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November 28, 11:00 AM ET
Fantasy NFL with AJ Mass

AJ Mass
  (10:59 AM)

Good morning gang! We've got 60 minutes of fantasy chattage ahead, so let's get this party started quickly, right? Second cup of coffee is in hand, so call it in the air!

Hasan (Chicago)

The analysts must have some influence on Standard scoring settings, can you bring up how a passing TD is equal to a 40 yard FG and less than a 50 yarder in next years discussions.

AJ Mass
  (11:01 AM)

Hasan, you can always choose to play at your own custom settings, but keep in mind that a TD pass also brings with it the additional yardage, which does make it more valuable.

Ben (Decatur)

What do I do with Roy Helu...every time he gets 10+ carries he gets ten points

AJ Mass
  (11:02 AM)

Play him at your own risk, because his coach is the one who may well bench him next week on a whim. I only kid a little here.

K (philly)

Looking ahead to next week, If Vick can't go do you play VY over Dalton?

AJ Mass
  (11:03 AM)

No, I go with Dalton if Vick sits, even against the Steelers.

K (philly)

Flex for next week Mo Morris, Steve Johnson, or Ben Tate?

AJ Mass
  (11:04 AM)

Right now, I lean Ducky MoMo.

Chris (NH)

Why cant Palmer find the endzone?!

AJ Mass
  (11:05 AM)

When Chaz Schilens is your second best WR, what do you expect?

Steve (Indy)

Beanie...big day yesterday. How comfortable are you with him going forward? Rank ROS?

AJ Mass
  (11:07 AM)

One game doesn't change my view... I am "comfortable" that as long as he can stay healthy, he's a 75 and a score kind of back this year.

Tony (CO)

Do you think L Robinson sticks around when Miles Austin returns??? He has outplayed Dez...

AJ Mass
  (11:08 AM)

He sticks around as a No. 3 WR on his team.Yes he's outplayed Dez, but all that proves is that Austin is a No. 1 and Bryant is not.

Tim (Portland)

Good morning. Thanks for taking our questions. Andre Johnson able to transcend a 3rd stringer?

AJ Mass
  (11:09 AM)

I do like Yates to do "OK" but clearly AJ may only be good for 2-3 catches a week right now.

Adrian Peterson (MIN)

Do i play this week ?

AJ Mass
  (11:10 AM)

I don't think you do, but that's just a guess on my part. I have not yet heard one way or the other.

Julio Jones (ATL)

Do I catch a pass this week?

AJ Mass
  (11:11 AM)

Yeah, I think so. I'm willing to call this week's goose egg a fluke of sorts.

Chris (Boston)

Percy Harvin. Looks good, no? Is he finally living up to his potential, or is this just because Peterson has been out and Minnesota has absolutely no other playmakers?

AJ Mass
  (11:12 AM)

A little bit of both... Harvin has always done well with the touches he's gotten, AP being out only saw to make sure he got them.


Could you sit one next week? Hillis, Maurice Morris, Vincent Brown, Gerhart

AJ Mass
  (11:12 AM)

Obviously, it comes down to Peterson or not for Toby. I'd sit Hillis if Toby is starting.

Frank (NJ)

What was your impression of CJ Spiller in his first start of the season?

AJ Mass
  (11:14 AM)

Meh. He's not Fred. I'd put 75 yards as a high mark for this next week.

Steve (Pitt)

Mike Williams south finally got it together?

AJ Mass
  (11:16 AM)

Nobody else really worthy on that roster to consider. I just feel someone else needs to step up to provide him some support of these weeks will be few and far between.

Mike (MI)

Which 2 QB's would you prefer to have on your roster ROS: Tebow, Freeman, Palmer?

AJ Mass
  (11:17 AM)

Following up with last question, Freeman has been severely hampered by lack of weapons around him. Still like him in the future, but not for rest of THIS season.

Hue (Bay Area)

Will DMC be a factor for fantasy playoffs WKS 15/16?

AJ Mass
  (11:18 AM)

Wouldn't expect him to be... Bush has played well enough to keep majority of carries if/when DMC is back.

PJ (Omaha)

Felix Jones? Welcome to Dumpsville?

AJ Mass
  (11:18 AM)

He's already leased an apartment there.

Tom (Infirmary)

AJ, my team has been hurt by the IR bug, I picked up Donald Brown out of desperation, what do you see from him? he looked good recently.

AJ Mass
  (11:20 AM)

Certainly has looked better than Addai typically does... but may well end up being a 50-50 split.

dave (home)

is it time to bench shonn greene or keep playing him and hope he gets into the end zone?

AJ Mass
  (11:21 AM)

You can't predict TDs with any consistency, so take solace in the very solid 6.0 YPC and keep him in there.

Bob (Fl)

Thoughts on Daniel Thomas. Hold on to in case of a Bush injury or drop.

AJ Mass
  (11:22 AM)

I think you should have a backup ready for the playoff run, just in case. But that also depends on the depth of your league...

David (Mason, OH)

Any hope for Kevin Smith week 13?

AJ Mass
  (11:23 AM)

Haven't heard him ruled out yet, but I'm not expecting to see him.

Stephen (College Station)

Why does a scoop and score on a fumble count against the opposing defense? For example, the jaguars d returned a fumble for a td and those 7 points count against the Texans d in points allowed. Thank you!

AJ Mass
  (11:24 AM)

It is the way it is... should it not count, and then a defense be "penalized" because an offensive player makes a TD-saving tackle on the one and they punch it in on the next play?

Sean (Auburn)

Would you rather sit on Eric Decker, Torrey Smith or Denarius Moore for ROS?

AJ Mass
  (11:25 AM)

I'd rather sit on Moore. Decker has to come through on EVERY opportunity to shine.

BJ (Indiana)

Is what we saw from Forte yesterday about what we can expect in the Caleb Hanie era?

AJ Mass
  (11:26 AM)

I think you may see more Barber than usual, but I also think Forte's usage was over-adjusted in the aftermath of the change and should return to "normal" levels this week.

Jon (KC)

Sell Reggie Wayne for anything we can get, or hope this is the start of something?

AJ Mass
  (11:28 AM)

I'd sell simply because I don't trust Painter to be that good on a weekly basis. It was good to see, especially coming off the bye week... but I'm not buying.

Caleb Hanie (throwing 3 INTS)

I think BJ was asking about the yards and low YPC for Forte...he's going to see stacked boxes ROS? Drop to RB2?

AJ Mass
  (11:29 AM)

What's low about 5 YPC?

Brent (TX)

ETHICS: Can keep the 7th place team out of the playoffs by intentionally losing to the 6th place team, as I've already claimed a spot. 7th place team just got everyone healthy and on a roll. Thoughts?

AJ Mass
  (11:30 AM)

You don't have any control over how well the players do once the games start, so don't try and influence the outcomes. Start your best, let the chips fall where they may.

Phil (Chicago)

What can be expected of Desean Jackson going forward given his recent antics?

AJ Mass
  (11:32 AM)

I think you need to look more to having Vick and Maclin in the lineup. The antics don't help, but in the end, they're not really the reason for the Eagles offense stuttering.

john (atlantic city)

your thoughts on helu moving ahead. can i insert him into my starting line-up with confidence?

AJ Mass
  (11:33 AM)

It's Shanahan... you can never have confidence in his RBs.

Scott (Chicago)

Should we put butter all over Marshawn Lynch because he's on a roll?

AJ Mass
  (11:34 AM)

Thank you, Shecky. Lynch has been much better than I expected, but I still don't love him compared to other backs, with Tarvaris under center.

SJax (St Louis)

Why couldn't I get it going yesterday vs Zona? Match up was juicy. Is the year catching up to me?

AJ Mass
  (11:36 AM)

You're just not on that good an offense, and sometimes you just have to chalk it up to an off week.

Ricky (DC)

Felix didnt get a single carry this week, can Murray owners expect that to continue?

AJ Mass
  (11:36 AM)

Pretty much, yes.

Joe (Pittsburgh)

non Fantasy question: Did you see Bob Costas' report about celebrations during his half time report? Was it me or did he make it seem like the only celebrations allowed was the Lambeau Leap? Its tough to score a TD in the NFL...god forbid players celebrate. And he targeted DJax falling backwards in the endzone as too much celebration...DJax was in the process of scoring! Is he saying that Deion's highstepping running toward the endzone was over the top too? Just a stupid lazy commentary IMO. Your thoughts AJ?

AJ Mass
  (11:38 AM)

The NFL, in my opinion, picks and chooses how to apply the rule. Personally, I think there's a simple solution. After a score, start the 25-second clock immediately and make a delay of game penalty 15-yards. Done and done.

Timmy Ballgame (Duh! Winning)

Rather keep Addai or McKnight stashed?

AJ Mass
  (11:39 AM)

McKnight. I've seen Addai's top game.

Philip Rivers (Vomitville)

ROS: Who's the worst QB you'd rather have over me?

AJ Mass
  (11:41 AM)

That's a tough question to answer, because the "worst guy" might not be so clear. I'd rather have Ryan but not Sanchez.

Jordy Nelson (GB)

Am I starting to attract too much attention or just a bad game?

AJ Mass
  (11:42 AM)

I think you're expecting too much from Nelson. Four catches is good in my book... one missed tackle and we're not having this discussion. Worry about targets above all other stats.

Big Mac (Florida)

They can't start the 25 second clock immediately, they have to review every score, just in case the ball moves in the players hands while they are trying to set up the extra point.

AJ Mass
  (11:44 AM)

They can start it immediately. 90 percent of TDs are obvious enough that they won't be reviewed. It's a timing thing that can be worked out...

AJ Mass
  (11:44 AM)

They can start it immediately. 90 percent of TDs are obvious enough that they won't be reviewed. It's a timing thing that can be worked out...

Mitch (Iowa)

Just bought a Kindle Fire and your book was the first book I downloaded.Great read!

AJ Mass
  (11:46 AM)

Sweet! Remember, it's Cyber Monday! My book makes a great gift:

Guru Standings (your location?)

How many leagues r u in roughly and where do you stand with one week left? A sincere question and I always enjoy the chats.

AJ Mass
  (11:48 AM)

I don't think the answer really matters, but FWIW, I am playing in only one league with mostly college buddies that has been around since the mid-90's. Looking at 9-3 and the 2 seed.

T.J. Yates (Last Man Standing)

Am I the starter? Or will Houston go with Clemens?

AJ Mass
  (11:48 AM)

Yes, you're the starter...

Biggie (Cleveland)

So G.Little would be a good WR add because he gets so many targets from Colt

AJ Mass
  (11:50 AM)

Certainly as good as anyone else on Browns... you also have to catch the ball, and it's not the only stat... but it's the most telling of a player's position in his offense. Going forward, I'd rather have a guy who typically gets 5 grabs on 9 targets for 70 yards than the guy who happens to catch 1 for 70 yards and a score on a fluke.

Andy Reid (Philly - for now)

After a TD, I'll just call a timeout so there's not a problem...

AJ Mass
  (11:52 AM)

Actually, that wouldn't surprise me...

D-Bowe (alligator arms)

Blame me for that last INT? And rather have me or Nicks ROS?

AJ Mass
  (11:53 AM)

It was a poor pass and may have been picked anyway, so I don't blame Bowe... but you HAVE TO TRY to catch it. To not even extend your arms? Seriously? I'd rather have Nicks.

Spider (hanging by a thread)

Are you Tebowing yet?

AJ Mass
  (11:54 AM)

No because that would be "going to the ground to celebrate"... wait, what?

Von Miller (SD)

Denver Defense becoming a sneaky good play?

AJ Mass
  (11:55 AM)

Yeah... running attack shortens the game and solid play makes opponent press even more.


Who is the better rookie WR: Torrey Smith or A.J. Green?

AJ Mass
  (11:55 AM)

Green and it's not even close.

Derric (Detroit)

Start the 40 second clock, the field goal unit has to be on the field by that point. The refs could hold the attempt if needed but both teams would be required to be ready by the 40 second clock.

AJ Mass
  (11:57 AM)

Exactly my point, with the benefit of a few extra minutes thought... and while we're at it... NO DEFENSIVE TIME OUTS ALLOWED on field goal attempts once the play clock hits five seconds.

Ryan (Montana)

McCoy ran the ball 10 TIMES? Has Andy Reid given up at this point?

AJ Mass
  (11:59 AM)

Once they get behind, by a lot, most teams go to the pass over the run, so I don't fault him there... the fact he often does that when he has the lead is my issue with Reid.

Drew (Harrisburg)

Victor Cruz over Andre Johnson going forward?

AJ Mass
  (11:59 AM)

Absolutely, unless Eli gets hurt, too.

AJ Mass
  (12:00 PM)

That's the whistle, gang! We've got Twitter for those I couldn't get to... Until the next time, please do check out my book. Good luck, and may the odds be EVER in your favor!