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January 30, 11:00 AM ET
Chat with Tedy Bruschi

  (11:00 AM)

Good morning everyone. Two words: Super Bowl.

  (11:00 AM)

Let's go!

mark (boston)

tedy, which super bowl title(and season in general) was your favorite?

  (11:02 AM)

The first championship, the 2001 team, was the most memorable for me. It was the first one for the Patriots and I think that will be remembered by many as special and I feel the same way. Second, to have the New England "Patriots" win in the year that the September 11 tragedy happened, I thought that was very special. When you break through for your first championship, it's a feeling you never forget. That's the ring I'm wearing this week.

kcheel67 (kansas city mo)

Tedy, I think this game has more of a SB XXXVI feel than of the one four years ago, in that many of the "experts" have jumped with both feet on the Giants bandwagon, and are focused more on what the Pats CAN'T do, then on what they can? Do you think this will create a bunker mentality like that of the '01 team, and can Coach Belichick make this work to the Pats' advantage?

  (11:03 AM)

I think either team can play that angle, because all of the talk right now is about Tom Brady and Bill Belichick and their legacies, and comparing them to the greatest coaching/quarterback partnerships in the history of the NFL. So the Giants can play that card. Either way, the most motivation players can have is when they feel they are doubted. No matter what's said, each team will manufacture that type of motivation this week. The "us against the world" mentality can be incredible motivation.

Joel, from south texas, only patriot fan here in the valley?? [v

Can we expect Brady to run the no huddle early in the first quater?

  (11:05 AM)

Yes, I think we can anticipate that, especially if Sebastian Vollmer doesn't play at right tackle. In the first matchup, the Patriots came out trying to establish the run. Vollmer was at right tackle, Nate Solder was at tight end, Rob Gronkowski was at tight end. That's a lot of beef. That's how they came out trying to slow down that athletic Giants front four. If Vollmer doesn't play, and Gronkowski isn't 100 percent, then I'm not sure how well you can run the ball. So the other way to tire out the pass rush is to bring out the hurry-up.

Rich (New Jersey)

With the running backs and receivers that Tom Brady and Eli Manning have, do you do you think there will be a little more scoring than Super Bowl 42 had?

  (11:06 AM)

The score in Week 9 when the teams met was 24-20. I anticipate those type of numbers again.

Jon (Augusta, GA)

Hey Tedy,Great job providing insight into the workings of the team. Really excited for this game and think it's gonna come down to the wire just like the AFC Championship. I was wondering what kind of adjustments the Pats make when they know they're gonna play indoors. I know they will game plan for the Giants, but I would imagine there must be some adjustments made for an indoor game.Keep up the great work!

  (11:10 AM)

Having played Super Bowls indoors and outdoors, the one thing I noticed is that in the second half in games indoors, defenses start to tire. Think back to the Super Bowl against the Rams in 2001. Also against Carolina in 2003. It gets warm inside, and defenses usually exert more energy than offenses. Defenses also ride on emotion more than offenses do, so you start to tire physically and emotionally, and offenses have the upper hand in the second half. I don't know how much being indoors would affect adjustments, but usually explosive players on grass are even more explosive on turf. There are explosive players on both sides of the ball in this game, for both teams.

Joseph Davis (Miami)

Teddy all the giants are calling out Julian Edelman which is not fair but now i have a feeling that he won't play defense this week . What do you think?

  (11:11 AM)

I think Edelman is going to be needed. The depth in the secondary is such that they will need some contributions from him, especially with the fatigue factor in the second half in the dome. All hands on deck for this one, people.

Mike (Northfield, MA)

Do you see any exiting Pats linebacker that reminds you of the way you played the postion ?

  (11:13 AM)

I relate to Dane Fletcher's football journey. He was a defensive end in college at Montana State and now is a linebacker in the NFL. I can relate to that. Jerod Mayo is much more talented than I was, and Brandon Spikes reminds me more of a Bryan Cox/Ted Johnson type.

Mike (Southbridge, MA)

How valuable would it be to have Rob Gronkowski on the field this Sunday even if he is at 60-70 percent? From the Giants perspective, they will not know how much he can or cannot do, so they will have to use a defender (or two) on him each play anways, which could open up space for Brady's other weapons

  (11:14 AM)

He can affect defensive game-plans, but his effectiveness will be monitored by both teams. The one thing the Patriots have to look out for is trusting Gronkowski's word. I say that because he's young, this is his first Super Bowl, and he will tell everyone willing to listen that he's ready to go. That decision must be made by the coaches and trainers on what he does later this week in practice. If you suit him up just to be a decoy, you could be handicapping your team.

Joe (Durham, NH)

Hi Tedy,First just want to say I'm a huge fan and have been for quite some time now, Pats nation will always have your back. Anyways, I think this game comes down to the battle in the trenches. If our 0 line can hold off Tuck and company and our D line can get to Eli, we have pretty good odds on winning this game. Any thoughts on this?

  (11:16 AM)

The New York Giants will dare the Patriots to run the ball. They will play a three-safety package with Deon Grant in a linebacker position. With the Giants having a small lineup in, the Patriots should be able to exploit them through the running game. The Giants played this package extensively in the Week 9 matchup. Can the Patriots be patient enough to run the ball consistently? The Giants don't think so.

Eric (MA)

I think the last time the Patriots played the Giants they had the right thought just the wrong idea to execute. In November they employed a large number of 3 TE sets with Solder as the 3 TE. The idea is that teams can run against the lighter Giant front and keep Solder in as an extra blocker. However, using Solder as a 3 TE essentially eliminates any receiving threat. I hope to see 2 WR/2 TE/1 RB sets with the TEs spread out wide. I think this would create more room for Green-Ellis, who was ineffective last time because of a toe injury, and Woodhead can gain a lot of yards and limit the G-men pass rush. What do you think?

  (11:19 AM)

I like what you are thinking, Eric, but how committed can the Patriots be to that philosophy? The Giants will still counter with that three-safety package and count on their athletic front to hold up in the battle at the line of scrimmage. Once again, can the Patriots be patient enough to attempt to wear down that front with that philosophy.

Deep (Chennai, India)

Hey Tedy,There is a lot of talk about Eli being the hotter QB right now. But he did throw for 16 interceptions in the regular season following a 25 interception season last year. There were multiple opportunities squandered by the 49ers for Eli to be picked off. For all the talk about the poor Pats secondary I do get a sense that Eli will give us chances for takeaways. Thoughts?

  (11:20 AM)

Coach Belichick can't come up with any schemes that Eli Manning hasn't seen. He will find the most favorable matchup and deliver the ball to Nicks, Manningham, Cruz and sometimes Ballard. So this comes down to "When the ball is in the air, who is going to make the play? Is it the Patriots defender or the Giants receiver?" That's what championship games are all about.

Ian (Boston)

Tedy:How would you compare your mindset going into SB 42 vs. the earlier victories when you were not the overwhelming favorites?

  (11:21 AM)

The mindsets were the same. You looked at as best you could as a game you had to win, not the Super Bowl. But I can tell you how differently you feel emotionally in terms of being a younger player vs. a veteran player in this game. In '96, I was a rookie. In 2007, it was my 12th year. I was much more calm going into the game, as you can imagine. As a rookie, I was a hot mess [laughing].

Jacob (Sarnia, Ontario)

Tedy, who is one player on offense and deffence that has to step up in the Super Bowl? Who are your Super Bowl X-factors?

  (11:24 AM)

How about players that are under the radar for both teams? Let's start with the Giants and go with TE Travis Beckum. He's a player who has made big plays for them in the past and Eli Manning has taken shots down the field to him. For the Patriots, BenJarvus Green-Ellis. If the Patriots can attack that three-safety package with the running game, Green-Ellis may turn out to be the MVP.

Don (FL)

Tedy, BB is laughing with reporters and even, dare I say, telling jokes! Did he and the rest of the coaching staff find something in the film room that has him so giddy going into this weeks game or is he just trying to keep the team loose with 6 days to go?

  (11:25 AM)

I think goes to my answer earlier in the chat, comparing your first Super Bowl to being a veteran of the Super Bowl, when you get used to the pressure and the process. This is Coach Belichick's fifth Super Bowl as a head coach. I think he's earned the right to joke around on Monday. I doubt he will cracking jokes on Friday, and later in the week.

Jeff (Helena, MT)

If Gronk is limited, who gets the most action, Ocho, Tiquan, or Julian?

  (11:29 AM)

I think it would be Ocho or Edelman. It would depend on how many snaps are in the plan to play Edelman on defense. The Gronkowski injury is a factor because it alters personnel groupings. You can't go two-TE packages as much. This, coupled with the Sebastian Vollmer injury and his availability at right tackle being in question, is big.

Belanger (Nashua, NH)

Hi Tedy,Do you anticipate any special tricks Belichick has up his sleeve for this game? A flea flicker, fake punt or HB Toss?

  (11:32 AM)

I think we all remember Sean Payton calling the surprise onside kick in the Super Bowl with the Saints. I don't think this game will be won by gimmicks. This is a game that will come down to the wire and be won in the fourth quarter.

Alex C (Watertown)

Hey Tedy,What would you say is the most important factor for the pats going into this game. Additional, what is your prediction?

  (11:35 AM)

Let's end on this one. I think it's defense and getting pressure on Eli Manning. This defense has gotten better over the course of the year. They've made big plays in the playoffs and players have stepped up. Vince Wilfork had a huge game in the AFC Championship. Can he do it again? Players like Brandon Spikes and Sterling Moore made huge plays to beat the Ravens. Can they do it against the Giants? As for a prediction, I'll share it later in the week in Bruschi's Breakdown.

  (11:36 AM)

Thanks to everyone for chatting. Enjoy the Super Bowl week.