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January 3, 3:00 PM ET
Chat with Carter Strickland

Carter Strickland
  (2:59 PM)

Thanks for joining ESPN's HornsNation chat. Let's get started.

Chris Fiegler (Latham,NY)

Do you think that David Ash will stay in Scholl or Declare for the 2012 NFL Draft?

Carter Strickland
  (3:00 PM)

As soon as you get off the stage at the Comedy Store - ok I did giggle - let me know.

Ryan McFarland (St. Louis MO)

carter, I know the Texas O-line wasn't bad this year, but how do you expect them to perform next year?

Carter Strickland
  (3:01 PM)

They are adding a big-time recruit in Donald Hawkins. He is a natural tackle so there is going to be some shifting there. Cochran and Espinosa will be much improved. Hopkins is a better guard than tackle. Plus watch out for Sedrick Flowers. He has the best feet of all the players. Could challenge for a starting guard spot.

chris (austin)

Is thomas johnson going to decommit from texas?

Carter Strickland
  (3:02 PM)

I really don;t think so. He is in Orlando with all those other UT recruits. He has had several good practices with Brewer. I think he and Cayleb really enjoy each other. I see him sticking with Texas. There is playing time to be had at Texas and he knows this.

Zeke (Austin TX)

Happy New Year Carter!Heard rumors of Arik Armstead wearing Longhorn gear at AA Bowl. Do you think he'll be taking an OV? What are our chances with him?Also, any updates on Cameron Ridley? Do you consider him still a Strong Verbal Commit? Thanks

Carter Strickland
  (3:03 PM)

It does not surprise me that Armstead has UT gear on. There are 10 UT recruits out there and no doubt they are working on him. But I still think it is a stretch for Texas. I just have to believe he stays closer to home.

Carter Strickland
  (3:04 PM)

I think Johnson stays. Too much opportunity to start as a freshman at Texas, especially at wide receiver.

Jimmy K (Toronto)

Carter, how impressed are you with Connor Brewer? ESPN is much higher on him than other recruiting websites. I know his arm strength and size aren't the greatest, but it seems like he has all the intangibles to be a great Horn.

Carter Strickland
  (3:06 PM)

The issue with Brewer is he played high school ball in Arizona so that is a knock. He was great but it was not the highest level of competition. ESPN evaluates tools and this is a guy with all the tools. He is not as good as Matt Barkley but he is a guy who is a lot like him. Could grow into a great pocket passer. Should have a better arm than either of the two QBs on campus.

Jimmy K (Toronto)

Carter, Texas seems poised for a National Championship run in two years based on the age and talent on the depth chart, plus the current recruiting class. Should I go ahead and book my tickets for Miami in 2013? Sure would be nice for me to leave Toronto for South Beach for a few days during the winter.

Carter Strickland
  (3:08 PM)

I have to agree that in two years Texas is going to be very good. Not sure if they will be BCS title good but look across the conference and it is very possible that in 2013 Texas will have the best and deepest group of players in the Big 12. i will say that 2013 is a 10 or 11 win season but will stop short of saying Texas is going to be in the title game.

Todd (Austin Tx)

What's the word on thomas johnson and all these rumors of him decomitting and visiting oregon and any new word on dorial green beckham rumors going around he narrowed his list down to arkansas and texas?

Carter Strickland
  (3:09 PM)

Johnson is around his Texas pals at the UA game. I think that is enough to keep him in the fold. As for DGB, I think Texas has an outside shot but have always liked Arkansas as the best fit for him because of its location to his home.

Todd (Austin Tx)

Is it true mack brown will be making a in home visit with dorial green beckham in mid january it was reported on austin american statesman website?

Carter Strickland
  (3:10 PM)

Mack has this class wrapped up except for those national guys so he is clearing his time and trying to go after the few that remain like DGB. Texas had an in-home scheduled with him a while back as well. They have a good relationship with DGB.

Mike (Ohio)

With all the top rated recruiting classes, why the struggles in Austin? No QB, awful OL, no WR other than Davis. Are these kids overrated or badly coached?

Carter Strickland
  (3:12 PM)

The latter. Complacency on the part of past coaching staffs allowed the kids to do what they wanted. There was no accountability in the weight program and on the field. Bennie Wylie and the new staff have changed the attitude. And 18 true freshmen played this year so i think the recruiting rankings were pretty solid. I see at least seven guys getting time from the 2012 class.

Mike (Houston)

Word is that Malcolm Brown is seriously thinking of switching to OU. Any insight? Also, What are the chances with Arik Armstead and DGB? I think the chances with DGB are vastly overstated. He seems set on Arky or OU. But AA seems like a possibility.

Carter Strickland
  (3:14 PM)

For Brown to go to another conference school would be silly. And why would he transfer? He is the leading rusher on an offense that really needs him. That is a bad rumor. As for DGB, I think it is going to be Arkansas. He took an official to Texas during the KSU game. He and Gray sat with each other.As for AA, I think the other kids can sell the program better than Mack can at this point. So maybe they are starting to work on him.

Ben (Dallas)

As I was doing my daily check for news on DGB and Edwards, I stumbled across an article in the AAS that said that Edwards had it down to Texas, LSU, and FSU and DGB will most likely not take anymore OV's. Do you think that the rapport our recruits can build with Edwards will sway him, and do you think that DGB has already made up his mind on us (he also cited academics and atmosphere as being a big consideration, and let's be honest, that's something that OU, MU, Arkansas or Bama isn't even close to us in)?

Carter Strickland
  (3:15 PM)

When DGB took his official to Texas he was not exactly wowed by the game. Texas played KSU and it was hard to watch. He had his head in his phone most of the day. Compare that to the high-flying attack at Arkansas and if you were a wide receiver where would you go?Now Edwards is a very real possibility. It is between Texas and OU. There are a ton of Texas recruits in his ear at all times. So that could help.

Mitchell Hackett (iowa)

I have been watching the incoming freshman for the horns and I was wondering how this quarterback lines up with ash next year. From watching his clips he looks like a much better passer and he looks like he can move on his feet. Also how does Incoming running back grey stack up for Texas?

Carter Strickland
  (3:17 PM)

Gray is smaller and quicker. He might be the perfect guy to catch some screen passes, run the wild formation and really give Texas the change of pace it needs.As for Brewer, he looks good on film but he is throwing against high school guys. Have to wait and see what he can do when the D-line is in his face.

Corey (Austin, TX)

What's the latest on both Edwards and DGB? Chances of signing either? Chances of signing both?

Carter Strickland
  (3:17 PM)

More Edwards than DGB. See below.

Connor (Dallas, Tx)

Besides Jonathan Gray, which true freshman do you see having a significant impact next year?

Carter Strickland
  (3:19 PM)

I really like the wide receivers to come in and have an impact. Maybe not as starters but i think Cayleb Jones could get some serious time at the outside spot. Thomas Johnson is a slick inside receiver and will provide some much needed depth.Then you cannot overlook the two juco guys that are going to stabilize the line. Hawkins should start at tackle. Moore is going to anchor the d-line.

Jimmy K (Toronto)

Carter, I was not smart for asking about tripping to Miami in 2 years to watch the 'Horns. What I really meant to ask is how well you see Texas being set up to play in Pasadena, the actual site for the BCS National Championship? After all, it's where we've played in our last 2 title appearances.

Carter Strickland
  (3:20 PM)

Right now i would give them a 10 to 20 percent chance. I think their talent level is going to be right up there with everyone else. I just worry about the QB. Every other position is going to be really good. And the defense, if they do not lose Diaz after the 2011 season will be outstanding.

devin (austin tx)

i know thomas johnson has a visit set up for january 20 with oregon isnt that another big official visit day for texas what does that mean for texas now with thomas johnson will they do a in home visit now?

Carter Strickland
  (3:22 PM)

Typically if Texas wants an in-state kid and the position is one where he can walk right into playing time, Texas is going to get the kid. I know Oregon has taken some guys out of Texas lately. But those were not guys Texas desperately wanted. Texas wants Johnson. Oregon is a long way to go when there is a program right down I-35 that is going to be in BCS games, has all the facilities and has playing time at your position available.

mike (dallas tx)

i got a question why are dorial green beckham tweets showing up on soonernation tweet wall from former and current players is the a sign hes going to ou or isnt that a recruiting violation little pre mature he hasent even signed or shows like he still interested in oklahoma

Carter Strickland
  (3:23 PM)

Not a sign that he is going to OU. I think he is going to Arkansas. As for a recruiting violation I'm not sure the NCAA has any hard and fast rules about fans/players tweeting. Freedom of speech and all.

Allam (Texas)

Carter, Collins is longer cosidering Texas? Is Peat? The remaining targets are DGB, Mario, and who else?

Carter Strickland
  (3:24 PM)

Armstead. Collins was probably the one Texas wanted the most just because they have such a need at that position and he is a ridiculous physical specimen.I think Texas has a legit shot at Edwards. The others they have an outside shot.

Allan (Texas)

Texas is returning alot of starters and talent on both sides? My only concern is if our QB play can improve so teams won't stack the box.

Carter Strickland
  (3:26 PM)

I have to agree 100 percent. But one good thing is that the QB will have better talent around him. The wide receivers will be deeper and more talented. I think Goodwin will be slightly more dedicated in the offseason. I also think Davis will either get it in gear or get pushed to the side by one of the young guys. Shipley never was healthy after the injury. Plus Texas is going to have more players it can get the ball to with short passes who can make things happen in space. That should help Ash or whoever the QB is.

Riley (Ks)

is Mario Edwards down to just FSU and TX and other then DGB who else is tx going after

Carter Strickland
  (3:28 PM)

Edwards likes OU as well. But he is getting an earful from Texas recruits and that helps. Armstead is a possibility. Texas already has 25 guys and it is pretty solid class. Texas might land one or two more guys but all except Edwards might be just wishful thinking.

Dave (sugar land tx)

What are our chances of landing either Swoops or Barrett, and which of the two would be the better fit for Harsin's system?

Carter Strickland
  (3:30 PM)

Swoopes is so big and powerful it would be hard to pas on him. He can do so many things and has the durability to run the read option, which Harsin clearly likes to do. If i had to pick I would go with Swoopes.

Kirk (Ks)

how do u think texas 2013 class will be next year

Carter Strickland
  (3:32 PM)

The state has a ton of talent. I think with TAMU going to the SEC it helps Texas get even a stronger foothold on the players here. I think Harsin and Diaz now have had a year to evaluate talent and know their systems better. All that is going to help Texas land a top three class.

Carter Strickland
  (3:32 PM)

Thanks for the time today. I will be back next week at the same time.