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January 11, 2:30 PM ET
Chat with Jesse Rogers

Jesse Rogers
  (2:37 PM)

Hi all, welcome to our weekly hawks chat. hawks just got done with an little optinal practice for about half the team..most of the guys who play limited minutes were on the ice...Marcus Kruger is about ready to return from a concussion...prob this weekend..Q said Emery is in net tomorrow and Carcillo might have surgery on his left knee..not a surprise there..hawks will wait until suspension is over Im sure...Needed win last away qith questions. I have answers!

Jeff (Orland Park)

Jesse, thanks for taking questions today. After watching the past 6 games, one thing I continue to notice is our defense standing around in front of our net reaching for pucks and not taking the body. 2 and 4 seem to have the biggest problem with , what D man out there can help us with some more physical play. We will need that come playoff time??

Jesse Rogers
  (2:40 PM)

Your observation is spot on. I asked Q about that last night and he simply said we need to be better...Leddy is a culprit as well...Tim Gleason is a name Ive thrown out there from Carolina..He'll be in high demand but here is the deal..One D-man isnt going to change everything..they prob wont get a top guy so we're looking at maybe a 4-6 type..the ones they have need to be better and they need to play less in thier own zone..thats why a trade for a forward or two is just as important...but leddy and keith, etc need to clear pucks or clear men in or the other...and one trade isnt going to fix all..but will help no doubt

Mike (Great White North)

I am nervous again about our goal tending. I know you have tried to calm my fears in past weeks, but I just can't get past the fact we give up some soft goals, goals that lose play off games/series... Can you keep me from jumping??

Jesse Rogers
  (2:42 PM)

Right now I would say its no better or no worse than a lot of teams...would I rather have Niemi in a clutch situation? yes, but thats only cause he's done it...I dont know what Jimmy Howard will look like come the playoffs and that goes for a few guys..bottom line, it could be worse even if you think it could be better...I still think Craw has it in him..we saw that in Van last yr..just needs to cut down on a few bad ones as you say or come up with a few bigger saves...he's not that far off..was very good in 1st yesterday..

Joe (Indian Head Park)

Jesse,In your opinion what does Stalberg have to do during the preparation for each game in order to match the intensity he plays with against Columbus?

Jesse Rogers
  (2:45 PM)

Not about intensity..just about maturity, etc. I still think he will be a 3rd line player come playoffs...there is a reason he has 7 of 12 goals against columbus..he can blow by them on any line but when it comes to the really good teams he isnt and wont be as effective...3rd line for him for the playoffs and he'll be able to take advantage of poor defensive players on ice for opposition. that's what he needs.

Pete (Loop)

I have been very impressed with Hayes and Shaw. Do you think they have a legit shot to stick with the big club this season? Also, what do you think their ceilings are?

Jesse Rogers
  (2:47 PM)

Hayes for sure...You might be catching some lightning here with shaw. not to say he cant keep it up..IF they send one down soon my guess is it wont be Hayes..He has taken huge leaps since the hawks acquired him...The ceiling there is interesting..cause any big body that has skill (buff) and can skate has a chance at some special things..he didnt have all that to his game when they got him so he's developed it..soft hands, good with the puck..would not shock me if the hawsk dont get that left wing to play on top line come playoffs if Hayes advances to that point...not sure about the energy but can that sustain him? maybe...could be your classic fourth line guy that flies around..has some skill, etc. both interesting but its early..there will be dips

Scott (Chicago)

Seems like when John Scott plays, he does a pretty decent job, but then all the sudden he doesn't play an entire 3rd period and is out the next game or couple games after. Why is that?

Jesse Rogers
  (2:50 PM)

Cause his game is limited...he does not provide anything in terms of offense and I dont just mean points...he's just your typical..7th guy that fills a role but cant really advance what youre trying to do if you know what I mean..basically, if a game goes according to plan--as in not a lot of special teams, play with the lead, etc.--scott fills a role just fine..but most games dont go as planned and he doesnt haev the skill set to take a shuft evey time, at least Q doesnt think so and most caoches prob dont as thats the deal there

Con (Chicago)

Do we know what is the suspected upper body injury on Sharpie? And likelihood of Carcillo returning in the Indian head jersey this season or ever?

Jesse Rogers
  (2:51 PM)

Sharp was wearing a cast on his left arm/wrist so thats the deal there..broken bone or bones for sure...carcillo is prob done this yr. almost for sure

Tom (Grayslake)

Jesse,Was it just me, or did Keith have a real nice game last night?

Jesse Rogers
  (2:53 PM)

Other than the first goal he was fine..he's been fine..look at the plus/minus..tells the story of his play sicne dec. kind of wish there was more offense as in goals and up ice rushes but if he and seabrook can just play solid defense i think most would be he norris trophy keith? no. is he better than last yr and maybe even an all-star? yes onthe first and maybe on the second

Mike Gray (Villa Park)

Viktor Stalberg is LIGHTING IT UP nowadays. I would say he is the biggest (kinda) surprise on the team (we all expected a jump from him, but not like this) Who's your biggest disappointment?

Jesse Rogers
  (2:54 PM)

Wrote this in my blog..prob frolik..a lot of players can do what hes doing for a lot less than 2.3 mil..I mean bickell is up there but the skill set is night and day for the I go with frolik..after an ok start

jim (burbank)

Hey Jess,When Krueger,Carcillo, Sharp all come back do you see Shaw/Hayes/Smith being sent back to minors?

Jesse Rogers
  (2:56 PM)

Kruger comes guess they put carcillo on no move the time sharp comes back itll work itself out...someone else is hurt or by then play will tell us who goes..they may have to fudge something this weekend if Kruger is ready though..carcillo suspension up after sunday..smith and shaw would be candidates at this point..hayes is staying

Paul (Chicago)

Jesse, I know that Leddy has been struggling lately but the talk of trading him for a 2nd line center is somewhat troubling to me. Say that we do trade him, who would fill his role? He is one of two fast, puck moving defensemen that we dress on a nightly basis. Do we have enough depth to get by without him?

Jesse Rogers
  (2:59 PM)

No they dont. Not sure where youre hearing leddy to be moved talk but the only way that would happen is if the hawks got a top 4 d-man back or in another trade..those 4 arent going anywhere...they are adding only to this team not subtracting barring a major blockbuster that simply adds more than subtracts but those dont happen too often...d-men are HARD to get, HARD to develop, HARD to bring along...break up without a plan to replace and you are asking for trouble..lets see if he snaps out of it..

Bryan (Naperville)

Im tired of reading NHL "Rumors" sites in hopes of finding out information about possible moves the hawks might make...obviously everyone feels we need a D man, but Center is still a position were thin at and an injurt away from really being in trouble. All in all my questions is - Will the hawks make a move to fix BOTH holes, or most likely just a D man, and will it most likely take a Bolland or Bickell/Stalberg to make it happen?

Jesse Rogers
  (3:02 PM)

They will move to fix both for sure...100 percent they will try..they will get a d-man or men...they will get a forward but is it the one they or you want? who knows..stop reading stupid sites..for one thing, more than any other team in the league the Hawks keep it close to the vest..these sites have NO CLUE what the hawks are thinking. NONE. trust me on that. I have trouble knowing. Leddy trade came out of nowhere so did campoli, etc. trust me they are working on a lot of names so someone can throw one at the wall and get it right but thats wll they would be doing. they will get both , in my opinion

Casey (Chicago)

If Q and Stan decide to keep the kids up with the big boys, who would potentially get relegated to Rockford: Bickell, Scott, or Lepisto?

Jesse Rogers
  (3:04 PM)

If things keep up with the young guys Bickell is in trouble...not so much scott unless they need the roster spot...he's just good insurance..d-men stick around easier than forwards who are doing nothing...bickell at top of list not to play in playoffs IF yung guys continue..HOWEVER, the chances of 3-4 young guys NOT hitting a wall or taking a dip are slim so lets see it play out

Sean (Elmhurst)

What are some names being mentioned in potential trade talks, that the hawks would be targeting? I've heard sam gagner, getzlaf or bobby ryan, nash, iginla or maybe a shane doan. Are the hawks serious players for any of these guys?

Jesse Rogers
  (3:06 PM)

Youve heard all those names associated with the Hawks? wow. stan is on nash, getzlaf, ryan, and prob sure they would take doan but would he come and would phx move him, etc.? I dont know...and as far as the other names. im sure the hawks would like to get but its not going to happen IMO..dont know about gagner though

Sam (Calif.)

I feel that how the Hawks do this weekend vs 2 top opponents in Det and SJ will determine whether Bowman makes a move soon. If things go well, he can buy some more time and wait. if things don't go well, he will be under more urgency to bring in some help. what say you, Jesse?

Jesse Rogers
  (3:09 PM)

RARELY, do decisions comes down to two games, especially for an elitre type of team...their record is still going to be very good whatever happens this weekend...a nice showing would be good but wont make the diff in terms of stan doing something...nothing on the ice short of season ending whatever is going to make the diff in my opinion. he'll make the trade when both parties simply come to an agreement.

steve (montgomery IL)

Jesse, any chance the hawks deal for Adam Burish? Last yr of his deal and he could replace carcillo and could be used on the PK?

Jesse Rogers
  (3:10 PM)

Its a good question..I doubt it..myriad of reasons..I think he'd be good for the room,etc. but maybe these young guys can handle that role..still, hes done it for a championship never know..i havent heard any chatter about him at all

Perry (Naperville)

Has Leddy's little slump gotten to the point that he should be scratched for a game, or do they just let him ride it out and hope he works his way out of it soon? Or should they at least try to cut back his minutes some?

Jesse Rogers
  (3:11 PM)

I would do the latter...let montador play with hammer and move leddy down just for a bit..if MOnty cant handle then adjust but thats what I would do for now

Tim (Wicker Park)

So the instigator penalties, I have no issue with the call on the ice as for the most part it seems as though the refs are making the right call per the 'letter of the law.' However, these rules need to be reviewed/changed, and Montador should know he needs to ditch his helmet immediately if he's going to start a fight.

Jesse Rogers
  (3:12 PM)

Talked to him today..he was not aware of the visor thing.but he should be..he said he got the lowdown from the supervising official while he was in the box but he NEVER thought he was going to get an instigator..he said Boll dropped his gloves first though he admitted he was coming towards him...such a grey area..

Ryan F (Joliet, IL)

I'm not sure if the Blackhawks are looking for another center, but I'd have to think Ryan Getzlaf is a name that would come to mind. If the Hawks were to make a realistic attempt to trade with Anaheim, who would they need to potentially part with?

Jesse Rogers
  (3:15 PM)

It would take a ton and I think Murray is talking tough..he claims he wants a core guy back thats NHL ready..what contender can afford to trade a core guy simply for a core guy back..weaken one area to get stronger elsewhere? doesnt usually work that IM not sure if Murray would deal with the hawks in that big of a trade...just a gut, the hawks dont get one of those anaheim guys

Matt (Libertyville)

I just read that the Blackhawks have given up the third most goals in the league, in front of Anaheim and Columbus. Those are two terrible teams. How worried should we be? Is this more of a puck possession problem or a defensive problem?

Jesse Rogers
  (3:16 PM)

I actually think its a puck posession problem...same D as last couple seasons other than the bottom pair or what not...they just arent built for thier own zone..cant hurt to get a better d-man whether is a 6 or better but i think they help fix their D with a center and/or wing..its all hand in hand

Dave (Chicago)

Jesse, what do you think of a Leddy-Seabrook pairing? It would allow Seabrook to handle the crease and Leddy to use his mobility and speed to chase behind the net?

Jesse Rogers
  (3:17 PM)

I think thats the other possibility..splitting up 2 and 7 to help 4 and 8 but then we know what happens to 2 and 7...catch-22 (not mayers)

Alex (Baraboo)

Jesse, if you could boil down Q's and the team's frustrations during the losing streak to a single sentence, how would you put it?

Jesse Rogers
  (3:18 PM)

It's part of a long season

jose (chicago)

what prospects and/or players would likely be used as trade bait.

Jesse Rogers
  (3:18 PM)

Kruger, hayes, Smith, shaw, morin, bickell, frolik, mcneil, anyone else not on the team currently..

Paul (Chicago)

Jesse, Kane is catching a lot of heat from some in the media for his lack of goal scoring. Why does no one seem to see the fact that even with his goal scoring slump he is still 4th on the Hawks with 38 points and tied with Hossa for first in assists. I see him as more of a playmaker than a goal scorer and there is nothing wrong with that.

Jesse Rogers
  (3:20 PM)

I dont disagree...his playmaking is till very good. but nice passes cant be his whole game..he has struggled defensviely as well so thats why hes getting the amount that he is..I think its been about the right amount of critcism to be honest

Mike (Lincoln Park)

I was at the game last night and I can honestly say when Toews got hurt and went to the locker room everyone in my section was in shock. Obviously we were all happy he returned but the thought of loosing him was devastating. He is definitley the haws MVP what are his chances at taking home the Hart Trophy at the end of the season?

Jesse Rogers
  (3:21 PM)

Well some like Hossa for hawks MVP or even hart..tough call..Id give to toews too..the sedins are doing it again in van so if one of them gets to 100 points or real close, it might go that way...toews/hossa in team photo but could split the vote this year

paul (chicago)

i was wondering what you thought of trying shaw, hayes and smith all on the same line this year or do you think that is too much inexperience for a line to have?

Jesse Rogers
  (3:22 PM)

I'd like to see it. why not. cost you a goal or two? change if they are going bad

Rich (Chicago)

How does the team learn who's playing game to game? Does Q meat with the guys individually or does he simply post the lineup sheet before the morning skate?

Jesse Rogers
  (3:23 PM)

Goalies he will tell the day before at practice or on a team flight or whatever...players, usually they tell before morning skate...dont think most of the potential scratches know until they get to the rink in morn..and sometimes they do wait even longer to tell them

Connor (West Loop)

With Jimmy Hayes' size and skating ability why hasn't Coach Q paired him up with Toews and Kane and parked him front of the net yet? I feel like he could be the same or a similar presence as Byfuglien was a few years back.

Jesse Rogers
  (3:24 PM)

As I wrote before, I think that is eventually a possiblity but not yet...we'll me all that has crossed Q's mind

Janice (Naperville)

Kind of a random question....will you be going to Ottawa to cover the All Star game?

Jesse Rogers
  (3:25 PM)

I actually am not...little vacation.cause they atrt that long trip afterwards...going on most of that...and figuring a long playoff the all-star game is the last place to get stories and talk to players..they herd them in like cattle..not great for media..more for tv etc.

Brad (Denver)

Question about Crawford. IMO, he's giving up way too many rebounds compared to other elite goalies in the league. Is this a point of concern? I know that Emery is #2 but he does a much better job with rebounds than Crawford. With our D in the state its in, what about sticking with Emery for awhile.

Jesse Rogers
  (3:27 PM)

Well emery is playing tomorrow and I know what youre saying about Craw..could he be better? yes but i dont think he's awful with rebounds..Ive seen worse. Craw is No. 1 until further notice so he gets the majority

Randy Johnson (Elk Grove, CA)

Any chance Kane has some lingering issues from wrist surgery that's keeping him from lighting up the lamp?

Jesse Rogers
  (3:28 PM)

Not that I can tell...

Jesse (Brentwood, California)

Jesse,It has been a frustrating past 10 days as a Hawks fan. With Sharpie out for 3-4 weeks do you foresee the Hawks making a move to pick up another goal scorer or second line center before the 9 game road trip?

Jesse Rogers
  (3:30 PM)

Again, I dont think teams that are NOT desperate think that way...Bowman is not looking at the scheudle and saying it has to be done by happens when both sides are ready to make it happen..are you asking me if he's upping his offers cause of sharp? I dont think so. Not for a things can change..another injury..a seven game losing skid..4 games? and they should have won the a point..that means NOTHING in the big picture..and sharps injury means nothing as well..3-4 weeks? nothing

Dave (Chicago)

Which prospect is most likely to be dealt out of the following; Hayes, Shaw, Smith, Morin, Beach, Pirri?

Jesse Rogers
  (3:31 PM)

No one can tell you that because we have no idea who they will be trading with and what those needs are..simply no way to know. would be guessing..

Dave (Chicago)

Jesse, how much input does Q have on trades? It seems he has specific types of players he likes, for instance I can't see him wanting a soft, one-dimensional player like Sam Gagner, but perhaps Bowman sees more upside? (just an example)

Jesse Rogers
  (3:33 PM)

Just to answer your, he has a lot of say..every coach does cause they know the room and what their needs are..out of season, maybe less but any blockbuster will include the coach..its collective, especially with the hawks..

Ryan (Chicago)

Any thoughts on Brian Campbell making the all-star team with Chicago's recent problems on defense?

Jesse Rogers
  (3:33 PM)

No, none. He is a good player

AP (Chicago)

What in the world happened to Kyle Beach? His status in the organization has obviously fallen significantly. Does he still have trade value?

Jesse Rogers
  (3:34 PM)

Shoulder injury, underachieveing..hes a throw in. a project for someone...if they trade with toronto, he could be a throw in there...rick dudley liked him

Dan (Champaign)

Of all those prospects Dave from Chicago just mentioned, how would you rank them in terms of keeping them in the fold and not having to part with them in a trade?

Jesse Rogers
  (3:36 PM)

Hmm...dont have them all in front of me now but I like Kruger, Im liking Hayes more and more, and I like ben smith cause he will always get goals since he goes to the on pirri, shaw, morin before concussion I liked...its a tough call but kruger and hayes at top of no trade list..

Matt (Libertyville)

Should we be worried about Patrick Kane?

Jesse Rogers
  (3:37 PM)

I mean I guess not..he is helping win games..those passes he makes are pretty sweet and not many as long as he s doing SOMETHING..I think he'll get that scoring touch back..just in a funk..I just hate seeng his defense suffer..its got to be at least ok and the more he doesnt score the more he cheats back there..

Brendan Walsh (Oak Brook)

Joe Quinnville just delivered Stalbergs new game schedule.Wild JacketsDetroit Blue JacketsSan Jose Blue JacketsBuffalo Blue JacketsHe's recently been hot/cold but if he keeps up that scoring potential he could become a top scoring contributor.

Jesse Rogers
  (3:40 PM)

Like I said, he'll be on the third line come playoffs with Bolland and he'll be able to have a run like havlat, versteeg, frolik did in past..hes lining up perfect for that role..

Rich (Chicago)

Who on the Hawks works the most with their new Skills and Skating coach? I feel a bunch of guys could benefit from him.

Jesse Rogers
  (3:41 PM)

They all do..Ive seen Toews out there early with him...or maybe he;s with toews? anyway, no one is above being coached

Teddy (cube city)

OK Jesse, everyone asks what guys are going to be traded, or what players are available to the Hawks. Let's flip the script a're Stan Bowman for a day. Spitball a move for a F and a D. Go!!

Jesse Rogers
  (3:43 PM)

I wrote in blog the othre day..I think carolina will be quickest to pull the trigger...get ruutu and tim gleason from them in a blockbuster and call it a day...those anahiem guys, I dont know, seems pie in the sky..break up your team type of stuff..Ok, here is the deal..I could see Nash going to Anaheim for one of those guys..two struggling teams trading stars...Murray would br nuts to give up Getzlaf for Jimmy Hayes, Jeremy Morin and a No. 1 pick...and the hawks would be nuts to trade from thier core..not syaing they wouldnt do leddy for getzlaf of course they would but I dont think Anaheim wants a lot more...

Greg (Oak Forest)

How much do you think Mike Green from WAS would cost to rent? Would he be a good fit?

Jesse Rogers
  (3:46 PM)

Hadnt thought about him..wouldnt solve your def around the net issues but he first theri style..he's an RFA so would take a ton to get since wash isnt in jeopardy of losing him..eats up a lot of cap..temptin in some ways..helps the pp but not enough good to come out of it i dont think cause of what I just mentioned

Jesse Rogers
  (3:46 PM)

I would get campoli back..that cant cost much..hes a 5/quasi 4..

Steve (St. Louis)

Have you gotten a sense on how many Hawks were against the realignment plan? Seems like a lot of players quoted in the media who were against it came from the Eastern Conference (probably because they don't want to give up their travel advantage).

Jesse Rogers
  (3:48 PM)

Scott said they didnt like it cause of the 7 and 8 team divisions..Heres what I think..I think the players could have been persuaded either way and when their leaders said lets not say yes, they were swayed that way...I wonder if the rank and file really care...tell me where the ice is or when our flight is and Ill be there..(as long as paychecks arent affected)

Janice (Naperville)

I liked Teddy's question....Jesse, you are given PP responsibility....what would you do to hopefully up the conversion rate?

Jesse Rogers
  (3:51 PM)

well im no expert but the first thing I would do is put Hossa on the point..they do it during 5 on 3 and 4 on 3, why not all the, has a blast, can handle the D responsiblities...especailly with sharp out I would put hossa there..after that..toews and kane together..prob seabrook on 1st unit...whoever down low..i mean they are all terms of strategy. i would stress more movement without the puck..once in a while that might cause a shorty after a block or something but they are too good to be standing around

Rich (Chicago)

If you could have dinner with one NHL player dead or alive who would it be?

Jesse Rogers
  (3:51 PM)


Ryan (Chicago)

Will Patrick Kane make the all-star team?

Jesse Rogers
  (3:52 PM)

Of course.This is the nHL. they want ratings

Mike (Chicago)

We have all heard potential names the Hawks are going after. But who do you think will be used as bait to get these players? I know Frolik has been mentioned.. But who else?

Jesse Rogers
  (3:54 PM)

I love how the hawks struggling players are mentioned as bait? by who? hawk fans? you think a scout is going back to his GM and saying "frolik has to be the centerpiece for getzlaf"/. hes the last piece if the hawks can convince someone to take the salary..the bait is Prospects...everyone of them. thats the bait.and picks

Dave (Palatine)

Jesse, Does Patrick Kane lead the universe in turnovers or what? The kid loves to try to carry the puck but is weak physically and gets rubbed off the puck way too easily. He is a great passer, but I believe one of the problem is the # of turnovers that he has night in and night out, and it I have never heard anyone address this publically. Thoughts? What about Kaner and a few prospects for Getlaf and Ryan?

Jesse Rogers
  (3:56 PM)

He has tunred it over too much but at least in the off you have Bob Murray's want Getzlaf, I want kane...doubt an earlier guy said even during a terrbile slump hes still playmaking...pass to seabrook to beat det, pass to stalberg last night. but I guess anything is possible just highly doubtful kane is going anywhere..

Ballam (Halifax, NS)

What did you think of Bolland anchoring the second line last night ?

Jesse Rogers
  (3:56 PM)

Its fine for a short stint...wont last..kruger's job when he returns until a trade...either way bolland will be 3rd line come april

Ryan (Plainfield)

Jesse, can you once and for all give us an indication of which coach runs the PP and which coach runs the PK?

Jesse Rogers
  (3:58 PM)

Ive said this before, Ive seen all 3 at the chalkboard running the drills..lately it has been more kitchen on have seen haviland dealing with it as well..Q says they are all part and in this case I believe him cause thats what Ive seen..Im sure someone takes the lead and right now it looks like kitchen

Jesse Rogers
  (4:00 PM)

Thats it for today..thanks all. Lots of good stuff. Big weekend of games coming..first minny then det and Sj...check out my blog for all the latest..follow me on twitter me if you have a question goto my blog after games for complete and immediate coverage..thanks again and we'll talk next week...still a lot of season left