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May 31, 1:00 PM ET
Chat with Jesse Rogers, Doug Padilla

Jesse Rogers
  (1:02 PM)

Hey folks..welcome to our weekly friday baseball chat. Cubs coming off three really nice games against the white sox, we'll see if they can keep it away with questions!

john [via mobile]

With castro struggling a bit at the plate, what do you think the chances are when baez is ready moving castro to second and having barney as a super infield sub. Barney is great with the glove but gives you next to nothing offensively, and seems to be a great late inning defensive sub/ off day fill in for second or short.

Jesse Rogers
  (1:05 PM)

I dont know if your specific scenario is possible but the idea of moving Castro for Baez is definitely a possibility..lots of moving parts to the cubs as we move along here so as they say things might play out for them without the tough decisions..Im good with castro to 2nd or 3rd to be honest..that's if Baez is better at SS...still remains to be seen..he does a good number of errors last time I looked down in Daytona..but its not just about E's...anyway, I think there are a bunch of possibilities...not sure Barney is ready for that role but he might hit his way into or somewhere...we'll see

Austin (Springfield)

Hypothetical, but if castro or barney were to miss extended time do you think logan watkins would get the call or more likely lillibridge/gonzalez? Thanks

Jesse Rogers
  (1:06 PM)

Good question...Im guessing they want to err on the side of caution so rushing this yr without a full yr at AAA is doubtful but hes def a candidate for a sept call-up...really curious to see if he can keep up that OBP at the major league level..Im sure they are too..

Riley, Texas [via mobile]

Who is te easiest piece to move at the deadline as of now? Navarro, Dejesus, Feldman, Soriano?

Jesse Rogers
  (1:07 PM)

Hard to judge what you mean by easiest....Def not Sori by any defintion...prob feldman...everyone needs pitching...

Jimmy Nelligan (Champaign IL)

After Navarro's 3 homeruns. That has got to spark some trade interests. Do you see him being dealt sometime in the near future or since he is still in his 20s do you see him being more of a "role" player when we are "rebuilt"?

Jesse Rogers
  (1:09 PM)

Navarro is maybe a nice little piece off the bench for a team but he not fetching you an A prospect and maybe not even a B..more like a C...dont waste time thinking along those lines..

Ricky(Waukegan) [via mobile]

What do the Cubs do if Rizzo can't hit for average, but only for power? When Vogelbach is ready, so they trade Rizzo and but Vogey at 1st

Jesse Rogers
  (1:10 PM)

No. Because youre assuming that Vogelbach will be a better player overall than Rizzo..hard to make that jump right now..Rizzo is only getting better..I doubt they have any plans on trading Rizzo..if they do, then back to rebuilding

Edwin Galletti [via mobile]

Which of the Cubs front line prospects are expected to be called up this summer?

Jesse Rogers
  (1:11 PM)

By sept. i would think B.Jackson and Vitters might get a look again but no guarantees...maybe watkins as I said before..

Patrick (North Aurora)

Will the Cubs have a new manager next year? Joe Girardi could be available....

Jesse Rogers
  (1:12 PM)

Probably not next yr but I could see something like that happening by 2015 if things arent progressing the right way

Patrick (Florence, SC)

I am confused on why Navarro didn't start the next game after he hit 3 home runs. If I am the manager it wouldn't matter the situation I am putting any guy who has a game like that in the lineup no matter what the matchup is.

Jesse Rogers
  (1:13 PM)

Just not the way it works for most..yes, he could have rewarded him but castillo is the starter..and starters dont sit two days in a row unless struggling mightily..I dint have a problem with it..

Starlin Castro (Fan/Media Doghouse)

If the Cubs dont mess with my approach and head last year am I still knocking in 200 hits per year with a batting avg over .300?

Jesse Rogers
  (1:15 PM)

Yes but if your average is .300 but your on-base is .310, whats the diff? is that great? now, if you put him lower in the lineup and those 200 hits are driving in some runs, then maybe..but on its own..think of it this way..what if he was hitting .250 with an on-base of .310..we'd be saying it still stinks....yes, .300 is nice but I still think it needs context..the point being if he's getting 200 hits then pitchers should be more careful with him which means more walks...he HAS to take advantage of the fact he;s a great talent..he's not right now..hope that makes sense

Chris (Lake in the hills)

I was warned by friends when we signed Edwin Jackson because of his constantly high era. Why did we not go after someone like Kyle lohse who has been a much established pitcher? After his 1-7 start are Jed and theo considering him a 50 million dollar mistake yet?

Jesse Rogers
  (1:16 PM)

I dont know if they are but I sure am..they were in love with the innings he ate...long way to go..hope hes working as hard as I see T.wood nad Villanueva and these guys work

jj fad (ryan)

Jesse, will the Cubs make a move for pitcher's Price or Lincecum when they(or if they) become free agents? Thanks!

Jesse Rogers
  (1:19 PM)

I dont think the Cubs will be in the over-priced market dept..especically with Jackson's start...almost no free agent pitcher is worth what he gets...maybe they'll add one but how many do they need if jackson is here, smaradija and wood keep it up and your #2 pick is probably going to be in the rotation next yr...Big if but still...maybe they sign one more in the next yr but I wouldnt hold my breathe at some 100 mil deal for Price or what not...just dont see that as smart at all..

Eric (Chicago)

Which pitcher in the draft has better short-term and long-term upside? Appel or Gray?

Jesse Rogers
  (1:20 PM)

I guess Appel short term and maybe Gray long? But one really knows...thats just based on what looks obvious...its a roll of the dice in a lot of ways

Dave (DeKalb)

So is it pretty much certain that DeJesus and Feldman are gone 2 months from today?

Jesse Rogers
  (1:22 PM)

Yes. 80-90% on both...but that's not 100...I leave the door open that Dejesus is a good example for younger guys..his at-bats, etc...and heck, if feldman is good thru about a 2yr deal at modest price? might be able to sneak that by him? no? still not sold that 2nd and 3rd time thru NL he'll be as good but maybe by july 31 we'll knoe..more than likely he's gone

Wolverine Boy (Wheaton)

Have the Cubs thought of drafting that 3B Home Run Hitting Machine with the first pick before they load up on Picthing prospects?

Jesse Rogers
  (1:24 PM)

Yeah but i still think its a many position players 3-4 yrs from being ready do they need? get me near ready starter and lets roll...its a risk but they all are...go for it

Barry (Clinton, IN)

Is Curtis Granderson on the Cubs radar for next season?

Jesse Rogers
  (1:24 PM)


Dale White (Hickory, NC)

Why is it that almost every time Castro has a good swing he misses or fouls it off and almost every time he puts the ball in play he is reaching? His being young is starting to wear thin - he didn't just get here from the farm.

Jesse Rogers
  (1:25 PM)

I dont disagree..he has so much natural talent but he's not maxing out on it..still a good player but not great yet..think he needs to pull the ball more..gone too far the other way..little like barney..still, tons of talent there

Austin (Springfield)

What was the reason for the burnett/putnam switch? Thanks

Jesse Rogers
  (1:26 PM)

Think they just knew putnam better and rewarded him for good season so far...dont know much more than that..

Ricky(WaukTown) [via mobile]

Since the cubs will get Gray or Appel. Will the Cubs move them very fast up through the minors? Could they be in the Bullpen by years end? Or starting rotation,with good spring training?

Jesse Rogers
  (1:27 PM)

I doubt it...slated to compete for next season but obviosuly what they do on the mound will help determine..the only "plan" the cubs have is having prospects achieve certain goals at each level then they move up...they dont put timetables on it...its about reaching those goals..

Andrew [via mobile]

Huge if; however, IF the Cubbies continue to play inspired ball and let's say they're a few games over .500 entering the deadline, do they still shop their players: Feldman, Soriano, Garza, Wood, Nasty Nate, Gregg? Or do they stand pat and reward the fan base by perhaps seeing a pretender surprise some people heading down the stretch? Losing has to take its toll on these younger players mentally and physically.

Jesse Rogers
  (1:29 PM)

They will still sell but maybe not as many...maybe Dejesus stays or something but they arent go to move from the long term plan

Alex (Naperville)

Is it just me or does Castro get way too much scrutiny from fans the media? If there were better players around him, there would be far less pressure on him to succeed up to his expectations.

Jesse Rogers
  (1:30 PM)

Sure, its possible..but he is playing SS, with 70 mil in the bank and batting 2nd...and had great if he's not scrutinized then who? I dont have a problem with it..course he might

Ty (SF)

Jesse, I hear Albert Almora is on a unhuman tear. could this guy plain and simple be a natural and if so, why shepard him, if he continues, let him come up early like an A-rod, Harper, Trout...

Jesse Rogers
  (1:32 PM)

Sure, its possible but again, cubs will err on side of caution..has anyone been hurt by too much time in the minors? he'll move up fast if he keeps showing it..bottom line is theo has unprecedented patience (from a big market) from his owner so he wants to get it right from start to finish with every player...I like it...lets do it right for once..if he deserves it he'll be here soon enough even if thats 6 months or a yr later they you or I think..

Adam (Shorewood)

With the eventual unloading of veterans for young assets on the horizon, what is the status of Scott Baker?

Jesse Rogers
  (1:33 PM)

His yr is just starting..throwing the ball in Az now but who knows when he'll be back on the mound competiively..I suppose if no setbacks he's another 4 weeks away from knowing something about him..maybe less

Jason (Joliet)

How do the Cubs view Luis Valbuena in terms of fitting into their future plans? Is he more of a stopgap, a future utility player, or a guy who's genuinely competing for a long term starting role right now?

Jesse Rogers
  (1:35 PM)

I doubt he's a long term answer there but they really do like him..epsecially sveum..if they get a true starter there then yeah I could see him being utility but 3rd base is still a little thin around the league..maybe he'll try to parlay this somewhere else..hard to know..but I would say he has a spot on this team and what that role long term is will play out..hes still platooning so take that for what its worth

Jesse Rogers
  (1:37 PM)

That's it for this week..sorry if I didint get to your can email me at with the draft coming up should be very interesting..I think its one of those top pitchers for sure...follow me on twitter @espnchicubs...and check out the next week