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November 29, 3:00 PM ET
Chat with Carter Strickland

barron tryon (dallas,tx)

three part question any word on jeffcoat injury, is darius white finally ready to step up and contribute, anyword on mario edwards does he like what he see's from this defense...

Carter Strickland
  (3:04 PM)

A three-parter to start. OK, here we go. All players should be healthy enough to play this weekend. The major worry is more Bergeron than Jeffcoat. Texas needs Jeffcoat and Okafor at the end spots to help seal in RG3.Darius White is just too inconsistent. He was passed by Miles Onyegbule this week. What that means is rather than play White, Texas is willing to go with two true freshmen at wide receiver, Shipley and Onyegbule. That should tell you something about how White performs in practice.As for Mario Edwards, it is too bad he watched the RRR and not any of the games after that. I think because of what Diaz has done Texas has a shot at him. And it doesn't hurt that Venables and OU have struggled defensively in a couple of games since the RRR.

Leo Shepard (Los Angeles)

What does RG3 have to do against Texas to bring the Heisman to Waco? Do you think UT can make sure that it doesn't happen?

Carter Strickland
  (3:07 PM)

If RG3 wins and throws for 300, runs for 100 and doesn't have a pick he will be in the top four in Heisman voting. I don't think he will win because Luck, Richardson and Weeden have been talked about all season. Many of the Heisman voters are lazy and just vote for the player who is shown on SportsCenter the most. Baylor doesn't get a lot of SC highlights.As for Texas stopping him, they will have to take away his running skills and make him into a pocket passer. Now RG3 is a great pocket passer, but when he runs that adds another dimension to his game. So Jeffcoat and Okafor are going to have to force him inside to Randall, Dorsey, Howell and the linebackers.

Chris Fiegler (Latham,NY)

Who do you think is the Best Texas Longhorn that is Playing in the NFL Right Now?

Carter Strickland
  (3:10 PM)

This is a tough one. I liked Aaron Ross till I saw him last night. Orakpo is doing well but on a terrible team. I'm going with Finley because he is part of such a dynamic offense.

Riley (Kansas )

what are the chances connor brewer is the starting quarterback next year. i know he is supposed to have a great arm and is a winner but i dont know if i really want to go through another true freshmen qb again.

Carter Strickland
  (3:12 PM)

That is the big question around Austin. If McCoy can prove something against Baylor and in the bowl game then maybe, just maybe he is the guy next year. But the coaches don;t love McCoy's abilities. That much was evident when they picked Ash over him as the starter. So they are going to be looking for reasons not to start him. Now, having said that, he is going to get every opportunity to be the guy next year. But I think if Brewer comes in and has a great spring, there is going to be pressure to have him be the starter.

KIRK (Kansas )

does texas have a shot for donald hawkins , DGB and denico autry

Carter Strickland
  (3:13 PM)

Texas has a much better shot at the two linemen than DGB. Hawkins is being recruited by some big names but i think he sees at Texas that he can come in and impact the lineup right away. Autry too. Also Brandon Moore, a defensive tackle, could be the third juco recruit signed by Texas.

Chris (Austin, TX )

Carter, I want to know what bowl you think Texas will be in?I am thinking 25% Alamo60% Insight (we haven't been there)15% Holiday Does that seem about right?

Carter Strickland
  (3:15 PM)

Alamo hinges on whether or not the Big 12 gets two in the BCS. If OU beats OSU there is a chance two Big 12 teams go to the BCS, KSU goes to the Cotton and the Baylor-Texas winner goes to Alamo. I'm thinking right now it is 50/50 on whether Texas goes to Insight or Holiday. A win over Baylor and it should be the Insight. A loss and it is the Holiday. At least none the Pinstripe is out of the picture.

Carter Strickland
  (3:18 PM)

Few more things to throw out there for you guys:Texas has more than 180 different blitz packages.Only two teams have had a better statistical defense over the past five weeks than Texas - Alabama and LSU.This is the first time since 85-86 that Baylor has been ranked in back-to-back meetings with Texas.Texas is 0-4 against teams currently in the BCS top 25.

Carter Strickland
  (3:20 PM)

Another tidbit: Texas is 6-0 in Waco under Mack Brown and have allowed a combined 34 points in those meetings. That's 5.7 points per game.Texas has averaged 51.2 points per game in Baylor.