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March 1, 2:30 PM ET
Chat with Ian Begley

  (2:31 PM)

Hey everyone, Knicks are looking for payback against John Wall and the Wizards tonight. One thing I'll be looking out for in this game: can the Knicks stop a point guard?? It's been a sore subject of late. Let's see if they can make the necessary adjustments against John Wall.

Dj Bronx [via mobile]

Any chance cp3 will be a knick in the future

  (2:34 PM)

Hey DJ, THe CBA makes that very prohibitive. The Knicks likely won't be able to do a sign and trade for Paul because of their salary situation. So Paul would have to be willing to take less years and less money to become a Knick via free-agency. But even then, the Knicks would have to clear a ton of cap space to make room in their salary structure for Paul.

Alex (Anaheim)

The Knicks lost in DC last time. Will they bounce back tonight?

  (2:35 PM)

That's the big question, Al. The Knicks need to clean up their pick and roll defense in order to be successful tonight. John Wall torched them again and again in the pick and roll the last time the Knicks were in DC (a 106-96 loss), so the Knicks need to do a better job of either fighting through screens or making contact with the screener when they switch. They also need to build a wall in the paint to stop Wall's penetration

Bryce (CA)

When are you gonna hit puberty, brah?

  (2:36 PM)

Hmmm ... not exactly Knicks-related Bryce.

Andrew (NY)

I think JR Smith is a problem. He has a real attitude problem. He tries to act like a tuff guy all the time and he mouths off a bunch. Whats ur thoughts? Does the team hes on make him that way? Because Melo is kinda the same way, and when KG went to BOS he started acting the same way and Rondo is like that too, wait didnt Paul Pierce get in trouble for throwing up gang signs? Why do these players act like there on the streets?

  (2:38 PM)

I think JR plays with intensity on the floor and sometimes that intensity can boil over in ways that are not productive for the Knicks. His dustup with Lance Stephenson in Indy in the Knicks' first game after the break is a good example. Mike Woodson has been on JR about being a more mature player but you have to wonder if the message is starting to get stale.

Chris Fiegler (Latham,NY)

What is the Hardest Team that the Knicks either Faced or Will Face this season?

  (2:39 PM)

That's easy: Miami on Sunday or Miami on April 2.

Brian (NJ)

What happened to the defense that got the Knicks out to that fast start? It has to come back if there's any hope of contending for a title

  (2:42 PM)

Really hard to say exactly what happened to it, Brian. Injuries have definitely had an impact but the personnel that's been on the floor hasn't really given a consistent effort. I think that was the key to the early-season success. When you sub Amar'e Stoudemire for Rasheed Wallace, there is going to be slippage. But, based on what we saw earlier this year, the Knicks really should be a stronger defensive club.

Ozair (NJ)

Ian, help me with something here, Woodson says he holds players accountable but consistently starts Kidd who seems like wouldnt be able to throw a pebble into an ocean. Why is he reluctant to bench Kidd and continually playing Shumpert out of position?

  (2:51 PM)

It's tough for me to my finger on it. Woody has said repeatedly that he's considered making a lineup change, but he hasn't. He's said that he wants Kidd to shoot his way out of the slump and Shumpert played well on defense against the Warriors. It's just kind of wait and see at this point. I think he should make a change but he makes it seem like he's hesitant.

Ozair (NJ)

Been listening to ESPN radio today and everyone keeps counting the Knicks out vs Miami on Sunday. Am I crazy or doesn't it just make sense that we match up better with Miami which is why we gave them a whooping twice, same reason why Chicago keeps washing us because they match up well vs us? (In regards to styles of play)

  (2:55 PM)

Anything's possible, as Kevin Garnett is fond of saying. Knicks fans have plenty of reason for optimism because this team beat the Heat without Anthony. But the Knicks certainly look far from the November/December outfit that beat Miami. It will be an interesting measuring stick to see just how far (or close) the Knicks are from that 18-5 start.

Pat (ny) [via mobile]

Agreed with the JR-immaturity comment. I went to the Knicks/Sixers game. Before the 2nd half Woodson gathered the team in a huddle while JR took half court shots and jokes with the ball boy. Another time he sat towards the end of the bench while the coach wad speaking to the team. Theres a reason no one offered him a contract this winter

  (2:57 PM)

I think JR is an incredible talent. He has won games for the Knicks and the team would be far worse off without his services. Does he have mental lapses? Sure. But his importance to the team far outweighs those lapses. He will have several offers this summer, including one from the Knicks.

Joseph (Long Island)

What do you believe is the best way to handle the Sheed situation? Should we keep him and pray that he's not only healthy, but in basketball shape, come playoff time? Or should we cut him loose and sign a player that could help us now, i.e. Delonte West?

  (3:00 PM)

Hey Joe, I honestly don't see any reason for Rasheed Wallace to occupy a roster spot. I think the Knicks would be best-served to cut him and add a player. At 38, it would be a big challenge for him to return in a little over two months for the postseason

  (3:01 PM)

That's it for me this afternoon, guys. Thanks a lot for stopping by. It's always fun to chat with fans as knowledgable and passionate as you all. See you next week.