won the Norris, he wasn't very good in his own end. He won that based on offense, not on defense. (As evidenced by a sharp decline in his plus/minus despite his TOI, the hawks goal differential, and blowing away his career high in pts.) The guy isn't even in the top 50 in NHL d-men anymore. Can we cut this guy's TOI back dramatically so we can get something good out of him?

Jesse Rogers
  (4:55 PM)

Have a few questions in this vain...As I've written I think the bar is really high..his plus/minus was off the charts for about 3 yrs then declined last yr but he was plus-9 this year until this weekend...I dont disagree there are issues but when he was out everyone was pining for his return..shots on goal went up and the hawks lost a couple of bad him to the rest of the league there are bunch of D-men you might want but not way. he seems a little fragile in the sense he needs seabrook to play best..lets put it this way he may not be elitel, elite right now but I think he can get back to a very high level..he has shown some signs of it this yr

Eli (Chicago)

jesse -- what is it about the Hawks rosters of the past 2 seasons that refuse to hit or play with an ounce of sandpaper? It's mystifying...

Jesse Rogers
  (4:58 PM)

If youre talking about the hits stat I think its misleading and some teams are built diff than others...mayers plays with grit, carcillo does..but this is a skating team and that's what it should be..the year they won it they skated teams out of the building..the physical thing should be a part of it but the goal is to have the puck then it doesnt matter how gritty you are cause the other team cant score and you can..point is thier style is their style and its done them pretty well...but there are certain games you need that more and thats where they need to turn it up

Mike (Chicago)

I think the most impressive Hawk thus far has been Nick Leddy. What a great start to the season for him, its always refreshing to see a U.S. born player develop and excel at the NHL level. Also where has Hjalmarsson been all year?

Jesse Rogers
  (5:00 PM)

Agree on Leddy..not sure he's been te most impressive but he's shown the most growth from last yr to this...poor man's Campbell and only getting better..needs to improve in his own end...Hammer is hammer..nice player to have but nothing really special..prob overpaid but like 2 and 7 they'd prob miss him if he wasnt here..I wrother other day and I think its true the hawks seem to have very good 2-5 defenders but no true #1 or much holding up back end so that does bite you every so often

John (CBOE)

It seems it is time for the leaders of this team to lead. I know JT does aloyt and is lpalying pretty well, but as for the rest of themQ should have sat Kane and Sharp in EDM. When will the big second line center come to the Hawks?

Jesse Rogers
  (5:02 PM)

I cant agree with that...1 out of 9 goals came from the point..everything was in and aroiund the net..montador, ketih, goalies, etc. making the forwards can help by keeping play in off zone but overall hawks d-men have to be more mindful of whats going on...2nd line center will come near deadline if they get one..

Dale (Griffith, in)

Hi Jesse. Any reports on whether Duncan Keith worked on defense the last 2 days? He's been below average for well over a year and not just the last 2 days.

Jesse Rogers
  (5:04 PM)

Ha. Well, yeah he worked on defense cause thats what you do at practice...again, he was just plus-9 and offense was coming so dont forget that 4 game win streak..he was very good. But he is not in norris form for sure

Greg (Rockford)

Is there any plan for the Hawks to NOT carry so many games on WGN-TV? The cable and satellite providers in the rockford area do not offer WGN channel 9 as it is not considered a local channel. This generally cuts out the entire Rockford region market from roughly 1/4th of Hawks games on TV. With the Hogs here it makes sense to really sell the Hawks in this town but when the fan base is cut out of so many games it gets very frustrating. It's somewhat like the no home games on TV policy.

Jesse Rogers
  (5:05 PM)

I have no idea, Im sorry. They have a deal with comcast and wgn so I doubt its going to change any time soon is my guess

mikerod (chicago)

read there was a report of the hawks being interested in trading for Oilers center Sam Gagner, any truth to that?

Jesse Rogers
  (5:06 PM)

No, or at least not right now..those reports are b.s. but that doesnt mean Stan hasnt talked to gm's about a bunch of names...nothing is imminent...I means EVERY DAY gm's talk but serious talk is a whole other story...that will come later barring something strange happeneing or falling in their lap

Nick (Deerfield)

Hey Jesse, the Sharks are playing well, what do the Hawks need to do tonight to slow them down? Also, the shark tank is a tough place to play, but which building has been most difficult for the Hawks in recent memory?

Jesse Rogers
  (5:09 PM)

I dont know if a specific building gives them problems except i would say the ones where they have to muster the energy because they are so used to getting it from the crowd at home and many cities so when they arrive at the honda center in anaheim, for example, sometimes they come out listless but its more about the opponent than the team...calgary was a place they won often until the last 2 yrs..not about the building though..its simple for tonight, limit time in their own faceoffs and keep the puck more..sounds simple but of course its not cause other team trying same thing! but if caught in own end they are in trouble..seabrook i think will be back so should help

Nick (Chicago)

Jesse, who do you think leads the Hawks in scoring at the end of the year? Also, where do you think the Hawks will finish in the west?

Jesse Rogers
  (5:11 PM)

Ill still say Kane leads them...he has the best combo of scoring and getting having the puck as much as he does means some easy points but if hossa continues to be the man then whoever plays with him might be the guys and right now that's toews..tough call

Brad (Toronto)

Jesse, U have 6Mil. Name your physical D man ?

Jesse Rogers
  (5:12 PM)

Well, I mean, I dont know what's realistic? Weber or Suter would work for me considering their contract sitautions but can the hawks get them and would nash trade them in the division so tough to say but since its conceivable one of them is moved there is my answer

Chris Fiegler (Latham,NY)

Are there any NHL Hockey Games on Thanksgiving Day?

Jesse Rogers
  (5:14 PM)

Dont think so, there is a full slate today and fri

Brian (Hammond, IN)

Any chance of making a run at Luke Schenn? He seems to have fallen out of favor in Toronto, and the Hawks could use a defenseman like him.

Jesse Rogers
  (5:17 PM)

I mean sure there is a chance bascially because there is a chance for them to go after anyone that is available..they have stockpiled D-men een in yrs with no money, etc. so this year they'll go after whoever can help no matter the money is my guess but I dont have any knowledge if they are seeking him out specifically cause its not working out there...

Jesse Rogers
  (5:18 PM)

The Hawks keep it very close to the vest when it comoes to trades...there are some names that are out there like Montador near deadline last yr but no one saw Skille/Frolik trade coming or even Barker/Leddy the year before..hawks are quieter than any team in the league, its why most of these daily rumors you read wont be true but this yr will be more interesting than most cause they have the money..names wount emerge for a while like I wrote before

John (Vernon Hills)

With the style of play they have been showing are the d-men set in stone? Is there a prospect that could see some action if they keep struggling?

Jesse Rogers
  (5:21 PM)

Dont think so..they already have a young one in Leddy is tough to play D at the NHL level on a good team as a young player unless youre just a stud..doesnt seem like they have any ready but I cant say that for sure...biggest thing is people have nothing to compare hawks D too but you see the issues when 2 and 7 have been out of the lineup so have to be careful what you wish for..they are 12-6 with current D, could be a lot worse I suppose

Rob (Old Town)

It's getting to the point that I don't care how nice of a guy or if coach Q love him.... John Scott is awful! It's like watching a C level player play with A level players. We have Montador, Carcillo and Mayers to fight, he provides NOTHING to our team. Can you possibly see how the Hawks justify him?

Jesse Rogers
  (5:23 PM)

Would I play Lepisto over Scott? Probably. But there are moments when Lepisto or another d-man can look really bad too..I guess maybe what Q likes is Scott's simplicity..everyone knows he isnt going to get out of position or take a chance because HE CANT so maybe he just likes his solid positioning...I think the Keith questions are much more valid than Scott ones..he plays a much bigger role..dont get caught up in the 6th d-man as frustrating as it may be

Sean (Naperville)

Can you tell me how Lepisto and Scott are in the NHL? They are absolutely terrible. Everyone can see it, it's not a secret, does someone know something I don't? For all the recognition Bowman has got, he looks pretty bad letting Campbell and Campoli go.

Jesse Rogers
  (5:24 PM)

Again, its about comparison..most NHL rosters have bottom end d-men that are similiar espefcially teams who have so much money tied up in a core group...dont fret over bottom of roster as much as you want them to help...ketih and montador and craw and emery were responsible for edm game not scott or lepisto

Rick (Berwyn)

Any news on whether Seabs or Frolik play tonight?

Jesse Rogers
  (5:25 PM)

Looking good for both to play in my opinion but I easily could be wrong...cause warm-ups will tell the more time skating to see if both are good to go...follow me on twitter @espnchihawks for updates during warmups

Brad (Toronto )

Twitter world has blown up over the Turris signing and how the Hawks should look at him? I ask why not ? 2.8m over 2 years thats a little more then Bickell. Center, young with great potential. Bickell and a prospect for Turris? Thoughts?

Jesse Rogers
  (5:28 PM)

Pretty sure its been discussed...bickell, and 2 d and one F in my opinion...but again I think they are in a waiting game though Turris situation might force a deal sooner rather than later...I would do it except I dont want to spend my money and not get a good d-man later

Kevin (Sacramento)

JR, love your work, but c'mon.. Keith should not NEED 7 as a crutch. Stop making excuses for him. With the exception of two games, he's been horrific. And worse than that, not only is he not getting better, he's still in a downward spiral. Time for him to play against the 3/4 lines, not the top two. 8 & 4 can't possibly be worse than 2 has been.

Jesse Rogers
  (5:30 PM)

Not making excuses..Its an observation/criticism. I dont disagree he shouldnt need it but if he does at least we know he'll be better when Seabrook is the beginning of the year 2 and 8 were facing 2nd lines and 4 and 7 had the top assignemnt but with 2 and 7 back they are going to get it...and thats the right thing to live or die that way...cant have 8 going against thornton etc AND expect offense from him...2 and 7 are good enough together but as Ive written in past this team isnt built to play in thier own end

Jesse Rogers
  (5:32 PM)

..hope seabrook is back so we can see the team with full D even though they need to survive those injuries better..remember, with the trade of campbell and the money they have available they are playing with one less big money player this year as compared to last 2 and they are doing it ON PURPOSE so they can address the most important need near the deadline and have a flexible roster..

Jesse Rogers
  (5:35 PM)

They dont have to do the rockford shuffle of players, they dont have to panic if they have 3 guys on IR and need call-ups or all goes back to the notion this team is playing for the spring and not the winter and thats the case as long as this core is in its prime...take the good with the bad and unless they really fall in the standings and I mean out of the playoffs dont fully judge till spring..I know thats hard but its reality when you have a good team in the salary cap era..most of the time you wont know if they;re great until the example is looking at other elite teams and how they falter at times...even pitt will...though once in a while a team has that magical season and puts up like 120 points, etc. but even then they dont necessarily win the cup

Jesse Rogers
  (5:37 PM)

That's it for today...would like to see these defensevie issues addressed otherwise they will fall in the standings..should be a good one tonight...thats for the questions..check out my blog right now..should be audio of Marty Havlat in there and vid of Toews from this morn plus other stuff and of course postgame late tonight Ill have stuff from the locker room..have a great thanksgiving..follow me on twitter @espnchihawks for the to you next week from home!