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January 3, 2:00 PM ET
Chat with Ohm Youngmisuk

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Hang on guys, on phone...

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Sorry about that... back on

John(Cranbury, NJ) [via mobile]

Ohm, congrats to your Spartans. Little reminiscent of the first Giants/Cowboys game(minus the 3 overtime sessions). Anyway, seems like the D is finally putting together solid 4 quarters with a combined 28 pts the past 2 weeks. Atlanta's offense has plenty of capable weapons, but who do we shut down first? Turner?

  (2:04 PM)

Hey John, thanks. Yeah, that was insane. I think you do kind of have to stop the run first and then try to make Atlanta one-dimensional, which allows the pass rush to try to get after Matt Ryan. But they got to get pressure on Ryan. Otherwise, the secondary will have a long day trying to cover Tony Gonzalez, Julio Jones and Roddy White and even Harry Douglas.

Joe Mordente (Bandwagon Jumper)

Hi Ohm..great work...and magnificient comeback by msu..go sparty!!! anyway i was huge giants fan back in the day until they signed the alcoholic kerry collins..infuriated me and i became a packers that gmen are rolling just like in 2007 should i switch back the gmen?? please help me

  (2:06 PM)

Hey Joe, thanks. Well, I don't know what to tell ya. Are you asking me if you should jump on now hoping that the Giants make a run and you will be angry if they lose on Sunday if you jump on now? LOL. I'll say this, I can see the Giants winning on Sunday and giving GB some fits in GB. Not saying they will win in GB (and I am not saying they will lose either). Let's get to that point first and I will make a prediction that week. But for now, yes, Giants can make a run here. This team will drive you crazy from time to time but they have good guys worth following.

Chris (Chicago)

Ohm, do you think there will be talk this week of putting Jernigan or someone else back on punt returns? Blackmon hasn't been explosive and that muffed punt on Sunday scared the life out of me.

  (2:07 PM)

Chris, they could make a move. But I'm not sure what they are going to do back there. Remember, Jernigan muffed several punts in the preseason. I don't know if the Giants want to risk that in a playoff game.

Patrick (Prescott, AZ)

The Giants offensive line has been jumbled for weeks now. They also seem to be running the ball in spots now. Did you think they should of stuck with the patch work line or once the starters got healthy bringing them back into the lineup? It was obvious they seemed to be more physcial with the back ups

  (2:08 PM)

Well, they did run the ball better more consistently with Boothe at center. But there were some shaky moments on snaps as well. I think this offensive line is fine with Baas at center and Boothe at left guard. Baas played physical against Dallas. Coughlin tends to start his starters when they return from injury on the offensive line.

Nick (NY)

I know this chat should be about playoff time, but my question has to do with offseason spending (or lack thereof). Mario Manningham will be a FA, and Victor Cruz will be entering the final year of a 3 year rookie level contract. What do you forsee happening this year? Let Manningham walk, give cruz an extension? Resign Manningham, make Cruz play out the final year? See any other "big" name WRs coming in? (Stevie Johnson, D Bowe, Pierre Garcon, maybe a Steve Smith reunion?). Thanks!

  (2:09 PM)

Nick, that's a long ways away man. I'll just say this, and I have been saying it for a while, I think the Giants will want Mario back at the right price. Victor will be taken care of at the tight time. That is my guess.

Jim (Paramus)

Ohmie the Homie - Back in November, I said Giants would finish 4-5 & sneak into playoffs. Aside from slapping myself on the back, what do you think is the #1 priority on defense this week? Turner or those pesky WRs?

  (2:10 PM)

My guess is Turner first and then the WRs since every football team says stopping the run is most important thing. If you ask me, I think the receivers are more dangerous, especially since the secondary has had difficulty this season covering until the last two weeks.

John (Indianapolis)

Hey Ohm! Looking forward to your articles on the G-Men during the playoff run. I'm curious about what your playoff predictions are. I can see the Giants making a run, but it will be tough task beating NO, GB, or SF. Barring an upset or two, the Giants will most likely have to go through two of those 3 teams to get to the Bowl. What do you think the Giants chances really are?

  (2:11 PM)

Thanks John! I am not going to make any predictions yet since I make them every Friday. But I think the Giants can beat Atlanta. Will be a grind it out game in my opinion. They can play GB tough but up there will be difficult. New Orleans is a really bad matchup, especially in the dome. I think they can beat SF.

alex [via mobile]

who do u think will win the UK and ARKANSAS game

  (2:12 PM)

Alex, I haven't been watching enough college basketball outside of MSU. But I'll take Kentucky. I think you are talking about college basketball right? LOL.

Craig (hopewell)

did Ballard practice today?

  (2:13 PM)

Craig, this is an off day technically for the team. Coughlin said Ballard was going to try to run. Even if they had a practice today, I don't think he would have practiced since he is still in the running stage.

Tom (NJ)

How do you think the Giants will match up with ATL? Will it favor them playing at home in the cold against a team that plays in a dome?

  (2:14 PM)

I do think playing outdoors favors the Giants. I think the Giants pass rush will be huge. Giants also must be sharp on offense, no turnovers, no mistakes. Atlanta can give up points but they do have a good defense. Giants have to be disciplined. Pass rush must get to Ryan.

Jimmy Lim (brooklyn, ny)

People talk about replacing Fewell, but I think Gilbride calls a terrible game. Any chances on him getting replaced?

  (2:14 PM)

Jimmy, I just don't see it happening. Eli had his best season, Victor Cruz and Jake Ballard emerge all under Gilbride's watch.

  (2:15 PM)

Coughlin doesn't make changes to his staff unless it is glaring, typically.

Keith (Stillwater, NY)

Are there any discussions about the contracts of T. Thomas and your gut feeling on whether Osi will be back?

  (2:15 PM)

I don't think so. Giants don't have to start talking contract with TT as of now. He is still recovering. As for Osi, no idea. You never know how he will feel and how things will go in the offseason.

Wendy (Erie, PA)

Hi Ohm and Happy New Year! funny how quickly things change but after seeing Bear Pascoe hurdle someone i really feel the GMen can go far! How do you like their chances if they stay healthy? If so they can thank the Jets for the motivation!

  (2:17 PM)

Hi Wendy! Happy New Year! I think the Giants can make a run. Don't know about Super Bowl. But they are hot right now, feeling very confident, playing well and getting healthy. Confidence is a funny thing. And they believe they can come back no matter what the deficit is and they feel battle-tested after their tough schedule. They can definitely thank the Jets for a helping hand!

Jim (Paramus)

BTW, thanks for the fantasy advice - took a few years off, and came in 1st this year! I here you on the formulaic advice to stop the run; but I think if the DE's don't pressure Matty Ice, we're in trouble.In retrospect, what was the biggest regular season disapointment for you & how can the Giants correct it?

  (2:19 PM)

Congrats! I think the pressure on Ryan is huge. Biggest regular season disappointment? In my mind, getting swept by the Redskins and losing at home to Seattle and just coming out flat at times and the miscommunication on defense. Those things were just baffling at times. If they just win one game against the Redskins or Seahawks, they aren't in the position they had to be. But on the flip side, if they end up making a deep run, they can say that the last two wins of the season with their backs against the wall propelled them to whatever they end up doing in the postseason. So perhaps it all worked out just fine.

  (2:20 PM)

OK guys, thanks for the questions this week and Happy New Year and good luck to your teams this weekend!