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September 11, 4:00 PM ET
Chat with Brandon Chatmon

  (3:58 PM)

Go ahead and keep sending questions, I'll get started here in a few minutes...

  (4:01 PM)

Ok, let's get started

Nate (Houston)

Do you think TCU is still a big 12 title contender after losing Casey?

  (4:03 PM)

Yes. Anytime you can play defense like TCU, you can win titles. The key will be how much Boykin progresses and will he stay healthy. He put himself in a couple of bad positions last week, like trying to hurdle defenders, that could end up badly if he's not careful. I'm not counting TCU out due to the Pachall injury

Tommy (Texarkana) [via mobile]

As a proud Oklahoma fan, I'm scared. We have a real quarterback problem. Us. The Sooners. For the first time since 1999. Is Kendal Thompson our last hope?

  (4:04 PM)

I wouldn't say he's the last hope but Thompson should probably get a shot. Neither Bell or Thompson has been superb in the first two weeks but we'll see what happens with Bell against Tulsa.

Nicholas74230 (San Antonio)

If you were HC of Texas under the current circumstances, would you go with Case or Swoopes against Ole Miss this weekend?

  (4:04 PM)

Case McCoy. I wouldn't just throw Swoopes out there

Nicholas74230 (San Antonio)

What are your expectations for Greg Robinson and this Texas D going into Ole Miss? This is ofcourse not asking if he has already fixed the tackling issue, just asking what scheme you think we will be seeing this weekend if any different

  (4:05 PM)

Very low. He hasn't had time to do much and players are talking about teaching him the defense. I doubt you'll see him put his stamp on things until further down the line

Jeff (Holley)

Who is your top QB in the conference through 2 weeks?

  (4:06 PM)

Baker Mayfield. The Texas Tech QB gets the nod over Bryce Petty because I think he's played better competition. Fortunately we don't have to pick a top QB yet, there's plenty of more football to be played and we'll see how it all plays out. But, for me, Mayfield's the guy as of today

Andrew (Waco, Tx)

Under the assumption that Baylor's defense is better, is it just the turnovers that they are forcing, are they actually going to be able to stop offenses and get off the field, or is it just too early to tell until they play a more challenging team?

  (4:07 PM)

I think it's too early to tell. I need to see how Baylor does against better competition and what happens if they start getting starters nicked up... that's how you start to find out which teams are championship contenders

Jeron Whalen (Texas Tech University)

If Tech wins tomorrow night, what do you think the odds are of them going 10-2 on the season?

  (4:09 PM)

I'd say 50-50. They'd still have several tough games and I think the Big 12 will beat each other up this season. I'll be able to answer that question a little better after I see how they perform tomorrow night

Dave (OKC)

Absent all (or any) of the facts, what is your prediction for the NCAA's punishment of OSU?

  (4:10 PM)

You never know what the NCAA is going to do. It will be interesting to see what else happens with these OSU/SI pieces the rest of the week. It's hard for me to predict what the NCAA might do because it's not like they're real consistent about things

Paul (Sioux Falls, SD)

How do you like the new job? How much do you see Okstate will beat Lamar by this week? Anger and Hunger=record breaking game

  (4:11 PM)

I really enjoy it, thanks for asking Paul. As far as OSU, I think they'll win by 50. It will be a charged up atmosphere in Stillwater, that's for sure

Nicholas74230 (San Antonio)

If Mack Brown were to resign this year, what are the likely candidates for his position? Do you see Texas and the HC salary being attractive enough to interest Charlie Strong or Gary Patterson?

  (4:12 PM)

If I'm Texas I'd go after Nick Saban... whatever it takes.

Mac from Carlisle, PA [via mobile]

Does WVU's Cody Clay have an NFL future?

  (4:12 PM)

I'd say yes. He seems to have the versatility that becomes valuable on 53-man NFL rosters

Josh (Fort Worth)

TCU Tech tomorrow, who wins? What is your key(s) to the game?

  (4:16 PM)

I'm going with Texas Tech. I think the home field will play a role and I think Mayfield will have a strong game. I'd expect a close game though but the Red Raiders come up with some key offensive plays when they need them. Keep an eye on Boykin's running and how Tech handles it, keep an eye on how the Red Raiders spread the ball, they could be able to find some mismatches and take advantage

Phil (DC)

How bout them Jayhawks? How many games do you think KU can win this year ?

  (4:17 PM)

It's too early to say, they've only played one game. That said, I think KU has an upset win this season that surprises everyone in the Big 12 and impacts the conference title race

Dennis (Dallas, TX)

Have you seen enought of JW Walsh to conclude he can win a Big12 Championship this year?

  (4:18 PM)

I think he can. He just seems to come up with plays, somehow, someway. OSU is still the Big 12 favorite in my opinion, nothing's changed for me

Joseph (San Antonio)

Does Lache Seastrunk have a legitimate chance to win Heisman?

  (4:18 PM)

Yes. He just needs some Heisman moments in a few big games and the Bears will have to be in Big 12 title contention

Brian (Kansas City)

Now that we have seen how effective Daniel Sams can be in the running game, how much more do you think Kstate will use him in the upcoming games?

  (4:19 PM)

I'm sure we'll see him quite a bit. I think the Wildcats understand what a dynamic offensive threat he can be. It would be silly to keep him on the sidelines.

Greg (Atlanta)

Just how surprised should we be if Baylor is seriously in contention for the Big 12 title come November? I mean, their offense might be the best we have seen in the last few years and they have had some aweful good offenses. Defensive improvement is likely although we really don't know yet.

  (4:20 PM)

You shouldn't be too surprised. Baylor has been on the rise for a few years and I think they'll reach the summit at some point. Is this year the year? I'm not ready to say that yet, but the Bears have as good a shot as any team in this conference

Ted Flint (Kansas)

After BYU do you think Texas regrets letting the Texas vs ISU game be on a Thursday night in Ames. After Oklahoma State on a Friday you know Jack Trice will be rocking.

  (4:24 PM)

I don't know that it will matter. Texas just needs to play better, no matter when the game is played. And I don't think the Cyclones will just roll over either

Joe (Waco)

Is it possible that Bryce Petty beats out Lache for the Heisman?Also, while people scoff Baylor's easy non-con schedule isn't it better for a high octane offense like Baylor's to believe they can score whenever they want to on an opponent for as deep into the season as possible? Isn't it better for them to have that swagger and mentality continue to be riding high and building momentum against gradually tougher competition until their November games when they'll hopefully be firing at all cylinders AND be 7-0 while putting up 70 points a game or 56 in a half? I just don't see the benefits of them playing a quality team like LSU early in the season and having said team possibly prove that they can be stopped before they really get started. This schedule seems to be set up perfectly for a V-12 offense team like Baylor. If they were great defensively then maybe playing a tough non-con opponent to start the season would be better but I have no complaints about how the schedule is.

  (4:25 PM)

It's possible that Petty does beat out Lache or takes away some votes... as far as the schedule, I can see what you mean. I respect how the Bears have started but can't help but take a wait-and-see stance until they're challenged. But I have no doubt that Baylor has one of the best offenses in the league if not the nation

Brad (Richmond, VA)

Sweet baby jesus! How do you see WVU faring in the Big 12 this year with what seems like a much improved defense (hold the laughs) and several playmakers on offense? The only issue is none of our QB's have stepped up to take over the position.

  (4:27 PM)

I think WVU has a long, long way to go. Dana Holgorsen clearly isn't happy with his options at the quarterback spot and that will hamper the Mountaineers throughout the season. But I do think WVU has some talent so if a QB emerges they could cause some problems.

Gary (Magnolig, TX)

I hear Saban as a name thrown out there a lot as Mack's replacement, but what are your thoughts on perhaps Jon Gruden? Just wanted your opinion as someone who has a better pulse on these type of things as opposed to me the fan.

  (4:28 PM)

I think that would be a great hire if Gruden is interested. And Texas is the type of job that could be hard for anyone to turn down. Nonetheless, I'd probably be surprised if Gruden ends up as the head coach at Texas if Mack Brown is out

Zach (Milwaukee)

After losing to FCS opponent Northern Iowa, will Iowa State be able to bounce back this week against rival Iowa and have a bowl eligible season with the strength of the Big XII?

  (4:29 PM)

I expect the Cyclones to rebound with a strong performance. What we saw in Week 1 was so uncharacteristic, I have a hard time believing they'll do that again in their second game. I'm going with ISU in that one

Scott (Los Angeles)

Would you agree the power structure in the Big 12 seems pretty even now compared to years past? There is not a clear cut front runner, and quarterbacks are dropping like flies.

  (4:30 PM)

Absolutely. I can't remember a time when the league felt this wide open. Should be a fun year

Allison (Houston)

Buffalo held their own against Ohio St. the week before Baylor's blowout. Why aren't people giving the bears more credit?

  (4:31 PM)

I've given them credit Allison, come on... but to answer your question, I think some people just don't want to respect what Baylor has done because they see them coming and know they're going to be a problem, this year and beyond.... So, deny, deny, deny

jay (oklahoma)

buy or sell. OU's defense ends the year giving up less than 20 PPG.

  (4:32 PM)

sell. The OU defense is better but it's going to be tough to end the season with that type of stat. Big 12 offenses are just too tough to stop completely

Jake (Lubbock)

What is the biggest strength in TCU's defense and what will Tech have to do in order to move the ball effectively against them tomorrow night?

  (4:34 PM)

I really like TCU's secondary. I think they have terrific cornerbacks. I think the key for Texas Tech will be being patient. If they don't force the issue, I think they'll naturally have some opportunities with some of the playmakers on their roster. In other words, punting isn't always bad. Turnovers are.

Ed (Queens Village)

Who is fave to win Big 12 after two weeks?

  (4:35 PM)

still OSU

Cameron (Dallas)

Does Kingsbury still start Mayfield after Brewer is cleared?

  (4:36 PM)

Have you seen any reason to take Baker Mayfield off the field? For anyone? I haven't

Jeron Whalen (Lubbock)

With comparisons being made between Mayfield and Manzel do you think that, with development as the season goes on, Mayfield may get into the discussion for the Heisman?

  (4:37 PM)

He'd have to carry the Red Raiders into the Big 12 title race... and that remains to be seen. A lot of football left to be played so let's not lock that in just yet.

John (Texas`)

Jake your awesome dude! Enough said.

  (4:38 PM)

Thanks! Oh, wait, you said Jake...

Gabe (Okiefornia)

Glad to hear your new gig is going well!Do you think Blake Bell will surprise some people with his arm against Tulsa?I know the passing game can't get worse then what OU showed so far.

  (4:40 PM)

That's the question of the week in Norman. Bell gets the chance to prove himself on Saturday. He could make it really hard for Bob Stoops to take him out of the lineup if he performs at a high level. But I'm taking a wait-and-see approach.

Jason (Baltimore)

Who do you see taking the lead in the WVU quartback race? Why not just plug in Ford Childress now and not have to worry about a QB battle for the next 4 years..?

  (4:42 PM)

I'm not sure Holgorsen feels like he has "the guy" on campus... at least none of them are playing like it right now. I wouldn't just put Childress in and assume he can develop into that guy. I think Holgorsen has approached it correctly. Challenge those guys to win the job, and make someone win it. Don't give it away...

Jeron Whalen (Lubbock)

As a former writer for the Oklahoman what do you think are the implications of the allegations brought up by sports illustrated and what impact will they have on the teams play this year?

  (4:44 PM)

I'm waiting to see all the stories before I decide but there's definitely a lot of smoke. As far as this year's team, I don't think it has a major impact. Those guys aren't worried about that, they're worried about winning on Saturday. Now, recruiting... that's a different story. I think it will hurt OSU on the recruiting trail, it almost has to

Jon (Dallas)

Brandon, do you think Tech's O-line can hold up against TCU's D-line?

  (4:45 PM)

I think the TCU defensive line has the advantage there. But I also think Kingsbury will have a plan of attack to counter that

jay (oklahoma)

I saw the spring game, and I wasnt impressed with thompson's arm. He did look like the best runner. If he is playing instead of knight or bell, we are in trouble. Might be time to burn thomas's redshirt at that point.

  (4:46 PM)

I don't know if that's any different than what we've already seen. Regardless I'd be shocked to see them burn Cody Thomas' redshirt. Why?

John (Texas)

Sorry Brandon that was for Jake. :\ Your still cool tho!

  (4:47 PM)

YES!! Thanks John!

Uncle (DFW)

I'm having a hard time believing that Tech is the most impressive team this year. They were locked in a close game with SMU for 3.5 quarters (SMU beat Montana State by 1 point last week by coming from behind). They beat SFA! Well, SFA allowed 50 points to Weber State the week before... Not saying they don't have a shot to win quite a few games, just hold the 'Mayfield for Heisman' talk for the moment...

  (4:49 PM)

I'd say we should hold off making any conclusions about anyone. Way too early, none of these teams even have an identity yet. Once we get to October, we can start making some of those determinations. But, you can't ignore what has happened and some teams are showing signs they could surprise-- both positively and negatively.

Brian (Waco)

If Big 12 teams were allowed to trade amongst each other, which player do you think would have the most trade value? As in, that team wouldn't trade him to any other team for any single other player.

  (4:51 PM)

That's a great question Brian. For me, it would be Devonte Fields of TCU probably. I think he's that good.

Ryan (Dallas)

Still a long way to go, but top Big 12 Heisman candidates in order?

  (4:53 PM)

Seastrunk, Mayfield, Walsh, Petty as of today. I fully expect that to change because big games are all that matters when it comes to Heisman chances

Tommy (Texarkana) [via mobile]

'nother question. It seems like there are tons of quarterbacks in the running for the Heisman. Manziel, Boyd, Murray, Bridgewater, Winston (?), Mariota. Is there a chance that all the finalists this year are QBs? (given that Clowney hasnt shown up yet) If so, who's your pick?

  (4:54 PM)

I'd say really good. A bunch of quality quarterbacks out there. I've had Braxton Miller at the top of my list early this season but I'm sure that will change at some point

Nathan (Alderman)

Do you think SI has gone all in on this OSU scandal? What would happen to SI if most of the story is NOT true? Also, you are awesome dude!

  (4:58 PM)

Thanks Nathan! I think SI has confidence in its reporting, otherwise they would not have done this series. I'm interested to see how it will play out. I just have a hard time believing they would move forward with it if they had doubts/questions about the validity of their pieces. But, again, we'll see how it plays out

Ben (Fort Worth)

What will the record of the conference champion be this year?

  (4:59 PM)

Good question Ben. I think the Big 12 champion will have 2 conference losses. I just don't see a dominant team in this conference so each game, week to week, will be critical. that's why I'm really looking forward to this season

Brandon (Utah)

Do you see BYU ever being added to the Big 12, or has that ship long since sailed?

  (4:59 PM)

I could see it happening but not anytime soon.

  (4:59 PM)

a couple more questions

stuart (norman)

Who has more to prove...Blake Bell's play or Josh Heupel's play calling?

  (5:00 PM)

Blake Bell's play. Josh Heupel's offense finished among the nation's leaders last season.

Jeff (Oklahoma)

Please tell me Kansas state is at least going to make a lower tier bowl

  (5:01 PM)

I'd be shocked if Kansas State doesn't make a bowl game. They're talented and well coached but they probably do face a long road to repeating as Big 12 champion however

Ben (Fort Worth)

How much credit should go to UT's offense for the loss? I know the defense was bad, but the up tempo offense was suppose to help them score more points and 21 won't cut it against most Big 12 foes

  (5:03 PM)

UT's offense deserves its share of the blame but I still have a hard time giving the Longhorn defense any slack. Those guys just didn't seem to have any fire, passion or want to against BYU. And, to me, that falls on the shoulders of the players, not the coaches.

  (5:03 PM)

Thanks everyone, have a great day