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September 5, 4:00 PM ET
Chat with KC Joyner

KC Joyner
  (4:00 PM)

Good afternoon! Let's talk some fantasy football!

Pete (NYC)

I picked McCoy ahead of Spiller last night. Everything I'm reading says otherwise. Make me feel better... please.

KC Joyner
  (4:01 PM)

Got Spiller rated as tied for 1st on the RB charts. McCoy ranks tied for 9th. Afraid I can't help on this one :-(

Mike (The Mile High)

For week 1 I'm picking Sproles over that the right call?

KC Joyner
  (4:02 PM)

Sproles is rated just a bit higher than Gore because of the Atlanta run D weakness. There is a bit of risk but all in all Sproles is a very good play this week.

Chris (Georgia)

I was thinking about dropping either Denarius Moore or Kendall Wright to pick up Heath Miller? Both WRs are at the end of my bench and Brandon Myers is my starting TE.

KC Joyner
  (4:03 PM)

No issue in dropping Wright to get Miller but Miller does have the injury issue. May want to think about other healthy TE options (is Fleener available?).

Dustin (OH)

KC, who would you start RG3 or Kaepernick?

KC Joyner
  (4:04 PM)

Got RG3 rated much higher than week. Eagles secondary looks to be quite suspect.

KC Joyner
  (4:05 PM)

Heads up - let's get some humor mixed into these posts. Crazy team names is an idea but keep it PG (i.e. not like some of the names in The League).

Katy (New Buffalo)

Normally I would ask my husband this question, but seeing as I am playing his team this week, I need outside help please!Do I bench the Bears D to play the Tampa Bay D this week?

KC Joyner
  (4:06 PM)

Good timing! This would be a week to play the TB D. That Jets matchup is just too favorable to not start TB.

Joe P. (Lost Wages, NV)

For Week 1 I am starting Sproles over Arian Foster. Correct move?

KC Joyner
  (4:07 PM)

I've obviously got Sproles rated a lot higher than most outlets. I think he'll be in double digits this week and could be a better play than a number of other big name backs (Foster may be in a split carry backfield this week).

The Muscular Hampsters (ND)

Stash Harvin on bench til healthy? Bush, Sproles, or S-Jax better PPR season?

KC Joyner
  (4:08 PM)

Doug Martin will be glad to see his nickname passed on to someone else! Harvin question depends on the rest of the bench. Bush for the PPR season.

Danger, Carlos Danger (DC)

Would you start E. Decker vs. a weak Bal secondary over Green-Ellis vs. a tough Chi. run D in the flex spot?

KC Joyner
  (4:09 PM)

Got Decker rated about two slots higher than Law Firm.

KC Joyner
  (4:10 PM)

Quick note - for TFS related questions, hit me up via email or Twitter (@KCJoynerTFS). Not going to be addressing those questions via this platform any more.

I feel like I just won twice (Taco's Truck)

Lamar Miller or Cecil Shorts at Flex?

KC Joyner
  (4:12 PM)

Haven't seen that episode yet but it sounds like Taco. Got those two with the same rating this week, would probably go Miller because RB rates over WR in most tiebreakers (especially when Shorts QB is injured).

Phil Elliot (North Dallas Forty)

PPR w/ AP, moved LeVeon Bell to IR. Insurance vs. upside Lotto? who to pick-up: Gerhart,or Hillman, DeAndre Hopkins,Patton, Pierce or Percy says wk 7?

KC Joyner
  (4:13 PM)

Been meaning to watch that movie again - great way to get in the right mindset for the season. Tough call w/o knowing how much help is needed now. Generally speaking, would pick up someone who can contribute now and that would be Hopkins.

brian (de)

I know you are very high on Mike Wallace in general, but do I bench him this week bc of Joe Haden for Kembrell Thompkins against the beat up Buff secondary?

KC Joyner
  (4:14 PM)

Thompkins may be a force this year but in Week 1 it is hard to trust someone with that little experience. Go with Wallace.

Phantom's Facemask (Opera)

KC...Thompkins, Denver RB (yuck) or Mendy for the flex?

KC Joyner
  (4:15 PM)

Creative name. Got Thompkins rated highest among that group.

The stone Cold Stunners (Philly)

Wheres the love for my great team name!? last night I traded eddie lacy and Brandon marshall for arian foster and Desean Jackson. is that worth it ?

KC Joyner
  (4:16 PM)

A cool wrasslin' based name - can't beat it! Might not have made that trade if only because of Foster's physical woes. If those woes aren't significant, it's a good trade.

B. A. Strothers (North Dallas Forty)

When I was a child, I spake as a child, I understood as a child, I thought as a ...didn't answer Phil's question???

KC Joyner
  (4:16 PM)

It's time to give up childish things. I answered his question with the Hopkins choice.

Harley Race (aka Jack Long) (My Lay-Z-Boy)

Hey KC, love the chats... May throw in a belly to belly suplex for oldtimes via youtube if you answer...Would you roll with Fred Davis or Jordan Cameron @ TE until my boy Gronk returns.... also, would you sub out Houston D this week with the Bucs against a horrible Jets team?

KC Joyner
  (4:18 PM)

Anyone who knows Harley Race used to go by the name Jack Long is going to get a post in this chat! Got Davis & Cameron rated equal this week, would probably start Davis due to the upside. Got NY

KC Joyner
  (4:18 PM)

Related note - why did Race stop using the name Jack Long?

Zuds In A Bucket (Oklahoma)

I traded V.Jax and Gronk for Dez and Jared Cook. Good move or bad?

KC Joyner
  (4:19 PM)

Zudfeld has captured everyone's imagination! Probably a good move since Dez is the only blue-rated player of that bunch right now.

Jordan (OH)

KC, trust your advice and appreciate your time...wealth of riches at QB, start Romo or Stafford...also as an Arian Foster owner do I also start Ben Tate at flex over Mike Williams (TB) and protect my risk?

KC Joyner
  (4:21 PM)

Got the QBs rated equal, would give Romo the edge because his matchup is a bit more favorable. Got Williams rated slightly higher than Tate.

Bobby the Brain (The Stable)

Cecil Shorts for Bernard Pierce. Who wins?

KC Joyner
  (4:22 PM)

Just wish I had a Bobby The Brain joke ready for this one. Shorts wins because he's a starter and Pierce is a backup.

Cru Jones (Helltrack)

Why is no one loving Miles Austin this year...finally healthy and a nice decoy in Dez, right?

KC Joyner
  (4:22 PM)

He's ranked tied for 3rd on my start-sit charts this week. Can't put TFS into that classification.

Tough Call Here (Florida)

Really tough choice and I need your help. Sit one, Welker, Bowe, D.Wilson. Please Help

KC Joyner
  (4:23 PM)

Tough call indeed. They are all rated high but Bowe is the lowest rated WR of the bunch so he gets the sit.

Andy (Philly)

I appreciate all the time u put into these questions.. Should I go with Vick this week over Stafford, hoping he has the Monday night game he had against Washington 3 years go?

KC Joyner
  (4:25 PM)

Hey, trying to answer as quickly as possible! Got Stafford rated higher than Vick. Like the Eagles but can see a situation where they have some hit-miss moments in their first live week of the new system.

Carl Spackler (On the Green)

What is a "TFS" question?

KC Joyner
  (4:25 PM)

TFS is shorthand for The Football Scientist, which is my moniker. Just makes it easier to type.

I can't believe it's not gutter (Des Moines)

OK OK it was our bowling team name not my FFL name. What are your thoughts/ranks on where Vincent Brown, Josh Gordon, and DHB will be at the end of the season. Thank you!!

KC Joyner
  (4:26 PM)

Hey, that name could work for FFB, at least as long as it was a bowling league based team. Got Gordon ranked highest and DHB/Brown basically tied.

Great Kabuki Spews Green Fleem (and Question) (Parts Unknown (Al

Mike Wallace or Miles Austin at flex in a PPR?

KC Joyner
  (4:27 PM)

True story - that stuff was actually Kool-Aid. Got them rated dead even on the WR charts. Would pick Wallace if push came to shove but it's really a coin flip.

Larry Zbyszko (Pittsburgh)

Lance Moore or Mike Williams this week?...or any week...seems like my season-long dilemma...

KC Joyner
  (4:28 PM)

That it will be. Would say Williams if only because TB's gameplan is more personnel based and NO's is more scheme based.

John McClane (Nakatomi Plaza)

I own Spiller. I drafted FJax in case of injury. Am I better off picking up a lottery ticket guy like C. Michael, I. Pead, R. Helu or Moreno?

KC Joyner
  (4:30 PM)

Yippee kay ya! Buffalo has a good run blocking line and Marrone will keep running the ball even if Spiller is out. Stick with what you have.

Revis and Butthead (San Jose)

Waited late (really late) to draft TE this year. Which TE has the most upside / likely to finish top 10 for season - J. Thomas, Cameron, Housler, Fleener, Allen or Eifert?

KC Joyner
  (4:30 PM)

That's a funny name! Really like Fleener's upside, as he is a great fit for the Pep Hamilton offense (he excelled in it at Stanford).

Fritz Von Erich (Iron Claw-ville)

What are your thoughts of picking up players like Percy Harvin or M Crabtree for the second half and dropping "serviceable" players like Kendall Wright in deep PPR leagues?

KC Joyner
  (4:32 PM)

Generally speaking it's a good idea. Wright might give a team a solid flex start or two but Harvin is the type of player who can win a game when healthy. It's hard to do in really deep leagues but in standard sized leagues its a good move.

Harley Race (aka Jack Long) (My Lay-Z-Boy)

I gave up the name Jack Long after the car accident... Took my fathers advice and wrestled under my real name Harley Race... Didn't follow the answer on the Houston or Bucs D this week...Appreciate the time KC...

KC Joyner
  (4:32 PM)

Very true. His dad said why would you want to make some name other than your own famous? Bucs D is the way to go.

Sage Rosenfels' Revenge (DC)

HELP!? Pick one of Sproles, Decker, Vereen? Half point PPR

KC Joyner
  (4:33 PM)

Just started following Sage on Twitter. Have to keep hope alive that he comes back. Got Sproles rated highest.

Final DEZ-tination (PA)

do u think MJD will go back to his dominant years like 2011 or will have trouble this year putting up big numbers

KC Joyner
  (4:35 PM)

Somewhere in between. He had a great GBYPA last year and Jacksonville can give him some solid blocking but the pass game will likely hold him back.

Greg (AZ)

so fleener is startable? Better than say Pettigrew?

KC Joyner
  (4:35 PM)

Would start Fleener over Pettigrew seven days a week. Pettigrew is terribly limited.

Rob (Toronto)

I am getting too cute in sitting Cam Newton for Vick this week???

KC Joyner
  (4:36 PM)

Got Newton rated a rank higher than Vick this week. Just not entirely sold the Eagles are going to jump out of the gates as fast as everyone thinks.

JJ Dillon (Fantasy Manager)

Forget The Brain! Best 2 WR's for week 1 in standard 8 teamer-Bowe,Cobb or Wayne?

KC Joyner
  (4:38 PM)

Bought his book a couple of months back - he signs the ones that are purchased from his site. Cool stuff, check it out if you like JJ Dillon. Cobb rates higher than the other two. Wayne and Bowe are a toss up, would pick Wayne if pressed.

Weeden Start the Fire (Cleveland)

Chris Ivory or Miles Austin at flex?

KC Joyner
  (4:39 PM)

Billy Joel's team. Austin wins that one.

Angry Mike (SF,CA)

Scientist, my man! How is Pettigrew "terribly limited"? 83 catches and 5 TDs just two years ago. Those seem like reasonable numbers for a fantasy TE.

KC Joyner
  (4:40 PM)

Long story but his metrics were positively abysmal. Small vertical target percentage, terrible VYPA, mediocre short YPA, low target volume comparative to the rest of the team, Scheffler having better numbers - the list goes on and on.

Mike (The Mile High)

You didn't answer Harley Race's question

KC Joyner
  (4:40 PM)

Double check that - I answered it twice!

Kamala (Uganda )

20 team league, deeeeep benches, none PPR, please pick two: Ronnie brown, pat Edwards, Michael cox, marlon brown

KC Joyner
  (4:41 PM)

Ouch. Ronnie and Marlon. That's a tough league.

Austin Idol (In the tanning bed)

Best defense week 1--Bears or bengals? Best for ROS?

KC Joyner
  (4:43 PM)

Idol is one of the most copied wrestlers and yet he never gets credit for being a trailblazer. Bengals are one notch above Chicago this week. ROS would say Chicago by a small amount (ST value mostly).

Jorge (VA)

Yo TFS! I'm starting Miller vs Cleveland, but am also considering starting the Browns Defense. Should I use Cleveland or Indianapolis (who was bad last year)?

KC Joyner
  (4:44 PM)

Yo, Jorge! Got Indy rated at the top of the D/ST list because Oakland's offense is positively horrible.

Future Injured Reserve List (IRL)

Harley Race (aka Jack Long) (My Lay-Z-Boy)I gave up the name Jack Long after the car accident... Took my fathers advice and wrestled under my real name Harley Race... Didn't follow the answer on the Houston or Bucs D this week...Appreciate the time KC...KC Joyner (4:36 PM)Got Newton rated a rank higher than Vick this week. Just not entirely sold the Eagles are going to jump out of the gates as fast as everyone thinks.Nope never answered the questions about the defence

KC Joyner
  (4:44 PM)

Second time around I said the TB defense was better. Try to keep up!

EJ Spiller for MVP (VT)

Hey KC, really need some help. PPR Flex question: Start Lamar Miller or DeSean Jackson?

KC Joyner
  (4:45 PM)

Sounds like a Bills fan. Got Miller rated two ranks higher than Jackson.

Ben (Charlotte)

you seem to be way higher on Nicks and Miles Austin than other ESPN fantasy dudes ... what do you like about these two over the course of a season that puts them in the green WR2 category?

KC Joyner
  (4:46 PM)

A lot of factors go into picking the color rankings. YPA, point production per game, target volume. Health could hold both of them back but when they are healthy, they are every bit the equal of other green-rated WRs.

Magnum T.A. (RIP)

I'm in a 2 QB, PPR league and got offered R Wilson and G Jennings for Cutler and Welker. My other QB is Brady and other WR are Green, A Brown, Wallace, and Boldin. What are your thoughts??

KC Joyner
  (4:48 PM)

You do know Terry Allen is alive, right? Fun fact - Andre The Giant gave him that nickname. The depth at QB means you can afford to make the trade even if the QB value isn't equal. Welker is a better option than Jennings so make the deal.

KC (Joyner)

Got here just in time. Flex help - Mike Williams, Zach Sudfeld, or GoldenTate? Thanks, TFS!

KC Joyner
  (4:49 PM)

Just in time! Got Williams and Sudfeld rated as rough equals. Would go with Williams if only because Sudfeld is a rookie.

Eric (Boise, ID)

Not seeing a lot of experts in Bowe's corner lately. He is a solid WR2 isn't he?

KC Joyner
  (4:50 PM)

He's got a green rating and is tied for 9th on this week's WR charts. Got to think that qualifies as a WR2.

Barry windham (Widowmakersville)

Little silly if you had to pick one who scores more tds tonight Rice or Demarius?

KC Joyner
  (4:51 PM)

Demaryius. Denver's run D is tough.

Magnificent Morocco (Intercontinental)

What do you expect from A. Bradshaw this year?

KC Joyner
  (4:52 PM)

Morocco, Muraco - tomato, tomato. It's all the same. Bradshaw is in a platoon backfield and is a yellow-rated player on the borderline of a green rating because of that.

Magnum T.A. (RIP his CAREER)

I think you had me misunderstood.. on a couple reasons. I was giving away Cutler and Welker and receiving wilson and Jennings... so I SHOULDN'T make the trade then, and keep welker and cutler?

KC Joyner
  (4:53 PM)

Hey, it looked like Magnum was being declared dead. Show some respect for the man! Regarding the deal, if you are on the Welker side, then keep Welker.

adam (montana)

I swear u guys are biased to people in the stix. 3 years and not one question answered. I somehow got RG3 and Wilson in a 2 QB league and I'm worried about possible sophomore slump. Should I trade one for a seasoned vet or stand with what I have and if so who should I trade.

KC Joyner
  (4:55 PM)

I've answered more western questions than I can remember - got not East Coast bias here. Heck, I lived in Wyoming for a short time. Stand with who you have. Hope you also have a solid No. 3 QB but don't give up one of those two to get another QB.

Le'Veon Likes his Money (Cashville)

What does your crystal ball say about when Gronk returns?

KC Joyner
  (4:56 PM)

Elton John's team. We seem to have a music-based FFB league going here. Gronk will get a high-end green/borderline blue rating when he returns.

Stop talking ((About wrestling))

Seriously if you got rid of the wrestling we could talk so much more twice as many questions would be answered and with more detail

KC Joyner
  (4:56 PM)

If you wouldn't post this question 100 times, I might be able to see other questions.

Mr. Fuji (Mt. Fiji)

I'm debating Decker vs D.Richardson...any thoughts? (.5 ppr)

KC Joyner
  (4:57 PM)

Got D-Rich rated just a bit higher this week.

Matt (Islamorada)

C'mon KC my man, what are your thoughts on Arian Foster this season?

KC Joyner
  (4:58 PM)

Hey there! Your question just showed up (thank the guy who hates wrestling for clogging up the question works). Got Foster as a high-end green-rated RB. Can't quite get him to a blue rating because of the physical woes.

Tom (Utah)

Someone in my Std. league just dropped Miles Austin... Would I be wise to drop Josh Gordon and pick Austin up for my bench? Or is it a push?

KC Joyner
  (5:00 PM)

Austin does rate a bit higher and you know you'll have at least one more week of potential start value because of Gordon's suspension (or two if you count this week). Add in Austin's favorable matchups and it's worth making the move.

Ryan F. (Tulsa, OK) [via mobile]

If you don't want to see anything about wrestling, The Princess Bride, or KC's dinner plans along with your FFB, probably oughtta just find a different chat.

KC Joyner
  (5:00 PM)


Bruiser Brody (a true RIP)

I like that other guy's style.. I have Welker too. Looks like we all have stuff in common. OK OK enough... what are your thoughts on Welker this season, with all the mouths to feed in Denver

KC Joyner
  (5:01 PM)

Definitely a true RIP. Check out Larry Matysik's book on Brody - really good read. The target math is such that Welker will get 100-120 targets this year. Not as many as in NE but still good enough to make him a green-rated WR2.

KC Joyner
  (5:03 PM)

Well, it's been a crazy hour! Really want to thank everyone for the great questions. We'll have to mix up the themes for the rest of the season (maybe get back to more funny movie quotes next week). Quick note before heading out - links to all of the TFS ESPN Insider articles are posted on Twitter @KCJoynerTFS. Thanks again and I hope to see you all here next week!