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April 20, 5:00 PM ET
Chat with Nick Friedell

Nick Friedell
  (5:08 PM)

What's going on, everybody? Let's get this chat rolling ...

Ben Housewright (Gray,TN)

Do you think that DA BULLS should rest Derrick Rose until the playoffs?

Nick Friedell
  (5:12 PM)

Ah the Derrick question ... let's get it out of the way right now. If you had asked me that question a week ago, I would have said no. Now -- I'd say yes. Derrick is hurt. His ankle is bothering him and it hasn't gotten much better. The Bulls would love for him to come back before the end of the regular season and get a couple games under his belt, but I think they should rest him.

Deven (New York)

Hi Nick. Love the chats. What matters more for the Bulls: Health or the best overall record in the league?

Nick Friedell
  (5:13 PM)

Health. If the Bulls aren't healthy, the number one seed won't matter.

Angel (Chicago) [via mobile]

Why didn't the bulls retaliate on all the cheap shots from the Heat last night? Wish we still had Kurt Thomas he wouldn't let that happen.

Nick Friedell
  (5:17 PM)

Thibs is asking the same question. Rip Hamilton said it best last night. The Bulls have to learn how to "push back." They have to learn how to turn the physicality around on Miami. They didn't do that last night.

Adam (Chicago)

Is Luol really going to sacrifice two months of the 2012 - 2013 season to play in the Olympics?

Nick Friedell
  (5:18 PM)

It sure looks that way. We'll see what he decides when the season ends.

Jim (Schaumburg)

Do you think the Bulls are just saving D. Rose for the playoffs? Or do you think that he is legitimately this hurt?

Nick Friedell
  (5:18 PM)

I promise you -- he is legitamately hurt.

Rich (Chicago )

With Deng missing at least 2 months next year, can we make a play for Ray Allen and have Rip starting at the 3?

Nick Friedell
  (5:19 PM)

The Bulls don't exactly have a lot of cap space. It all depends on how much money Allen wants.

David (Shorewood)

would you consider trading Derrick for the first pick in the draft? anthony davis looks like a legit franchise power foward that everyone CRAVES. sorry, but point guards don't cut it anymore.

Nick Friedell
  (5:21 PM)

You're joking, right? Derrick Rose is 23 years old. He's had a rough year, but he was the MVP of the league last season. He will bounce back next season. Relax.

Austin (Quad Cities)

is Derrick Roses new injury more serious than anyone knows about? Could he be out for the year? Feel like there has not been much news regarding this injury.

Nick Friedell
  (5:23 PM)

I don'r think he's going to be out for the year, but I do think the ankle injury is more serious than the team let on and they will be second guessed from here on out if the Bulls don't win the title. Rose has had a limp for two weeks now and it hasn't gone away.

Adam (Chicago)

Can we all agree to never again have to read a "trade Derrick for a draft pick" question? You have the power to make it happen, Nick.

Nick Friedell
  (5:25 PM)

You'd be surprised how many e-mails I've gotten that have talked about trading Derrick Rose. People forget the good times very quickly.

Thomas (Chicago)

When John Lucas plays, why does he always look for his own shot. Sure he scored 16 yesterday, but he never sets up his teammates. Every time he was on offense he would shoot right away.

Nick Friedell
  (5:25 PM)

That's the way he's played his whole life, he's not going to change now.

Gary G. (Woodland Hills, CA.)

Do you think Boozer is to the Bulls as Soriano is to the Cubs. The teams thought is was a great signing but now wish they didn't?

Nick Friedell
  (5:28 PM)

Yes, but Boozer, despite all his flaws (and there are many) has actually been the Bulls most consistent player this year. Maybe it's by default because everyone else has been hurt, but he has started every single game. As always for Boozer, the bottom line is him playing well in the playoffs. If he doesn't, the Bulls -- and their fans -- won't be happy.

Jeff (Hoffman Estates)

At what point do we panic about Derrick's health?

Nick Friedell
  (5:28 PM)

Three months ago.

J (Loop)

Looking ahead, who do you think the Bulls match up better with in the second round of the playoffs - Celtics or Pacers?

Nick Friedell
  (5:30 PM)

I think they actually matchup better with the Celtics -- but I think that both series would go 7 games.

Joy M. (Bolingbrook, IL)

Why are the Bulls having problems with turnovers and free throws?Bulls can't do this at playoff time!

Nick Friedell
  (5:31 PM)

The turnovers are just a lack of concentration. The free throws ... I'm not sure. They work on them every single day in practice. They just aren't going down right now.

Nate (San Diego)

At home games, who yells "THREE" when the shot clock winds down? Is that the Bulls bench? You can typically hear it when the shot clock is at 5 seconds.

Nick Friedell
  (5:33 PM)

That would be Bulls' assistant coach Andy Greer.

Rhea (Chicago)

Will Derrick be back for the mavericks game

Nick Friedell
  (5:34 PM)

I doubt it -- but nobody knows for sure right now. And if Thibs does, he's not telling.

Ziggy (Chicago)

Besides Rose's injury, is there anyone else on the team hurt? Is Luol's ribs bothering him or rip's shoulder?

Nick Friedell
  (5:36 PM)

Yes and yes. Both are still issues. Rip has a huge ice pack on his shoulder before and after every game. Deng is covered in ice after every game. Like many players in the league right now, there are a lot of banged up guys in the Bulls' locker room.

Michael (San Francisco)

Nick, depending on the defensive matchup with the other team's small forward, could you ever see Thibodeau running out a crunch time five of Rose (hopefully), Hamilton, Korver, Deng, and one of the bigs? I feel like this would get as much floor spacing and shooting on the court as possible.

Nick Friedell
  (5:37 PM)

It wouldn't surprise me much at all if the Bulls really needed offense. I think he'd like to keep Rip and Korver separate, but you never know come playoff time.

Josh Chicago [via mobile]

With mirotic's emergence do you think the bulls will consider paying the 2M euro buyout and bring him over next year?

Nick Friedell
  (5:38 PM)

No, Mirotic isn't coming over here for at least three more years.

Chris (Michigan)

Do you think it's a concern that D. Rose might be an injury prone player for his whole career (considering the way he plays)? If that does become a concern, do you think trading him is a possibility?

Nick Friedell
  (5:40 PM)

The Bulls are not trading Derrick Rose. Period. Forget it people. It's not happening.

Carter (Chicago)

If Derrick doesn't come back till a game or two before the playoffs, Do you think he and the team will have enough rhythm to win the first round with the Sixers or the Knicks?

Nick Friedell
  (5:43 PM)

Yes, but after that -- anything is possible.

Kris (Durham)

Nick, you picked the Heat at the beginning of the year. Do you still have them winning the title, or have the bulls showed you enough to make you change your mind. the only problem is that noah, deng etc. have not played well consistently in all four regular season games. everyone has had a good game or two, but there is no consistency.

Nick Friedell
  (5:45 PM)

Nothing has changed my mind all year. The Bulls still only have one go-to scorer. And now he's hurt pretty badly. The Heat have at least two in LeBron and Wade -- three if Bosh plays better in the posteason. Depth wins in the regular season, stars win in the playoffs.

Jason (NY)

That game last night got testy. Do these teams legitimately dislike each other at this point or was it just an intense game?

Nick Friedell
  (5:49 PM)

They don't like each other at all. There is a lot of bad blood between both sides. If they meet in the playoffs I expect a fight or two.

Mitch (Chicago)

One thing I gotta know......if the Bulls don't get to the ECF, is it time to trade for Dwight Howard?

Nick Friedell
  (5:50 PM)

Howard doesn't want to come to Chicago. Everyone needs to understand that.

Nick Friedell
  (5:54 PM)

All right everybody. I am out of here. I will talk to you guys next week before Game 1 of the playoffs. Talk to everybody soon.