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October 8, 10:00 AM ET
Chat with Matt Kenseth

  (9:57 AM)

Matt is here!

Darryl (NYC)

Is it scary running through that car crash gauntlet or is it all adrenaline

Matt Kenseth
  (10:00 AM)

I was in front of it, but mostly it's just reacting and hopefully picking your way through it.

Evan (St. Louis)

When you go to talladega, do you basically know that you're going to see a wreck like that?

Matt Kenseth
  (10:00 AM)


Matt Kenseth
  (10:00 AM)

Whenever you go to Talladega or Daytona, you always know you could be involved in a wreck.

Carl (Denver)

Do you think the Chase should be determined by a track like Dega, where a big wreck could hurt someone's title chances?

Matt Kenseth
  (10:01 AM)

I don't know. It's been a part of it since we started. We do four plate races a year. It's part of what we do. It's all perspective. If you get caught up in a wreck you probably think no, if you finish clean, you like it.

David (Washignton)

the tracks of the chase are pretty varied. how do you mentally prepare for such different races?

Matt Kenseth
  (10:02 AM)

Every week we go somewhere different. The tracks are different the style of racing is different. You have to adapt to all the different styles and shapes of racing.

Ryan (Dallas)

Do you watch the replays of wrecks? Do you ever wonder how you were able to get through the mess?

Matt Kenseth
  (10:02 AM)

Yeah, usually you watch at least the highlights. Most of the time I'll watch replays of the races to see if there's anything I can learn.

Kyle (VA)

What are you looking forward to at Charlotte?

Matt Kenseth
  (10:03 AM)

Charlotte has been a pretty good track for us lately. I'm looking forward to getting in there and see how our stuff performs compared to the competition. I'm really curious to get there and look how we'll be competitive.

Derrick (Miami)

What is the team working on during this Chase run?

Matt Kenseth
  (10:04 AM)

That's a good question. We're just always trying to get better. Trying to figure out how to get everything top to bottom better. We've been trying to get our cars faster and find the speed we've been missing.

Paul (Boston)

What do you think about working with Joe Gibbs next year?

Matt Kenseth
  (10:05 AM)

I'm looking forward to it. I'm looking forward to finishing the season off and getting another win or two. It's a good change for me to see what else is out there and see something different.

Katie (Ohio)

Hey Matt, i am a huge fan. What do you think you have to do to win the championship and also who do you have to watch out for in the next few races

Matt Kenseth
  (10:06 AM)

We're so far behind. We have to win out depending on what everyone else does. We're taking it one race at a time. Hopefully we can climb up the standings and hopefully get ourselves into the top 10.

Kevin (CT)

Matt, where were you when the wreck took place?

Matt Kenseth
  (10:07 AM)

You never know what's going to happen. If you did, you'd hang out. I saw something happening to my side because I was trying to get past Tony, but I didn't see it happening.

Kris (Dallas)

Ay tracks you like better?

Matt Kenseth
  (10:08 AM)

There are a lot of them I like. I'm looking forward to Charlotte, because our performances have been good there lately. Miami, Texas. There are a lot I'm looking forward too.

Dave (Denver)

Should we add a road race?

Matt Kenseth
  (10:08 AM)


Freddy (Alabama)

How do you guys view a race like Charlotte?

Matt Kenseth
  (10:09 AM)

I don't really watch a lot of tape. Sometimes I'll look at it a little bit. The engineers get together and see how we've done in the past and just try to improve it and get better for this time.

Larry (Denver)

Do you get involved in shaping th car or let the engineers do it?

Matt Kenseth
  (10:10 AM)

I prety much trust them to do their job. We talk about a lot of things. I'm pretty much their only link to the car on the track on race weekends. So I'll talk to them.

Derrick (WA)

like racing in the fall?

Matt Kenseth
  (10:11 AM)

The cooler it is, the nicer it is for us, because it's really hot in the car. You always look forward to the start of the season and the end of the season. You look forward to seeing how the season is going to end.

Matt Kenseth
  (10:11 AM)

Thanks for chatting.