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December 13, 2:00 PM ET
Fantasy Sports with Matthew Berry

Matthew Berry
  (2:05 PM)

Hi gang! Congrats on having something to play for in week 15. Let's get to it.

Cody Zeller (IU)

Wishin I had a healthy Harvin for my championship. However, I have Brown and Murray, but am tempted to go out and get Wilson? Thoughts on who plays better?

Matthew Berry
  (2:06 PM)

I'd definitely get Wilson if for no other reason than to not have him used against you. All depends on if Bradshaw is playing but if Bradshaw were out, I'd like him more than Murray for sure.

Packer Backer (Can't lose to my wife-ville)

My wife has Cam, Martin, Foster, Hernandez, I think my battleship is sunk before it even leaves port. It's the championship, but most of all, it's losing to my wife.....please help fantasy Obi-Wan Kenobi.

Matthew Berry
  (2:06 PM)

Take it like a man. All you can do. And good for you for a having a football smart wife.

Jamie (ATL)

Do you consider Danario Alexander matchup-proof/must-start at this point? Is he safer than Garcon this week given the question marks around RG3? PPR, if that matters.

Matthew Berry
  (2:08 PM)

Yes on the 1st question. I have him ahead of Garcon

Cortlin (Springfield, IL)

Would I be whoa crazy crazy to start David Wilson over Jonathan Dwyer if Bradshaw doesn't play or has limited carries?

Matthew Berry
  (2:09 PM)

Nope. Not crazy at all. Wilson a top 15 lay if AD is out - ATL gives up 7th most fantasy pts to op RB and Wilson's speed helps him on road in the dome.

Darren (MN)

I'm predicting a Bryce Brown rebound....over 15 points. I'm planning to start him across a few leagues over the likes of Moreno, R.Bush, R.Mathews, D.Alexander, Garcon, S.Smith....thoughts?

Matthew Berry
  (2:10 PM)

I'm a little nervous about Brown tonight. Very tough D, short week, Thurs night game...That said, I like him more than R Bush or Mathews among your RB

Matthew Berry
  (2:11 PM)

Think it's a pick'em between Brown and Moreno. Personal preference...

Marc (Tucson, AZ)

TMR, where ya at? PPR league, best to stick with Spiller or roll the dice with Wilson or Reece due to tough matchup?

Matthew Berry
  (2:11 PM)

Start your studs. Don't get cute.


MATTHEW THE KING BERRY.... I followed since week 1, take me to the money. Amendola is going to be a game time decision AGAIN, will GIVENS be reliable? Were his 10 targets last week something to build off of if DANNY doesn't play Make me a believer. I have both. Also Cinci D a strong play tonight? I think so.

Matthew Berry
  (2:13 PM)

Hahaha. Yes on CIN D - have them #1 - avail in 50% of lgs. Reliable on Givens? No. But do I think he has a solid game vs MIN? Absolutely.

Austin (Iowa)

Hello i dont look at rankings. I want to know who to start if bradshaw cant go for my 2 RB wilson DMC or moreno and please say why. Thank you

Matthew Berry
  (2:15 PM)

Makes sense. Why look for the answer easily when you can just hope I pick your question.Alternate response:Wait, doesn't asking me defeat the purpose of not looking at rankings?

jvjls (California)

Tough dilemna this week. I want to start Josh Freeman over Aaron Rodgers, but I know the rule about starting your studs. That being said, Rodgers is in bad weather against the best passing defense in the league. He also has been pretty average over the past four weeks, and didn't play particularly well against Chicago last time. On the other hand, the Saints are the worst pass defense in the league, and Freeman played lights out against the Saints last time. I also think Saints/Bucs will be a shootout, while Packers/Bears should be a grind it out game. Am I crazy, please tell me what you would do.

Matthew Berry
  (2:16 PM)

I would start Rodgers. BUT - everything you wrote is true. There is absolutely a scenario where Freeman outscores Rodgers. He HAS definitely struggled vs CHI some in previous years as well. It's your team - I would do with what you WANT to do, not what others say. It's not a rule, it's a guideline... Good luck!

Cowboy Conundrum ((or Dallas Dilemma))

With Dez out, or less than 100% this week, I'm looking to plug in one of my Cowboys in the flex spot to bring me to the championship. In a PPR format, do I go with Witten, Austin, or Murray?

Matthew Berry
  (2:17 PM)

Prefer Witten in PPR

Daniel (Santa Monica)

My opponent is relying on Josh Freeman. Am I over-thinking it if I start Dallas Clark over Jermaine Gresham to try to negate some of a possible Freeman explosion?

Matthew Berry
  (2:18 PM)

Yes. Alway start your best team

Jeff (KC)

On a scale of 1 to 10 how much did i get jobbed when I dropped Dez after reading that it was "confirmed" that he was headed to IR only to have my opponent claim him off waivers and put him in his lineup to play against me this week?

Matthew Berry
  (2:22 PM)

Uh, zero. Your fault. It was never confirmed by THIS network. A blogger on another site tweeted it. A lot of people took it as news and it RT 'ed by a lot of fantasy people on Twitter. I certainly wasn't one of them. It is one of the reasons sometimes I am "slow" on Twitter. If it doesn't come from someone I know and trust, like a really good beat writer or Mort or Schefter, I'll wait until it's confirmed... for exactly this reason. I have Harvin on my team for three days before I waived him to make sure he was definitely out. You dind't get jobbed, you made a dumb and rash decision based on poor information. Blame whoever told you that news and balme yourself. But kudos to your opponent.

Anabelle (OKC)

Any concerns with the Texans DST this week?

Matthew Berry
  (2:24 PM)

Yes, definitely. Indy can put up points. Luck does throw picks on the road, game is at HOU and I think the Texans were embarrassed by Monday Night, so I expect a better effort. But sure, there are legit concerns.

Kasey (Madison, WI)

I'm having a hard time "settling" for a qb with a high floor because I'm a fairly significant dog this weekend. Going beyond your rankings, who has the most upside potential for this weekend? Romo, Kaepernick, or Palmer.

Matthew Berry
  (2:26 PM)

Most upside? Kaepernick. He could run for two scores and throw for two in a shootout. I think that is unlikely, but he has the most upside if you're swinging for the fences

Darren (MN)

You have Moreno slightly higher than B.Brown, but if I'm starting P.Manning and D.Thomas, should I go with B.Brown over him so I don't have too many eggs in one basket?

Matthew Berry
  (2:27 PM)

No issue with that if you want to hedge your bets. Certainly, BAL at home and needing a win bad - they are on notice after Cameron got fired - you could see the Bronco's lay an egg. I don't expect it but you could certainly see it.

Overthinking... (Florida)

Do you look at the weather and the stadium (dome, no dome) when doing your rankings? Would you really start Dalton this week in the rain over Ryan in the dome???

Matthew Berry
  (2:30 PM)

It's very close but in general, no, I don't look at weather. I will look at where the game is played - D. Wilson being in a dome on turf helps him a little, for example. Ryan and Dalton are very close but FWIW... Dalton has outscored Ryan in 3 of the last 4. So yes, if you're asking me, I would.

Matt (Ohio)

Better keeper for 2013 fantasy season, Aaron Rodgers or Rob Gronkowski?

Matthew Berry
  (2:31 PM)

Without knowing anything else about your league, how long you can keep, penalty for keeping (price or draft pick)... in a vacuum, Rodgers is the better keeper. He'll go higher in drafts next year, he'll be harder to get back, He's not as injury prone

Dan (NYC)

Your individual rankings be damned. I have Brown, Forte, and Moreno (11-13) according to you. Do your rankings reflect upside or safety or just who you think will score the most points?

Matthew Berry
  (2:33 PM)

All of the above. Impossible to predict points, so it's about the upside vs the safety of perfomance, other variables, matchup and who ultuimately has a better chance of scoring more. In cases like this, it's really just a pick 'em. Use ranks as a guideline, that's it.

WR problems (help me)

WR2 choices are avant, amendola, or tate in a .5 ppr. I'd like to start amendola but knowing he may not play do you start avant tonight? foles has been looking his way a lot.

Matthew Berry
  (2:34 PM)

I don't love Avant. If there's nothing else on your wire, I guess you have to be safe but I'd probably hold out hope on Amendola and try to get an alternate in case. My gut says Amendola plays

Groom (Gettin hitched Saturday!!!)

Hoping my first full day of marriage isnt crappy sunday. te problems...with pettigrew likely out and cook def out i need to plug in a pitta, mlewis or chandler. opinion?

Matthew Berry
  (2:36 PM)

Congrats. Pitta vs DEN


A big fan of your posts, needed a little advice on D/ST this week. I know you rank them and don't typically answer these questions... but Lions D a higher upside start against dreadful Cards or plug in Broncos or Jets who are proven

Matthew Berry
  (2:36 PM)

I would go DET. No defense is "proven" - think about Bears vs MIN last week.

Mitch (Seattle)

How big of a hit does Garcon take if Kurt Cousins is QB?

Matthew Berry
  (2:39 PM)

Not that big. He's still the #1 target, they are going to have throw just as much (since Cousins legs aren't moving the chains) and Cousins is actually pretty good. I know for a fact that internally in Washington, they really like Cousins. Rare for a team to have a rookie back-up up a rookie. They belive he's the best guy.

Millionare (MO)

Here's a pick 3 lotto: Shorts, Mattews, Wilson, Leshoure, or Bryant?

Matthew Berry
  (2:40 PM)

Sit Mathews & LeShoure.

Matthew Berry
  (2:41 PM)

But Shorts is no guarantee to play, FYI. I expect him to but it's not definite.

Matthew Berry
  (2:41 PM)

Damn. It's official. Josh Hamilton to the Angels.

mike (Chicago)

Hello talented Mr. Roto. I'm looking for a flex start in ppr. Maclin tonight? Or do I hold out hope for cecil shorts, with Kendal wright as back up in case shorts doesn't suit up?

Matthew Berry
  (2:42 PM)

Would hold out hope on Shorts.

Eric (Milwaukee)

convince me to start Forte over Moreno in a ppr please

Matthew Berry
  (2:44 PM)

Forte is the more proven guy, GB D is banged up and Moreno could easily pull a Bryce Brown. One thing to do it against OAK, it's another to do it on the road at BALT against an angry Ravens D that might get Suggs and Lewis back.

Rich (NJ)

Multi-league question. Let's say you're facing a Moreno vs. Brown decision on a couple of your teams this week. Do you go all in on the higher ranked player, or mix it up across your teams to spread the risk?

Matthew Berry
  (2:45 PM)

I probably spread the risk depending on how I feel about rest of team

favorite (texas)

I am already the favorite and looking for safer play. Pick 2, please. Decker Bryce Brown Moreno Mcfadden

Matthew Berry
  (2:46 PM)

Decker and Moreno are the safest to me but don't feel great about any of them

Chris (Pittsburgh)

Better flex play this week, Bryce Brown or Cobb? Up 30 going into week two and don't wanna risk another goose egg at my flex like brown last week

Matthew Berry
  (2:46 PM)


J (Boston)

Bradshaw missed practice again. If he doesn't go are you starting Wilson over Leshore?

Matthew Berry
  (2:47 PM)

Yes. Keep in mind there have been weeks that Bradshaw has missed all week of practive and still played. They'll do everything they can to try and get him to play. You won't know definitely until Sun morning is my guess.

Rob (Baldwin)

Hey Mr.Berry, Happy Hannukah!!!Ridley or Ryan Mathews....

Matthew Berry
  (2:47 PM)

Back at ya. Ridley

Austin (Boston)

Convince me to drop Detroit defense for Cinci...time's ticking, help...

Matthew Berry
  (2:49 PM)

Have CIN #1 - leads NFL in sacks, PHI allows a ton of sacks, PHI gives up 4th most fantasy points to op D/ST, short week, Thursday game...CIN needs this game bad.


Why do you keep avoiding in depth analysis on Bryce Brown? There was little to no coverage on the podcast this week and yet you have him higher than usual?!?

Matthew Berry
  (2:52 PM)

What do you want me to say? Feel like every other question is Brown. Podcast covers a wide range of topics - Nate and I both feel like we've talked about him a lot. We discussed him Monday after his stinker. We both think he's a very talented ral life RB that has a tough matchup tonight. CIN is playing very good D. Brown is a RB2 with upside, obviously but also a decent amount of risk. TB sold out to stop the run last week - not sure CIN does that this week.

Lando (MS)

I've got Cobb starting in PPR, but if they both are able to go, who would you trust most on Sunday: Shorts or Amendola?

Matthew Berry
  (2:53 PM)

Trust Shorts more. Amendola higher upside in a PPR

Ryan (Des Moines)

How should we feel about Brandon Lloyd going forward? Any different?

Matthew Berry
  (2:53 PM)

A little better but not much. Low end WR3 this week for me.

Matthew Stafford (Detroit)

Am I going to keep handing the ball off to Leshoure and watch him run into the line? Or do we get more creative, and see what Bell can do?

Matthew Berry
  (2:54 PM)

Bell actually got more touches last week than LeShoure. And Bell is 3rd in the NFL in RB receptions. Think this is a time share and Bell is an interesting flex option.

Josh Hamilton (On my way to the bank (laughing))

*SURVIVOR PICK* - Detroit (@AZ), MIA (home vs Jags) or SEA (vs Buff in Toronto)?

Matthew Berry
  (2:55 PM)

Like Detroit the most there

Freddy (Elm Street)

Why do you have Myers ranked ahead of Gresham? Gresham good for at least 4 targets a game whereas Myers can have a 1 catch game like last week.

Matthew Berry
  (2:57 PM)

Myers got a goose egg last week because he had to stay in and block because OAK couldn't handle DEN's pressure. No such worry with KC - only 5 teams have less sacks. Myers one of only two players to have at least 9 games with 5 or more receptions (Witten the other)... that's why.

Matthew Berry
  (2:59 PM)

Ok gang, gotta run. Doing SportsNation in a bit. Will try to answer more questions on Twitter and Facebook. Good luck in week 15!