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December 6, 3:00 PM ET
Fantasy NFL with KC Joyner

KC Joyner
  (3:00 PM)

Good afternoon! Let's talk some fantasy football!

Dan (Seattle-ish)

I think you are the only analyst to ever answer one of my questions... So I thank you for that.KC: "I would start Brandon Myers over _______________ WR." Chatters: "BOLD!"

KC Joyner
  (3:01 PM)

Bold indeed! I'll start with Anquan Boldin as someone to consider starting Myers over.

Superstar Billy Graham (Paradise Valley, AZ)

I am the women's pet...and the men's regret! Which TE do you see being a better fill in for a few more weeks until Gronk's triumphant (fingers crossed) return - Tamme, Lewis, Celek, or Clark?

KC Joyner
  (3:02 PM)

Hulk Hogan was a cheap imitation of SBG. Tamme would be the option, as he can serve as the slot WR for an offense that is hitting on all cylinders (

Joe (Pittsburgh)

So I am in the playoffs, but bummed about losing Percy. This is a dynasty league...where would you rank Percy in 2013 and beyond? Also, thoughts on Spiller in a dynasty league?

KC Joyner
  (3:04 PM)

Harvin's got a lot of value but from a keeper perspective if there is anyone of somewhat equal value, keep that player instead, as Harvin's injury issues are starting to become too frequent. Like Spiller in a dynasty league.

Harvey (South Beach)

KC...need a winner!! ...Stafford or Luck??

KC Joyner
  (3:04 PM)

Luck rates higher on the TFS start-sit QB charts because of the injuries to the Lions WRs.

KC Joyner
  (3:05 PM)

Quick note on the start-sit charts - I'll be lowering the playoff price for them to $10 as soon as the chat is complete.

Mya (L.A.)

Is it safe to drop Reece in a standard league or should I wait until after tonight?

KC Joyner
  (3:06 PM)

Unless a potential roster move that cannot wait has to be made, wait.

Frank Drebin (Police Station)

ELIMINATOR POOL...huge prize on the line...go with the Seahawks at home vs. AZ. or take Buccaneers at home vs. PHI?

KC Joyner
  (3:06 PM)

Not quite a fantasy football question but when Frank Drebin talks, people listen. Seahawks vs. Arizona, as the Eagles have enough talent to pull off the upset at TB.

Aggie (TX)

Are we ever doing the football chats again? Cowboys have a chance at Cincy?

KC Joyner
  (3:07 PM)

Those will start as soon as fantasy football season concludes.

Mike (NC)

Hey, KC. So many rankings have Greg Jennings and Stevie Johnson around the same rank. My gut says to go with Jennings in a PPR league. Does your gut concur?

KC Joyner
  (3:08 PM)

The Johnson injury and a tough CB matchup have him rated one step below Jennings on the TFS WR start-sit charts this week.

Randy (NJ)

Do you feel comfortable starting K. Moreno over Leshoure tonight? I'm in the championships, I can't lose now

KC Joyner
  (3:09 PM)

Got Moreno ranked 25th on the RB charts, Leshoure 16th. Think Moreno can do well but Denver will likely pass the ball a lot.

Longhorn (TX)

Do you grab players before the playoffs to play keep away from other owners? would you keep a hold of alex green or drop him for russel wilson?

KC Joyner
  (3:10 PM)

As long as the team stashing the player is a playoff contender, I've got not problem with that tactic. Green will get a lot of PT but Wilson just got moved up to a green rating this week, so stashing Wilson might be the better move.

Scott (Northglenn, CO)

Think Ben tate is still the backup to Foster if he sits? OR is Forsett that guy in weeks 16-17?

KC Joyner
  (3:11 PM)

Right now it's Foster but by week 16-17 Tate, barring any injury setbacks, should take his RB2 role back over.

Emilio (NJ)

Lost Harvin ROS, any interesting pickups that might be on the ww worth picking up? Tamme, Richardson, Forsett?

KC Joyner
  (3:12 PM)

Tamme has been getting a lot of use as a slot WR and is a starter, so he'd be the best pick of that bunch.

Don Leo Johnathan (Retirement Home)

Handcuffs to own for CHARLES __ for FOSTER __ TY Happy Holidays!!

KC Joyner
  (3:13 PM)

Just had to take a question from someone who remembers the name Don Leo Johnathan. Hillis for Charles, Forsett for Foster for week 14, Tate from weeks 15-17.

Bobby (NY)

Do you think Decker breaks out of his cold slump tonight? Start him over McFadden?

KC Joyner
  (3:14 PM)

It may sound like a crazy move, but those two rate equal on the start-sit charts. Denver has a tough run D (see that aforementioned TFS ESPN Insider article) and Decker's matchup is highly favorable.

Charlie (DC)

How is Palmer rated for tonight? better worse that say Wilson or Dalton.

KC Joyner
  (3:15 PM)

Ranked 14th. Basically equal to Dalton, a step behind Wilson.

Eric (Boston)

What is the better TD celebration - Rodgers's discount double check move or Gronk's spikes?

KC Joyner
  (3:15 PM)

Chatters, how do you weigh in on this one?

JOE (columbus)

Start Moreno tonight over Nicks who missed practice today with knee issues?

KC Joyner
  (3:16 PM)

The general rule here is to avoid injured players if at all possible. In this case, the decision needs to be made tonight and Nicks injury is a concern. Start Moreno.

Jaime (Cubicle)

Start Dwyer with a tougher matchup and less competition or Greene in a better matchup with Powell lurking? Don't feel great about either...

KC Joyner
  (3:17 PM)

Dwyer rates higher on the start-sit charts because it looks like Pittsburgh is going to use him as either a bell cow or the lead in a lead/alternate scenario. Like both of those more than the split carry scenario, so start Dwyer.

Janicsh (NY)

Sent this message a 1000 times, please help as the odd man out is Gordon, Alexander or Ballard and why?

KC Joyner
  (3:18 PM)

Don't want you to have to send it 1,001 times. Gordon Alexander has been fantastic and Ballard has a better matchup.

Nature Boy (Charlotte NC)

Dwyer with the starting role or the higher upside of Fred Jackson?

KC Joyner
  (3:19 PM)

Jackson, if only because the matchup looks quite favorable.

CC (Work)

Rodgers is nice but JAred Allen's sack celebration is the best!

KC Joyner
  (3:20 PM)

It's not been seen as much this year because he's battling a torn labrum, but agreed Allen's celebration is entertaining.

Aaron Rodgers (GB)

Gronk toy soldier celebration > Gronk spike

KC Joyner
  (3:20 PM)


Frank (NJ)

Who should I start this week Aaron Rodgers or Robert Griffin III

KC Joyner
  (3:21 PM)

That's a good quandary to have. The GB WR injuries moved Rodgers from a blue to a green rating and RG3 still maintains his blue rated status, so Griffin III gets the start.

Joe (Dallas)

Are you all in on Brandon Myers metrics?

KC Joyner
  (3:22 PM)

It's hard not to be when someone sets a team record for receptions. And when scoring among tight ends across the league is abysmally low.

lee (1st round)

luck or cam? seem close in rankings. Keep going back and forth. i have steve smith too if that matters.

KC Joyner
  (3:23 PM)

Got Newton rated higher on the start-sit charts because of his higher upside.

KC (Los Angeles)

What color is Danario this week on your start/sit? Chris Givens?

KC Joyner
  (3:23 PM)

Danario has a green rating this week (can't quite move him up the blue rating just yet, but he's getting close). Givens is also rated green, but as his note on the start-sit charts says, it's a very shaky green rating.

KC Can you see me? (DC)

I know this is a great problem to have, but I need every fantasy point this week! Do I play peyton tonight or RG3? RG3's rushing ability cant be ignored...but peyton is playing the raiders-__-

KC Joyner
  (3:25 PM)

Got Peyton rated tops among fantasy QBs this week, although there is a caveat that this could be like last week. Peyton had 30 point potential in that game but only got 19 because the game got out of hand and Denver shut their pass offense down.

Pablo (Santa Fe)

Discount Double check was until he sold it. Love Von Miller's sack dance. Does Harvin out for the ROS keep Rudolph relevant? Do you think D's are going to stack the box even more now, or is AD above those tactics?

KC Joyner
  (3:27 PM)

One vote for Von. Rudolph is relevant, especially given that tight end fantasy points are a rarity today. Teams are always trying to stop AD so consider him above those tactics (and pull for him to get to the 2,000-yard mark - that would be an all-time great memory).

Sanjay (NYC)

Decker or Shonne Green?

KC Joyner
  (3:27 PM)

Hands down, Decker.

Jim Tom (Appalachians)

Need to sit one -- Ballard, Danario, Givens. What say the color coded start/sits?

KC Joyner
  (3:28 PM)

The latter two have green ratings whereas Ballard has a yellow rating (one step below a green rating), so Ballard is the odd man out there.

DF (Chicago)

Traded for Palmer then picked up Kap - who starts this week?

KC Joyner
  (3:28 PM)

Those are two good late season moves. Got Palmer rated slightly higher this week.

Ben (NY)

KC, my man. How goes it? You running with Matty Ice and just holding your breath or taking a flier on Matty Schaub?

KC Joyner
  (3:29 PM)

It goes well! Got some faith that Ryan will rebound against a weak Carolina secondary, so he gets the vote here.

Joe (NC)

KC - You helped me out on draft night at the start of the season can you please help me at the end ? Flex this week : { can't believe its come to this } R Matthews, McFadden or Fitzgerald ( PPR) ?? - Thanks !

KC Joyner
  (3:30 PM)

Glad you made it to the playoffs, Joe! Unless something shows up in the pregame reports injury-wise, start DMC.

Tug Boat (Classic)

Decker or Moreno?

KC Joyner
  (3:31 PM)

Classic is the way to go. Decker.

Greg (NYC)

Some of us enjoy getting information that helps us make our own decisions rather than watching others get theirs made for them. I know you only post questions you get but surely not all are of player x or player y variety.

KC Joyner
  (3:32 PM)

Actually, the overwhelming majority of questions are of the specific variety. Believe me, I woudn't mind answering more general questions, but they have to be fantasy football oriented.

Shayne (Dallas)

What do you think about dropping Vernon Davis for Bennett?

KC Joyner
  (3:32 PM)

It's time to stop waiting for Davis to turn things around. Make the move.

The Universal Heart Throb Austin Idol (Las Vegas, NV)

Not a great year for my team and have to keep three of these for next year and would like your play: P. Manning, Luck, Law Firm, Megatron, Ty Hilton, Steve Smith (Carolina). "preciate it man.

KC Joyner
  (3:34 PM)

Believe this is the first time we've had an Austin Idol reference. Peyton, Luck and Megatron are the picks, even if that means having to trade either Peyton or Luck.

Election (2012)

Hey KC, who did you vote for President?

KC Joyner
  (3:34 PM)

Really? Are we still talking about that?

Dave (Brooklyn)

I'm hoping for a shootout Monday night, HOU @ NE. Think it'll happen? Seems like usually when we expect a shootout in the NFL, we get a 13-6 game.

KC Joyner
  (3:36 PM)

OK, how's this for answering a non-specific fantasy FB question. In this case, Houston may want to protect its very shaky secondary that just lost its nickel CB to injury. NE has a tough run D but Houston's O line can block just about anyone in the league. This could keep the MNF game to a more reasonable scoring level than is generally thought.

Jeff (NY)

Seriously, should I trust BJGE against a Dallas D? What can I expect if I play him?

KC Joyner
  (3:37 PM)

The Law Firm has been doing much better in the GBYPA category that measures a RB's productivity on plays with good blocking. Bryce Brown showed that the Cowboys can be run on and that's why BJGE is a top four pick in this week's RB start-sit charts.

Million Dollar Man - Ted DiBiase (Big Mansion)

Should I pay a transaction fee ($2 per) in a league where I need a win to get in the playoffs to pick up Garcon? My other option is to wait and see if Shorts practices tomorrow.

KC Joyner
  (3:38 PM)

You are the Million Dollar Man - you don't even know what a $1 bill looks like! Pay the fee and ensure your team has the best possible chance to win in the playoffs.

Robert (FL)

Thoughts on Bryce Brown?

KC Joyner
  (3:39 PM)

In a nutshell, he could be a keeper in the right situation. Check out this week's TFS ESPN Insider Fantasy Foresight article for more details -

DF (Chicago)

Are the Bengals D/ST a defense you ride out for the fantasy playoffs or is it fair to consider other units for matchup plays?

KC Joyner
  (3:40 PM)

The Bengals do face four teams that, on the right day, can present them with the matchup challenge. It's worth considering other D/STs if those other clubs are due to face really bad offenses.

Iron Mike Sharpe (Canada)

I am Canada's greatest athlete. Too cute going with the Jets D over the Bears D this week? Thanks.

KC Joyner
  (3:41 PM)

And one of the greatest jobbers of all time. With the way Ponder is playing and with Harvin out, it's still worth it to start the Bears D even though they are facing Peterson.

Michael PS Hayes (Bad Street)

I need another Freebird this week to help us win the 6 man title.. who is the baddest dude out there this week? Demarco, Forte, Knowshon?

KC Joyner
  (3:43 PM)

Unless one counts Iceman Parsons, Hayes is the only Freebird left now that Buddy Roberts passed away, so let's consider this for the tag title. Got Forte rated highest this week.

Lex Luger (Total Package)

Has it come to Tamme > Gates and Knowsean > Ballard > Dwyer?

KC Joyner
  (3:44 PM)

Just saw Luger on the latest WWE NWO documentary - the man looks like George Plimpton now. Can't go so far as to rate Tamme over all of those other picks, as he has good value at TE but that says as much about fantasy TEs as it does anything else.

Dan (Queens)

Starting PPR league playoffs this week. My once great WRs are looking shaky, anyone from my list jump out as a lvoe or hate for the next 3 weeks: Dez, Harvin(out), Amendola, Shorts, Hilton, T Smith, D Moore?

KC Joyner
  (3:46 PM)

Dez is the highest rated WR this week and should maintain that high value down the stretch. Hilton and Shorts both have quality value. Amendola is good in a PPR if he's healthy. This might not be nearly as bad of a situation as it might seem at first glance.

Leonard (MA)

Does Skelton starting improve Fitz's chances of having a few good games in the coming weeks?

KC Joyner
  (3:47 PM)

It does, but that's a relative term. Still got Fitz listed as a yellow rated player this week and am not very confident that grade will increase over the next four games.

Tattooed (Gramps)

Got any ink, KC?

KC Joyner
  (3:47 PM)

No, but CM Punk is my favorite wrestler right now, so I've got nothing against it.

Koko B Ware (off the top rope)

Houston D or Packer D?

KC Joyner
  (3:48 PM)

Old school WWF name. Houston, if only because the Texans offense is likely to try to protect that D.


Need 2 RB's and 1 Flex out of Mathews, Moreno, Ridley, Dwyer, FJAX, Garcon, Stevie J, or DX???

KC Joyner
  (3:50 PM)

Hate to see Bielema leave the Badgers, especially after making it to three straight Rose Bowls. Long questions like this take time to look at, so that's why they are normally passed over. Quick glance would says Jackson and Ridley at RB and DX at WR.

Ditka (Sausage)

You said hang on to Reece if possible - do you have ANY feel for how you think it will work out tonight?

KC Joyner
  (3:51 PM)

Gut feel is that the Broncos will get ahead in this game and Oakland will have to pass a lot to try to catch up.

Barry Horowitz (Tampa, FLA)

I was the greatest jobber of all time! Anyway, would I be crazy to start Palmer over Eli this week? Palmer is the king of garbage yards and TDs in the 2nd halves. Thanks.

KC Joyner
  (3:52 PM)

Horowitz was very good. My vote for all-time jobber would be the Mulkeys. Got Eli and Palmer basically rated equal, but that was before the Nicks news. That makes Eli a bit more risky, so start Palmer.

Danario Alexander (San Diego)

Am I match up proof?

KC Joyner
  (3:53 PM)

Green-rated players (and DX is one of those) generally are matchup resistant. And his matchup this week is likely to be against Cortez Allen now that Taylor is out for a few weeks.

Josh (Iowa)

Follow up to the Reece question. Is Reece a better play than McFadden tonight? I also have R. Mathews, but saw you recommended DMC over him?

KC Joyner
  (3:54 PM)

Got DMC rated highest out of that group. Just think he'll be the lead back for Oakland and even if the Raiders are passing a lot, that role has value.

Bryce Brown (Seattle)

Am I matchup proof?

KC Joyner
  (3:54 PM)

Pretty much, at least as long as McCoy is out and Brown doesn't keep fumbling.

Danny (Dallas)

1st time question asker!! Trying to extend my playoff run....looking for more of a homerun type. Sproles, Heath miller, or Maclin?

KC Joyner
  (3:55 PM)

Best home run option would have to be Sproles.

Josh (Dallas, TX)

I don't understand any of these names or jokes!!! Where are they from or referencing!? Anyways, Brandon Marshal or Demaryius Thomas as a keeper next year? TD heavy league!

KC Joyner
  (3:57 PM)

They are old school pro wrestling names. It's become a trend in these chats but, generally speaking, any creative/funny post will always get put to the top of the list. With the way Peyton is playing, the idea of him being around at a top level for 2-3 more years is more than possible. Keep Thomas.

Clint (New Orleans Pelicans???)

Please help a future Pelicans fan. Decker or TY Hilton? Also, Riddley or Ballard?

KC Joyner
  (3:58 PM)

Yeah, that name didn't seem to hit the spot for many people. But, then again, the Miami Dolphins name might not have hit the spot early, but once that team won a couple of Super Bowls, it seemed like a great moniker. Hilton rates slightly higher than Decker. Ridley is one step above Ballard.

Xander (Philly)

Brees set for a big game? I'm starting Moreno over Forte. YOU CANT STOP ME!!

KC Joyner
  (3:59 PM)

Now just because we post some wrestling names doesn't mean we have to start cutting promos. C'mon man!

Nate (Madison)

For one of my WR positions, trying to decide between Cobb and Jennings....leaning towards Cobb. Who do you see having a bigger game?

KC Joyner
  (4:00 PM)

Got Cobb rated higher this week, really like the matchup.


Thoughts on Britt ROS and next year? Thanks!

KC Joyner
  (4:01 PM)

The new OC (Loggains) looks like he'll be a better fit for that team than Palmer was. Think Britt will trend higher this year and keep that upward trend going next year.

KC Joyner
  (4:03 PM)

Wow, has it been an hour already? Fun chat. Quick notes before hitting the road - the TFS material is always posted on Twitter @KCJoynerTFS. The start-sit charts (which will be available for a playoff special of $10) will be available for purchase at by 4:15 PM. I'll be taking part in an in-game chat during tonight's game, so feel free to join that conversation. Thanks very much for the questions and hope to see you all here next week!