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June 29, 11:00 PM ET
Live chat with the Pastranas
  (10:48 PM)

Hey guys, sorry for the delay! We're here with Travis and Lyn-Z Pastrana

Christina (Apostolou)

How could I meet you guys?

  (10:49 PM)

X Games! Same friends same sponsors

Jady (Austin, TX)

Yo! Travis, did that RallyCross crash today scare you?

  (10:50 PM)

Technical course. I was bummed for Heikkinen, but in X Games every thing's bigger. Mistakes have recourses, can't wait for the jump tomorrow

Marcela Rivera (Mazatlan, Mexico)

Hey Travis and Lynz! I?m a 17 year old girl and i want to get into motocross, i just love it! Any advice? You are my idol, i?m a huge fan. I would love to meet you or even more race with you, hope to meet both of you some day. By the way, congrats you two, you make a great couple!

  (10:51 PM)

Safety first!

  (10:52 PM)

Just start riding. If you love riding you'll find a way to get better.

Christina (Apostolou)

My life long dream was to hang out with you guys for like a day n do every crazy thing possible

  (10:53 PM)

Be careful for what you ask for!

Cody (Mirto)

Travis ive looked up to for a very long time...what do u have planned for upcoming tricks in xgames?

  (10:55 PM)

I really want to follow the route of D. Way and start to building ramps and obstacles. But for right now cars are my life

Amber (Tucson, AZ)

Travis, how's your ankle doing? Is it making it a little harder for you to drive, both in Rally and Nationwide?

  (10:56 PM)

Ankle isn't a problem with driving but it's made it harder to keep up in the action sports world.

KJ (Arizona)

How did the Nitro movie premiere go the other night?

  (10:57 PM)

Absolutely epic!! The response was greater than we hoped for. It's really neat for us because we self funded this project and to see it go to theaters- Comes out August 8th

Marcela Rivera (Mazatlan, Mexico)

Travis you think Moore is gonna land the 720?

  (10:59 PM)

I hope so. He's been working hard on it for the past 4 years. He's on the Nitro Live show and it's been fun to see all the tricks he's brought to the table

Niia (PA)

who are you guys rooting for to win Big Air?

  (11:00 PM)

I want to see everyone land they're tricks. I want to see Tom land the 1080

Remi (Bordeaux, France)

Are you afraid of Sebastien Loeb accepting your challenge ? What competition level do you expect this year ?

  (11:02 PM)

X GAmes is all about going against the best. He's the best but it'll be his first Rally Cross and his time in the states. We raced go-karts this mourning and I beat him both heats- I'm off to a good start

Larsen (LA)

Lyn-Z, why do you think Burnquist's 720 beat Brusco's 900? I'm pissed

  (11:03 PM)

Because Bob 720 was frontside and no one does it like that.

pano g (colorado)

Travis has Lyn-Z convinced you 2 try skateboarding yet?

  (11:04 PM)

Heck no! I don't have enough balance for that!

  (11:05 PM)

No way! I don't want to have to push him a wheel chair

Larsen (LA)

All right. Fair enough. I'm still rooting for Mitchie B

  (11:05 PM)

Yeah I love Mitch too, I've known him since he was 4

Mike (LA)

Hey trav ever thinking of backflipping a rally car

  (11:07 PM)

There's no way to get the rotation out of a car unless you use hydraulics or weights
  (11:08 PM)

Alright, thanks Travis and Lyn-Z. Enjoy the X Games

Carla (New York)

Hey Travis and Lyn-Z, I just wanted to say you have no idea how respect I have for you guys for going out and doing everything and pushing life. You inspired me to start dirt biking and doing things that 14 year old girls normally wouldn't. I just love everything you guys stand for. When did you two start getting an urge to start doing unbelievable things? And how did you meet?