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December 8, 1:00 PM ET
Chat with Jurko

  (1:00 PM)

Not a lot of faith in what the Bears have going on. Had faith two games ago and have lost the faith now because of the way Hanie has played the last two games. I don't see this ending well for the Bears in Denver. They are finding unique ways to lose. Let's chat ...

Dylan D (Harrison, AR)

If no Martz return next season, who'd you rather see as new oc? Mike Tice step up or possibly Norv Turner?

  (1:01 PM)

Tice. Only because he is familiar and I think he understands what this OL is capable of. I think Turner has a tendecncy to get pass happy.

Dylan (Champaign)

Do you think the Bears can make it to the playoffs?

  (1:02 PM)

No, I have them finishing 7-9 now.

Jay Cutler (Santa Claus, IN)

Do you think I will be back at GB game??

  (1:02 PM)

No, your thumb won't be healthy enough. Maybe the first game of the playoffs though.

Rick (North Suburbs)

What is your assessment of Mike Martz as an OC and would you let him walk at the end of the season?

  (1:03 PM)

Martz knows a ton about offense and he understands defensive schemes and where the weaknesses are. What he doesn't get is the limitations of his own players and the being able to adjust your game plan based on that.

Mike (Great White North)

Do you feel Henry Melton's game is improving enough this year that we might have found our 3 guy??

  (1:04 PM)

He will never be a dominant three-technique. You're not going to game plan for this guy. He will never be Tommie Harris at his best.

Alex (Chicago )

Why does Roy Williams still have a roster spot on this team?

  (1:04 PM)

Somewhere secretly Lovie Smith is his uncle.

Greg (Minny)

Who on our offensive line is worth keeping moving into 2012 and who can easily be upgraded from?

  (1:05 PM)

Garza, Chris Williams, Louis, Spencer. Webb has proven to be lackluster.

Alex (Mobile, AL )

Who needs to step up more for Haine this week?

  (1:06 PM)

Barber would make life a lot less stressful on Hanie if he could be successful. You've got to be able to think in this game. Zero mental errors should be the goal for the Bears. They can't afford them.

Jeff (Houston, TX)

With Forte out, why don't we see more screens to knox and hester?

  (1:07 PM)

It's the same play everyone complained about with Gary Crowton. But it would make life easier on Hanie. You can take those seven-step drops and throw those in the garbage.

MoneyMo (Westmont)

Aside from the recent major injuries, the non performance from some of the free agents and draft picks comes from Angelo. Do you think that angelo is one of the indirect causes of this team being where it's at? Should he be fired?

  (1:09 PM)

It's a direct cause. His willingness to let OL develop in the starting lineup finally caught up to the Bears. That's why they are where they're at. The defense is getting old in front of us. This is a team whose success is based on a lot of things happening and if something goes wrong it gets derailed.

Nathan (DC)

What do you make of Mike Martz's recent dismissal of the rumors swirling about his exit? Seems weird. He actually DID talk to UCLA and Arizona State, didn't he?

  (1:10 PM)

I don't know that. He may have put feelers out to them. You're not going to take a head job if you're not making more than $1 million.

Conrad (Winnipeg, MB, Can)

It is clear now that Jay Cutler was covering up for average talent on the OL and at WR. What do you feel is the Bears biggest need on offense?

  (1:11 PM)

WR and OL. That's hard because Carimi is not there either. At somer point you have got to start replacing some of your players on defense.

Adam (Houston)

Hey Jurko,Khalil Bell showed more burst than Marion Barber on Sunday. Also, Bell is a better receiver then Barber. Do you see him getting more tuches than Barber on Sunday?

  (1:12 PM)

Barber is a pretty good receiver. Should be a 50-50 split. Bell should have a lot of burst. He hasn't done anything all year.

keith (chicago ill)

why is the bears not trying to get a new qb

  (1:13 PM)

There is nothing available now. McNabb is not an answer. Favre is not coming back. So there is not much out there. Your best chance to win now is with Hanie.

R. Logan (Riverside, CA)

Hey Jurko, can you or someone there in Chicago knock some sense into Lovie, Angelo and Martz to get a "Real" backup going forward. This is the 2nd year in a row that Cutler has gone down and Hanie came in as a backup and we have lost consistently.

  (1:13 PM)

Lovie is not to be blamed in this situation. This is Angelo's baby. It falls into the lap of the GM.

Joe B (Oxford, CT 06478)

While I think the Bears defense matches up very well against Tebow, I fear the Bears offense giving him short fields with turnovers and 3 and outs. How do you see things playing out?

  (1:15 PM)

I see a low-scoring game with Tebow having a chance to make four key plays and he will make all four of them. Tebow will take advantage of it. It won't be a good week in Denver.

Nathan (DC)

How do you feel J'Marcus Webb has progressed? Will he ever be the cornerstone guy Smith and Angelo think he will be?

  (1:16 PM)

He will never be as good as he thinks he is. He's probably about 70 percent of where he needs to be so there is a lot of room for improvement but Webb believes he has arrived. Start asking people to vote for you in the Pro Bowl? Your sense of understanding who you are is gone.

Louis (Greater Chicago)

As a former NFL DT what is your opinion of Henry Melton and Amobi Okoye? Both are heading toward contract renegotiations and both have decent sack numbers.

  (1:18 PM)

Decent sack numbers for an interior DL if you want to get paid are 11-12. If you don't have that and you disappear in games then you are not an upper-level DL. Some of these guys are going to have to be happy with $2.5 million to $3 million. That's still pretty good.

gocubskim (florida)

What is the most important stat that will lead to a Bears win?

  (1:19 PM)

Zero mental errors and not turnovers. And the team keeps track of mental errors.

Jeff M (Wood River, IL)

Is it just me or should the bears be putting Corey Wootten in to rush the passer more on third down situations. It would be nice to see what he can do.

  (1:19 PM)

Wootten needs to stay healthy so he can be on the field. When he stays healthy we'll talk. Until then he is an injury waiting to happen.

Cylus (South Suburbs)

This team appears to be improved and without the injuries they looked like a 2nd year in the playoffs. After this season do you get rid of Jerry Angelo for his past failures?

  (1:21 PM)

Yeah, you get rid of him because you can see how their success is based on a few key players. And your QB is put in jeopardy because you don't understand the lack of talent on the OL and WR positions.

Jim (Delaware)

Wanted to say I'm huge fan, love the article. Going into DEN, how do you thing Lance will respond to his somewhat poor performance from last week? And, after all the blown opportunities, Do you think Roy Williams should ever see the field again?

  (1:22 PM)

I don't like Roy Williams' attitude. The skill is there but the attitude is poor. And because of that you will never see his true level of skill. He is a coach killer. You bring him and he never shows what he can do because of a bad attitude.

Owen (Va Beach)

Do you see the Bears utilizing more of a shotgun formation to give Hanie more time in the pocket?

  (1:23 PM)

I think it would make sense. You've got to eliminate the seven-step drops. There were seven seven-step drops and he was sacked on four of them.

Adam (San Diego)

What will it take to get Enderle into the game on Sunday?

  (1:24 PM)

A lot. Hanie has to get hurt and then McCown has to get hurt. If Caleb struggles I believe they will go to McCown first.

John (Indian Rocks Beach,FL)

Jurko, does it look as bleek as the national media is reporting??? Jay may not play the rest of the year??

  (1:25 PM)

It looks bleak. To me it's a six-week injury until the cast comes off then you've got rehab. If it was a lineman you tape it up and go to work. If it was his left hand he would be back for Green Bay. It's not looking good.

Sal (Chicago)

Can Louis play LT and Carimi RT next year?

  (1:26 PM)

Spencer is going to stay at RG. I think Louis will be out there and if someone values Webb get rid of him.

Jon (Chicago)

If you were in the position to make the descision- would you keep Martz?

  (1:26 PM)

No, I would let him go. I don't think he is genuine. Whatever he was telling me I wouldn't know what he is thinking.

Gary (Chi)

Whats the game plan this week you think? Is it still to make Tebow beat them with his arm? I know the Broncos didnt run the option at all last week, but do we still prepare for it?

  (1:27 PM)

You still prepare for the option and the spead offense. Your gameplan is to jump on his mistakes when he makes them: his errant throws, his slow delivery. You've got to capitalize on that.

Todd (TX)

How about Tony Sparano as the OC if he doesn't make it in Miami?

  (1:28 PM)

He's got to get fired first. And you're talking about a team that is starting to win a bunch of games.

Mike Ditka (Chicago)

Jurk - I am picking the bears to win 17-10. What is your prediction. See you at my restaurant later.

  (1:29 PM)

The Bears lose 13-6.

  (1:30 PM)

It's going to be a tough week for the Bears. Unless Hanie does a total 180 it's going to be a brutal game to watch.