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June 29, 9:00 PM ET
Live Online Chat with Danny Way
  (9:21 PM)

We're here with Danny Way to answer your questions so bring'em on!!

Sanders (Seattle)

Who do you think is going to win Skate Big Air tonight?

  (9:24 PM)

It's hard to say going into it, the wind, the injuries. My money is on Jake or Bob. But you never know.

Joe N. (Chicago)

Why aren't your competing in X Games?

  (9:25 PM)

My heart doesn't lay in competition but progression.

Sylas (FL)

Is your documentary showing in theaters? Where can I watch it?

  (9:26 PM)

It'll be out in theaters in the Fall.

Sam (Burlington NC)

What's the next evolutionary step for Big Air? Bigger gaps? Elementary school kids?

  (9:27 PM)

Whole new ramp design that opens the field to street oriented guys.

Matty (LA)

How hard was it building that ramp in Hawaii?

  (9:29 PM)

Rain! Is not easy to build a ramp in 4 foot of water in three days.

Julian (SF)

What about a mega pipe? Like a mega loop?

  (9:29 PM)

Anything's possible Mega size!

Noelle (Miami, FL)

Which skateboarder did you idolize as a kid?

  (9:30 PM)

Hosoi obviously. For most part Hosoi was my main guy.

Piper (Sacramento)

Is Burnquist OK after that crash? Think he'll be in top form tonight?

  (9:31 PM)

I think his performance should be

mike (d)

Is it true that Bob Burnquist and yourself are really inter-dimensional beings of rad?

  (9:32 PM)

Sure homie.

Geoff (Boise)

Have you read Hosoi's new book? It any good?

  (9:33 PM)

No. I heard it was awesome

mike (d)

have you had any poachers at your ramp yet?

  (9:34 PM)


Larry (Atlanta)

Do you think competition is fueling progression?

  (9:35 PM)

Depends what kind of progression: relative progression? Relative to the sport or relevant to progression

taylor (louisiana)

what is your favorite trick

  (9:36 PM)

Backside lipslide

Andy (Portland)

Ever just go skate a curb?

  (9:36 PM)


Tim (Atl, GA)

When is X Games going to return Big Rail? That stuff is gnarly!

  (9:38 PM)

When they open up the field to the guys that are actually progressing the sport

Drew (GA)

Gonna jump over anything bigger than the great wall any time soon?

  (9:39 PM)

Can I get ahold of the Chinese and see if they got anything bigger than a wall

Julio (Santee, Ca.)

Are you going to start driving Rally?

  (9:40 PM)

Maybe. I'm racing Super Lite truck series right now.

Sarge (KT.)

I know you ride moto, ever try a back flip?

  (9:42 PM)

Never tried one but would love to. Never had the spot to try it.

Tony (NY)

Who's the best pool skater, vert skater, street skater? Who's the most OG?

  (9:43 PM)

I have so many favorites. I can't say one or the other. To many guys that are to good to choose.

Frank (Ely, NV.)

And how high could you go if you had enough speed?

  (9:45 PM)

Depends on how good the speed was.

Matthew (MA)

what factor do you think the wind will play in tonights big air comp

  (9:46 PM)

Major factor! and air pressure is another factor!

Jenni (PA)

Have you had any really strange fan encounters? What's the weirdest one?

  (9:48 PM)

I bought this crazy Dyson fan the other day- it doesn't have blades- really weird!!

Julie (Carlsbad, CAli.)

Did you win a marathon with Christian Fletcher?

  (9:49 PM)

Wasn't a marathon.

Barney (Tenn.)

What do you like to watch at X Games other than skating?

  (9:51 PM)

Eco rock climbing- like in the first X Games

Hannah (Tampa, FL)

How was it breaking the world land speed record beside rob dyrdek's t-rex? How does that compare to the mega ramp?

  (9:52 PM)

The T-Rex thing was a joke- for fun. I would never compare that to MegaRamp skating

Hannah (Tampa, FL)

will this be sheckler's 4th win at xgames?

  (9:53 PM)

Why you asking me that? You might want to check on that yourself- I'm not his manager

JoJo (Hawaii)

What else are you going to build in Hawaii?

  (9:55 PM)

Volcano? As much as I can. You help me buy lumber and bring man power.. I'll build until the island is taken out by a tsunami

Lance (Burbank, CA.)

Why don't you put a pole jam up the Mega step-up?

  (9:55 PM)

OK- sure

Rex (Chicago, IL)

Danny first I want to say you are one of the sickest guys ever and I was wondering what is the scariest thing you have ever done on a skateboard?

  (9:57 PM)

Double backflip on the mega

Hannah (Tampa, FL)

Whats your worse injury?

  (9:58 PM)

Broken neck- surfing

Don (SF)

I loved you in the Blind years! Big pants, big shirt- you still have some of your old Blind boards?

Tammy (MD.)

Do you still surf?

  (9:59 PM)

Yes I do- until I die.

Jordan (Klamath Falls)

Do you still skate street?

  (10:00 PM)

Yes- I skate everything

Matthew (MA)

who do you think has more pessure on them,young guys or older

  (10:00 PM)

Of course the old guys

Grace (san francisco, california)

Aside from skateboarding, what other sports are you into?

  (10:02 PM)

Music, off-road truck racing

Gil Theelander (Burbank, CA)

When did you do your last handrail?

  (10:03 PM)

Last handrails I did messed me up pretty bad- not worth it for me anymore
  (10:03 PM)

Thanks Danny!!!!