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March 2, 1:00 PM ET
Chat with Chris Forsberg

Chris Forsberg
  (1:02 PM)

Hey everybody! Just finishing up one thing. We'll tip-off in a few minutes here.

Chris Forsberg
  (1:05 PM)

Thanks for your patience. Let's dive into your questions.

Peter A, Los Angeles [via mobile]

Why would the C's swap curry for rondo? Although curry can shoot, his ankles are the biggest liability I've seen.

Chris Forsberg
  (1:06 PM)

No doubt. That's why that swap didn't make a lot of sense on the surface. If the Celtics are going to move Rondo, it's only going to be for a top-tier player like Chris Paul.

Deven (New York)

Hi Chris. I tried sending a question to you last week. Hopefully I'll get it answer this week. This is my first time chatting in your session. What's the latest on Boston trading one of their Big 3 or 4?

Chris Forsberg
  (1:07 PM)

I get the impression the Celtics are in a holding pattern. They are gauging the value of their assets and have a preferred plan, but how things unfold probably depend on how the next few games play out. If the C's don't feel like they are a true contender, I wouldn't rule out trading a member of the core.

Jeremy H (Minneapolis)

Besides CP3 and Deron Williams every point guard in this league has their own flaws including Rondo. However, very few are able to do what Rondo can. He's an all-star (3 times) and it's now a point guards league, why on earth trade him?

Chris Forsberg
  (1:09 PM)

Again, I don't think they even entertain the idea unless they get someone who they feel is an elite player and someone they can shape the next iteration of this team around. That's why the Paul deal in the preseason made a lot of sense; the latest rumors just do not.

Joey (Bos)

True or False: Rondo is on the Celtics at the end of the year

Chris Forsberg
  (1:10 PM)

I'll drink the Kool-Aid Doc Rivers is serving and say true. I just don't think you get top value for him in the middle of the season when contenders have no real interest in sending out a star.

Jeremy H (Minneapolis)

Maybe its completely irrational but I still feel that this team can make a deep run in the playoffs. They can still ratchet up the D in the half court enough to shut teams down in the 4th quarter. Not many teams in the League can still do this, Thoughts?

Chris Forsberg
  (1:11 PM)

I don't put anything pass this team in the postseason, but that being said, I still think it's no better than a second-round team at the moment. Maybe if they fix some flaws and show the sort of chemistry and play we've seen in past seasons, then we could be a bit more confident. That being said, it's a bizarre season and you can't rule out this team going on a run in the playoffs, especially if they know it's truly the last rodeo.

Nick Bach (Boston)

What are the chances the Celtics can trade very little for Michael Beasley?

Chris Forsberg
  (1:14 PM)

Sure seems like the Wolves offered him to Los Angeles for a bargain-basement price. I think he's available if the Celtics want to go get him. I don't see why Minnesota would have any interest in bringing back Jermaine O'Neal, but maybe a draft pick would entice them in that mix (and O'Neal comes off the books at season's end). First the C's have to identify themselves as contenders, then they need to determine if they want to mess with locker room chemistry in examining a move like that.

Kevin Roche (Clemson, SC)

What's the likelihood of the Kevin Garnett-Josh Smith trade? Is this trade the first step to a Celtics wholesale?

Chris Forsberg
  (1:16 PM)

This seems to be the rumor of the day. I don't know. Hard to imagine the Celtics trading KG without the bottom falling out of this thing. And even harder for me to imagine them keeping him in the conference. If you can get a player like Smith in return, I guess you gotta consider it, but I just don't see it from the Hawks side at the moment.

Danny's Lying Liar Pants (Boston)

Come on, they're trying to deal Rondo, right?

Chris Forsberg
  (1:18 PM)

I think they are listening to any and all offers for any and all of their players. Again, I don't think they know for sure if they are going to be buyers or sellers -- of if they're just going to blow this thing up. I think these first few games to start the second half are -- and will be -- very important to determining the direction of this franchise moving forward. But I believe Ainge when he says that he's simply listening and not shopping ... yet.

tas melas (toronto)

why the hell Doc likes so much Dooling? he has shown nothing, beside a couple of desperate 3s. I even think SP can bring more, at least he is lock down, also ETWM is better.

Chris Forsberg
  (1:20 PM)

The Celtics know they need more from the end of their bench. Dooling is one of the few at the end of the pine with his confidence still intact. Boston is clearly trying to get him going. It might not work, but they need some more depth, particularly in that backcourt, so they gotta give him a chance here while he's healthy. I agree on Sasha, though, if he could be more consistent, his defense makes him a solid option, even at the 2. Oh, and for that username -- ball.

w amparan (MA)

Paul looks completely decentralized, he is slumping badly, his best games came when Rondo was out, and he said "when rondo comes back it's on". i think it's pretty much off, call me crazy but i think sometimes the team is better without rondo, and i love the guy, but he is to inconsistant. you can't score 0 pts, and then come up with a 3 double. it's like tossing a coin with him.

Chris Forsberg
  (1:24 PM)

The inconsistencies are what drive fans crazy about Rondo. But it's just part of who he is. The Celtics certainly hope those inconsistencies will go away as he matures, but there's no guarantee. He's just so talented when he's engaged... As for Pierce, history says he plays his best ball with Rondo on the court. His shot is just off right now. He needs to continue to increase his all-around efforts like he did when Rondo was out.

Carlos (Orlando)

Has Orlando become Boston's farm team? You get Pietrus, Bass, and I've read stuff about Boston targeting Redick.

Chris Forsberg
  (1:24 PM)

Only if they land Dwight Howard. And don't forget Orlando groomed Doc.

Panos (Boston)

Who is the most likely of the Big 4 to be traded?

Chris Forsberg
  (1:27 PM)

There's a line of thinking that says Ray Allen because of his contract and the fact that he could step in on any team and immediately contribute. I don't rule out him being in Boston beyond this season, maybe transitioning to a bench role. But if the Celtics can get younger at the 2 spot, they might be tempted if they don't deem themselves a true contender.

Matt (Boston)

How long do you think it will take the Celtics to rebuild this team? I hope we are not looking at another 22 year drought.

Chris Forsberg
  (1:28 PM)

They've put themselves in position to rebuild quickly. Whether the pieces fall into place for them is no guarantee. As Ainge has stressed, the team has to be disciplined. So if they can't add the elite talent they covet this offseason, they might have to wait until that opportunity comes along. It might take a year or two, but they have ways to remain competitive during that time if they play their cards right.

Avery Bradley (Boston)

Please trade Rondo... Please trade Rondo... Please trade Rondo...

Chris Forsberg
  (1:30 PM)

Well played. Bradley has played well as a starter, but I like grooming him in this reserve role.

Chris Forsberg
  (1:30 PM)

Well played. Bradley has played well as a starter, but I like grooming him in this reserve role.

Jesse (Boston)

The Rockets seem like a likely trade partner because they are have a chance to gain home court in the first round of the Playoffs. Adding Pierce or Allen could really give them that extra shot in the arm. What are the chances of either veteran getting shipped down to Houston?

Chris Forsberg
  (1:32 PM)

Seems like Houston is involved in a lot of trade rumors. They've clearly got young assets and a good young team. I wouldn't be surprised if there are some C's-Rockets scenarios that emerge.

Cooper (carmel)

is there any reason why doc rivers doesn't play jajuan johnson and e'twaun moore consistently?

Chris Forsberg
  (1:33 PM)

They are still learning and hard to lean on them too heavily when every game is close. You need experience on the floor in those situations. Both have a lot of of potential, but there's still plenty of room for development in their games.

Nes (Philly) you think there is ANY chance that Howard has interest in coming to the C's as a FA?

Chris Forsberg
  (1:34 PM)

Any? Sure. A lot? I don't know. I just think there's more intriguing locations for him. But if the C's add the right supplemental pieces, maybe he's more intrigued.

Griffin (Tempe)

What do you think a healthy Jeff Green would have given this team this year and will he return to the C's?

Chris Forsberg
  (1:36 PM)

I think he could have had a pretty big role as a reserve swingman; but then I don't know if this team would have landed Pietrus and he's been a big boost to this team. If you had both, that's a real nice combo with flexibility on the perimeter.

JaJuan Johnson (Bench)

What gives? I thought I played decently over the past few weeks. Now I can't get in a game even with Jermaine out?

Chris Forsberg
  (1:37 PM)

Trouble is they can't play you at center and that limits your opportunities. When KG, Wilcox, and Bass are healthy, the team can lean on them. Don't fret. Even Stiemsma can't get on the floor much with JO out. Rotations are tightening up with the C's needing to win during this stretch.

Kyle (Vicksburg, MS)

Do you think the C's will try to resign Brandon bass in the offseason...assuming he opts out of his deal?

Chris Forsberg
  (1:39 PM)

Well, they'd love if he simply took his player option ($4.25 million). But since he's worth much more than that, it'll be on Boston to try to get him to come back at a bit of a discounted rate. I'm sure they'd love to have him.

Mike Cox (Lansing)

Chris....Any way the Celtics can keep Wilcox around after this year? I like his athleticism and hustle

Chris Forsberg
  (1:40 PM)

There's a question I didn't expect a few weeks back. Well, they probably overpaid a bit for him this year. But at the right price, he's an asset. If he can continue to rebound like he has, he'll earn his $3 million price tag this season.

paul (NY)

As of today who do you think is the best team in the atlantic? I know the sixers started off fast but they lost some games as of late, knicks, celtics?

Chris Forsberg
  (1:42 PM)

We'll probably know after this week with the C's set to play NJ, NY, and Philly over the next six days. Hard to tell until Philly and Boston get a game in.

Semih Erden (Cleveland)

Wish you had me now?

Chris Forsberg
  (1:42 PM)

My next meeting of the Semih Erden Fan Club is Tuesday. Drinks and light snacks will be served.

Dan (Erie, Pa)

Is it wrong on me to feel that i would rather keep the big 4 together for the rest of the season, even if we don't make the playoffs, than trade any of them and have this amazing era end with trades? I think we need to let the big 3 at least have the option of retiring as Celtics. PP in another teams uniform makes me puke in my own mouth thinking about it. gross.

Chris Forsberg
  (1:44 PM)

No, I've heard that sentiment expressed by a lot of fans. In fact, I agree to a point. Unless Ainge is certain he can improve this team in the future, I think it's almost more prudent to keep the band together and see what happens in the postseason. The end is rarely pretty, but there's something to be said for giving this team one last chance after five seasons together.

Mark (Allentown)

Does Green's health complicate things further going forward? I think he was only signed to a 1 year deal before the heart issue.

Chris Forsberg
  (1:45 PM)

He's technically an unrestricted free agent, so it doesn't exactly complicate matters. C's will have an opportunity at him, just comes down to whether he'll be enticed by other offers.

Chris OC (Boston)

If you had to predict the C's starting lineup for opening night next season, who would you go with?

Chris Forsberg
  (1:47 PM)

So hard to predict. Ask me after March 15 and a again after July. And again after the preseason. But I can say I wouldn't be surprised if some familiar names are in there, including Rondo, Pierce, and maybe even other holdovers if they can't land an elite player in the offseason.

Kyle (MA)

will the celtics make a trade? Yes or No?

Chris Forsberg
  (1:48 PM)

Danny's track record says yes. Just not sure how big of a splash it will be this time around.

Travis (SoFlo)

I have a great deal of confidence in this team, because injuries always seem to hurt them at key moments. Do you think they can upset the Bulls or Heat in a playoff series?

Chris Forsberg
  (1:49 PM)

If healthy, I think they can compete. Just not sure if they can get past them unless they really catch fire in the postseason.

Zain (Merced, CA)

Chris, last year you used to put up a lot of post game videos from the locker room during media sessions with players. Not this year. What gives?

Chris Forsberg
  (1:50 PM)

It's still there, most of it just gets posted to the YouTube page and not everything goes into the blog. I probably don't do quite as much, but there's usually a handful of postgame videos up there.

Chris Forsberg
  (1:50 PM)

Alright, let's wrap it up there. Gotta get out 3-on-3 preview posted for the Nets game. Thanks for dropping by. Let's do it again next week.