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January 26, 7:30 PM ET
Live chat with Levi LaVallee at Winter X

  (10:05 PM)

Levi LaVallee will be here right after the Snowmobile Freestyle Final. Hang tight.

Levi LaVallee
  (10:32 PM)

Hey guys, what's going on? Talk to me.

Alan (Seattle)

How has the amount of support from sponsors changed since you began pro snowomobiling?

Levi LaVallee
  (10:33 PM)

It's definitely gotten better. I've been very fortunate to have great sponsors. They're the reason that we're able to do the things we do. Hats off to them.

Jimmy Bones (Little Rock, AR)

What are you thinking while you're in the air for 400 feet?

Levi LaVallee
  (10:34 PM)

I was just up there praying that it was going to work!

Bill Horigan (New York)

You said before that standing on the sidelines and watching your friends compete is hard. Is it getting any easier now?

Levi LaVallee
  (10:35 PM)

No way. It's definitely not getting any easier watching. This is my second Winter X in a row watching from the sidelines and I think this one is twice as hard.

Sandy (Denver)

Are you going to try to beat your world record again? Or is this recent injury going to be put a stop to that?

Levi LaVallee
  (10:36 PM)

I hope to break my record again someday. I don't know when that will be. But this injury is definitely not going to slow me down.

michael huhn (kimball minnesota)

how many records have u broken??

Levi LaVallee
  (10:37 PM)

I've broken two distance jump records, the second one being my own. And then I'm the only guy to medal in all snowmobile disciplines at Winter X.

Jamie (Ontario)

Whats the mood around X Games without Snowcross this year??

Levi LaVallee
  (10:38 PM)

It's still the X Games so it's still going off! I'm just excited that snowmobiling is in the X Games in general.

Brandon Plum (Pequot lakes minnesota)

Levi bud dose it bother you at all in anyway that justin hoyer is going to try to land the double backflip that you intended to land in 09 ? do you want to be the first one to land it ?

Levi LaVallee
  (10:39 PM)

I was planning on doing the double this year, and that's how I got hurt. I'm excited that we're going to see another rider attempt it and I hope that he's successful. Justin is a good friend of mine and I wish him the very best.

amanda (boston)

hey man. what do you prefer, freestyle or snocross?

Levi LaVallee
  (10:41 PM)

I love both SnoCross and Freestyle for different reasons: so much goes into being successful in SnoCross, and after all that hard work, it feels great when things go well. In freestyle, you get the opportunity to express yourself and constantly push yourself to new levels.

Chad Voss (Fillmore )

Do you think that the Moore brothers are going to be the next Jeremy McGrath of freestyle???????

Levi LaVallee
  (10:43 PM)

I think the Moore brothers are good for Freestyle. They've come in and been able to establish themselves in snowmobiling and they're doing things that others aren't. I like seeing the progression that they're bringing to the sport.

Trevor sayre (Edgerton Wisconsin )

Have any advice or help to try a backflip?

Levi LaVallee
  (10:44 PM)

Don't do it! Just kidding. But if you're going to try it, learn it first on a BMX bike, or something else with handlebars into a lake, or a foam pit. Once you've learned to do it on something with handlebars, you can do it on anything else with handlebars.

josi (philly)

hey levi. where do you live and why do you like it?

Levi LaVallee
  (10:45 PM)

I live in Longville, MN, population 156. And that's what I love about it. Just me and my snowmobile making noise and nobody to complain about it.

Logan (Minnesota)

Will you be looking on doing the double backflip next year at x-games again?

Levi LaVallee
  (10:46 PM)

Gosh, the way things are looking, I might have to figure out how to do a triple flip! Haha.

Jackie (Grand forks, nd)

How's your leg feeling out in aspen??

Levi LaVallee
  (10:46 PM)

The leg's feeling good, considering we're two weeks out from breaking it!

Blake Tiedeman (Saskatchewan)

Ever plan on attempting a front flip?

Levi LaVallee
  (10:47 PM)

I have so many plans in my head, it's just a question of weeding through which things to do.

Caleb Miller (Bangor Wi)

How did you get started in pro snowmobiling?

Levi LaVallee
  (10:49 PM)

I always dreamed of being a pro snowmobiler. I kept racing and working my way through the ranks and eventually I made it. But it wasn't easy...

Vachon522 (Canada)

Do you want to do other racing sports like motocross racing or trophy truck or something like that?(sorry for my bad english, english i'snt my first language!)

Levi LaVallee
  (10:50 PM)

Yes I absolutely would love to get into some sort of car racing, or trophy truck -- anything with a cage around me. You can cartwheel those things and walk away from it.

Dan (minnesota)

Do you think you will be ready for the next snocross season or will you be focusing on freestyle?

Levi LaVallee
  (10:51 PM)

My last couple years have been pretty hectic but I plan on being ready to go SnoCross racing and go freestyling because I love them both.

Kyle (Rangeley Maine)

Do you think Frisby will land the front flip tomorrow?

Levi LaVallee
  (10:52 PM)

As a friend of Heath's, I hope that he does. I want him to stay safe.

Shane Rhone (Western New York)

Hey levi what was your first snowmobile?

Levi LaVallee
  (10:52 PM)

It was a 1990 Polaris Indy 400 and it ripped!

brandon (minnesota)

would you ever consider teaching/ helping others out to race snocross and or freestyle ?

Levi LaVallee
  (10:54 PM)

Once my competitive career starts slowing down, I definitely want to start helping others learn how to do it. I love helping people learn it, and if somebody can learn without going through all the crashes I've gone through, they'll be able to get a lot better a lot faster.

Aaron (Wis.)

Levi I wish u could support me in riding for u

Levi LaVallee
  (10:54 PM)

Keep riding, keep practicing and who knows? Maybe you'll take my spot someday.

Brandy Milbourne (Manassas Park, VA )

Would you consider having a autograph signing here? I would love to finally meet you.

Levi LaVallee
  (10:55 PM)

I love my fans and if it was up to me I would sign autographs for everybody that high fives me and supports me.

Sled Shed T.V. (Pennsylvania)

Levi, Whats your take on X Games dropping the Snowcross this year?... Will they be bringing it back?

Levi LaVallee
  (10:56 PM)

It was a big bummer for sure. But I'm excited that they didn't drop snowmobiling completely. It's good hearing mod sleds ripping in the background here at Winter X.

Logan ((Minnesota))

I was so pumped that you actually tried it, i still remember it today, i've got your autograph like 10 times and have them all still, Either way, if Hoyer lands it will be nuts but to be the first to actually try it takes some guts, Props man, keep it up!

Levi LaVallee
  (10:57 PM)

Thanks, Logan. I appreciate it.

josh (fridley)

Levi do you remember joe longerbone he hung out with your brother back in the day?

Levi LaVallee
  (10:57 PM)

Haha. I don't have a brother.

Cody (Washington)

Who's your pick to win Ski Slopestyle gold? who do you want to win?

Levi LaVallee
  (10:58 PM)

I'm picking Bobby Brown. The guy's got wings, just like me.

Roxy (Nola)

What do you jam to while doing your tricks?

Levi LaVallee
  (11:00 PM)

I don't listen to music while I'm riding. But when I'm listening to music, I like Pennywise and Bad Religion, and right now I'm stuck on Johnny Cash. #BoyNamedSue

mike (NYC)

why arent these guys going bigger on the jumps?

Levi LaVallee
  (11:00 PM)

Bigger? Really???

Corey Van Oss (Princeton, WI)

Do you feel as the tricks get bigger and more dangerous that it will get to a point where its hard to keep raising the bar?

Levi LaVallee
  (11:01 PM)

It is getting to that point right now. The tricks getting thrown down are outrageous. I hope that it does slow down a little bit, because with these big tricks come big injuries. And I don't want to see any of my fellow riders going down.

Nick Bradshaw (Hackensack Minnesota)

What are your favorite places to ride just to get away from everything? And how do you manage with the stresses of competition?

Levi LaVallee
  (11:03 PM)

I love riding at home in Longville, pounding the ditches. It reminds me of riding when I was growing up. But you can't beat riding in fresh powder out in the mountains.

Phil scherf (Eveleth mn)

Hey Levi how are the iqr's as far as suspension and performance wise I've been thinkin about getting one for awhile now but I've seen a few broken down on the trails in northern mn

Levi LaVallee
  (11:04 PM)

My Polaris IQR is the toughest sled I've ever had in my life. I've done double flips, distance jumps, and everything in between and it's still going!

Devin (Vernon)

This could sound insane, but do you think a front flip on a snowmobile will ever be done? maybe the help of a special jump or something?

Levi LaVallee
  (11:06 PM)

Who knows? Tune in Sunday and watch my buddy Heath try it!

Cooper Knutson (Hawley, Mn)

Do you think you will be ready to race at the Fargo national this year?

Levi LaVallee
  (11:06 PM)

I don't think so. I'll be lucky to get to ride at all again this season. #GoinBigIn2013

ilja (legal)

you thinking of going big next year on new years?!

Levi LaVallee
  (11:07 PM)

As of right now, that is uncertain. But I am hoping so.

Wesley Young (Alaska)

Hey levi will you be coming to Alaska this year?? If so when and where? Thanks!

Levi LaVallee
  (11:08 PM)

I've been up there twice and it was some of the most amazing riding I've ever done. But with my injury, I don't know if I'll be ready to ride by this spring.

Nathan (Thief river falls, mn)

how hard did the buggy smash the wall after the run out on the world record 400 ft jump?

Levi LaVallee
  (11:09 PM)

The sled hit pretty hard. But I slid into the wall even harder!

brad (manabj)

hey levi, i love the jump u did on new years !!

Levi LaVallee
  (11:10 PM)

Thanks Brad. I appreciate it. It was definitely a highlight of my life.

  (11:10 PM)

Levi is about to wrap this up. Catch him on X Center at 9:30.

James Darmody (Philadelphia, Pa.)

Who's your favorite Red Bull athlete?

Levi LaVallee
  (11:12 PM)

All the Red Bull athletes are amazing. I think it must be mandatory to be cool to get sponsored by RB. I don't know how i got sponsored by them!

Bob Sacamano (Hilton Head Island)

How many injuries have you suffered from snowmobiling?

Levi LaVallee
  (11:13 PM)

More than I can type in this little box. Haha.


Who's going to win????

Levi LaVallee
  (11:13 PM)

Let me look into my crystal ball...I'm seeing Colton Moore.

Ty Martin (Battle Ground, Wa)

How is your leg? Are you competing next year?

Levi LaVallee
  (11:14 PM)

The surgery went well. And heck yeah I'll be competing next year!

Levi LaVallee
  (11:15 PM)

All right everybody. I've got to head up to X Center now. Thanks for all the questions and I look forward to riding for all you guys next winter!

  (11:20 PM)

Thank you all for hitting Levi LaVallee with your questions and support. Catch Levi again on ESPN X Center tonight, 1:30 a.m. EST.