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May 23, 2:00 PM ET
Chat with Jesse Rogers

Jesse Rogers
  (2:02 PM)

Hi all. Welcome to one of our offseason Blackhawks chat...hope youre enjoying the playoffs if youre still watching...Still a little early in offseason to talk major moves and free agents but we can speculate and have some away!

Andy (USA)

Hey Jesse, what happened with Torres' appeal? Haven't heard anything about it, do you know if its been shot down? Also any new reports on how Hossa is doing?

Jesse Rogers
  (2:04 PM)

Nothing new on Hossa that I know of over last few weeks...last I talked to him was on a conference call with reporters and he said he was slowly progressing..Bettman heard the appeal and Im sure will decide in the next little while if there will be any reduction but im not sure when they will announce

Jim (Cubicle)

Is Dan Carcillo redundant with the emergence of Andrew Shaw? I agree that the Hawks need more grit, but they need one of those guys and then gritty size in my view.

Jesse Rogers
  (2:06 PM)

I dont think can use more than one of those guys...I think Carcillo has more skill...think Shaw will start where he finished on the third line...carcillo could be in top 6 as we saw...need more than one..

Bruce (Peoria, Illinois)

What are your thoughts on trading Patrick Kane?

Jesse Rogers
  (2:08 PM)

I think hes no longer untouchable..lets start with the deal has to make sense on many levels but besides toews and right now seabrook I dont think anyone is I think you consider it but has to be huge return for sure

Matt (Northbrook)

Jesse,if the Hawks are really going to make a move at Ryan Suter, who are they going to move to free up cap space?Matt

Jesse Rogers
  (2:11 PM)

Couple thoughts there..I think there is a chance for Suter...been enough whispers that he could be interested and I believe the whispers right now...think money wont be the MAIN factor..think where he wants to play/live will for who moves..depends...could be a guy like keith or a guy like kane oe sharp...

Al (my office)

How realistic of a possibility is it that we would see Bolly or Hammer moved this summer?

Jesse Rogers
  (2:13 PM)

It's a great question...on one level I would say there is a chance...but on another, maybe not...and it goes to what Stan thinks of his team...if they convince themselves (and they could be right) that craw will be better and we can fix special teams at least a little but from within then they prob wont make a blockbuster or move a major name....but if they think there is complanceny and/or they need to get bigger, for example, I could see either one on the me, and Im writing a blog on this, Bolland is expendable is a SENSE...not a bad player or anything but expendable..but thats for the blog tomorrow

Adam (Naperville)

Who is the one player that you really want to see the Hawks go after this summer? It doesn't have to be a big name like Parise or Suter, but who's the guy that you think could help the Hawks the most where they need it?

Jesse Rogers
  (2:16 PM)

Well, people like to mention Jordan Staal, I would do that in a heartbeat...huge trade of course..but I would give Bolland and Saad, etc. big 2nd line center would be nice...also a net guy for pp and/or point shot for pp as well....Staal is great penalty killer by the way..

Paul (Chicago)

Does Carcillo still need to serve his suspension or has he already served it before going on the IR?

Jesse Rogers
  (2:16 PM)


Jason (Woodridge, Il)

Jesse, For a team that got 101 points while suffering a 9 game losing streak and some tough injuries, why do fans think they need a huge shake up? Find a quality top 4 Dman, give Pirri an honest shot at the 2nd line center role and they are ready to roll. This is a good team, and should be for a long time. Some folks need to take a deep breath and step away from the ledge.

Jesse Rogers
  (2:17 PM)

Maybe. You can make that case..but I see you didnt mention goaltending..what if it doesnt improve..I tend to agree with you more than disagree but there is also come complacency even among the stars...aslo stan needs to do better than last offseason

Jesse Rogers
  (2:18 PM)

Sorry for spelling....bad

Jesse Rogers
  (2:18 PM)

Typing more than spelling...

Erik (SF, CA)

Jesse, thanks for doing the chat this week. I was starting to have withdrawals. My question is focused on your blog yesterday. You say that Q may be the biggest change. If Q is the biggest change, do you think the Hawks are in trouble? I'm concerned about your comment that they will fill in the pieces. This team has been de-pants the last two postseason series. They're not physical enough and they don't bring the energy night in and night out. If they roll out the same lineup next season, why would things be any different, regardless of a revitalized Q?

Jesse Rogers
  (2:20 PM)

Because its Q's job to get them to bring that energy and its the organization's job to make them a little less comfortable in their surroundings then maybe they are...thats why a trade might not be a bad thing..wake some people up..also, stan needs to address the size issue better...O'Donnell has size but couldnt it only takes a couple right moves..not 5 or 6...and then Q has to do his part and fix special teams...stan wasnt wrong about guy would help too

Steve (Lamar)

Who is a potential 2nd Line Center available this off-season?

Jesse Rogers
  (2:22 PM)

Not a lot that will be avail at least not at the price you might want...thats why they keep talking about their in house guys starting with kane and kruger..I could be wrong of course, maybe Q or Stan loves a guy out there..but not a lot stick out right would be best option but not wan easy one...from within would be great if they knew who that guy was..

jack (chicago) [via mobile]

Could we see Brandon saad, Jeremy Morin or kyle beach starting the year in the nhl???

Jesse Rogers
  (2:24 PM)

I mean Saad probably has the inside track but I cant tell you until camp starts...guys make strides in the summer physically and mentally...beach and morin dont have jobs to lose..saad kind of might or at least more htan them..but even he will have to earn it in camp..still young

Mike (Toronto)

Despite that every Hawks fan is screaming for changes do you think its really possible for the hawks too make any significant moves in FA given a significant portion of the cap is allocated to the "core"

Jesse Rogers
  (2:26 PM)

I would say no, not significant..really no different than last year...not a TON came off the book and Sharp is getting a raise...theres enough for splash if no one is moved but not a major frenzy

Tarun (San Francisco)

Jesse, what do you expect from Brandon Saad next season?

Jesse Rogers
  (2:27 PM)

I think he makes the team...or maybe starts in Rockford then comes up but I expect to see for numbers, thats very hard to say but I think he gets his career going in the right direction

Dan (Chicago)

Do you expect this to be another quiet offseason for Bowman where he resigns Oduya and maybe picks up a couple of role players and just use the coming season as another bridge year while we wait for the prospects he drafted or do you expect him to make some impactful moves to try to get this team back to contending for the Cup?

Jesse Rogers
  (2:30 PM)

Again, on the surface I would say yes. Bowman is less likely to hit the panic button than others Im his mind Im sure he thinks breaking this up could lead to real under .500 kind of stuff...they made the playoffs, the team that beat them nearly got to the finals...they earned 101 points with some definitive holes..(special teams and tending)...get a net guy, maybe a little bigger on D and fix the special I do think it will be little but important moves...better players than odonnell, brunette, lepisto, etc.

Don (chicago) [via mobile]

I believe the Hawks should trade Kane before they regret it. What's your opinioopinion

Jesse Rogers
  (2:32 PM)

The most I could say is you might be on to something..he doesnt seem to be going in the right direction, forget the partying...66 points, bad on the pp this year..not coming to play as many nights as he should....BUT his skill is hard to come you dont give him away...

Kevin (Alaska)

If the Blackhawks have another performance like this year, would that equate to the dismissal of Stan and Q?

Jesse Rogers
  (2:33 PM)

I think Q is on the hot seat first..

Mike (Indy)

Any chance the Hawks make a move for a new goaltender?

Jesse Rogers
  (2:34 PM)

Small in my opinion...seem pretty set and hopeful for a recovery from Crawford

mike rod (chicago)

Should the hawks just let Oduya walk away and look to sign a bigger sized defenseman?

Jesse Rogers
  (2:35 PM)

I think they should let him walk..they can use that money elsewhere and how much can you tie up in less than impactful D-man...I dont see him coming back but I could be wrong

skip (aurora)

any early rumors on who will replace haviland and any rumors on where haviland will end up? From what I've read from you and other beat writers - he was a players guy. Will that have any impact in the locker room this year

Jesse Rogers
  (2:37 PM)

Look for Marc Crawford if he doesnt get a head coaching job and would take an assistants. I think he'll be offered it...Some impact..think Havi was the guy that told the players what they wanted to hear, maybe needed to hear to boost thier confidence...he def wasnt the bad cop so in that respect they will miss him im sure

Patrick (Tinley Park, Illinois) [via mobile]

What about Duncan Keith? He looked lost in many games this year and in te playoffs. Any chance they trade him and who would they possibly get?

Jesse Rogers
  (2:40 PM)

I cant tell you who they would get..they prob have not entertained the thought yet but yes I think he is tradeable...if they get Suter, etc. for sure... but around the league he is still liked and his numbers arent downright awful...just not Norris numbers right now...he's not a pp guy...if he can get back to just killing plays and adding assists through his speed he can be very effective...and play less minutes but he's not untouchable at all..

Jon (Loop)

Kane doesnt seem to be the answer at the second line center, what options are there in FA (if any). And if there isnt any decent options there where could the Hawks look via a trade to strengthen that position

Jesse Rogers
  (2:42 PM)

A lot of these questions about center from you guys...not a lot out there at a good price..jiri hudler? but he might be better at wing...some others that are prob too small..there is chatter about J.Staal in pitt...great fit in my opinion but would take a lot in a trade..of course the hawks have enough and thats one that would make sense going between diff conferences so I would explore those possibilities..

Mike (Indy)

Which young player do you see having the biggest impact for the Hawks this upcoming year?

Jesse Rogers
  (2:44 PM)

Hmm..Would love to Say Saad. Not sure if you consider Kruger in the category youre referring to but dont discount him..he will take strides, believe me...guy is committed and smart...maybe Olsen...really hard to predict young impact in May but those are the candidates..

Adam (Naperville)

Do you really think that Bowman will make any big moves like trading Kane or bringing in Suter this summer, or do you see more 1 year deals ahead of the next round of labor negotiations?

Jesse Rogers
  (2:46 PM)

I dont have any inside knowledge per se about what they will do right now but based on history and knowing how they feel I think its the smaller deals and it has little to do with the CBA...theire money is tied up in the stars of this team so it would take trading one of them to make a huge 2-3 mil guy like brunette was is a possibility but other than that they have to do it via trade...I guess I should have said it in last answer: if there is a new 2nd line center coming, its via trade not FA

Patrick (USA) [via mobile]

Any chance the hawks would go after Jared stoll? Perfect 2nd line center, but if the kings win the cup I don't see him moving

Jesse Rogers
  (2:48 PM)

I dont think so...he had 21 pts in 78 is that perfect? at pretty good money...kruger had that many pts.

Lisa (Chicago)

Do you think there are any Hawks who WANT to be moved out of Chicago? I realize that sometimes change is positive in a player's career.

Jesse Rogers
  (2:50 PM)

No, but I do wonder about Keith sometimes...I wonder if he feels he can never win with the fans unless he wins the Norris again so he MIGHT be a guy..I say MIGHT cause Ive never heard that from him or about him but you get a feeling for Kane, etc. no way. they love it it.

Dan (Northbrook)

Thoughts on the Hawks being so mum on Kane's WI escapades?

Jesse Rogers
  (2:54 PM)

Glad you asked...these idiots that wrote "how dare they be quiet" are dont call a press conference to address pictures and letters to the editor of a gossip type, next time the hawks have a "function" and there is media questions or fans questions its perfectly legit to ask "hey, we saw Kane partying, is that concern? should he be more careful on a college campus with knucklehead frat boys, etc. those are legit but there is nothing to call a special press conference dont draw more attention to it without something concrete,etc. and no deadspin letters are not concrete no matter how true they prob are

Ryan (SIU Carbondale, IL)

Jesse, thanks for the great reporting. With Viktor Stalberg's contract ending following the next season. What does he have to do to get another contract? Will simply recording the numbers he did this year be enough for the hawks to sign him again? Will he ask for too much? I got to believe other clubs will be looking at him. Thanks!

Jesse Rogers
  (2:56 PM)

I mean sure, if he repeats his numbers the hawks will prob want him..thats not really the question..its like you said how much does he want and how much do they have, etc. If he takes anotehr step to the 30 goal range then we're talking a big contract or major trade value etc...all in flux with another season before he's up...mauybe he gets off to a fast start and they lock him up..we'll see...that is def guy you want to see it again from before you spend big money, etc.

S. J. (Southern Illinois)

Is there any possiblity whatsoever if the Hawks hit a bad stretch like last year (9 game losing streak) that Stan gives Q the axe right there and Scotty steps in to take the reigns for the remainder of the season for one last shot? Or to awkward to be your Dad's boss?

Jesse Rogers
  (2:57 PM)

Wont be way...just wont be..but yes, this time around a nine game streak is more likely to sink Q than last year. For sure...but alot of factors is it happeneing? is it really on coaching...cant just make an assesment in a vaccum.

Jeff R (Dallas, TX)

Read through your blog yesterday and it mentioned that Q would be giving PP time to those who earn it. Did Stalberg never earn time on the PP by having the most points in the NHL without any accrued via PP, or was Q being handcuffed to not use him on the special teams by Bowman?

Jesse Rogers
  (2:59 PM)

No No NO. Bowman (Scotty) loves Stalberg..if anything it was the other way pp time just not to appease, I have no knowledge of but I do have knowledge that Q WAS not the biggest stalberg fan and bowmans were...Q never answered it except I think because he was redundant..they had the skill guys but not the grit/net guys? Not sure...

Patrick (USA) [via mobile]

Kyle beach. Those two words are interesting. Was injured most the season last year then came back in the playoffs for Rockford getting 3 goals in 4 games.... Is there ANY chance that hawks fans will finally see Kyle beach in the lineup this year?

Jesse Rogers
  (3:00 PM)

ANY? Yes. Most likely? Prob not

Tom O (Work)

Jesse, from what it sounds like from Stan we are going to have the same team as last year and the year before. Which means we have the same problems. No 2nd line center and bad goaltending. Any chance Stan finally gets a 2nd line center that won't get abused in the faceoff circle and on the ice.

Jesse Rogers
  (3:02 PM)

Probably not...and Craw wasnt bad two yrs ago...he can rebound..a lot of guys do in 3rd yr..Im not ready to call him a bust..maybe Im the dummy..I do agree he had a bad year..Maybe Kruger takes that next step but I dont see a new 2nd line center without a trade

AZ (Chicago)

Jesse, you keep bringing up getting a goaltender. While I agree with you that our goaltending was not getting the job done last season, we just gave Craw a contract. Who out there can we get that is affordable and will do a better job in your opinion? I just don't see an option...

Jesse Rogers
  (3:03 PM)

Some might say trade for Tim Thomas..and others might say you cant do worse..his numbers were awful..but I think a better PK will help him and he CAN be better...2nd yr slumps atre well documented at there is no OBVIOUS flaw to his game like being too small or dumb or cant stop any high shot...stuff like that...I think he can rebound...think

Ryan (SIU Carbondale, IL)

Do you think they will resign Mayers? Do you think they should? I for one, think he was one of the only guys that played with a chip on his shoulder. I also really respect the fact that he blamed his post season scratches on himself.

Jesse Rogers
  (3:06 PM)

You re-sign Mayers if you think he was and can be a good penalty killer. I guess he was but obviously at 39 there is probably others that might be better...but then again, he might be motivated to be great there if he knows thats his ticket to playing...make no mistake, those 3rd and 4th line guys (most of them) WILL BE PENALTY KILLers and if they cant do it..they wont have a job...

Mike (Illinois)

Do you think Patrick Kane is bothered by all of this negativity about him or does it just roll off and he will keep doing what he wants to do? Do you think he wants out of Chicago? Maybe a smaller market where some of these things arent out in the media as much?

Jesse Rogers
  (3:09 PM)

Does not want out...yes and no is the other answer...there is no way he cares or he wouldnt be going to a very public place on a party holiday wearing yellow t-shirts, etc. almost asking for trouble just by being there and drinking...HOWEVER, he prob doesnt think it SHOULD be negative...hes not doing anything illegal and hes not the first hockey player to party after his season ends.

Mark B (Chicago)

What do you think is going to happen with Luongo? And is there any chance the Hawks will get him? I know he makes a ton of money, but is there any way Vancouver can pay for some of the contract in a trade, similar to baseball?

Jesse Rogers
  (3:09 PM)

They cant. and no way is he coming...

hector (Pilsen)

in your opinion... who should we target and what would it take to achieve that goal???

Jesse Rogers
  (3:10 PM)

If Staal in Pitt is avail...I would put a package together that includes Bolland and Saad, etc. and get him...move Kruger to 3rd line and go from there...preview of my blog tomorrow!

Kevin (HawkeyTown, IL)

Have you heard anything from the Blackhawks or sources about what the conversation was around the UC after the leaked pictures of "Patrick Kane's Day Off" (Rated R, coming soon)? I really don't care about it, but wanted to know what the Hawks might be thinking. (See what I did there?)

Jesse Rogers
  (3:11 PM)

Not thrilled...and kind of worried he would be put himself in a position like that...potential for trouble..

Jesse Rogers
  (3:13 PM)

I think thats the bigger issue than "image". Who cares about think the hawks are known as a terrbile organization cause a 23 year old right winger parties in the offseason and you think kane cares about his image and why do the rest of his care aout his image? If I heard the word image associated with this thing one more time I was going to scream...image. Who cares

Jesse Rogers
  (3:13 PM)

Rest of us I meant to type...

Jesse Rogers
  (3:14 PM)

They care more about him getting in serious trouble with the law or a fight...I mean frat boys after drinking with a multi million dollar athlete in their misdts..what could wrong?

Mike (Indy)

Is Kane going to continue to play center or will he be moved back to wing?

Jesse Rogers
  (3:15 PM)

I think hes going to stay at wing except in emergencies

Rok (Geneva)

Kane, Toews, Hossa, Sharp. Too top heavy? Does moving one (not Toews) for a couple of 2nd tier players improve the whole?

Jesse Rogers
  (3:15 PM)

Its a legit question...I think they will or have considered that and will/have dismissed it...unless unforeseeen circumstances change that...

Jesse Rogers
  (3:17 PM)

Thats it for this week..thanks folks..good agency still a month away so plenty of time for speculation..we'll do this again soo..check out my blog for more offseason stuff...and follow me on twitter can email me at care