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June 8, 3:00 PM ET
Chat with Andrew Feldman

Andrew Feldman
  (3:00 PM)

Hey everyone! Welcome to today's WSOP chat! Send in the questions and I'll get started in a few

John (NYC)

What was up with Ivey in the shootout yesterday? All in pre with AJ early on? Was he just trying to dump chips and go play in the stud 8?

Andrew Feldman
  (3:04 PM)

It was probably on his mind that he had a solid stack in the Stud 8 and probably a bigger favorite in that game than in the shootout. It seemed like it was a go big or go home type move, but that brings us back to the discussion about the players that participate in more than one event at a time. Clearly busting the shootout wasn't really a concern of his since he rebounded and is 6th heading into the final day of the Stud8 event.

Chad L (Chicago)

Hey Andrew! What happened to Norman in the Stud 8/B tourney? He seemed like he was going to cruise into the money.

Andrew Feldman
  (3:04 PM)


Kurt (Indianapolis)

Does Phil Hellmuth just not want to put up 1 million out of his own pocket or does he not actually have the money? For someone who is the "greatest NL Hold'em tournament player of all time", seems he would want to get in on the One Drop very much.

Andrew Feldman
  (3:07 PM)

I can't comment on whether or not he has the money, but the super high roller events seem to never really appeal to Hellmuth. He's never been one to participate in them consistently. And really, it's a million dollars! Not many of these guys are on their own in this event and it probably would've been tough for Hellmuth to find enough backing to play.

Kevin (Syracuse)

Seth Palansky and other WSOP staff keep saying the OneDrop cap is a firm 48. What happens if a Hellmuth or similar big name just can't come up with the money in time (which appears to be very soon).

Andrew Feldman
  (3:08 PM)

Firm cap. Not going to dumb as that is. The fact that a bracelet is being awarded to the champion should require that its an open event for all to play. I know that they want the feeling of exclusivity for this tournament, and they're getting it, but there should've been no cap to begin with. $111K per player is going to charity...why would you want to limit that?

Charles (DC)

What's a good NLH book you recommend for players just starting out but also have the fundamentals already down? Thanks.

Andrew Feldman
  (3:10 PM)

Same answer I'd give for the past few years, Harrington on Hold'em. The game has definitely changed since when it was written, but that series is worth your time and still is a great way for someone to improve their game.

Eric (MI)

Will we know how much of themselves the Onedrop participants have of themselves in the event? Will we know who has pieces of other players?

Andrew Feldman
  (3:14 PM)

I don't think we'll know who sold what pieces. I'm sure that the players will be open to discussing how much they have of themselves after they win, but probably not a topic they'll go into great detail about. The only people who probably have 100% of themselves might be the businessmen who are playing.

Bill (Northeast of Bristol)

With such a big you think selling pieces of themselves off in smaller buy-in events is common with players as it is in the bigger buy-in events?!

Andrew Feldman
  (3:16 PM)

Extremely common. Most players will sell a package that will include all their events, big and small buy ins. Also, the players who aren't pros and aren't playing for a living might sell pieces too to limit their risk.

Cris (NJ)

Who do you think is the biggest favorite to take home another bracelet today - Ivey, Hellmuth, Madsen, or Flack?

Andrew Feldman
  (3:20 PM)

Both events are completely stacked and for any of these four to win the bracelet they'd have to play better than they ever have before. I'm leaning towards Hellmuth out of this group...even Ivey doesn't want it more than him.

Steve (NYC)

Anyway to watch the stud8 final table online tonight?

Andrew Feldman
  (3:20 PM) is streaming the final three tables today...

jason (new york)

what do you think the attendance will be like at the small buy in no limit tourneys this weekend?

Andrew Feldman
  (3:22 PM)

I think we're going to see the largest events of the WSOP this weekend. The timing is right, the buy-ins are right and these are the events that usually draw well. I'll take the over on 3600, under on 4400.

Andrew Feldman
  (3:23 PM)

Hate to do this everyone, but need to cut today's chat short. I'll be back next week with more, but enjoy tonight's coverage of the Stud 8...going to be an incredible final table.