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April 3, 11:00 AM ET
Fantasy NBA with Tom Carpenter

Tom Carpenter
  (10:57 AM)

Only a few weeks left in the fantasy hoops season, so let's cut to the chase!

Alan (teaneck, nj)

wat 2 players should i pick up??? eric gordon, pekovic, mullens, hickson, seraphin, or reggie williams???

Tom Carpenter
  (10:59 AM)

I'd take Gordon and hope he surprises us with his conditioning and Pekovic, who should be the most reliable guy from that group.

Vince (OKC)

Hi Tom, What are your thoughts on ZBO? He has a fantastic schedule, but will he start to improve? I am performing well in the semis, but finals are next week and I can't wait long. FA: Seraphin, Shumpert, Brown, Mullens.

Tom Carpenter
  (11:02 AM)

I expect the Griz to continue limiting his minutes until he proves his conditioning is ready. My guess is that he turns it on the final couple of weeks. With his schedule and upside, I'd stick with him over those other guys. 5 games of a limited ZBo is still pretty nice.

Ted (Baltimore)

Hi Tom! 12 team cat 9 would you keep Parsons/Ja.Thompson or drop either for a: S.Brown,Foye,R.Williams or n.Robinson? Thanks

Tom Carpenter
  (11:04 AM)

I think Parsons and JT should be better down the stretch than the other guys listed. That said, I'd keep an eye on Nate Rob to see if gets his starting job back, in which case he should be picked up.

Charles (Portland, OR)

Is Nene worth holding onto anymore? Some FA options are Jerebko, T. Splitter, B. Mullens, and Kevin Seraphin.

Tom Carpenter
  (11:08 AM)

Plantar fasciitis doesn't heel without rest. Considering Nene's lengthy injury history, it's likely he'll be hampered the rest of the season. With five games next week, 4 the following week and 3 in the final week, I'd look to Mullens as the best option from that group.

Ben (New York, NY)

I just lost Ridnour and Marcus Thornton for who knows how long to injury. I need to pickup a guard. Who do I drop out of Camby, Seraphin and Pekovic?

Tom Carpenter
  (11:13 AM)

I'd lean toward Seraphin. If you need scoring, though, I'd move on from Camby.

Will (Fla.)

Thanks for all the chat's Tom! With Nash and a sore back and parsons up/down should I drop parsons for : Foye,S.BrownN.Robinson or Reg. Williams? 12 team cat 9 semi finals

Tom Carpenter
  (11:14 AM)

I'm unconvinced that Nate Rob will get his job back, so I'd probably just hold where you are. However, if you're in a tight bind in dimes, I'd consider ditching Parsons for Robinson. If he does work his way back into the starting lineup, he should help your PG stats a lot.

Ethan (Charlotte)

Tom your thoughts on Gooden! Hold or replace with: Speights,Favors,mullens or t.Thompson? 12 team cat 9

Tom Carpenter
  (11:16 AM)

Gooden's doing exactly what he usually does ... play well for a stretch then go back into the tank. I'd move on with Speights or Mullens -- both should contribute well and have excellent schedules. I give Mullens the edge.

Drew (Gooden)

I've been a lot worse since the trade. Time to cut me in 12 team leagues, or ride me out?

Tom Carpenter
  (11:17 AM)

If there's a decent option on waivers, move along ...

Byrun ( Mullens)

Is it time to pick me up? How do I rank for the next 3 weeks compared to Drew Gooden and Iman Shumpert?

Tom Carpenter
  (11:19 AM)

Definitely time to pick you up over Gooden. I like Shumpy the rest of the way, too. Between Shumpert and Mullen, I'd use the guy who will help you more ... big man or guard.

Seth (2nd round of my playoffs)

Should we be worried bout Jason Thompson's one rebound game?

Tom Carpenter
  (11:21 AM)

Clearly his ankle is still not right, so there should be some concerns. Probably see how he rolls in the next game to see if he can get going. If he doesn't, feel free to move on to a new guy if there's someone decent on waivers.

Jason (Boston)

Hey Tom,What do you think should be done with Tony Parker and Manu Ginobili due to their random DNPs due to age? Parker is a must start no matter what, but should I search for options on the waiver wire for Ginobili? Is he worth the 3-4 games he is going to miss due to rest?

Tom Carpenter
  (11:24 AM)

Truth is that you should have planned ahead and moved these guys weeks ago before the sched became a big issue. Nonetheless, I agree you stick with Parker, but I wouldn't hesitate to dump Manu if there's a reasonable replacement option ... trouble is that if you're in a deep league there probably isn't a replacement of equal value, so you're probably just going to have to ride it out.

Flow (Philippines)

Love or Durant?

Tom Carpenter
  (11:26 AM)

Not sure what the question actually is here but it's apples and oranges ... different styles, different games ... but Durant's on top for now.


why doesn't Serge Ibaka get more playing time? When he gets the minutes he seems to perform.

Tom Carpenter
  (11:28 AM)

Simple answer is that the Thunder are having great success without having to lean on Ibaka more. If only coaches cared more about their players posting terrific stats over winning games ... I don't know if Don Nelson really belongs in the Hall of Fame, but I do know that he belongs in the fantasy hoops HOF ... he understood that stats are more important than winning games!

wing (NYC)

drop rose?

Tom Carpenter
  (11:32 AM)

I wouldn't drop him unless there was no other way for me to win my league (Eg, catching up in games and can't wait any longer for Rose) ... My guess is the Bulls want him as close to 100 percent for the playoffs, so they will rest him as long as possible ... but they should want him to get at least two weeks of games in to get his conditioning up for the postseason. If he isn't back by early next week, I may reconsider my thinking. But right now, I think he'll be back by then. Basically, waaaay too much upside to risk placing on the waiver wire.

David (Florida)

Tom your opinion of T.Williams as an add with Thorton hurting. 12 team cat 9

Tom Carpenter
  (11:33 AM)

TW carries some pretty solid upside and so long as he's putting out the effort, he'll get minutes. A nice boost should be in store for him with Thornton out. Go get him.

Billy (KC)

moves get locked down to 2 per week in the playoffs. I have one left. Grab Brandon Knight for his games on Thursday and Sunday, or gamble and get Derrick Rose? I'm in the semis right now.

Tom Carpenter
  (11:36 AM)

If you think you can win this week and get to the finals, I'd take Rose, who could help win the finals if he returns. You can't count on Rose playing this week, though, so if you're in a tight battle, you'll be better off getting two decent games from Knight.

ryan (Florida)

You mentioned jason Thompson! If,after 1 or 2 more games, he isn't producing again drop for speights and his good schedule? Thanks

Tom Carpenter
  (11:37 AM)


Joe (MI)

Hey Tom, who do you see having a larger value ROY, JR Smith or Baron Davis?

Tom Carpenter
  (11:40 AM)

Not a simple question to answer. If you need dimes, BD should be a solid source the rest of the way, but that's going to come with some hideous FG% and TOs. Smitty should do his usual thing: mediocre production most nights with an explosive big triples game every 3-4 nights. In the end, it comes down to your specific needs.

Sean M (Chicago)

Is it time to start picking up players due simply to their schedule for the last two weeks

Tom Carpenter
  (11:42 AM)

Definitely. Especially if you're in a head-to-head league with weekly lineups. Boston, Charlotte, Cleveland and Memphis play 5 games next week ...


Tom - Similiar question in regards to Rose only in a keeper league - We have an IR but he's been DTD since christmas... would you drop him in your playoffs if you need the games?

Tom Carpenter
  (11:44 AM)

It depends on how your keeper league is set up and what other keeper options you have ... but considering that when he's healthy he's one of the top handful of fantasy studs, I'd do everything possible to keep him on my roster for next season. It would be a hell of a tough call in the waning weeks of the season to essentially trade a superstar keeper for a championship. I'd pull the trigger only if you were certain it would bring the title home.

dw (NY)

I just dropped Samuel Dalembert for JJ Barea, but Nate Robinson and Mario Chalmers are also on my waivers. Which of the 3 do you like the most?

Tom Carpenter
  (11:47 AM)

I like Barea the most for his upside, especially if Ridnour is out for a while. Keep an eye on Nate Rob, though. If he starts again, he'd be solid.

Kyrie (Clev)

I was benched for Dragic this week... Is my shoulder going to make me miss a game??

Tom Carpenter
  (11:49 AM)

Looks like you're going to play tonight ...

Jason (Stamford, CT)

In a H2H with daily pick-ups and getting streamed on! I've been dominant all year, but on the flip side don't have many guys worth dropping. Dropped Kidd last night for B. Davis since similar stats and Kidd hurt. Dropp G. Henderson for M. Thornton? Need stats to keep up with streaming, but Thornton has great upside. How long might he be out?

Tom Carpenter
  (11:52 AM)

I think Thornton is a gamer, so he should be back on the hardwood ASAP ... however, it certainly didn't sound promising after the game. We'll have to wait to see what the official diagnosis is, but my gut says he'll miss at least a game or two. I like Thornton better than Henderson, but you probably can't risk having zeros from Thornton in that format.

adam (chicago)

Is JaVale McGee in the doghouse right now? He was just dropped in my league. I am tempted to pick him up for blocks alone. But it seems risky if he is playing himself out of minutes.

Tom Carpenter
  (11:56 AM)

Coach Karl has always had plenty of space in his doghouse (just as JR Smith) and I wouldn't be surprised if McGee landed there in quick fashion due to his regular boneheaded moves ... nonetheless, if you need the blocks you might as well roll him out there until he's officially in the doghouse. He had 13 rejections in the six games before Sunday's dud.

Steve (Chicago)

How are we feeling about brandon rush's outlook? Worried about his last showing? Would you cut him for a hot free agent like Randy Foye?

Tom Carpenter
  (11:59 AM)

I like Rush better than Foye, who I don't trust to maintain. However, at this point of the season, I ride the hot hand ... and Foye is hot, so ride him.

Tom Carpenter
  (12:00 PM)

That's all for today. Thanks for the excellent questions. Good luck to everyone in your playoff battles this week and I'll see you back here next Tuesday for another chat session!