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October 30, 12:00 PM ET
Chat with Wright Thompson

Al (Oxford, MS)

Wright, I'm about to marry a girl from Clarksdale, any advice?

  (12:17 PM)

Who is she?

  (12:18 PM)

Who is she?

Brian (Ct)

How do you think the reaction will be at Ole Miss when they view this film?

  (12:19 PM)

I think they will be proud of the University today, proud of the 62 team, and the people who know the history won't be surprised but for people who've never seen the "riot" and its aftermath, they will be shocked.

Willy (B)

I don't get it, I thought 30 for 30 stood for "30 films in the 30 years (now 33) since ESPN has been in existence." Why are they doing a film about 1962? This isn't "30 for 50". I mean no disrespect, it's a great story and all, but I think ESPN deviated from its original mission/vision.

  (12:19 PM)

I have no idea.

Kyle G (Philly)

Are most of the players still alive? Did you get all of them to talk?

  (12:20 PM)

Most of them are alive. We spoke to many of them. They're great guys.

Yatin (LA)

Cochon or Clancy's?

  (12:25 PM)

Oh, Clancy's. For sure.

Paul (Orlando)

Is there anyone you wanted to interview that you didn't? Who? And what would you ask?

  (12:28 PM)

I interviewed Buck Randall for the written piece but we didn't get him for this one, mainly, I think, because they thought I'd dredged up something he had already left behind. In the final act, I talk about my regret over that, and how I think that maybe Buck does deserve to be the curator of his own past.

Willie (VA)

What did you learn through the course of making this film?

  (12:30 PM)

I learned that even when we think we know something, we often don't, and that no matter how difficult, it is essential we look at our self, our past and our future, with a clear eye.

Joe (Colorado) [via mobile]

I always enjoy these 30 for 30 by ESPN. Can't wait to watch this one as well.

  (12:38 PM)

Thanks Joe! We're real excited about it. Been a long process. Thrilled it'll finally air.