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June 5, 1:00 PM ET
Chat with Ohm Youngmisuk

  (1:00 PM)

What's cracking kids? Shout out to my boys JKidd and GHill on their retirement as well. Man, I'm feeling old seeing those guys retire!

Jeremy (Westchester)

Update on Cruz and Nicks?

  (1:01 PM)

No update really. Cruz and Giants remain apart on talks as of the last time I checked in on the situation. Nicks, there are plenty of rumblings out there and reports. But until I hear him say why he wasn't at OTA himself, then I'm going to steer clear of what's out there. For now, all we know is the OTAs are voluntary and he chose not to participate. He was going to be limited anyways as they take it slow with him. We will be at OTA tomorrow and see if Nicks will be there or not.

jim va.beach [via mobile]

Hey ohm. Gut feeling from you about who gets the big deal. Cruz and nicks. One of them, or both? Thanks.

  (1:02 PM)

I still believe both get deals but if you are asking me who gets more -- it will likely be Hakeem.

Rich (New Jersey)

Hi Ohm, Looking forward to an interesting year with the Giants, Cowboys and Redskins. I'm figuring 11 or 12 wins to win the division outright, 9 or 10 wins it'll probably come down to tie breakers, you thoughts?

  (1:03 PM)

I do believe that the first to 11 or 12 wins the division. But 10 will probably be the number that gets it done. Last few years it's been nine. I would say be prepared for another division run that goes right to the last game.

Alex (Anaheim)

Realistically, how far into the season can we expect Pierre-Paul to return?

  (1:04 PM)

No idea Alex. Hard to speculate on somebody else's back and how he is going to recover. But if he's not ready for Week 1, I don't think I'd be alarmed because it would only be a week or so after the expected timetable for his recovery. In fact, Giants should take it slow with their franchise pass rusher. I would have zero problems with him missing the first two games. But if he goes on PUP to start regular season -- not training camp -- then I might be alarmed.

Chris (Barnegat, NJ)

How has Josh Brown looked in OTAs so far? Is he gonna be an upgrade over Tynes?

  (1:05 PM)

Honestly, haven't seen much of Josh Brown thus far. But from what I've seen, everything looks fine. Hard to tell in OTAs practice. Got to see in a real game.

Abdul (Minneapolis MN)

Two part question is Fewell on hot seat his defense had been horrible except during 6 gm SB 2 any truth that Giants are flirting with switching to a 3-4 D

  (1:06 PM)

I don't think Perry is on "the hot seat." But I do think the defense HAS to perform better and he and the Giants know that and want that. As for the 3-4 rumor, where did you hear that? I don't think so.

Mari NYC [via mobile]

Where will Eli career end as far as quarterback ranking could he end up better than his brother with another super bowl

  (1:08 PM)

If Eli ends up with more Super Bowls, there can be an argument. But Peyton will likely finish with the better numbers and even if Peyton doesn't get another Super Bowl, you can't deny his greatness. We got to wait and see how they both finish up.

Chino (Bronx, NY)

What's good Ohm?! Do you think with the injuries that take place during OTAs that more players would be incline to opt-out of attending them?

  (1:12 PM)

OTAs are voluntary. Would it be nice that everybody attends? Yes. But it's voluntary. Players don't need to show up. And as for risking injury, yeah, if you can avoid it, why not. But they can still come to OTA and not do work if they choose as well, would be my guess. Players know how to manage without injuring themselves. But in Nicks' case, yeah, he broke his foot in an OTA last year. So perhaps that's a factor. Who knows.

Chris (Barnegat, NJ)

I know Justin Pugh lined up at RT in the rookie mini-camp, but where has he been lined up in OTA and what unit has he been with the most?

  (1:12 PM)

Hard to see as far away as we are standing from where they practice but from what I've seen, he's been working at right tackle but not with first team.

Mari NYC [via mobile]

Same goes for sanchez will he ever be better jet qb than say chad pennington

  (1:17 PM)

Well, Sanchez still has a lot of days ahead of him. Pennington was one of the most accurate QBs I've seen. He was a great leader too, beloved in the locker room. Sanchez has to keep working.

Jake (Bmore)

Have you seen if Andre Brown is active in practice? Is he running full speed?

  (1:20 PM)

He's been there in OTAs. Hard to say about the full speeed thing because it's non-contact. They hand off and then a guy tries to run through a hole and might keep running a bit. But I haven't seen any signs of him being limited. I think he'll be fine for camp.

Jason (NY)

Hey Ohm - How does Nassib look going against NFL caliber players? Are the Giants committed to having three quarterbacks on the roster this year?

  (1:24 PM)

Nassib has been up and down, as to be expected from a rookie. Personally, I think the Giants have to carry three to have Carr's experience there just in case for this season. But Coughlin likes to carry two so we will see. Injuries to JPP and Hynoski could make the roster a bit of a challenge trying to carry extra bodies.

Mike (Bayonne NJ)

With a log jam at The DT position who do you see being the odd man out when roster gets cut to 53 ? Assuming Jenkins and Joseph are starters

  (1:25 PM)

I think Jenkins and Joseph will start. Then Patterson, Rogers and Austin and Kuhn will duke it out for snaps. I don't think they are ready to give up on a second-round pick in Austin just yet. So if Patterson is healthy, it could come down to Rogers and Kuhn. But it is going to be quite the dilemma. Somebody who is good is going to be released.

Abdul (Minneapolis )

Forgot who mentioned switch to 3-4 .. But it was raised due to fact Giants have drafted or signed DT that could play nose tackle In a 3-4 and that a 3-4 D can be more effective in stopping Spread pistol option offense that taking league by storm

  (1:26 PM)

Yeah, I don't see that happening. The 4-3 is what they work with and it's part of the organization's thinking as well.

Darrell (MD)

In the end, do you think Victor takes the $8 million the Giants are offering him before the season? He seems like a smart dude to not want to risk injury and is doing well with endorsements.

  (1:29 PM)

Darrell, I'm not sure what exactly is on the table for Victor to take right now. I've heard a couple of things. Right now he's looking for a little more than what is on the table. And there's time to keep negotiating. No rush.

Ariel (Quenns NY)

Hey ohm I was wondering since theres a possibility jpp won't start week 1 do you think damontre Moore will fill the void he seems to have a lot potential?

  (1:30 PM)

Hey Ariel, I think it will be Tuck and Kiwanuka starting at DE while JPP is out. And then the third DE spot (Osi's old role) could be between Tracy, Moore, Ojomo and Trattou barring the Giants signing somebody else. Moore has potential but has to grow and learn. He's a young pup, only 20! LOL.

  (1:31 PM)

Alright everybody, thanks for the questions this week! Have a safe weekend and see ya'll next week!