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September 27, 12:00 PM ET
Chat with Ian Begley

Ian Begley
  (12:01 PM)

Hey what's up, everyone? As usual, there is plenty going on with the Knicks these days. Between the front office shakeup and training camp just days away, we have a lot to talk about, so let's get started.

eric [via mobile]

Do you think the Knicks gonna pull off a trade in the middle of the season?

Ian Begley
  (12:03 PM)

Certainly possible. Last season, we all thought the Knicks would be quiet, but they had a player in Ronnie Brewer who was looking for more playing time, so they shipped him out. A similar situation could arise this season. Or they may need to add depth somewhere due to injury. We'll see....

Sam [via mobile]

I feel that it wouldn't matter if stat and bargs are on the floor at the same time, as long as that time is against the other teams second unit. Their in effectiveness on defense won't kill us if it is against that second unit, and they will definitely out score any bodies bench with both coming off our bench. What do you think?

Ian Begley
  (12:07 PM)

Offensively, they would be fantastic. And, sure, you can assume they will be able to outscore people. If the opposing team doesn't have a strong 4 or 5 on the floor, then it may work. But I don't think Woodson will trust them enough defensively to use that pairing often.

Deven (New York, NY)

Why did the Knicks choose Steve Mills to replace Glen Grunwald?

Ian Begley
  (12:12 PM)

That's hard to say at this point. The only thing that's clear is that Dolan wasn't happy with the way Grunwald was running things. He may have decided to let him go because of the Knicks' disappointing finish or because of their relatively quiet offseason. Either way, they bring in a guy in Steve Mills who is well connected around the league and a respected executive but is not known as a talent evaluator.

Deven (New York, NY)

What's the latest on Andrea? Will he be ready for training camp?

Ian Begley
  (12:16 PM)

It sounds like he will, Deven. Raymond Felton said that Andrea was scrimmaging with teammates at the Knicks' facility earlier this week. Felton said Bargnani was a bit out of shape. But that's to be expected. He missed about five weeks due to the flu. So he should be a full participant in training camp.

Danny NY [via mobile]

thoughts on Mills . not quite sure why they brought the man back...

Ian Begley
  (12:19 PM)

Mills' return certainly brings back some bad memories for the Knicks fans (the Isiah era and Anucha Browne Sanders trial). But he is widely respected around the league and with the Knicks heading into a possible roster overhaul in 2015, his strong league connections may help the Knicks in the free agent market.

Chris Fiegler (Latham,NY)

When will be the First NBA Game of the Season for the Knicks?

Ian Begley
  (12:21 PM)

Oct. 30 vs. MIL

Andy torres (Brooklyn)

Why would some team hire a guy that had no success with us no matter who he knows is a dumb move not even the bobcats would do these moves

Ian Begley
  (12:22 PM)

Fair enough.

Matt (NY)

Let's address the elephant in the room. Is there a chance that Isiah comes back?

Ian Begley
  (12:23 PM)

Probably not in any official capacity. Mills hired Thomas to run the Knicks. But Thomas and Mills reportedly had a falling out over how things unfolded during the Anucha Browne Sanders sexual harassment lawsuit. So those two probably aren't tight anymore. Don't forget, though: Thomas will always have Dolan's ear as an unofficial adviser. Dolan admitted as much when his attempt to hire Thomas fell through in 2010.

frank [via mobile]

As a Knicks fan should I be concerned about the recent front office move?

Ian Begley
  (12:25 PM)

If I were a Knicks fan, the one reason I'd be concerned is that it appears to be another example of the owner making big decisions based on his emotions. If that pattern continues, it could lead to major moves that hurt the organization. Though, you have to give Dolan credit: he signed J.R. Smith after Smith's stint in China and decided against bringing Jeremy Lin back. Those two moves turned out well for the Knicks.

Josh (London)

Don't you think that if i am Melo (or any other top FA) after this disturbing move, i am even more inclined to test free agency and relocate elsewhere? How can you believe in an organisation where the owner fires GMs just because the Nets look better on paper? Seriously if i am a coveted Free Agent i can think of much better situations that the Knicks...

Ian Begley
  (12:27 PM)

Carmelo is close with Dolan. I'd assume he was consulted before this move was made and gave it his blessing. I can't speculate on how it was viewed by other free agents.

Iman Shumpert (New York?)

I just finished packing, how long do I have to wait?

Ian Begley
  (12:27 PM)


Elliott (Connecticut)

Why bring back Mills? This guy oversaw a period of Knicks history that many of us would like to forget. Dolan is a master at screwing things up. What was Grunwald supposed to do this off season given he had very little room financially? My only gripe was the first round pick he included for Bargnani. Timing on this move is just head scratching.

Ian Begley
  (12:28 PM)

Elliott, this is what we've been hearing from plenty of Knicks fans: Confusion, frustration.

Kent (NYC)

I've been hating some of these Dolan moves as much as the next guy, but do you think this may be an ultimate scheme to bring in Phil Jackson (since Woody is a Grunwald guy) for 2015 with also the ability to have a fresh roster of sorts?

Ian Begley
  (12:29 PM)

I think the summer of 2015 has a lot to do with the move. And you are right to speculate on the Knicks' coaching job. Mike Woodson's contract has a team option for next season. With Grunwald out, there is one less voice in the room to support the coach when the front office and Dolan discuss Woodson's future.

Brian (NJ)

Have you heard the Knicks talk at all about how Bargs and an healthy Amare will effect the amount of minutes Melo spends at the 4. The numbers are clear: the Knicks are simply a much better team with Melo at the 4 rather than the 3. I hope they keep him there as much as possible.

Ian Begley
  (12:31 PM)

I think Woodson and the rest of his staff recognize how valuable Carmelo was at the 4 last season. I don't think they'd do anything to jeopardize his ability to play at PF. Even when he shares the floor with Bargnani, I think he will be able to operate in similar areas on the floor than he did last season. And I don't see him sharing the floor much with Carmelo.

Ian Begley
  (12:32 PM)

Alright guys, time for me to get back to work. Thanks a lot for stopping by. I always appreciate your passion and knowledge of the game. Let's do it again next week.