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March 14, 1:00 PM ET
Chat with Jesse Rogers

Jesse Rogers
  (1:00 PM)

Hello all. welcome to our weekly Hawks chat. Hawks were off today..get back at it tomorrow before a possible playoff preview matchup with dallas on friday...great win last night, proves the hawks have some fight in them doesnt it? Kane said they've proven that a few times lately...11 games to go in reg season before the real fun away with questions!!

Joshua (Huntley)

Do the Hawks practice shots from the point? They are sooo bad at hitting the net it is crazy. Either they take all day trying to find a lane or just miss completely a large percentage of the time. Have to be one of the worst in the league. Your thoughts...

Jesse Rogers
  (1:03 PM)

Well, of course they shoot from the point every day in prac and every morning of a game..In fact, they line up at one corner of the blueline, take a pass from a coach and then shoot from various point along the blueline as they move with the puck..then they go to the other side and do it..every game day morning...We cant say if they;re the worst in the league or odnt watch every team and I dont...but obviously they dont have a lot of "natural" shooters back there who;s second nature is to put it on net..Keith misses a lot...seems to think too much instead of just firing..thats an offseason need...a ntural gifted shooter back there

jay sawyer (Northbrook)

Jess.. Does J Toews join the boys after the game in the locker room even though he did not play?

Jesse Rogers
  (1:05 PM)

Sure, it varies....usually the injured players arent in the room where the players take off their equipment...usually hanging out in the "lounge" where they get dressed and watch tv, etc. or some leave the UC as the game ends..just depends..there is no ryhme or reason but to answer your question they are around including him

DJ (Elgin)

Hey Jesse, do you think Q put Toews and Kane back together once Toews comes back? Seems like Kane and Hossa are building a pretty good chemistry together.

Jesse Rogers
  (1:08 PM)

Good question...I still think Kane goes back to either kruger centers for hossa and sharp or kane and sharp..just a guess

RJ (Chicago, IL)

I am wholeheartedly a Daniel Carcillo fan. I'm glad about his re-signing / extension. When can we expect a Mayers extension offer? I really don't see how he can be viewed as anything but awesome. He's fulfilled his role over and beyond expectations. Don't you think he'd perform better in the playoffs knowing there's a future in Chicago for him and his family? 1.5 mil for 2 years. Tell Stan to get it started. @RJ409

Jesse Rogers
  (1:10 PM)

Just like Carcillo, whats the rush? I dont see why they didnt wait and see how the season played out before signing him and I would do the same with Mayers...however, they arent the same player..they actually view carcillo as the hotter commodity..obviously in age alone...but maybe bollig is the new mayers, etc. whereas Carcillo is more valuable in their eyes as a guy that can play on several lines I guess im saying mayers might be more expendable in a weird way, especially at 39...

Tony (Lombard)

Wtih Hayes play dropping off, do you think that we will see Morin, Pirri or someone else up with the big club?

Jesse Rogers
  (1:11 PM)

No, frolik is waiting for another chance...and those guys arent bottom 6 players..frolik can be if needed...I dont see it happeneing but doesnt mean that it wont..look for brandon saad to reappear though..after his juniors season ends soon

Mike (Great White North)

Goalie situation scares me. Can we keep flipping back and forth between Emery and Crawford and still A. make the play-offs and B. win in the play-offs?

Jesse Rogers
  (1:13 PM)

Make the playoffs? Yes. Win long term? Probably not..I was surpised he pulled Emery last night..not sure if we're back to square one or not..there is still time to decide on a guy...if this was 10 days from now I would think emery would be starting friday in dallas..he needs to decide with about 3-4 games left in the season..that's all...thats why every time Ive written about it I've left it open even though it seemed like emery was the man..i THINK he still is but would not be shocked if craw gets one last shot

Ryan (Vegas)

After last night I never want to hear that we are a finess, puck handling team and the physical aspects are overrated! They had a ton of opportunities and it seemed like the 2nd and 3rd periods we were getting all the bounces as a direct result of the checking and physical approach! Was the best game excitement wise I have watched all year! Will they continue to play that way moving forward?

Jesse Rogers
  (1:16 PM)

That's the one caveat Ive held onto all season..that they could play this way when they wanted...but remember, st. louis is human too..they've been on a huge run and relaxed when up 3-1...bottom line is the hawks havent played enough to be confident but usually the playoffs bring out the best right? thats whats great about next month..I have no idea how it will play out..I do know, if the hawks are stuck in thier own zone, I have little confidence in winning a game..thats their achilles heel for several reasons including goaltending but last night they were buzzing on the other end..

David Sokalow (Dude Pizza)

Jess Man,Great game last thrilled with the way we handled Reaves and the rest of the Blues goons. If we can continue to make strides without Toews, do you see a BIG PUSH when he in cup run quality?

Jesse Rogers
  (1:18 PM)

See last answer.. I see that OR I see the things that have haunted them all season returning..still like the leadership in that room when toews comes back so would not put anything past them..just cant be stuck in own end!!

Elliott (Naperville)

Why don't they ever shift around who wears the "A" when one of the normal letter-wearers is out? I get that Seabs has been there the longest and definitely contributes as a leader, but why don't they bother acknowledging others like Hossa or even Kaner now, who has really stepped it up in Toews' absence?

Jesse Rogers
  (1:18 PM)

I really dont know. Sorry.

Steve (Chicago)

After last night, the Hawks are 6-1 in the past few weeks against StL, Det, NYR. Is that reason to be excited that they should have the confidence that they can go toe to toe with just about anyone? Get well ASAP Captain Serious!!

Jesse Rogers
  (1:20 PM)

And they play great against Vancouver as well as SJ usually...certaoinly can beat PHX and Dallas..not saying they will but they to answer you, yes. Even with the big point differential..Id like to see what odds vegas would have on a stl/chgo series..any series against the hawks would be pretty close to an even bet right? again, the beauty of next month is the unknown...

skip (aurora)

based on comments I've seen in the papers and from your blogs, it doesn't seem Mike Kitchen's tenure will last too much longer. What's the organization's view on Haviland?

Jesse Rogers
  (1:23 PM)

Well, Kitchen is Q's guy and Haviland I would view more as the organization's who "wins" in that tug of war if there is one...barry smith has bascially been doing the duties of an asst coach..prob kitchen's work as much as I can educated opinion is there is some tension there but maybe thats all prat of the is unusual to have smith on the ice coaching though. very unusual. so cant tell you for sure but would not shock me at all if asst coaching change next yr

Steve (Mount Prospect)

I know Crawford came up big last night and did not allow a goal but didn't it still look like he was fighting the puck? A few juicy rebounds as well as a shot from outside of the blue line that i believe hit him in the mask come to mind. I still go with Emery on Friday. Thoughts?

Jesse Rogers
  (1:26 PM)

Never going to look exactly perfect..he made the saves...Friday is a tough call...just cause of where we are with 11 games left..still time to give craw one more shot and I think I would...last night was the opening for Q so why not see if there is something to ride there with CRaw hopefully getting a HUGE condifence boost...I actually think Craw is more likely to last 4 rounds at a high level more than emery so I would try him cause there is still time to go back to emery

Ryan (Southern Illinois University)

Jesse, this team has let up countless goals within the final minute or two of the period/game. Whats the deal? Are they simply giving up? Are they just sitting back on their heels hoping to just ride it out? It seems they lose a lot of momentum and games by deciding to quit before the buzzer. Have you noticed this? Do you blame the coaching? With that said great win yesterday!

Jesse Rogers
  (1:27 PM)

I looked up a couple games only seems that way...they have given up the 8th FEWEST goals in the last 2 min of least accoridng to the Elias Sports Bureau..again, one of those things where we dont watch another team night in and night to compare but ALSO that when it happend everyone points it out but when it doesnt happen we dont think of it..

Nick (Chicago)

What in your opinion has contributed to Oduya's success with the Hawks lately? He is a veteran but I don't feel I have heard much about him until his trade to Chicago.

Jesse Rogers
  (1:29 PM)

Probably his style...fits like a glove..had good reports about him from WPG but didnt know he's be this smooth with the puck especially in off zone..they liked him so much he almost immediately joined the power play..very solid

Ken (Chicago)

Don't you feel the Hawks have a very ironic season this year? They are 12-5-2 when facing division rivals, who are considered the toughest to play in the whole league. And they have such talented goal scorers with Kane, Toews, Hossa, Sharp, etc. So what is the issue with them not consistently winning games?

Jesse Rogers
  (1:31 PM)

Well, inconsistent goaltending will make you look inconsistent as a team...that COULD be the issue..but maybe this is just going to be a team for the spring..its a weird set-up..great core then a drop when core isnt "up" for a game they have cant play stellar for 82..Hossa is a great example...thats why this playoff run will tell a lot...a lot.

Steve D (Oak Park)

Great game last night. With Craw's performance Q now has a good problem to have again. Does Craw's longer term potentail (and contract) play into Q's decision on who will be the playoff goalie. With all things being equal for 2012, I would rather give Craw the experience and confidence boost that could pay for the future.

Jesse Rogers
  (1:32 PM)

NO, Q will go with who he simply has more confidence in..have to pay both goalies whether they sit or play..why not play the one you believe is going to stop the puck..cant imagine a coach every doing it differnet..not in the playofs.

Brad (Park Ridge)

What are the odds of Oduya getting re-signed and for how much?

Jesse Rogers
  (1:33 PM)

We all thought campoli would stay so tough to answer...especially without knowing how things play out...that makes a big differnece..

Joe Koperski (Lisle)

The west is so tight with teams battling for a playoff spot. As of this morning there are 11 of the teams in it. What teams do you see making the playoffs?

Jesse Rogers
  (1:36 PM)

At the end of the day no on Colorado and, I cant believe what dallas is doing but goalie in on fire so they look pretty good right now...that means SJ or L.A. or PHx right? 2 of 3...I say PHX stays, Sj makes it and L.A. does not...even though I like the kings...

Connor S. (Geneva)

Who do the Hawks matchup best against in the playoffs? Who do they not want to go up against?

Jesse Rogers
  (1:38 PM)

This is where it gets tough..they really do matchup well with det and van but who would want to face them over upstart dallas? however, as I just answered, the stars have a goalie who could steal a series...bad matchup is nash without a doubt..

Keith (Naperville)

What is the injury status on Hjalmarrsson and O'Donnell?

Jesse Rogers
  (1:39 PM)

Cant be good for prac today but this is 2nd time hes had a setback after coming back to play..enetring that crosby zone with symptoms returning too quick...imagine he's out for a bit again. but that is a guess since its been less than 24 hours....o'donnell is fine. been a healthy scratch...

Paul (Chicago)

I hate to speculate, but with Hammer looking like he had a setback yesterday, does O'Donnell play in his place on Friday?

Jesse Rogers
  (1:40 PM)

Probably...Lepisto is out for a while so o'donnell is only onle left..they'll call up a d-man for sure is my guess

bryan (naperville)

So Hjalmarsson out again?!? Any word on him at this point, is it looking like he might be done for the year? If so, does that mean we can expect to see Odonnel or does someone else step in...Where is Montador?

Jesse Rogers
  (1:41 PM)

MOntador is skating but not ready for full contact for him or anything...gotta take it slow with these barring a setback montador should be ready kind of soon but not yet

Paul (NJ)

Jesse, at this point is Morin damaged goods or do you think we will see him return to the form he showed at times last year?

Jesse Rogers
  (1:43 PM)

Not sure about damanged goods..just think he fell behind others but still young enough to have a shot..just not his time right now

Steve (Chicago ridge)

Hey Jesse, I may be jumping the gun, but I was just curious about what free-agents are available this offseason? I know you like more of a scenario, so let's say Hawks have an early exit from the playoffs how do things fold out then?

Jesse Rogers
  (1:45 PM)

It depends on HOW they lose...if its because of thier defense in their own zone then have to take a strong look at that top pair and decide if changes need to be made...IF you have to (if you can) invest in a big time D-man, that changes a lot..might have to trade from core on offense..or move keith or hammer, etc. so really hard to project....playoffs will tell alot

Boris (Chicago)

Any feel for who will be the 2nd line center come playoff time? Kane and Kruger are both dreadful in the faceoff circle, but Kane has looked more dynamic since his switch back to center.

Jesse Rogers
  (1:47 PM)

I still think its going to be kruger...Kane will have flashes but Im not sure Id put him there for max them both out if kruger is at center..its why sharp is still on the wing in my opinion. knowing Q he might go back and forth a little..maybe start kane at center and if hes not hacking it then move him..nothing set in stone..but I think id put kane back at wing..the first time he doesnt back check and they score, everyone will be scremaing

TC (Chicago)

I love Stalberg's speed. He also seems to be playing a bit tougher this year, but his ability to either miss an open net or shoot it right into the goalie is frustrating. Do you think that's something that can be improved on? Or is that always going to be who he is?

Jesse Rogers
  (1:51 PM)

Def can be improved on but some of it is instincts of course..the only real answer is the more experience he gets the better scorere he could become...knowing where to place that puck and then doing it..kruger will get there in my yes, can be improved but maybe there is a max out point..

Steve (Frankfort)

Hey Jesse, whats going on with the goalie situation? It seems as if Q has 0 patience with them and pulls them awful quickly, . It work last night with a good showing from Craw but how much does it mess with the goalie's head? I'm not an expert but can't b too good. Thanks

Jesse Rogers
  (1:52 PM)

It's not great for the goalies but they need wins so hes doing what it takes on that given night...soon enough he has to settle on a guy or it will really be a problem in my opinion...guys have to know their roles heading into the playoffs

russell (woodstock)

did the hawks outhit the blues last night? even kaner was getting a little physical.can they play like that and still be a "skating" puck possession team?

Jesse Rogers
  (1:53 PM)

They were dead even at 27 hits...kane joked about missing a hit on backes...and he also commented on what you just said..puck posession and some physicality...yes, it can be done

Robert (San Antonio)

Jesse-I'll be in Dallas this Friday for my semi-annual visit (darn those GMs for shooting down realignment...that would've been an extra trip!) and I'm just wondering-If I wear my #19 sweater will there be one on the ice to match it?

Jesse Rogers
  (1:55 PM)

I cant imaging that scenario at all..he took at least 2 days off the ice, prob contact yet..still looking at days away at least

Brad (Chicago)

With the Prince Albert Raiders' season likely ending this weekend, what are the chances of Mark McNeill being called up to the big club? He appears to have the potential to fill an important hole down the middle like Kruger did last year.

Jesse Rogers
  (1:56 PM)

Dont think so...saad probably, mcneil might come here for all I know, just to be a part of the action, they like giving young players a taste..but I do not see him suting up in a game

Jacob (Oak Lawn)

Even thought they over paid for Oduya..dictated by the market for def..he has been a GREAT addition so far. Hopefully similar to the Carcillo situation maybe sign him now b4 July 1..Thoughts? Percentage of chance the Hawks resign him?

Jesse Rogers
  (1:58 PM)

Was asked this before..heres my concern..he's he fits your style but IF you need to change your style some cause of a first round exit all bets are off..might need to get bigger back there..course olsen should take a step forward..but thats why Im not sure..that defense is sort of living on the edge so i dont think we can say anything definitevly though oduya has looked good

David E (Ridgefield CT)

Can we now say Hammer should be on the bench...he is simply terrible...he will not engage the body under any circumstance...Im sorry but playing teams like the Blues...that style of play does not work...he has the size to be physical...watching our skilled players get pounded by other teams D Men...I cannot understand how a professional athlete can just stand back there and get pounded by other teams forecheck, and return the favor , how about ONCE A GAME!Comments?

Jesse Rogers
  (2:00 PM)

First off, he's been suffering form a concussion so take that into your assessment but IM sure most would probably say he played like this when healthy...I have no major prob with hammer as a 4..good d-men are hard to find..he does kill plays..made a bad one last night...but you are right hes not physical as much as he could be and he hasnt taken the next steps signing that big deal..but bench? no, not when healthy

Dave (Chicago)

Jesse, I was really encouraged by the power play last night. Though 1 or 2 were duds, it was against the hottest PK unit in the league who embarrassed our PP last time we faced them. Thoughts?

Jesse Rogers
  (2:00 PM)

Yeah, they were firing the puck..maybe it finally got through they need to shoot at all costs..def was better..had the hottest pk in league scrambling

Dan (Northbrook)

Can you touch on Dave Bolland? His production has been horrible over the last 25 games. Is he on the block if there's an early exit this year?

Jesse Rogers
  (2:02 PM)

No, cause if form holds he wont be the reason they are knocked out early..he is what he is...and if he comes to play in the spring like he has then I think they and we can live with it...I dont see him as an overly motivated player from 1-82 or for stats, etc. but come playoffs he lights it up..2010 was amazing what he did to sedinds, thornton, etc. so judge him next month not this

Joe Koperski (Lisle)

Jesse aka Hockey God, what are the chances that Burish is signed in the off season? And what are your thoughts on our 4th line this year? I love the energy they bring

Jesse Rogers
  (2:04 PM)

Its been alright...I liked the speed the hawks had in 2010..eager and burish could move...thats what they are missing in general. speed that can hit a little too..Would love a 4th line of carcillo and burish and bollig or even mayers who can still skate some at 38-39. I say prob no on burish..not sure Q loved him but not sure that would totally matter..but they have shaw and a few others that can handle things...

Corey B (Brookfield IL)

Hi JR, you touched on DC's penchant for missing the net from the point on slappers. Has he regressed in this area? 2 years ago he was probably our best pointman on the PP and was scoring alot more points.

Jesse Rogers
  (2:06 PM)

Not sure he was that good from there 2 yrs ago..I contend he may have lost a step from his best years...overworked, tons of minutes, smaller body taking a beating...he seems slightly less quick or at least that burst isnt there all the time..and I think its affected him menatlly as I think thats as much the issue but Im not exactly sure what the deal is..

Jesse Rogers
  (2:08 PM)

Thats it for today..sorry if I didnt get to all your me at if you want something answered...check out my blog for all the latest...and follow me on twitter especially as we head to the playoffs. @espnchihawks. the fun is starting up...take to you next week