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June 29, 1:00 PM ET
Chat with Myron Medcalf

Myron Medcalf
  (1:01 PM)

What's up, everybody? Time to talk about the NBA draft.

mike from gary ind [via mobile]

What do you think about the bulls taking teague in the draft? Also do you think he was drafted to replace rose. And finally do you think rose should play at all next year?

Myron Medcalf
  (1:02 PM)

I think Teague would be a lottery pick with another year under his belt. He's a talented guard that serves as a good backup for Rose. But, I think he's be capable of running the show if necessary during Rose's recovery. Replace Rose? No way. Help the Bulls while Rose gets healthy? Yep.

Frank (New Orleans)

With so many concerns surrounding Fab Melo including motivation and his basketball IQ, how do you see his transiton from the college to pro game?

Myron Medcalf
  (1:03 PM)

He made a great transition from Year 1 to Year 2. His conditioning improved. Believe it or not, he got stronger and he had his head in the game. Look at the way Syracuse suffered without him. He's big. He's a shot-blocker. That definitely helps the Celtics. And I think Fab Melo will have some immediate success on the defensive end. He may never find an offense. But he's a talented defender.

Corey (SLC)

What kind of impact do you see Damien Lillard having with the TrailBlazers? Is he a key player or will he end up in the D-League?

Myron Medcalf
  (1:05 PM)

All positives on Lillard. He was an NBA prospect a year ago. But injury affected his stock. I think he's a talented guard. He's bigger than we assumed entering the draft. And although he didn't face prime talent, he's a proven facilitator. I like the pick.

Sam Mendota Heighs MN [via mobile]

Do you belive that Perry Jones should have been picked higher considering tha he didnt look like he had problems at baylor. And a skill veteren Boston team could afford to take the risk

Myron Medcalf
  (1:07 PM)

I think Perry Jones would have made sense anywhere from 10-20, considering his athleticism and potential. But I understand the concern. And I understand the fall. He's a potential guy. He's been a potential guy for two years. If he puts it together, he could be Amare. But he's been so inconsistent that it's hard to project. Boston could have taken the risk, for sure.

Alex K (Raleigh, NC)

I saw that CJ Leslie is currently at #18 on your mock 2013 NBA draft. Towards the end of the season, he was averaging around 18pts 8reb and 2 blocks a game. Is he a consistent mid-range jumper away from being a lottery pick? Also, Lorenzo Brown showed his abilities late in the season, flirting with a couple of triple doubles in the NCAA Tournament. Knee injury aside, what do you think his chances will be for a mid 1st round pick?

Myron Medcalf
  (1:08 PM)

I covered the Columbus regional and C.J. Leslie was amazing. Everything we thought he could (when he signed with N.C. State), he did. He needs a consistent jump shot. And he has to play high-level ball for an entire season. He could be a lottery pick if he does that. Ditto for Brown. But that knee injury could be bad news. Let's see how he recovers.

Shawn (Springfield, MA)

Realistically speaking, is Royce White's "anxieties" really going to affect his play? Or has this been overblown?

Myron Medcalf
  (1:09 PM)

I think they're overblown. Anxiety didn't stop him from dominating against Kentucky. Or from leading his team in six categories (the only major conference player to do that). He could be a very good NBA forward. It's not like the anxiety issue is new for him. It's new for us.

Parker (Ohio)

What do you think the Pacers were thinking when they took Miles Plumlee?

Myron Medcalf
  (1:10 PM)

No clue. I'm confused. Better players were available. Still unsure on that one.

Scott (Northglenn, CO)

Evan Fournier - any knowledge on the Frenchy? Should I be excited on his potential?

Myron Medcalf
  (1:12 PM)

No knowledge whatsoever. But he looked good in the 30 second video clip they showed during the draft.

Squall (Balamb Garden)

3 questions for you: Which of the just-drafted Tar Heels will have the [best/most interesting/most impact in his] rookie season?

Myron Medcalf
  (1:13 PM)

Best/most impact (feels like the same question): I'll go with Harrison Barnes, Henson right behind him. Most interesting: Tyler Zeller. Interested to see how they use him in Cleveland. Has the talent to be a starter in that rotation.

Brad (philadelphia, pa)

Myron, Were you as perplexed as all Philly fans with the Harkless pick? It's a redundant pick similar skill set/ weak shooter that they already have in Iggy, Turner, Thad young, and now Harkless. your thoughts?

Myron Medcalf
  (1:15 PM)

Yeah, I wanted to be in the meeting. "Let's see ... How can we add another 6-7/6-8 athlete that loves to run the floor .. one more and we're up to 5... Get the Harkless kid!" .. I just don't get it. But Harkless has potential. But this is the type of move that stunts a players potential. Where does he fit in that rotation with so many similar players? Where's the diversity?

Scott (Northglenn, CO)

Had heard that Quincy Miller could have been a lottery pick next year...pretty nice pick for the Nugs in the 2nd round right?

Myron Medcalf
  (1:16 PM)

Potentially. Yes, if he returns he's lottery. But he's a 6-10 athlete with a versatile skill set. Could really blossom there. But he gave up guaranteed money by leaving.

cameron (lexington)

After losing 6, yes six, players in this years NBA draft, is it really true Kentucky is in position to make another Final Four run?

Myron Medcalf
  (1:17 PM)

Yes. They're adding two lottery picks (Nerlens Noel, Alex Poythress). They'll have another talented core of NBA-level guys. I could definitely see them in Atlanta.

Jeremy H (Minneapolis)

Myron, how do guys like Dion Waiters and Damian Lillard go in the top 10 in the draft? Both have future NBA sixth man written all over them...

Myron Medcalf
  (1:19 PM)

I understand Lillard. Hard to find a skilled PG with experience and size. Lillard could be a starter for a long time. Waiters ... not really sure. He'll score a lot. I think he has that NBA scorer's mentality. But, not sure what else he does to warrant No. 4. We'll see.

Dakota Pfeiffer (Seymour, Indiana)

What do you think Cody Zeller will average with a true point guard in Yogi ferrell feeding him the ball next year?? and will you think his rebounds will go up much?

Myron Medcalf
  (1:20 PM)

Hard to project averages. But he'll be better. Probably the No. 1 pick in next year's draft, if he leaves. Tom Crean says he's going to be more involved in his offense. Beyond the post. Question is what will Yogi average with Zeller next to him? Helps everyone.

Tony (Richmond, CA)

Is Kendall Marshall the long term solution in Phoenix? Will he be a poor man's Mark Jackson or something much less?

Myron Medcalf
  (1:22 PM)

I think he is. Steve Nash might leave this summer. Marshall is a young point guard who's led a crew of talented, NBA-level players. He's a leader and he's a great facilitator. Doesn't matter who he's playing with. If he's healthy, UNC gets to the national title game, IMO. I like that pick and Marshall's future.

Scott (Northglenn, CO)

How surprising was it that Scott Machado wasn't drafted?

Myron Medcalf
  (1:24 PM)

I was really surprised. Just because he plays a crucial position. You can always find athletic 3/4 types. But it's more difficult to identify good point guards. I like his game and I think he'll find a roster slot.

JeremyB666 (Kewadin, MI)

As a Pistons fan I am very happy with the pick of Andre Drummond. Where do you see him NBA game in say, three years?

Myron Medcalf
  (1:26 PM)

Two thoughts... My first thought was "Why do you pair a motor-issues guy (Drummond) with another motor-issues guy (Monroe)?" How does that help you in the long run? But based on skill, it's a good pick. Drummond could be an all-star if he's dialed in. We just didn't see that consistently during his time at UConn. But UConn was a mess.

Sal (ATL)

Who are your projected top three players picked in next years NBA Draft?

Myron Medcalf
  (1:28 PM)

1. Cody Zeller 2. Nerlens Noel3. Shabazz Muhammed

Korey (Pittsburgh, PA)

Saw incoming Pitt center Steven Adams recently play, and he looks like a one and done for sure. What kink of numbers should Pitt fans expect from him, and do you think he will go top-5 in the draft next year

Myron Medcalf
  (1:30 PM)

He's a beast. Here's the thing with Adams. We see the word "international big man" and we think "finesse but no aggression." That's not the situation with Adams. I think he's a one and done. I could see him being a double-double guy in Year 1.

Dan (Atlantic City)

Myron, if the Sixers wind up dealing Iguodala - which seems likely - how would you feel about the Harkless pick then?

Myron Medcalf
  (1:32 PM)

How many projects can that franchise afford? I just think there were some guys behind Harkless that could help them right away.

Ryan (ABQ)

Now that the Magic picked their guys what can we expect out of Nicolson? Is he a SF, PF or both depending on the coach?

Myron Medcalf
  (1:34 PM)

I think he's a 3.5. And that's not rare anymore. Not the world's greatest athlete. But skilled and polished. He's a rotation guy on Day 1. I love his game.

Jeff (NY)

Why does it seem like everyone has given up on Rakeem Christmas? Surely the talent that made him a 5 star recruit didn't just disappear because he was on the deepest team in the country last year. Perhaps he makes a jump similar to what Patric Young had. Agree?

Myron Medcalf
  (1:36 PM)

I don't think anyone gave up on him. He'll have his chance next season. He played with a talented crew. But he has to be a high-level contributor even with Coleman coming in. Let's see if he can be that for a Syracuse squad that could make another run at the title.

Devin Brooks (Detroit)

Myron, Let me just say I disagree with you about Drummond, He is 18 will be 19 this fall, why are downing it with this motor.. HUH... if you are Dumars WHO DO YOU PICK THEN.. huh, I know you dont think we take John Skinny Henson, dont get me wrong he might be OK, but shoot man, we got two skinny guys now on our team with Tay and Daye.. now, Zeller NO.. now I do like Meyers so I wouldnt been piss about that pick, but I like Drummond more.. but I see you dont understand talent because if you do.. we could the Pistons could be like the Spurs with Duncan and Robinson in three years.. BOOM

Myron Medcalf
  (1:39 PM)

Read the full statement. I also said that he might be an all-star one day. But I'm just stating the truth. There were questions about his motor throughout his first year at UConn. I know he's young. But I think Henson and Zeller were better picks there. Just one man's opinion. But Drummond definitely has potential.

Rick (Kansas)

Will Thomas Robinson's commitment and work ethic rub off on Cousins, or will Cousins laziness and non-focus rub off on T-Rob?

Myron Medcalf
  (1:41 PM)

Well, let's check Cousins' numbers from last season. 18/11. Not bad. He had some side drama last year but Cousins' produced. IMO, they're so similar. Not sure how they share the lane. But if the chemistry works, wow. Will be a great young frontcourt, one of the best in the league.

Tony (Richmond, CA)

Will UNC's JMM be a Top 5 pick next year?

Myron Medcalf
  (1:42 PM)

Yep. Especially as the featured guy on that team.

4Guards (Bloomington, IN)

Do you see Victor Oladipo of IU possibly entering the draft next season? I think hes a big time talent with serious athleticism and a great motor.

Myron Medcalf
  (1:44 PM)

Let's see what he adds to his game this offseason. NBA-level athleticism, no doubt. But he has to expand his game. If he does that ... and Dion Waiters can go No. 4 ... you never know. But he has to produce more/consistently.

Myron Medcalf
  (1:45 PM)

Folks, thank you for your time. If I missed your question, shoot me a note at Or find me on Twitter: @MedcalfByESPN.

Myron Medcalf
  (1:45 PM)

Have a great weekend.