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September 18, 2:00 PM ET
Chat with Terry Blount

Terry Blount
  (2:01 PM)

What's up gang?

Ron (Smithville)

Hey Terry, how come the cheap shot at The Busch Brothers in your turn 2 comments about whatshisname in the #2? Why should Kurt and Kyle change when they command way more respect within the sport than #2?

Terry Blount
  (2:02 PM)

We'll agree to disagree on that one. Kurt's temper caused him to lose a quality ride and he's still trying to get another one. They could could learn better how to handle themselves from Brad.

Briton (West Virginia)

Terry, With Ryan Blaney winning this weekend it would seem that he is another great young talent. Will he be rushed to cup like logano or will a team actually take the time to let him develop in the lower series?

Terry Blount
  (2:04 PM)

His dad won't make the mistake of rushing Ryan to Cup. I'm so glad to see what this kid is doing. His father is a much better driver than most people realize, but he's never gotten a chance in top equipment. Ryan is going to get that chance soon.

Dani (California)

There has been talk of Greg Biffle becoming the first trucks/nationwide/sprint cup champion. Is it possible that we could see a Nationwide/Sprint Cup champion going down to trucks to claim finish that triple crown?

Terry Blount
  (2:05 PM)

Sure, it's possible for someone at the end of their career when they can't get a Cup ride any longer, but not likely.

Brandon (Texas)

Hi Terry, a lot of pleople are mad that Sam Hornish did not get the 22 car next year, my opinion is that Sam has not proven himself at a lower series this year with 26 starts 8 top 5's and O WINS while Logano has 16 starts 8 top 5's and 6 WINS. I think Penske made the right decision.

Terry Blount
  (2:06 PM)

I guess we'll see. Sam has shown a lot of improvement this year, but I have no problem with Roger hiring Joey. It's put-up or shut-time time now for Joey in Cup.

Kevin (Nevada)

Should cup drivers try to do more to help their Nationwide teammates to win, rather than just beating them week in and week out?

Terry Blount
  (2:06 PM)

Yes they should. They should stop racing in NW events.

Tony (Hampton Ga.)

Who are your top five and a darkhorse this weekend?

Terry Blount
  (2:08 PM)

Stewart, Brad K, Newman, Edwards, Kenseth. My darkhorse is Logano.

Jamerson (Georgia)

I am surprised but also pleased with the changes being made at JR Motorsports. I've thought for a while that the Eurys were past their prime and hadn't kept up with the rest of the sport, but I didn't think Dale and Kelley had the courage to fire them. Do you think they made the right decision in getting rid of Tony Sr. and Tony Jr.?

Terry Blount
  (2:10 PM)

I know this was a difficult and emotional decision for Kelley and Dale. The Eurys are family. But a change was needed. The cars aren't as fast as they should be.

Tim (San Francisco)

Hey Terry - the average finish for the first Chase race for the eventual champion since it's inception is 10th place. Let's not go crowning anyone champion yet...just saying. Maybe this is a sign that Bowyer (10th at Chicago) is the 2012 Champ.

Terry Blount
  (2:11 PM)

Maybe. I wouldn't count him out. And I wouldn't dare crown anyone just yet. I think everyone is still in it with the possible exceception of Gordon. He's a full race back in points with 11 guys to pass. Won't happen.

Dan (NC)

In the past you have said NASCAR needs tracks near NY, Den, Sea. But since a Chase race near Chicago can't get 70k why would putting tracks near other big cities work better than Chicago has? Pocono & Bristol are in the middle of nowhere and draw better than Chicago.

Terry Blount
  (2:13 PM)

Because it isn't just about attendance Dan. It';s about exposure in large media markets. It's giving sponsors a chance to wine and dine clients in major markets. NASCAR can't grow if it only races in rural areas.

Rob F (Hoboken, NJ)

Hi Terry. I understand Gordon had more bad luck and likely won't win the title, but I'm more concerned about the guys who seemed to have run poorly like Biffle and Truex. Gordon was competitive yesterday, but those guys along with a few other chasers looked lost. Also, BK won me over with that move he put on Johnson. Brad has shown to not only be ballsy (his first win) but smart (see last year's Bristol win with the timing loops and the move he put on Kyle at 'Dega). I hope he wins the title on several levels.

Terry Blount
  (2:14 PM)

BK winning the title would be good for NASCAR because he's a guy who will say what he thinks and his opopularity is soaring.

Tom (Houston)

Two-part question: with the news that AJ has been done with the Road to Recovery program for three weeks, when might NASCAR move to re-instate him? And, where do you see AJ racing next year? If not for Penske in IndyCar, surely Penske's endorsement of him has to go a long way, right?

Terry Blount
  (2:15 PM)

I don't think we'll see AJ reinstated this year. As for Penske in IndyCar, I don't see that happeneing either. I think AJ is going to have a take a lesser ride in NW or trucks.

Tim (AZ)

I find it odd that there hasnt been more talk regarding the shock that shot out of the 17 under caution. Is it just so obvious, given the situation with Kenseth leaving, what happened there that there isnt much to say about it? From Matt's radio comments, maybe things arn't so swell or professional in the 17 camp? Thanks Terry

Terry Blount
  (2:18 PM)

Are you suggesting a conspiracy within the team? I don't think that's happening, but I agree that it's difficult to race at the same high level as a lame duck. Last week all my buddies disagreed with me on that, thinking Matt can still win the title. I'd be shocked if that happenes. Roush doesn't tend to take kindly to people who leave the flock.

Scott (Charlotte)

I am curious about what Danica thinks of the changes. It seemed that she and Tony Jr. had a good working relationship.

Terry Blount
  (2:19 PM)

I haven't heard, but she loves Tony Jr. He had a calming influence that helped her learn. I'm sure she's disappointed about it, but this was move about car performance, but Tony's ability to coach his driver.

Rudy (Hialeah, Florida)

Hi Terry, I heard Sadler say that he, the team and Childress "deserve" to win the NW championship. Why does he "deserve" anything?

Terry Blount
  (2:20 PM)

What do you expect him to say? They don't deserve it?

Brandon (Texas)

Really hope Brad wins the Championship so Dodge can go out with a Bang!

Terry Blount
  (2:22 PM)

I'd like to see Roger finally win a Cup title. But it will be awkward for him and Dodge if it happens. I'm disappointed Dodge/Fiat didn't spend the money to stay in the sport. I hope it's just a one-year thing until the can sign a quality team.

Nick (PENNA)

Terry what if they picked the chase tracks during speed weeks in febuary like maybe a lottery system or something put all tracks in a hat and pickem how does that sound it sure woulkd give the teams time to prepare

Terry Blount
  (2:25 PM)

That's would be fun, but it's not logitically possible. Some tracks would have conflicts with other events. And they don't want to wait that long to start selling tickets. Plus, some places just can't race in November for weather reasons. But I do wish they would shake up the sked a little. From what I hear, the 2013 sked is going to be exactly the same. YAWN. It's better to spice things up and move things around a little.

Scott (Charlotte)

The difference between lame duck Tony and lame duck Matt is that Tony's crew knew they had to continue to perform or get fired like the crew chief

Terry Blount
  (2:26 PM)

Good point, but it is a totally different situation with a CC leaving instead of the driver. And in that case, the driver also is the team owner.

Scott (Charlotte)

Tell me again why Penske is going to Ford. Sunday I saw the 2 car runaway from the 48 and Roush barely in the top ten

Terry Blount
  (2:27 PM)

Simple Scott. Money. Lots of it. Ford is giving Roger a five-year deal and much more money that Dodge was willing to pay.

John (Illinois)

Is Dodge out because they didn't spend enough money? They were the first to display their new car. I thought they wanted to stay but were out because they couldn't sign a new team.

Terry Blount
  (2:28 PM)

They're out because they weren't willing to spend enough to get a quality team and start their own engine shop. Would it have been expensive? Absolutley, but worth it in my opinion.

Sid (NY)

If Busch wins some Chase races do he and Rogers get all the interviews and media time or is that only for the chase drivers?

Terry Blount
  (2:30 PM)

You know the answer to that Sid. First off, it's baloney about only Chase drivers getting media attention. If you run up front and win, you'll get attention. If you run 25th and are out of title contention, you won't. That's true today and it was true 30 years ago.

Keith H (Seattle)

Terry, slightly off subject, but Steve Sabol of NFL Films passed away today. I recommend everyone checks out this clip:

Terry Blount
  (2:31 PM)

Glad you brought it up Keith. I said on facebook today that I fell in love with the NFL as a kid by watching the films of Steve and his dad. It was like being on the sideline or inside the huddle. Just brilliant work. Steve will be missed.

Rena (Alphretta, Ga.)

Is Stenhouse gonna quickly learn what Joey knows that winning in Nationwide is way easier than in cup?

Terry Blount
  (2:32 PM)

I think Ricky already knows that, but I also think he's ready to make the move and he'll have success.

John (Illinois)

Jeff Gordon's debut race in 1992, he had the 'stache and he crashed and finished 31st. Jeff Gordon reintroduces the 'stache in 2012, and he crashes and finishes 35th. I blame the 'stache.

Terry Blount
  (2:33 PM)

Good point. Maybe he should grow a beard instead.

John J. (Cleveland)

So, is the media going to keep proclaim the championship favorite is the previous weeks winner?

Terry Blount
  (2:34 PM)

Who has proclaimed Brad as the champ? He's certainly a contender, but I'm not proclaiming him as the champ just yet.

Ron (OH)

According to his wife's twitter the 'stache is already gone.

Terry Blount
  (2:34 PM)

Didn't know that. Good decision.

Jim (Chicago)

What current cup driver do you see racing into his 70's like Morgan Sheppard, other than Mark Martin?

Terry Blount
  (2:36 PM)

No one. Those days are gone, and they should be. No one should drive a race car at that age in my opinion.

Bigbill (Ohio)

Terry about getting attention when finishing 25 only 1 person gets attention like that and that is D. Patrick

Terry Blount
  (2:37 PM)

A fair point. Princess Danica is the champ of media attention.

Bobby (GA)

You gotta feel bad for Gordon. He's run so well this year, and had a top-5 car at Chicago, and was once again plagued by bad luck beyond his control. Why is he all of a sudden the victim of faulty equipment at HMS?

Terry Blount
  (2:38 PM)

Like you said, just bad luck. But this incident has a bigger issue. Stuck throttles aren't supposed to happen anymore. Some went wrong there in the devicves to stop the car and shut down the engine. NASCAR will take a long hard look at this. It could have been a serious situation.



Terry Blount
  (2:40 PM)

No need to scream Justin. I hear you. And I like Morgan. A very nice nice gentleman and a heck of a roller skater.

Dave (PA)

Say what you want about Danica. Because of her my wife and two daughters are watching NASCAR and have found they love it. For them, Danica gave them a reason to watch and now they are hooked.

Terry Blount
  (2:42 PM)

And that's the point Dave. That's why she is good for the sport. And the reason the media gives her so much attention is because readers and viewers want it. When we write about her, it get tons of hits. People want to know abiotu her, so we provide them with what they want.

Molly Maid (Terry's Kitchen)

Hi Terry: I refuse to work at the moment! How come the #48 is not in yoru top 5? He has run well at this track before. Okay, back to work....

Terry Blount
  (2:43 PM)

Molly, don't interupt my chat when you're supposed to be cleaning the baseboards. I'm going to deduct that from your pay.

Kristin (NYC)

What non-Chaser has a good chance to win Sunday? I would say Newman.

Terry Blount
  (2:44 PM)

I think your right Kristin. He probably has the best chance of the non-Chasers because he very good at Loudon. Joey also is good there.

Lyle (TX)

Do you think RCR is on a slow slide into RPM territory as far as being competitive?

Terry Blount
  (2:46 PM)

Absolutely not. They've had a bit of a down year, but RCR is leaps and bounds ahead of RPM. And the future is bright their with the Dillon boys on the horizon.

Timmy (CA)

I don't want to know about Danica. Anything I want to know comes up when you google her. I want to know about Johanna Long

Terry Blount
  (2:46 PM)

I would love to she Johanna get a quality ride and find out what she can do.

Johnny (Mobile, AL)

No mention of Dale Jr. in your top 5? He's never won at Loudon, but he's got an excellent record there.

Terry Blount
  (2:47 PM)

Guys, I can't put everybody in the top 5. No matter who I pick, some of you will say, but what about so and so.

Nick (PENNA)

Deny Hamlin said he would win the race at NHMS what do u yhink about that statement

Terry Blount
  (2:48 PM)

I like it. Be bold. Say what you think and fire things up.

Brooks (Richmond)

No mention of Hamlin in the top-5 either...Highest Avg finish at NH and dominated the spring race, before pit road confusion took place.

Terry Blount
  (2:49 PM)

Ok. I'm changing and listing all 43 drivers in the top 5.

Saul (San Diego)

Terry put me in the Top 5.

Terry Blount
  (2:49 PM)

Oh Saul, you'd just start and park and run back home to SD with all that cash.

Butch (MS)

You really think those Diloon twins are tough enough to run with 48, 18, 99, 14, 11, 51 and those tough guys in cup?

Terry Blount
  (2:50 PM)

Yes I do, but give them a few years.

Jamerson (Georgia)

Do you see Mark Martin dropping back to run a full time Nationwide or Truck schedule after his tenure at MWR ends? I know he wants to run Cup, but I'd like to see him end his career with at least one NASCAR championship, even if its not at the top of the ranks.

Terry Blount
  (2:51 PM)

I don't see Mark racing full time in anything at this point. That's not what he wants to do.

rex (pa)

how come rusty wallace isn't in your top 5?

Terry Blount
  (2:52 PM)

If my man Rusty was in a quality car this weekend, I just might put him there.

Aaron (Bath, ME)

Rank the top-5 best crew chiefs in NASCAR right now.

Terry Blount
  (2:54 PM)

Paul Wolfe, Chad Knaus, Darian Grubb, Steve Letarte and my surprise pick, Matt Puccia.

Dman (Georgia)

What are your predictions for Jeff Gordon?

Terry Blount
  (2:55 PM)

My prediction is he's out of title contention for this season, but he'll have a good shot at it in 2013.

Terri (N. Hollywood)

Any word on Kurt's 2013 plans?

Terry Blount
  (2:56 PM)

His plan is to get a quality Cup ride. Childress will give him one if they have the sponsorship money, but that's a big if.

Jason Voorhees (Camp Crystal Lake)

Surprised to see Stevie in your top-5.

Terry Blount
  (2:57 PM)

Letarte has done a remarkable job bringing Junior back to title contention. He has completely changed Dale's attitude and confidence level.

Dawn (London, Ontario, Canada)

Will Jacques Villenueve be running more races for Penske?

Terry Blount
  (2:58 PM)

I don't know, but I bet he doesn't punt Danica again.

Jon (New Hampshire)

Do you think it's possible for a driver to win the chase this year without actually winning a chase race?

Terry Blount
  (2:59 PM)

Definitely possible. Carl came within one point of doing that last year. But I don't think it will happen.

John (Illinois)

Why isn't Danica driving better cars in Nationwide? Jr's team is reportedly not top tier.

Terry Blount
  (2:59 PM)

You answered your own question John.

John (Illinois)

Will Jeff Gordon ever win another championship? Or has his ship sailed a long time ago?

Terry Blount
  (3:01 PM)

He's still capable of winning a fifth title, especially with the Chase format. But my guess is he won't.

Bobby (California)

Who is your darkhourse for this weekend Terry?

Terry Blount
  (3:01 PM)


Terry Blount
  (3:02 PM)

I'm out folks. Very lively debate today. I like it that way. Have a great week. I'm off to the beautiful state of New Hampshire. Take care. Peace.