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October 9, 12:00 PM ET
Chat with Ivan Maisel

Ivan Maisel
  (12:01 PM)

Hello everyone. I hope you brought snacks.

Trey (OK )

In reading your article concerning the RRR this weekend, if we see a third consecutive OU rout of Texas, what do you think will be the response from Texas and/or Mack Brown concerning his future?

Ivan Maisel
  (12:02 PM)

I would be surprised if Texas didn't treat Mack Brown with dignity and respect. That's how Texas thinks of itself. And Mack has done a lot for that program.

Adam (The Zou)

Another week, another big time performance from Mizzou's offense... 51 points on the road @ Vandy... UGA is hurting right now, while Mizzou is looking as good as they have since 2007. 11am kick means a sleepwalking crowd... Everything sets up perfectly for the upset, no?

Ivan Maisel
  (12:03 PM)

Add to it that Georgia has played two straight dramatic, emotionally draining games.

Steve (MN)

What is your take on the Big 12 statement on the so called "non fumble" by texas on the goal line?

Ivan Maisel
  (12:04 PM)

I take them at their word. The replay guy looked at it five times and decided he couldn't overrule. It goes back to the guys on the field. I wonder if that was the same crew that blew Stanford TB Stepfan Taylor's run dead at the Notre Dame goal line last year.....

Dino Dano the Mano (Gainesville)

No love for the Gators this year, especially after losing to Miami. Driskel gets hurt and a stud steps up to relieve him yet still no talk about the Gators, IF and WHEN we beat LSU, will anyone acknowledge us?

Ivan Maisel
  (12:05 PM)

That will help, but you need to root for Georgia to keep winning until the Dawgs get to J'ville.

Nick T (Tulsa OK)

How badly does Texas get rolled Saturday?

Ivan Maisel
  (12:06 PM)

Given the way Oklahoma is playing defense, and the way that Texas is not playing defense, it could get ugly.

Oz(norman) [via mobile]

Do you think gameday will come to norman for ou texas tech?

Ivan Maisel
  (12:08 PM)

Oz, I do not speculate on what GameDay is doing. I like my job. That is way above my pay grade, or insider trading, or something.

Jim (Indianapolis)

Why is it that sport reporters get many things wrong and aren't held accountable? Regarding the Clowney issue most reporters went out and stated the superstar was just being selfish. They got it wrong and potentially would have hurt his future if it ocurred near the end of the season. Drawing "definitive" conclusions when facts are unknown would be like a situation if I tuned in my radio and my normal broadcaster wasn't there because of a vacation I was unaware of. What if started saying, " we'll he must have been fired and it must have been because he did somethig illegal with little boys."

Ivan Maisel
  (12:09 PM)

I agree. In the Twitter era, people do a lot of ready/fire/aim commentary. Myself included, although I like to think I am slow and careful to the trigger. I liked what Spurrier said defending Clowney.

Zach (Mpls)

Thoughts on Condoleezza being on the committee? I personally like it a lot, and don't see why anyone should bat an eye. While she may not have a football background, she is a fan of the game and a very intelligent woman.

Ivan Maisel
  (12:11 PM)

Way to spell Condoleezza! I like it, too. I think it's an inspired choice. She is certainly the most qualified woman. It's good to have a woman on the committee, and she does know her football.

Phil L (Dallas)

I've notices there is the potential for some huge Thursday night games (OU/Baylor and Stanford/Oregon same night in a few weeks). Is this intentional by the networks or just a coincidence?

Ivan Maisel
  (12:12 PM)

Schedulers are smart. I don't know if they're that smart. But that's one great night. Jake Trotter and I talked about that night on the podcast today.

Dee (MS)

Ole Miss has certainly come back to reality. The could be staring at 3-4 after A&M and LSU. What happened?

Ivan Maisel
  (12:13 PM)

Their best talent is young, they aren't sneaking up on anyone this year, and the SEC West is very, very hard to climb. Ask Mississippi State.

Al (Eagle-Land)

What does BC need to do in order to beat Clemson this weekend? Do u think Clemson will over look BC? Since they have FSU up next?

Ivan Maisel
  (12:14 PM)

I like how BC is playing this year. I mentioned it in 3-Pt Stance today. The Eagles are more physical at the line of scrimmage,and they are making fewer mistakes. Kudos to Steve Addazio.

Phillip (A stadium near you)

Ivan, how do you like the way Davd Shaw responded to the "faking injuries" accusations?

Ivan Maisel
  (12:16 PM)

I was surprised that he was irked, first of all. But I enjoyed reading it. I was surprised that he took it as professional affront. Some of us remember Chase Thomas's miracle recovery from an ankle injury at Oregon in 2010. That wasn't Shaw's team, of course.

Kyle (Boston)

If Oregon beats Washington handily in Seattle this weekend, does that damage the image of the suddenly burly PAC-12? Or just verify that the Ducks are one of the two best teams in the country?

Ivan Maisel
  (12:17 PM)

I think it burnishes Oregon's image, but I don't know that it would diminish the Pac-12. I think it's stronger than the SEC this season.

Jim (Memphis)

Do you fake injuries to slow down your chats?

Ivan Maisel
  (12:18 PM)

I am trying to eat my lunch and type at the same time. And my drink is one room away. If I disappear for 30 seconds, that's where I'm headed.

Mitch (Udel)

The Louisville/Rutgers game is kind of no-win scenario for Rutgers. If Rutgers wins, the story is more about how Louisville was overrated and if Louisville wins, its "well, Rutgers is not very good". Right?

Ivan Maisel
  (12:20 PM)

You make it sound like a no-win for either team. I think if Rutgers wins, it will make Rutgers look very good, especially as Fresno State keeps winning.

Jabber (Des Moines)

Was Paul Rhoads out of line with his rant?

Ivan Maisel
  (12:20 PM)

I didn't think so. He was angry, and he felt terrible for the guys in his locker room, and he lashed out. I don't blame him one bit.

Kyle (Boston)

Regarding fake injuries, isn't the simple and elegant solution simply to require a player who stops the game for an injury must sit out a minimum of, say, 5 plays (or change or possession)? This ensures that medical folks can look them over and punishes any fakers.

Ivan Maisel
  (12:21 PM)

Until they got one wrong, and then all hell would break loose.

Joe (Canesville)

Whats your gut feeling on the ruling in the Miami case by the NCAA?

Ivan Maisel
  (12:22 PM)

I think it will be some scholarship losses and as for the postseason, time served.

Adam (Starbucks)

A lot of talk about Bridgewater, Boyd, Murray, Mariota, Braxton -- rightfully so -- as top QBs in the country... But if I'm an NFL team with offensive HC (say Cleveland, Arizona, etc), I'm grabbing Brett Hundley... Stupid?

Ivan Maisel
  (12:24 PM)

I really like Brett Hundley's game. He can create offense or he can run what is called. He's big, he's got an arm, he can run. If the draft were today, I would take Bridgewater first. But the season isn't halfway over, and no one knows whether Hundley is leaving early or not.

Buckeye Nation (Columbus, Ohio)

Ivan, if the Buckeyes win 23 straight games the bowl they will play in is the ___________ ?

Ivan Maisel
  (12:26 PM)

23 straight puts them at 11-0 going into Michigan. I will give you the benefit of the doubt and assume you mean 25 straight and they are Big Ten champs. I think they will play in the Rose Bowl. Ohio State's schedule just won't measure up to the other contenders.

Jim (Pittsburgh PA)

Are you a baseball fan and if so, who you got? Go Bucs!

Ivan Maisel
  (12:28 PM)

I spoke to former New York Giants general manager Ernie Accorsi the other day. He was Beano Cook's best friend. We agree that no matter how much Beano complained about baseball, he would be pulling for the Pirates to get back to the Series. So I am pulling for Pittsburgh.

Ivan Maisel
  (12:28 PM)

Although, Beano said to me in the last couple of years, "If the World Series was being played in my living room, I wouldn't leave the kitchen."

Scratches (B'more, MD)

UGA and Oregon have a common opponent: Tennessee. At Oregon, the Vols got blown out; at home vs. a hurting UGA, the game went into OT. What do you make of the difference in the way these games went for each team?

Ivan Maisel
  (12:30 PM)

That is a good point, and it will help Oregon if there is a Duck-Dawg debate. But add to your breakdown that it was a conference game, so Tennessee is familiar with Georgia, and that the Dawgs came off an emotional, draining victory over LSU the previous week.

Laura (Va)

Would you agree the best team flying under the radar right now is Va Tech....they have quietly won 5 straight, best defense in the country, and the offense gets a little better each week....with all the talk about Clem, FSU and Mia, Va Tech is quietly gaining momentum!!!

Ivan Maisel
  (12:31 PM)

I agree that they are flying under the radar, but I don't know if they are the best. I don't think anyone really realizes how good Baylor has been playing.

Kyle (Boston)

Every year of the BCS era we seem headed toward a finale with more than two undefeated teams . . . and every year some chaotic weekend averts that calamity. But does this feel to you like the year we could have 4 or 5 unbeaten squads?

Ivan Maisel
  (12:32 PM)

Every year feels that way on Oct. 9. Yet somehow it all works out. I think it will this year, too. There's something about playing 12 or 13 games that works in a way that playing 11 or 12 games didn't.

keith (ohio)

What do you think of the job Frank Solich and his team and coaches have done at Ohio University? 20 years ago they were 7-33 and now they won two bowl games in a row.

Ivan Maisel
  (12:33 PM)

Frank Solich can coach some ball. He could at Nebraska, too. I wish the Bobcats hadn't gotten so banged up last season. That was a good team I saw beat Penn State.

Phillip (A stadium near you)

Ivan, any idea what we could see from USC tomorrow night against Arizona?

Ivan Maisel
  (12:35 PM)

There's some optimism that the firing of Kiffin lifted a burden off the team and that they will play well. Not that I'm skeptical, but I don't think it's that easy.

Ivan Maisel
  (12:36 PM)

Those are both pretty daunting tasks. I've always wanted to go to Keeneland once. I am jealous.

Carlton (Monarch Nation)

Who is your best 1 loss team right now and which 1 loss team has the greatest potential to end up in the big game?

Ivan Maisel
  (12:37 PM)

Right now, Georgia. I think the Clemson-FSU loser won't fall out of the hunt, assuming it wins out.

Ivan Maisel
  (12:37 PM)

Gotta run, guys. See you next week.