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April 19, 11:00 AM ET
Fantasy Sports with AJ Mass

AJ Mass
  (11:00 AM)

Good morning gang! We've got yet another hour of fantasy chattage lined up, so let's get right to it! Second cup of coffee in hand, immunity idol around our neck, it's time to vote... Who's up first?

Aaron (Chicago)

Need an OF with Gardner on DL and Big Puma headed there - Trumbo or J. Jay as a replacement?

AJ Mass
  (11:01 AM)

Jay for me. Still a matter of PT for Trumbo.

Jeff (CT)

Why is Jason Hammel's ranking for today so much lower than guys like Tomlin and Wolf? Thinking that first game was a mirage?

AJ Mass
  (11:03 AM)

Early in the season it's a much harder task to try and draw the fine lines between pitchers. Simply not sold yet on Hammel.

Sonny (Quincy)

My team is in shambles and I have no hope...time to panic on Pujols, Justin Upton??? AGHHHH

AJ Mass
  (11:03 AM)

Sonny, Sonny, Sonny. Deep breath. Breathe...

Brendan (Braintree)

Thoughts on Brandon Phillips so far? Time to rest him until he rights the ship?

AJ Mass
  (11:04 AM)

The whole lineup has been underwhelming. Looks like Dusty may bat B-Phil cleanup for a bit, so I'd keep him in there for now.

Nolyn (Center)

Are you worried about Latos? Would you drop in him in a 12-team standard 5X5 Roto League for Niese? What about Drabek?

AJ Mass
  (11:06 AM)

Very worried. Can't even blame early troubles on GAB. I'd rather have Niese myself.

Chris (Richmond)

Who are you streaming tomorrow: Zambrano, Zito, Detwiler, Happ or none of the above?

AJ Mass
  (11:07 AM)

Zito is my No. 3 SP for the day.

Mr. Miyagi (Okinawa)

Why is Wieland ranked dead last? Against an anemic Phillies line-up ?? No way !!

AJ Mass
  (11:08 AM)

You want to trust a pitcher with 5 IP/6 ER for his career against any lineup, be my guest.

Adam (PA)

Love the Daily Notes. Could you explain though, how the rankings dont align w/ the QR? I would think the 2 would reflect one another. Thanks

AJ Mass
  (11:10 AM)

Because QR is completely stats over 3 years. No opinion involved. No taking into account injuries or recent struggles or the like... Plus for rookies, you gets lots of extremes which would skew rankings immensely due to small sample sizes.

Wayne (Las Vegas)

K. Morales or J. Montero as DH?

AJ Mass
  (11:11 AM)

I'd go Montero for the sole reason he may eventually qualify at catcher.

Daniel Son (Painting the Fence)

Man, I can't win. Just dropped Freddie Freeman for Carlos Pena and then Freeman launches one last night. Who do you like best at first rest of the season - Freeman, Pena, or Laroche?

AJ Mass
  (11:13 AM)

This is why I recommend not making any moves (injuries excepted) for the first few weeks. Knee-jerk reactions often end up burning you, especially if you're going to re-evaluate after each at-bat. Right now I'd say Pena.

Karl Welzein (Grand Blanc, MI)

Is Lance Lynn for real? He's still available in my 12 team mixed league, but I'm having trouble pulling the trigger and dropping Mark Reynolds from my bench to pick him up.

AJ Mass
  (11:15 AM)

I think he's less "for real" than a lot of current top-25 value pitchers, but having said that, he's certainly a solid arm for the time being and more valuable to your team than a not-in-use Reynolds.

Dave (NY)

Any concerns about King Felix?

AJ Mass
  (11:16 AM)

Nope. Hard to judge his season when he's had the misfortune of facing the same opponent in each of his first three starts.

Kelsey (Port Charlotte)

Dexter Fowler vs Alejandro DeAza? Who wins?

AJ Mass
  (11:17 AM)

de Aza for me.

Justin (DSM)

Worley dropped in my 12 team league, must own? Drop Johan to get him?

AJ Mass
  (11:19 AM)

Not right now. Although I have some lingering doubts about Johan, as long as the K's continue to come, he has more value.

Cowboy Joe (Omaha)

Goldschmidt at CI, LaRoche and Hafner available...thoughts?

AJ Mass
  (11:20 AM)

Not thrilled with the Overbay PT in AZ, so right now I'd feel safer with LaRoche.

Mike's Garage (SC)

ROS - K's W's and Quality Starts: Colon or Henderson Alvz?

AJ Mass
  (11:21 AM)


Mark (NYC)

Gamel or Pena (ROS)?

AJ Mass
  (11:22 AM)

I like Gamel a lot, but would have to buy in more with Pena.

Aaron (boston)

kuroda against the tigers and rangers next week... I'm scared...should I sit him?

AJ Mass
  (11:23 AM)

I don't think anyone can truly be trusted with that back-to-back schedule.

That Guy (Any League, USA)

Crisp or Maybin?

AJ Mass
  (11:24 AM)

Maybin, I guess. Not pretty on either side of this one.

Ruby (Seattle)

Swisher, Scott, Freeman. Pls rank.

AJ Mass
  (11:25 AM)

Scott, Swisher, Freeman.

Dan (New York)

I have Casilla and Romo on my roster in a standard league. Should I keep Romo on the roster for now?

AJ Mass
  (11:26 AM)

Romo shouldn't hurt your stats any... he's actually IMO, the "better" pitcher, but of course Casilla is the likely one to get more saves.

Keith (VA)

Kipnis, Infante, K.Johnson. Who you rolling out to second?

AJ Mass
  (11:27 AM)

Kelly for me, especially with Omar aching right now.

Scooter (Bama)

Any word if BJ Upton is returning today?

AJ Mass
  (11:28 AM)

I'd expect tomorrow, though today has not been ruled out. In other Upton news, Justin pinch ran last night, so it appears he won't be needing a DL stint after all.

Andrew (SF)

Wait, Felix facing the A's 3 times is supposed to be a disadvantage for him??

AJ Mass
  (11:30 AM)

ANY lineup facing the same pitcher so many times in short bunches is likely to figure the timing out... so, yes.

Willy (South Bend, IN)

Reimold, Jay, Scott or JD Martinez?

AJ Mass
  (11:31 AM)

I'd ride Reimold for now. Always liked his potential...

Rich (NY)

Your thoughts on Matt Carpenter. Worth a pick up?

AJ Mass
  (11:32 AM)

Especially with the likelihood he plays regularly for the next two weeks.


When does Neftali get SP eligibility? Currently he is stuck as RP only.

AJ Mass
  (11:33 AM)

You need three starts.

Shaun (Charlotte)

Which 3B option would be the best moving forward: Rolen,McGhee or C.Nelson?

AJ Mass
  (11:34 AM)

I'd pick McG of the three.

Jon (GA)

The one time I draft a Royal.... Please tell me Hosmer is not this year's Jason Heyward?

AJ Mass
  (11:35 AM)

Not concerned. Run production is still there despite bad average.

Matt Cain (Frisco)

Am I a top 5 Starter this year?

AJ Mass
  (11:36 AM)

Always going to be a run support issue in terms of win totals, but nobody ever doubted Cain's top 10 credentials in spite of that.

Sal (NJ)

When will C. Young return for Arizona?

AJ Mass
  (11:37 AM)

Tear indicates it might be 2-3 weeks.

stephanie (a girl in a chat)

Collmenter gets shallacked today = Bauer coming up? or this stupid June rule takes over???

AJ Mass
  (11:39 AM)

Collmenter gets shellacked today = Collmenter gets demoted. However, it does not mean Bauer just yet.

nando (Beantown)

Book 2 in the works?Ackley, Espinosa, Kipnis, Infante or N. Walker?

AJ Mass
  (11:41 AM)

Book two may well be in the works... but people should still check out book one! Kipnis for me.

Quincy (NY)

Your thoughts on trading stanton for A rod? Bailing too early?

AJ Mass
  (11:42 AM)

Given the real possibility of a lingering injury, I don't think the concern is unwarranted.

Goose (Chicago)

Do you ever take "getaway day" into account when setting your lineups? Wednesday, Thursday, and Sunday lineups always seem a little weaker.

AJ Mass
  (11:44 AM)

Sure, if you're making daily lineup moves and you know there's a day game after a night game, there's an increased chance that veterans will sit. However, that doesn't mean they won't be called on to pinch-hit or sub in late and still get you some counting stats... I tend not to overthink it.

Jim (Northport)

Can you elaborate with your concern on Latos? What is GAB? No positives in his last start? (managed to get Ks at least). Would you drop him for Duffy or Lilly?

AJ Mass
  (11:46 AM)

GAB is his new home park, a far more favorable one to hitters than his old home digs. The concern was that his stats would inflate due to playing in Cincy, but so far he's underwhelmed on the road as well. I'd rather have Lilly right now.

Dave (NJ)

When will Harper, Trout and Bauer make the bigs? I have all taking up room on my bench. Should I drop any or keep?

AJ Mass
  (11:47 AM)

You draft rookies with the expectation of no games until June. One of them may well make the jump sooner, but I would not have selected all three unless I had the room to wait. Trade before cutting outright, though.

Brian (NYC)

Longterm keeper league, which side, Pujols and Alexei or Starlin and Bruce?

AJ Mass
  (11:49 AM)

I'd rather have Pujols. Period.

Dave (NJ)

Duffy is on the wire as we speak, should he be owned right now?

AJ Mass
  (11:50 AM)

He's a top 50 SP to be sure, so yes.

Geoff (Ireland)

I know I overreacted, but I dropped Drew Storen in my league because I had no DL slots.. any chance he comes back before all-star break?

AJ Mass
  (11:50 AM)

Last I heard, yes, but not by much.

Dustin (Springfield, IL)

Buying a breakout year for Headley?

AJ Mass
  (11:52 AM)

Buying the fact he might be a top 50 hitter when all is said and done? Perhaps. More than that? No.

Karl Welzein (Grand Blanc, MI)

John Danks or Neftali Feliz ROS?

AJ Mass
  (11:53 AM)

Going with Neftali here.

Lightning Round (Zap!)

Furcal or Dee?

AJ Mass
  (11:54 AM)

Furcal. Dee is SB and nothing else.

Joey Bats (Toronto)

Start YU today?

AJ Mass
  (11:55 AM)

Likely to sit him if push comes to shove.

Ben (Boston)

Lahair or Yonder?

AJ Mass
  (11:55 AM)

For right now, Bryan.

Ray (NY)

Peavy or Bedard ROS?

AJ Mass
  (11:56 AM)

Peavy. Not sure Bedard ever gets any wins. LOL.

Lunchbox (Hoboken)

Who is more valuable to a team, Bautista or Sabathia?

AJ Mass
  (11:57 AM)

If both perform up to expectations, Joey.

Tim (NJ)

Jeff Samardzija worth owning?

AJ Mass
  (11:58 AM)


Mike (Baltimore)

Stanton or the Kung Fu Panda?

AJ Mass
  (11:59 AM)

Panda for me.

AJ Mass
  (11:59 AM)

That's my time for today gang. Thanks for the Q's. I'm on Twitter (@ajmass) for those I missed... Until the next time, good luck and may the odds be EVER in your favor!