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February 20, 1:00 PM ET
Chat with Kipp Adams

Kipp Adams
  (1:02 PM)

Hello everyone. Before we get started, just a quick reminder to submit questions for next week's mailbag to You can also follow/hit me up on twitter @KippLAdams. Let's get to it then.

John (New York City)

Are you expecting any UGA commitments on Feb 25th or March 3rd?

Kipp Adams
  (1:03 PM)

I can honestly say right now that I am not "expecting" any commitments over the next two weeks, but I would not be surprised at all if a couple in-state targets pull the trigger for UGA while on campus.

Lee (KY)

I know UGA has offered a couple of Top TE's. Will they only take one and who do you think is most likely to come to UGA?

Kipp Adams
  (1:03 PM)

Too early to tell how many tight ends UGA will want, but I think at this point Hunter Henry is the one they would have the best shot with because of his experience following the Bulldogs while living in Georgia.

Adam (Zou Crew)

How down in the dumps will 'DawgNation' be when they leave Columbia, MO with a loss this September?

Kipp Adams
  (1:04 PM)

I typically defer to David Ching and Radi Nabulsi when discussing the current team instead of recruiting, but with the schedule and expectations after returning most of the team that won ten games last year, I think Georgia fans would be very disappointed with a loss to the newest Tigers to join the SEC. Welcome to the SEC Zou Crew!

dre (dawgin it jacksonville)

Who in the up coming class is expected to announce their school (that could possibly pick the dawgs) before their senior season starts?

Kipp Adams
  (1:07 PM)

Off the top of my head, linebacker targets Johnny O'Neal, Reggie Carer and Naim Mustafaa, offensive lineman Brandon Kublanow, and defensive back Brendan Langley are some of the UGA targets that have mentioned the possibility of making a decision before their senior year.

John (Athens)

With Nkemdiche's visit, is there legitimate interest in Georgia now, or is it mostly smoke and mirrors?

Kipp Adams
  (1:07 PM)

There has always been interest between Grayson DE Robert Nkemdiche and UGA, but they have yet to crack his top five.

matt (athens)

where do we stand with Kamara. Has he grown up a dawg fan and what are our chance with him

Kipp Adams
  (1:10 PM)

UGA is definitely in the mix with Kamara and he likes the coaches in Athens. Alvin actually grew up a Florida fan but also followed UGA a lot. Should be a heated battle for both Kamara and Walton RB Tyren Jones over the next few months.

richard (athens)

do you think reuben will actually make to jr day this weekend.

Kipp Adams
  (1:12 PM)

Never know for sure until he confirms he is on campus, but I know there are a couple of UGA defensive back commitments that mentioned going over to pick him up.

James (Nashville)

Missing out on Williams and Patterson at WR, where does UGA stand with the Wide Receivers out of Charlotte and Jacksonville, both would be great weapons.

Kipp Adams
  (1:13 PM)

Neither Marquez North or Ahmad Fulwood have mentioned a specific leader, but both have UGA in their top group. Agreed that both would be excellent additions at a big position of need for 2013.

jalen wells (dublin, Georgia )

Dublin high school.

Kipp Adams
  (1:16 PM)

If you are asking about him, he is a 6-5 tight end prospect that visited UGA for the South Carolina game and started last fall for the first time. If you are Jalen, well glad to have you and best of luck to you this year.

Jeremy (San Diego)

Florida, Texas A&M and Michigan had big weekends in terms of commitments. Do you expect the same for the Dawgs Feb. 25th and/or March 3rd

Kipp Adams
  (1:17 PM)

I do not expect a bunch of commitments, but it is definitely possible because UGA has done a great job of getting in early with several top targets in the 2013 class.

Uga watcher (Warner robins ga)

Are the chances likely for matthews to get us foster and heny getting us tunsil?

Kipp Adams
  (1:20 PM)

I do not think Tray Matthews or Derrick Henry will be the deciding factors for Reuben Foster or Laremy Tunsil, but having a fellow top recruit in your ear can only help UGA's chances with both. Top players want to play with other elite talents, and so far both recruits have done a great job selling them on joining them in Athens. Also do not discount QB commit Brice Ramsey working to get WR target Tramel Terry to commit to the Dawgs again.

Andrew (atlanta)

do u think Langley pull the trigger soon or will wait it out. Seems like he are sitting good seeing how our depth chart will be thin next year

Kipp Adams
  (1:22 PM)

Langley has picked up a lot of offers so he might decide to look closer at several programs, but I like Georgia's chances right now. They offered him first, he grew up a fan, and the UGA depth chart at CB has to be enticing for any defensive back with an offer right now.

kevin (Dosta)

i saw where u said Kamara like UF, but with UF already having to backs committed what will that do to his standing with him. UF think UF will take another back, bc i doubt he will want to play inthe slot

Kipp Adams
  (1:24 PM)

Florida offered Kamara AFTER getting the commitment from Kelvin Taylor, so right now it appears they want him as well. Alvin actually showed he could play in the slot as well during Rising Seniors, and led all players with over 100 receiving yards in the Junior Bowl. I think he wants to play RB primarily though so you might be right in that aspect.

Thomas (Jeffersonville,Ga)

What do you think of Keith Marshall?

Kipp Adams
  (1:26 PM)

Great talent and an even better young man. Marshall's speed is as good as it gets, and if he can get stronger and show he can take the pounding that comes from playing running back in the SEC, he could be a real weapon for UGA. One of the most mature prospects I have had the pleasure of covering over the last six years.

John (Athens)

What could be the Jordan Jenkins type battle of the year? Like maybe a guy we seemed out of it with and maybe make a late push to snag him?

Kipp Adams
  (1:27 PM)

Two guys that come to mind are Robert Nkemdiche and Montravius Adams. UGA is currently at No.6 or No.7 for Nkemdiche and Adams has mentioned wanting to leave the state, but long way to go for both and anything can happen in recruiting.

Lewis (Lagrange)

how is UGA looking for some of the in-state OL?

Kipp Adams
  (1:29 PM)

Really really good so far. In-state targets like Shamire Devine, Devondre Seymour, Brandon Kublanow, Delando Crooks and Josh Cardiello have all put UGA very high on their list so far, and other prospects under evaluation like Jeremi Hall, Alan Knott, Will Jones, JP Vonashek and Aulden Bynum also have interest in Georgia.

Zanarien (Dawgin Em)

Jay Rome or Ty Smith

Kipp Adams
  (1:31 PM)

Gonna go with Jay Rome because he is an excellent all around tight end with great size, but Ty Smith has shown the ability to be very productive in the passing game as well. Both will get their chance this fall to battle it out with Arthur Lynch for the starting spot.

Kyle (Waycross)

Who are some other guys at ILB UGA is looking at? It seems we dont have to many offers out there when that position is a huge need. Besides Foster, Oneal and Hearn thats about it and 2 of those guys are committed else, who else could get an offer soon

Kipp Adams
  (1:32 PM)

Johnny O'Neal, Reggie Carter and Larenz Bryant are three other targets for UGA at inside linebacker, and as of now O'Neal and Carter have told me they have a lot of interest in the Bulldogs. Bryant reached out to me over the weekend, so will be checking with him soon to see where Georgia stands.

Lewis (Lagrange)

I noticed that UGA only have about 47 offers out and Ala., FLA, and Tenn. have around about 90-100. why does UGA not offer enough so that they can bring in more top talent?

Kipp Adams
  (1:36 PM)

UGA has never been a school to send out a ton of offers, but they have also never had an issue bringing in top talent either. They have a position to replace in the recruiting office and that will likely help, but even with that so far UGA has been more aggressive in offering prospects, especially in-state, in this class.

keith (atlanta)

do u think Georgia will offer jalen wells this summer or year

Kipp Adams
  (1:36 PM)

Have not seen him play or at a camp so tough to say at this point.

bobby (NC)

IS Montravius Adams visiting UGA with weekend for Jr day or for VID day. I thought he was suppose to visit soon.

Kipp Adams
  (1:37 PM)

As of now his coach says Montravius will be in Athens March 5 for their VID (Very Important Dawg) junior day.

John (Athens)

How do you like our chances with Greg Bryant, Alvin Kamara, and Tyren Jones? If you were Richt, would you take one or two? And which ones?

Kipp Adams
  (1:40 PM)

I think UGA is sitting better with Kamara and Jones right now. I would take the first one that wants to commit and call it a day at RB with Derrick Henry already committed. People can debate Henry's position all they want, but I would give an elite athlete like him the chance to prove himself at RB anyday.

Trevor (Statesboro, ga)

you wrote a post on Johnny O'Neal about a week ago and your title was that he has a top two. But you never wrote who the top 2 were and on the chat you had he just talked about his visit to UGA. So who is his other top school?

Kipp Adams
  (1:41 PM)

Yeah I actually sent the video in with that title, and funny thing is, that part was edited in the final version. Johnny O'Neal's top two are currently UGA and Georgia Tech. Thanks for reminding me because I did not watch the final version of the video until a couple days after it came out.

Paul (Tampa)

Who would you say are the top three WRs that UGA has the most legitimate shot at this year

Kipp Adams
  (1:43 PM)

Great question. I think its still a little early to know who UGA has the best shot, but Ahmad Fulwood, Tramel Terry,Marquez North and Demarcus Robinson are all guys that could be the top wideout in their respective states and all have UGA in their top group.

Vince (Atlanta)

Kipp - What do you think are chances of flipping Foster?

Kipp Adams
  (1:47 PM)

Ask me again Feb 6 2013 and I can give you a better answer. In all seriousness though, Foster is going to struggle with this for months. He could commit to UGA today and I would still say the exact same thing about his chances of ending up at Alabama.He is from Alabama, his family is from Alabama, and he grew up following Alabama. He likes Saban and Smart as well.He likes Mark Richt, Todd Grantham, the other 2013 commits and knows he has a chance to start early and be productive in Athens.Both programs stand out for several reasons, and I would not discount Auburn either. He told me last year before Dawg Night that he could honestly see himself at any of those three programs.Buckle your seat belt because its going to be a roller coaster for Foster's recruitment.

Creighton Buchanan (Alpharetta, Ga)

Chances Uga get a top 3 recruiting class and what is the latest with Laremy Tunsil and Tyshon Dye. I know we have Derrick Henry, do you think if Dye picked the Bulldogs, would he be offered as a RB or an other position?

Kipp Adams
  (1:52 PM)

Georgia is involved with enough of the top targets at positions of need in 2013 to have a shot at a top 3 class for sure.Laremy Tunsil let Derek Tyson of GatorNation know last weekend that he plans to visit UGA March 3 for VID Day. I think UGA and Florida are programs at the top for him right now, but he has a lot of schools to check out before that group solidifies itself.Dye has not heard much from UGA recently so I am not sure if he has them as high on his list as before, and vice versa. He wants to play RB and I am sure other programs like Clemson, South Carolina or Tennessee will give him a chance to do that.

Thomas (Jeffersonville,Ga)

Which commitment do you think will have the biggest impact?

Kipp Adams
  (1:57 PM)

Not sure if you mean 2012 or 2013 here, so I will take a stab at both. In the 2012 class, I think Collin Barber, Marshall Morgan and John Theus will have the biggest impact this fall. Barber and Morgan will both look to replace Drew Butler and Blair Walsh at punter and kicker, and Theus will have a chance to replace Cordy Glenn or Justin Anderson, the starters at LT and RT.In the 2013 class to date, Tray Matthews is one I could see playing early. UGA only returns Corey Moore and Marc Deas at safety in 2013, and Matthews has the talent to push for early playing time. He has good size, great range, and is equally strong versus the run and the pass.

Zanarien (DawgVille Jawga)

is there a chance that derrick henry flips from the dawgg..

Kipp Adams
  (1:58 PM)

Anything is possible, but ever since Henry made the then-surprising decision to commit to UGA at Dawg Night last July, he has been very solid in his pledge to the Bulldogs. He is recruiting others to join him in Athens, so as of now I would say chances are slim he decommits anytime soon.

Zach (Athens)

What are the chances a current commit flips between now and signing day? That's certainly a concern with prospects that commit so early in the process, and we traditionally have less problems with it than other schools, but do you think Matthews' relationship with Foster, Henry leaving his home state, Ramsey starting to catch bigger and bigger attention, etc. will eventually change any of their minds?

Kipp Adams
  (2:01 PM)

No I do not. Over the last decade, UGA head coach Mark Richt has been able to retain over 95 percent of prospects that commit to UGA at any point in the recruiting process. Unless there are several coaching changes in Athens, I think all of the current commitments stick with UGA.

Zanarien (DawgVille Ga)

whats the sitaution looking like for the linebackers with life after jarvis jones, cornealius washington, micheal gillard, and alec ogletree ?

Kipp Adams
  (2:04 PM)

With the 3-4 defense in place, linebackers will always be a priority in recruiting for UGA. In 2013, inside linebacker is a huge area of need in my opinion, with the strong possibility of Alec Ogletree having a chance to leave early and be a high NFL draft pick, the Bulldogs will return only Amarlo Herrera and Brandon Burrows at the position. Chase Vasser and Ramik Wilson will likely at least be cross-trained at ILB, but they will need to bring in several linebackers ready to play early in Athens.

Kipp Adams
  (2:06 PM)

Thanks for hanging out guys, had a blast. Hope everyone enjoys the rest of your Presidents' Day. See you in two weeks!