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December 3, 12:00 PM ET
Chat with Edward Aschoff

Edward Aschoff
  (12:09 PM)

Greetings everyone. Sorry for the delay, but this conference never sleeps ... even when the regular season is over. Let's get too your questions!

philshiftly (Georgia)

Obvious question,can ND hang with that Bama run game?

Edward Aschoff
  (12:12 PM)

Notre Dame does own a very good defensive line and allowed teams to average just 92 yards on the ground a game. Now, was Notre Dame facing the rushing attacks it will in January? Absolutely not. Lacy and Yeldon will be the toughest one-two punch the Irish face all year and it's going to be even tough with that amazing offensive line wearing guys down up front. Notre Dame has the talent, but I just don't know if it will have the endurance.

Coley (Memphis)

With Ole Miss now in a bowl game, how will this affect Freeze's first class of his own players? His teams historically have made the most improvement from Year 1 to 2. Do you think he wins some blue chip players like all the hype is leading to?

Edward Aschoff
  (12:13 PM)

Winning always helps recruiting. He did a great job in his first year and he has a lot of momentum in the state with the win over Mississippi State. He's really done a good job recruiting the state of Mississippi, which should always be his priority. I think a bowl win will only help his momentum.

Bradley (Kentucky)

How big is it for Kentucky to be the first SEC job off the board?

Edward Aschoff
  (12:15 PM)

I don't know if it's really "big," but if Stoops was the guy Mitch Barnhart wanted from the start then having him obviously is a win for Kentucky. Now, it certainly helps with recruiting because guys know who will be there next year. That's a plus. I don't know if Kentucky was necessarily really competing with the other SEC schools when it came to finding a coach

jeff (asheville, nc)

It was a great SEC CG. Will the Bama player (can't remember his name)who hit Murray helmet to helmet about 3 seconds late get suspended for the NCG??

Edward Aschoff
  (12:17 PM)

It was a play that warranted a flag, but I really don't know if he will be suspended. I mean if you are going to throw the flag for Ogletree's hit on McCarron you have to on Dial as well. Murray was as defenseless as ever and for all the people saying he turned and saw it coming ... .09 seconds doesn't count. It was Quinton Dial by the way.

Marilyn (San Antonio, TX)

A&M has yet to win a game at Cowboys Stadium. Can they break "the Curse of JerryWorld"?

Edward Aschoff
  (12:18 PM)

Oklahoma can give up points and the Aggies know how to score. This one might be the most entertaining bowl game. Those scoreboard lights better be working right. But hey the Aggie's defense has a lot of bend to it too, so get ready.

mike (macon)

admit it Ed; Mark richt would have been fired already if he were at Fla, Ala, or LSU. Thats right keep ignoring me.

Edward Aschoff
  (12:21 PM)

No one is ignoring you. I'm getting a ton of questions at once. Breathe. I found you. I don't think Richt would be fired at any of those schools. Why would he? Back-to-back SEC championship appearances? One losing season? I know coaches at high-profile programs are measured by championships but come on. Richt has done an excellent job at Georgia and there are plenty of SEC schools that would love to have him.

Scratches (D'ham, NC)

How much do you love watching Jesse Williams play fullback? When he's in, everyone knows where the ball is going (except sometimes Jesse Williams, himself).

Edward Aschoff
  (12:22 PM)

He's one of the toughest players in the game. We all thought he was done when that towel was on his head and he wasn't talking to anyone. He hits you and you know it.

LilChuck (Indiana)

Ed, why do you think Georgia loses so many big games?

Edward Aschoff
  (12:24 PM)

I really don't know. Last year was understandable because those guys hadn't been there and this year the Dawgs just got beat. They were a play away. You can't say nerves consumed this team. This team was just beaten. I understand why some people call Richt and Murray out for losing the bigger games, but I don't think you can call them out for what happened Saturday. Yes, Georgia should have spiked it. I will never agree with Richt on that, but as a whole, you can't say this team chocked Saturday away.

Steve Spurrier (Williams-bryce)

Assuming rehab goes well, what do you predict Marcus Lattimore will do for his future football career: return late next year to help the Gamecocks battle through the SEC, medical redshirt for 2013 and rerturn to the Gamecocks in 2014, enter the 2014 NFL draft. While I know he was caught up in a moment, he told the fans, "I'll be back". What does that mean?

Edward Aschoff
  (12:25 PM)

If I had to guess I'd say there's no reason to bring him back next year with an injury that serious. I think 2014 makes more sense. You just hope that the rehab goes well and that he really is back to 100 percent.

Tyler (South Carolina)

Do you see the gamecocks having any problem handling Michigan in the Outback Bowl?

Edward Aschoff
  (12:26 PM)

Michigan has the offense to score some points, but I look at the play up front. South Carolina's defensive line is really, really ... really good. Look at the Alabama game. South Carolina's line is better than Bama's and look what happened. Right now, I give the Gamecocks the advantage because that defensive line should make things really though for that offense.

Scratches (D'ham, NC)

What's the deal with Alabama's Chris Black? I heard they were gonna take his red-shirt off, but I didn't see him play. Was this a tactical move by Alabama? And do you think he'll play vs. Notre Dame?

Edward Aschoff
  (12:28 PM)

Not sure if it was tactical but if they really didn't need to use him and waste his redshirt why put him out there? Amari Cooper did enough for two receivers. No need to waste a year.

VolFan (Warm and Sunny Scottsdale, AZ)

Well since Dawg fans want to see Richt hit the road, pass on Dave Hart's number to him. Vols fan would love to win the east and have 10 win seasons.

Edward Aschoff
  (12:29 PM)

Funny how Richt would have been called a saint if he won Saturday, but now fans are STILL unhappy with him. As the kids say "SMH"

Disappointed (The SEC Blog)

I'm really disappointed with the way you guys at the SEC blog have handled the SECCG. That game was probably the best game of the year, and the only thing you guys do is praise Alabama for winning. In the column on the helmet stickers you guys included 0 Georgia players, despite the fact that many of them were deserving (Jarvis Jones had 2 sacks, 3 TFL and a forced fumble, TK had 142 yards receiving)... And on the Hot/Not piece the only time Georgia was mentioned was if it were something negative. Georgia easily could have beaten alabama in that game... and if they had, would you guys have snubbed alabama in the same way? Of course not....

Edward Aschoff
  (12:31 PM)

Look at our coverage last year. We covered the winner because that was the focus at the end. Plus, we had plenty from DawgNation. And did you really say Georgia "easily could have beaten Alabama" Really? Easily? No one could have easily won that game. And the fact that Georgia didn't makes your comment ridiculous. We weren't showing Georgia any disrespect and if the Bulldogs won we would have been in their locker room.

Byron Jerideau (Columbia)

Hey Ed. Most people won't even know who I am, but you have to give me props for making a huge impact on the SC d-line. I stuff that middle being the big guy that I am, and free things up for the rest of my teammates to make some plays happen. Pretty much the unsung hero of what is possibly the best d-line in the country.

Edward Aschoff
  (12:34 PM)

Very solid play all season, really. And like you said you're pretty underrated. Known as more of a run stopper with your 4.5 tackles for loss but you create a lot of issues for offensive linemen.

Colt (Athens, Ga)

Still reeling here Ed. Tough, tough loss. Rank these as to why we lost to Bama:Murray--interception turned into 3 points, threw tipped pass at end, sack making field goal try too longDefense--couldn't stop the run (still had a chance at end of game)Special teams--missed field goalCoaching--should have called a spike and ran 2 plays

Edward Aschoff
  (12:35 PM)

You pretty much sum it up there. But Murray played one of his best games and Richt was aggressive. Gurley was great as well. Alabama's offensive line was just WAY too much for Georgia.

Allan (Fayetteville)

So who's the next Hog Coach going to be? Things are getting crazy around here.

Edward Aschoff
  (12:36 PM)

All i know is that I'm not up for the job ... but my cat Meeko? That's another story ... Runs a mean Playstation offense and consistently has the No. 1 defense.

VolFan (Warm and Sunny Scottsdale, AZ)

Do you think Gundy from OSU would be a good fit with the Vols? His defense, which gave up 59 points to Arizona, scares me. Had Dooley had the defense he had in 2011 under Wilcox, he would still have a job.

Edward Aschoff
  (12:38 PM)

I like what Gundy's teams do offensively, but you're right, the defenses scare you. But having better defensive players closer to you in recruiting could help you down the road. Immediately, do you tell him he has to get a different defensive coordinator? That's a tough call. But I think Gundy's offensive style would be welcomed

Steve (Virginia)

Is "Clowney just sacked Tahj Boyd again" this year's "West Virginia just scored again"? Oh, and Clowney just sacked Tahj Boyd again.

Edward Aschoff
  (12:38 PM)

Poor Clemson. Just can't catch a break and now has to play LSU and THAT defense.

Scratches (D'ham, NC)

Do you blame the UGA receiver for catching the tipped pass on that last play? Obviously that isn't what they wanted to do, but receivers are supposed to catch passes. Is that anyone's fault, or just a good play by Alabama (CJ Mosley, if I'm not mistaken)?

Edward Aschoff
  (12:39 PM)

Not at all. Instinct took over. You go back and ask why there wasn't a spike. That's what you do.

Will (Athens)

What are your thoughts on Nick Saban calling for UGA to be in the Sugar bowl? after how close the SEC championship was I myself had to change my mind and agree with him that losing your conference championship by 1 play should not hurt you so much in the rankings that you drop from the number 2 team selected in your league to the number 4 team.

Edward Aschoff
  (12:44 PM)

See it's tough for me. And I'm ready to get the homer calls, but at the end of the day, Florida has the better resume. Honestly, it has the best resume out there when you look at who the Gators beat. Now, I'm not saying Florida deserves to go to the national championship. If Notre Dame isn't undefeated then Florida is going ot Miami. No questions asked. But that didn't happen and I think that there's no way an 11-1 BCS team with that resume should be left out of a BCS bowl game. But Georgia was in that game until the clock hit all zeros. The dumb two-team limit rule shouldn't be in there in the first place, but because it's in I have to agree that Georgia has to be left out. It's just the system we have. I don't like it, but what I hate more is how far Georgia fell in the BCS. Seventh??? Really??? Some coaches had Georgia 11th on their ballots! Come on. That makes no sense to me. Fourth or fifth I get, but seventh makes no sense.

Punch (PC)

The Helmet to Helmet from dial to Murray should've been a flag, but why is no one pointing out that dial was going for a block on the INT return. Murray was a defender moving toward the ball carrier. It was not a cheap shot as most try to make it seem.

Edward Aschoff
  (12:45 PM)

Defenseless player who had no idea what was happening and was hit near his head. Just think it should have been a flag

Tim K. (Houston)

How much of a chance do you give TAMU next year for the SEC west, if the two tackles and Damontre Moore leave?

Edward Aschoff
  (12:46 PM)

Losing those guys would be big. Plus, Swope is gone as well. But there are some young, talented guys who will help. I think that defensive backfield will be even better and Johnny Manziel will be even smarter. He'll have to develop as more of a passer if those two tackles are gone, but he's shown he can stand in the pocket when asked to. I could see the Aggies battling for second because I think Alabama will be even better next year ... geez

Tim K. (Houston)

Dumber rule? Only 2 teams from a conference allowed in the BCS picture? or the so called "Northern Illinois" rule?

Edward Aschoff
  (12:48 PM)

The two-team one. Northern Illinois did what it was supposed to do. Can't fault those guys. Plus, why shouldn't those guys have a shot at the BCS?

Chris (Johnson City, TN)

What do you think of Joker Phillips being brought in as WR coach at Florida?

Edward Aschoff
  (12:51 PM)

I just saw that report. It's an interesting one to me but he really does have a good offensive mind and knows what he's doing with receivers. He just didn't have a lot to work with at Kentucky. If he is going to Florida I think it's a pretty good hire because that group needs some help.

Steve (Virginia)

Why shouldn't N. Illinois have a shot Ed? I'll give you 4 reasons: GA, LSU, A&M, and SC.

Edward Aschoff
  (12:54 PM)

That's why I said the two-team rule is dumb.

Donnell (Baton Rouge)

Ed, I cannot believe that we fell all the way to the Chick Fil-A Game, what an insult to this team. I feel that many of the Tiger faithful will not show up for the game because we feel that we should be playing after New Year's Eve. Your thoughts.

Edward Aschoff
  (12:59 PM)

I don't think it's an insult. It's a very good bowl game in an electric environment. And it's a game that EVERYONE watches. I bet LSU will travel. That fan base travels with the best of them. It just shows you how well this conference did this season. Not a slap in the face to LSU. Someone had to play in it

Alan (South Florida)

Ed, as a Gator fan I wish we could've played Oregon in a bowl game. After seeing Stanford hold them to low points I think the Gators could hold them to around 20 points. I also think their lack of a pass rush would allow Driskell to be effective, and Gillislee would've had a big game.

Edward Aschoff
  (1:01 PM)

When Florida can run, it's one of the toughest teams to stop because that defense is excellent. And the more the Gators can run the better for the passing.

Edward Aschoff
  (1:02 PM)

Also I think seeing that Oregon offense take on Florida's defense would make for great TV. running quarterbacks did OK against Florida's defense at times so that'd be interesting

Alan (South Florida)

Ed, do you think Charlie Strong coaching against the team that passed over him for the HC job makes for a good storyline? Does Strong leave Louisville before that game?

Edward Aschoff
  (1:03 PM)

He's going to be connected to a few jobs between now and then. Would he leave before that game though? I just don't think so. I think that IF he did take another job that he would want to coach his team to the very end. Especially against a team like Florida. But he has to get hired first.

Ragan M. (Houston)

Ed, was the real national championship played in Atlanta this past Saturday? It's funny that Alabama is a bigger favorite over the Irish than they were over Georgia.

Edward Aschoff
  (1:06 PM)

You could argue that. But I want to see what happens with Notre Dame. If the Irish lay an egg then I guess you could say the national championship was played in Atlanta, but if it's close or Notre Dame wins then there's no argument there. Saturday was truly was a great game though.

Rick (Nola)

Tamu will compete for third in west nextyr. W the progress mettenberger has made and the experience that freshman line got for lsu, they will be a major force. Will probably lose mingo, montgomery, and reid but that D is loaded w youngsters (played 15 freshman this yr)

Edward Aschoff
  (1:07 PM)

LSU will be really good again next year, but I'm not ready to say that it's going to be better than TAMU just like that. I want to see who leaves College Station first and see how things progress during the spring.

Matt (Ohio)

Hey Ed, great look with your glasses! ANYWAY do you think Notre Dame has a chance to stop us from running the ball down their throats? I know that Teo will be a force to be reckoned with, and Yeldon has dropped the rock twice, though once at his own fault. Thoughts?

Edward Aschoff
  (1:09 PM)

Like I said earlier, I think Notre Dame's defensive line is really good, but I don't know if it has the endurance to keep up with Alabama's offensive line. That's huge. Plus, Notre Dame hasn't met anything like the Lacy-Yeldon one-two punch.

Brian (Texas)

What happened with A&M being a lock for the Capital One bowl? Not that I'm complaining about the Cotton Bowl, but just interested in hearing your take on what happen during the selections.

Edward Aschoff
  (1:10 PM)

A lot changed overnight. It seemed like the Capital One was all about the Aggies, but when Georgia played like it did, I think the bowl decided the Bulldogs would be a bigger TV draw. It also seemed like the Aggies might be in Atlanta for the Chick-fil-A at one point. A lot of 11th hour movement ... TV numbers are big when it comes to bowls

Edward Aschoff
  (1:10 PM)

OK guys that's my time. Talk to you all next time!