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April 2, 10:30 AM ET
Chat with Andy Katz

Andy Katz
  (10:38 AM)

Here to take a few questions during this Final Four week

Steve (Seattle)

Has the Pac-12 fired Ed Rush yet?

Andy Katz
  (10:39 AM)

No. I am surprised by the initial response.

Adam (Indianapolis)

When is the final four going to be held in Indy again? I thought Indy was going to host every four years because of the NCAA headquarters is located here.

Andy Katz
  (10:39 AM)

I pretty sure (without looking it up) the Final Four is back in Indy in two years. Next year it's in Arlington at Cowboys Stadium.

mpic121 (Winchestr Ky)

chances Louisville will NOT be in championship game??

Andy Katz
  (10:41 AM)

You can never say never. Wichita State has a chance if it can ugly this game up and make it really physical. The Shockers haven't shied away from any challenge. The first five minutes will be critical. I did pick Louisville but wouldn't be surprised by any of it.

Dave (Portland, ME)

Hi Andy! Thank you for all of your hard work. On the Experts show yesterday, you rightfully brought up C.J. Fair as a huge piece of Syracuse's success this season. Those who have watched every game know this, but I'm curious why he is largely overlooked nationally. Without his contributions, SU would have missed the NCAAs by a large margin as he is, without a doubt, the most consistent producer we have. Why do you think his efforts aren't given just due?

Andy Katz
  (10:48 AM)

Not sure. C.J. Fair deserves to get his due. I don't understand how others don't see the same thing. He is one of the toughest matchups in the field.

Frank (New Orleans)

Did Andy Enfield make the right decision going to USC?

Andy Katz
  (10:49 AM)

Yes. He had to move. He would never be hotter than he is right now.

Anthony Solazzo (New Jersey)

Hi Andy! Do you think Trey Burke (6'0) will have trouble against SU's tall and long backcourt (6'4, 6'6)? I realize he has a tremendous skill set, but it seems like his penetrating and dish abilities might be hampered.

Andy Katz
  (10:51 AM)

Yes, defensively that could be a problem. Burke will have to use his speed to get into the middle of the zone to distribute. But more than anything, Michigan has to get the ball down the court before Syracuse's zone gets set. That's on the Michigan bigs to get the boards, outlet to Burke as quickly as possible.

Mike (Pennsylvania)

Is Trey Burke your POY choice?

Andy Katz
  (10:53 AM)

Yes. I've been all over the map. But I came back to Burke. He was too good, too effective and Michigan was dependent enough on him that he has to be the choice. And I'm including the NCAA tournament in this.

Alex (Louisville)

Am i right to say that UofL has had the best year of sports of any program? (Mens Final Four, Sugar Bowl Beatdown, Women's upset of Baylor)

Andy Katz
  (10:55 AM)

Getting close. Let's see what happens the rest of this week. Getting into the ACC over UConn and Cincinnati has to be in there too.

Jon (Salt Lake City)

Does Neal get the New Mexico job? Who are the other candidates?

Andy Katz
  (10:56 AM)

He's the obvious choice. I do think he's ready.

Scott (Dallas)

Andy, After turning down UCLA, what job would Shaka actually leave for? What job would Brad Stevens leave for?

Andy Katz
  (10:57 AM)

It has to be something that makes total sense. You cannot dismiss the family aspect for both men. They have young families and love where they live and who they work for and where they work and today that matters.

Brian (Greensboro, NC)

how strong will the ACC be with its new additions Syracuse, Pitt, Louisville, and ND?

Andy Katz
  (10:58 AM)

The ACC and the Big Ten will be the deepest and strongest conferences in the country. It won't be close.

Brian (Greensboro, NC)

Ron Wellman now head of the selection committee. What do you think of his decision to keep Bzdelik as coach at WFU?

Andy Katz
  (11:00 AM)

I'm not surprised at all. Wellman fired Dino Gaudio and hired his good friend Bzdelik. There was no way he was going to give up on Bzdelik this soon. He is married to this hire and has to see it work.

Deven (New York, NY)

Hi Andy. How bad is Kevin Ware's injury and will it affect Louisville in any way?

Andy Katz
  (11:02 AM)

I'm not a doctor so I'll leave that assessment to those who know. As for Louisville, the Cardinals can win the national title without him. But it will hurt the bench without having a legitimate backup guard behind Siva and Smith. It may force Luke Hancock into more of a ballhandling role if there is foul trouble. But that's the if.

Gary (Long Island)

How do you think UCLA will do next year in the Pac12 with Steve Alford in charge?

Andy Katz
  (11:11 AM)

The Bruins should be one of the best teams in the Pac-12 -- even with Shabazz Muhammad likely turning pro. Jordan Adams should come back from his foot injury. I fully expect Kyle Anderson to return. This team will still have a strong core that has a real shot to contend.

Andy Katz
  (11:13 AM)

Thanks for the questions. We will chat again from Atlanta I'm sure.