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June 12, 3:00 PM ET
Chat with Carter Strickland

Chris Fiegler (Latham,NY)

What is the Oldest Sport at the University of Texas?

Carter Strickland
  (3:02 PM)

Good lord, I'm old but I'm not that old. I have no idea off the top of my head. But I am willing to say the most important sport at UT is football.

Derrin (Plano, TX)

Which defensive back does UT covet most with Smith committing to Bama?

Carter Strickland
  (3:04 PM)

I'm not sure there is one guy that they feel is a must have. Now if you want the best defensive back it might be Harris. But I'm not so sure Texas is convinced they are going to get a legit shot at him. I think 2014 is going to be a much more DB heavy recruiting class.

Tony (Richmond, CA)

What's the latest with Rick Barnes 2013 recruiting? How many of the top prospects in the state do the Horns have a serious chance of landing?

Carter Strickland
  (3:06 PM)

Well Texas is loaded with guys in the state in hoops next year. There are a couple of issues for Rick and UT though. First is a scholarship issue. Texas is only going to have a couple of scholarships to work with and that is if Kabongo leaves. So i think what you might see happen is Texas jettisons some of the guys down near the ned of the bench and signs a guy or two in the late signing period.Now the second problem is Baylor. The system the Bears are running is very attractive to players. It's basically AAU style with better uniforms. They are not required to play defense that much and they can show off their athleticism. The Houston twins are the guys everyone wants. I don't think Texas has a shot at all.

Tony (Richmond, CA)

Is there any first team all conference potential along the offensive line this year?

Carter Strickland
  (3:07 PM)

Mason Walters for sure. I like Josh Cochran too. He is not an all conference guy yet. But he will be as a junior and senior. This is a very good line that is going to be excellent in the 2013 season. They will be good in 2012. But 2013 is going to be the banner year for the Texas offensive line.

rasean (pensacola)

what will Byron Echols do for Texas this season

Carter Strickland
  (3:08 PM)

Redshirt. I just don't think he will play this season. Texas is set at his position and unless there is an injury look for him to be a member of the scout team.

ChrisJ (Houston)

What is your take on UT not offering sophmores and other guys this year who would have committed but now either committed else where or taking their time committing, also is Maurice Smith committed to Alabama? I like them taking their time because I believe they can always get quantity but the hardest part is to determine how that quantity is going to turn out on campus in a few years.

Carter Strickland
  (3:11 PM)

The sophomore thing is very tough. I think Texas is going to have to be more aggressive with the sophomores and maybe stop just short of offering them. Now one thing you have to consider is Texas had top recruiting classes but it has also had a ton of guys mot make it once they enroll. i think the number is 18 kids have left the program in the past 12 months.Mack Brown talked about not just signing kids but signing the right kids who will be around for four years. To do that Texas is going to have to invest some time in evaluations. It's hard to do that when the kid is just a sophomore. I am more of the mind to wait on most unless you just have an exceptional kid who is can't miss. There are not very many of those.

rasean (pensacola)

who will be the biggest impact freshmen for texas

Carter Strickland
  (3:14 PM)

Tough one because the guys who play are all going to make an impact. I think Johnathan Gray is the easy answer. The guy is going to get touches all over the field and he is going to score points.Some might say Malcom Brown but he is going to be buried on the depth chart so I'm not seeing that. Ditto with Shiro Davis. I'm going to go out on a limb here and say Daje Johnson. I think he is going to be used in a variety of ways and if he gets his hands on the football has a chance to be explosive.

MacDaddy (Philly)

With the de-committment of RSJ, will Texas look to expand their WR search or retain focus on RSJ and resell him on the 40 acres?

Carter Strickland
  (3:18 PM)

I don't think the RSJ deal is over by a long stretch. I really believe Texas will hold a spot open for him until the last possible second. Now what you might see happen is that as signing day nears RSJ tells Texas he is firmly committed to wherever it is he is going. Then Texas might try to swoop in and grab another wide receiver. Texas is going to keep lines of communication open with all the receivers on its board just don;t see them offering another one until they are definite RSJ is gone for sure.

rasean (pensacola)

Do you see texas basketball beating either michigan state, north carolina, georgetown, or kansas this year

Carter Strickland
  (3:19 PM)

No. But what I do see is Texas become a better and better team as the season progress. I think they are going to be a bit raw in the non conference. But as they go through the conference slate they are going to be tough to deal with. I still think KU and Baylor hold an edge. But come tourney time no one is going to want to play Texas.

Mando (Houston, Tx)

Hey Carter! What are your thoughts on rsj? Do you think he comes back? I heard on some sites that lsu seems to think they have him in the bag. Anybody else we should be concerned about to get him? Also, what have you heard on a'shawn robinson? is he still solid on the horns? I heard usc is coming after him. In the end, I know we will be fine, but just asking.

Carter Strickland
  (3:21 PM)

I don't think you need to worry about Robinson. Guys are going to listen to other programs. It's the summer. Players are traveling places, listening to people and most of all everyone is just waiting for football to start. So that means there are going to be some rumors that pop up.Now as for RSJ. I do not think it is over. I think Texas will be in the mix until the end. But it does not help them that he decided to look elsewhere. Makes the whole recruiting job much tougher.

Matt (Houston)

Anyway Texas competers for the Big 12 title this year or is Oklahoma the run away favorite?

Carter Strickland
  (3:23 PM)

Don't forget about KSU. I think Texas stands a very good chance against OU. Texas is better on both sides of the line in the trenches. It has a better secondary. It also has a better running game. What OU has is a QB, wide receivers - even without REynolds - decent special teams, very good coaches and quite frankly a tougher mentality when it comes to the RRR. But that is a game Texas has the talent to win if the QBs perform just halfway decent.

Tony (Richmond, CA)

Will Texas go after either of top receivers in California (Darrell Daniel, Denorea Stringfellow) with USC landing their second, and likely final, WR commitment this past weekend, given their limited scholarships, with Ricky Seals-Jones decommiting. Do you think the Horns can get him back in the fold by Signining Day?

Carter Strickland
  (3:24 PM)

I think the priority is to stay on RSJ. Texas is going to stay in contact with the top uncommitted guys out there. And you might see a signing day surprise like with Davis. But Texas really wants RSJ and is going to go for broke trying to get him.

Malik (Houston)

How has the team looked during 7 on 7.

Carter Strickland
  (3:25 PM)

Not something we get to watch. But i can tell you the reports on Ash is that he is maturing and throwing the ball with more confidence. But he still is what he is. Don't expect dramatic changes in him. But at least during the skelly drills he has been much more forceful in attitude and with the ball.

Tony (Richmond, CA)

How many First Team All Big XII players will the Horns have on defense this year?

Carter Strickland
  (3:27 PM)

Wow good one. i say they will have four and maybe five. I think there is the possibility of two on the defensive line and two in the secondary. And then if Hicks has a monster year they gets guy there. But there is no way you would trade Byndom, Vaccaro, Okafor and Jeffcoat for anyone in the conference.

rasean (pensacola)

who will be the leader in assist, points, rebounds, and blocks per game for texas basketball

Carter Strickland
  (3:29 PM)

Whew, let's see. Assists is going to Felix. Points Kabongo and a ton of those are going to come from the free throw line. Cameron Ridley in rebounds. And Prince Ibah with blocks.

Carter Strickland
  (3:30 PM)

Looks like that is the end of the questions. Thanks for being a part of the chat. Sean will be back on to chat Friday at 11 a.m.