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January 4, 12:00 PM ET
Chat with Sean Adams

Nick (Pflugerville)

Hi Sean, If Mack gave you the power to change three things with the program, what would they be?

Sean Adams
  (12:09 PM)

Offense back to the zone-read but still recruiting the biggest and best OL, focus on bigger and more physical corners, hire myself for Texas and establish some leadership development with real conversations and real leadership. I tease on the last one, but they need mindset help in bad way. Hopefully Major having a bigger role will help with that.

ryan (san diego)

How do you think Texas would fare in the Pac-12 on a regular basis had they joined?

Sean Adams
  (12:12 PM)

On a regular basis Texas would be in the party with Oregon and USC at the top of the class. I have no doubt about that. It would probably match the current style of play better.

Jeff (Fort Hood)

Why has the AD not stepped up and made the tough decision to let Mack go or at a minimum force Mack to get a new DC?

Sean Adams
  (12:17 PM)

Mack already got a new DC and a new OC. I know Nebraska did it, but seriously, you want to remove a coach right now that went 9-4 and won his bowl game with even what America considers a young team? I get your point but it would be silly of Texas to even contemplate it unless it was his idea at this point to move on having gotten the program back to here.

David (Round Rock)

Sean, enjoy your radio show. Scale of 1-10, how worried should Texas be about the shifting of power and A&M?

Sean Adams
  (12:24 PM)

Thanks a lot. Keep listening, I need the work. I don't know that Texas should be worried as much as Texas should concentrate on Texas. Texas will still get great recruits and the Horns don't even play Texas A&M. I think Texas A

Chris (Houston)

I don't think people realize how good our DBs were in the bowl game. Most of the Beavers' passing yards came on screens. Byndom and Diggs held 2 1,000-yard guys in check. Do you think that they live up to more of the hype next year?

Sean Adams
  (12:29 PM)

Yeah, I think they live up to the hype, but Diggs will probably be living it up at safety. They had great games, but I cannot stress enough how much the defensive line led by Alex Okafor helped with that effort. When a QB is running scared or on his back, he usually can't do much.

Horn1515 (Beijing, China)

I enjoy you and your ESPN teammates articles and comments. My concern is our offensive line. We discuss using our running backs, but I have yet to see our offensive line push anyone back. I remember the offensive lines in the good, old days that would move the defensive line back on their heels. What is your take on next year's offensive line?

Sean Adams
  (12:36 PM)

They will be a year better and a year bigger. They surely need help in the middle of the offensive line and it is on the way. The OL was the hardest to build and form, because that does not happen overnight. The good thing is that they are just trying to get the best five on the field. Next year's line will be bigger, better and deeper. The recruiting classes from 2011, 2012 ad 2013 will be really good. Plus all five starters return.

Darren (Dallas)

I'm still not sold that David Ash can be the guy to beat Oklahoma or win a Big 12 title. Thoughts?

Sean Adams
  (12:41 PM)

I don't think anyone is sold on him, but he has displayed the most and has looked good at times against good teams. I don't know that the Oklahoma folk were sold on Nate Hybl, but he won against Texas with a great defense. David Ash could have that. It's not all on the quarterback.

Bob (Texas)

Another website rated Cayleb Jones as the #1 freshman recruit bust. Did he get no PT because he was a "bust", or were there just so many people in front of him?

Sean Adams
  (12:46 PM)

That website, whatever it is, should be ashamed of itself. Whoever rated him as a bust obviously did not watch Texas play this year. With the receivers they had and the issues they had on offense, even with the great running backs, Jones wasn't going to star this year. With Goodwin gone and a need for a deep threat, I think Jones gets heavily involved in 2013. He played a lot, he just did not get the targets.

Andy (Houston)

Who steps up next year to make up for the loss of Okafor?

Sean Adams
  (12:49 PM)

Reggie Wilson and Cedric Reed will both be studs. Don't forget about the freshman, Shiro Davis. Last but not least the All-American, Jackson Jeffcoat, should be back in the fold. The defensive line should be really good.

Mike (Miami)

Are McCoy and Hicks done at Texas?

Sean Adams
  (12:51 PM)

I wouldn't ever guess on something so serious. The only thing I know is that Texas will gather all of the facts and do what is best for Texas and for those young men. Again, once all of the facts are in and once decisions are made in regards to charges, they won't care about public sentiment and they shouldn't. It's about Texas and those young men.

Jim (Texas)

How do you think Manny Diaz handled the team this year, and do you think his future with Texas is in jeopardy?

Sean Adams
  (12:54 PM)

The fact that Mack Brown defended him and explained things about him at times leads me to conclude that Diaz will remain at Texas. He was always better when things were not so complicated. With the athletes he has simple was always better.

Kevin (Round Rock)

Hey Sean, should Texas fans be optimistic for next year given their recent bowl victory, or should we expect yet another inconsistent and mediocre season? Just trying to set expectations ...

Sean Adams
  (12:55 PM)

I have already gone on the record that I think Texas win 10 games in the regular season in 2013.

GB (Virginia)

Besides David Ash consistency, what are some wish list items for improvement on the offensive side of things for the Longhorns? Its easy to scapegoat Ash/quarterback play in general, but what else needs to be developed?

Sean Adams
  (12:59 PM)

They need to be aggressive down the field in their play calling and straighten out the middle of the offensive line. It would help if they could get the TE involved down the middle of the field.

Adam (Ann Arbor)

Sean, thoughts on Larry Porter? Seems like a home run and he's already out on the trail. Also, do you see Swoopes ending up as a John Chiles? He was such a tantalizing talent that never got utilized (albeit McCoy was there) but seems like it would have made sense to switch him to WR sooner and let him flourish than later. It looks like there could be a logjam at QB in front as well.

Sean Adams
  (1:04 PM)

I like the Larry Porter hire and it will be more than just recruiting. That's everyone's default, but he brings a lot more than recruiting. No, Swoopes does not do the same thing as Chiles. I agree, but that was partially on Chiles as well not wanting to move. There's no Colt McCoy in front of Swoops, btw.

Cleveland (Georgetown)

After the bowl, with the success Ash had at the end of the game with Applewhite calling more of an open offense and Mack's initial post game comment of "that's the big 12 way" can we hope for a return to what got Texas successful and maybe abandon this "we're gonna run like an SEC team strategy"?

Sean Adams
  (1:07 PM)

As a Texas fan, you can only hope!

Andy (Houston)

You mentioned the need for leadership earlier, do you see any current players stepping into that role? Who? After the events leading up to the Alamo bowl is there any chance that we see increased accountability/discipline from Mack and the rest of the coaching staff?

Sean Adams
  (1:07 PM)

Jeffcoat, Shipley, Diggs, Jackson and some others can all be leaders. They need to increase accountability across the board, not just based on the mishaps in San Antonio.

Sean Adams
  (1:08 PM)

OK, have a great week, enjoy the great game we should see tonight.