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January 14, 11:30 PM ET
Broncos-Patriots Postgame Chat With D'Arcy Maine

D'Arcy Maine
  (11:44 PM)

What a game! Crickets. That was an absolute massacre. I think Tom Brady's punt on third down really exemplified that point. Questions? Comments? Witty Tebow commentary? Send 'em in...

Casper (New Haven) [via mobile]

What did The Hoodie complain about in the postgame press conference?

D'Arcy Maine
  (11:47 PM)

In perhaps the most shocking news of the day, Belichick has yet to complain during his press conference. In fact, he says he likes 'this whole team'. But in case you were concerned this was some sort of doppledanger speaking for him, he's saying his praise in complete monotone and nary a smile to be seen. Bill Belichick, everyone!

Darcy [via mobile]


D'Arcy Maine
  (11:48 PM)

I don't remember typing that. But then again I don't remember mispelling my name either.

Jerry Sulphur, Ok [via mobile]

is there any hope for Tebow?

D'Arcy Maine
  (11:52 PM)

I feel bad for Tebow. He hasn't even started a full season and, thanks in large part to sports media and the company I work for, we hyped this guy so much, he was doomed to fail. And now we get to tear him down for six months. I don't believe Tebow will ever be an elite QB and I think he was very much exposed today. However, he's one of the hardest working guys in the league and I think he'll be the starter in Denver next year and will continue to improve.

Mike, Missouri [via mobile]

Why not let Brady tie the record? Their last trip to the red zone they ran every play.

D'Arcy Maine
  (11:54 PM)

Brady did tie the record, Mike with six TD passes. I really can't understand why he played as long as he did. Doesn't seem worth the risk to me. If the Broncos were a dirtier team, I could have seen a player going after Brady. No need to leave in your stars that late.

Pete NYC [via mobile]


D'Arcy Maine
  (11:57 PM)

No update, Pete. Hernandez left the game with a head injury with about 7:31 to play. He was getting tested for a concussion on the sideline but there has yet to be an announcement with the results of that.

Ralph (Sock Hop) [via mobile]

In other news, Miss Wisconsin was just named Miss America. More exciting than anything that happened in Foxborough.

D'Arcy Maine
  (11:59 PM)

If there was any suspense whatsoever in that pageant, I would imagine it would be more exciting. I had money on California though. Bummer.

Tammy [via mobile]

Tebows coaches, offensive line, receivers, backs, tight ends, and defense let him down tonight.

D'Arcy Maine
  (12:01 AM)

Everyone on the Broncos is responsible for this loss, Tammy. You're right on. Can't just blame Tebow. Eddie Royal dropped some catches I'm fairly certain my grandmother would have made.

Billy California [via mobile]

The game was more interesting that this commentary? Bo...ring

D'Arcy Maine
  (12:02 AM)

Thanks Billy. That comment really adds to this chat.

Bob [via mobile]

Would TEBOW be this sort of a sensation if he openly worshipped Satan? I actually think he would be.

D'Arcy Maine
  (12:06 AM)

That's a very interesting question, Bob. It worked out okay for Christian Laettner.

D'Arcy Maine
  (12:06 AM)

...I kid, I kid.

bkj [via mobile]

why does the media hype player before they can even hit the field? some player can't handle the pressure. look at lebron james.

D'Arcy Maine
  (12:09 AM)

LeBron has all the talent in the world and has struggled in the clutch. Tebow I think can handle the pressure, he just doesn't have the talent to back it. It's a big difference. But the downside of a 24-7 sports new cycle is that there always needs to be a story. If something generates interest, the hype grows and then it becomes a cycle.

Rich (FL) [via mobile]

Enough with Tebow, please talk about real QBs like Shane Falco. Thanks.

dave amsterdam [via mobile]

Tom brady rules, why on earth do all these so called journalists doubt him hes the best ever!!!

D'Arcy Maine
  (12:11 AM)

I don't think anyone doubts Tom Brady. He's proven his status year after year. He just didn't get quite the attention as that other QB did leading up to tonight.

Lebron [via mobile]

I guess that's why I'm Tebow admirer; he's mostly hype!

Douglas Drazawowski [via mobile]

Saints-49ers was the most exciting finish you have seen since _________

D'Arcy Maine
  (12:14 AM)

Anyone want to take this one? I'm trying to think of a worthy comparison.

Brad: San Francisco, CA [via mobile]

Even with this rout, do you think Denver (and possibly the media) will still be able to look at this season in a positive light?

D'Arcy Maine
  (12:15 AM)

I think so, Brad. The Broncos definitely surpassed all expectations and even won a playoff game to boot. And if you think the Broncos feel bad, think about how the Steelers feel...

Jarrett (Mesquite) [via mobile]

Were you disappointed that you didn't get to bask in the glowing light of the Brady Quinn era?

D'Arcy Maine
  (12:20 AM)

Not half as disappointed as Brady Quinn was. How bad must that dude feel about himself at this point? He was warming up, briefly, on the sidelines but I think Fox realized it would be too much of a distraction (both tonight and into the offseason) if they played him.

Tebow [via mobile]

D'arcy, I'm not confident Elways bringing me back; what does he really see in me; beyond marketability?

D'Arcy Maine
  (12:22 AM)

I think Elway, or Mr. Elway as you call him, sees potential and dollar signs. And good PR. You'll be back next year, Timmy.

Tebow Apologists (surprisingly everywhere) [via mobile]

At least he tried hard!

D'Arcy Maine
  (12:25 AM)

I think we'll end with that one. Thanks for joining me tonight. Enjoy the games tomorrow and the rest of your weekend! I'll be back next weekend from one of the conference championships games. Hope to have you join me then too! Goodnight.