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October 17, 3:00 PM ET
Chat with Ted Miller

Ted Miller
  (3:21 PM)

Greetings... Sorry for the late start. Fire away.

Jonathan B. (Chicago)

Is it possible that Stanford has been overrated for 2 years now? That win over Oregon has inflated their ranking and perception...without it do you still think that they would be preseason and also now ranked outside of the top 10?

Ted Miller
  (3:22 PM)

Always possible... but you do know Stanford went 12-2 last year, won the pac-12 and the Rose Bowl? Teams get upset. Let's see how the Cardinal reacts.

Tom (Oregon)

I have heard a lot of people talking about Baylor-Oregon. Who do you think would win the matchup? Keep in mind Baylor only scored 35 this past game on the road and Oregon only scored 45. First time either first team has played a whole game.

Ted Miller
  (3:23 PM)

I think Oregon is a complete team in all three phases. I think Baylor has an outstanding offense that has feasted on poor-to-middling defenses. I'd like the Ducks.

Michael (SC)

From across the country...Clemson vs. FSU??

Ted Miller
  (3:25 PM)

It's nice that the ACC is again nationally relevant. In games like this, I like the home team with a veteran QB.

EM (Scottsdale)

UW hasn't beat ASU since 2001 - does play any factor on Saturday?

Ted Miller
  (3:27 PM)

I don't think so because the teams haven't played in two years. Most of the guys starting Saturday weren't doing so in 2010. I think homefield advantage matters. The Sun Devils are much -- MUCH -- better at home. And the Huskies still have some residual road questions, though they won at Illinois and played well at Stanford.

Chris (LaLaLand)

How do you see USC doing against ND?

Ted Miller
  (3:28 PM)

I picked Notre Dame. If WR Marqise Lee is really full-go, that could make a big difference, particularly after the offense showcased other weapons in the passing game against Arizona. I think the Irish have a big advantage on the lines, particularly as it concerns depth. I think ND wins in the fourth, as USC wears down.

kadeem (carey)

what are my chances gettin 200 yards or more again Saturday?

Ted Miller
  (3:29 PM)

Probably not good... Utah is good against the run -- 133.7 yards per game, third in the Pac-12. The Utes are sure to gang up against you and force QB B.J. Denker to make plays in the passing game.

Younger (Torrance)

TM - as a UCLA alum, I'm cautiously optimistic about this year's team. They are talented but undeserving of their rank. They have shown grit and consistency but still haven't played like a top 10 team. This Stanford game will be a huge test to see who this team really is. Penalties are an issue too. Do you see this team realizing the potential to make that jump from up and comer to potential top bowl contender?

Ted Miller
  (3:31 PM)

You are definitely CAUTIOUSLY optimistic. The Bruins are averaging 46 points on offense and holding foes to 18.2 points per game. Penalties? Not really a big deal. Pac-12 teams get a lot of penalties. I do think Stanford is a big test. It certainly will show us if the Bruins are, indeed a top-10 team. If UCLA wins, it will be a clear South Division front runner.

Mike (PAC12 Land)

Please Ted, just tell me you like my team and that you think they're cool and underrated and have good players. Please, please, help lift my self-esteem this afternoon! I'm not complete unless you say so ;^)

Ted Miller
  (3:32 PM)

Your team is the best, on and off the field. Everyone loves them, even folks who say they don't.

Donald D (Eugene)

How many years in a row of 10-12 win major conference champion missing the play-off before the field is expanded to 8 teams?

Ted Miller
  (3:33 PM)

There's a general feeling that 8 teams is the next step. I think we'll get at least 5 years out of the present system, though.

Kyle W. (SLC)

The Stanford win was great. However, was it enough to make the case that the UTES have finally arrived in the Pac-12?

Ted Miller
  (3:35 PM)

I think that comes Saturday. Lose at Arizona and the win over Stanford looks like Just One of Those Games. Win, and you have a 2-2 conference mark with 2 quality wins and 2 highly competitive losses. What a difference a good QB makes, eh?

Will J (Portland, OR)

Mannion for Heisman?

Ted Miller
  (3:36 PM)

Mannion and Oregon State will get national attention if they beat Stanford on Oct. 26. Need a quality win, and the final five games provide five opportunities to get those.

Cole (SLC)

Does Utah have a chance of winning out? (with the exception of Oregon) They play AZ, USC, ASU, Wazzou, and Colorado...Many fans think it's possible.

Ted Miller
  (3:37 PM)

A chance, but the only game where they will be a decided favorite is Colorado. You can't take any of the next five games for granted, including the trip to Arizona.

Joe (Portland)

Thoughts on the pink helmets the ducks will wear on Saturday?

Ted Miller
  (3:38 PM)

A great cause. So good call. Yes, it will look weird.

John (Texas)

Does mariota have the skills and athletic ability to win the Heisman this year?

Ted Miller
  (3:38 PM)

Yes... in fact, he's tops on most midseason lists.

USC and OJ are innocent (Protesting ESPNS love for Facebook)

Does this website miss my brilliant posts in the blogs now that I refuse to do it because of the switch to Facebook? I'm sure you've heard from the top by now.

Ted Miller
  (3:39 PM)

yes ... please come back. Is it difficult to set up a facebook account just to post on the Pac-12 blog?! Heck no!

Tim (Denver)

Which Pac-12 QB goes highest in the next NFL draft?

Ted Miller
  (3:40 PM)

Most say Bridgewater, but I think we've got a lot more to see on that... the draft could be stocked deep with A-list QBs.

mike (Washington)

WSU needs 2 more wins for a possible bowl they have 2 more wins in them?

Ted Miller
  (3:41 PM)

It won't be easy. Probably not favored in any of the remaining games. But, other than the trip to Oregon on Saturday, none of the other four look insurmountable. Probably best bets are home games: Arizona State & Utah.

Richard (Oregon)

do you think Marcus would Be going into the draft this year. Or do you think he will stay and wait

Ted Miller
  (3:42 PM)

Hard to say. He looks like a first round pick, maybe a high first-round pick. That's difficult to turn down, and recent history -- read: Matt Barkley -- suggests you shouldn't wait.

Tyler (California)

What Pac-12 team has the best facilities?

Ted Miller
  (3:43 PM)


Will J (Portland, OR)

Do the Beavers have the toughest remaining schedule in he country? Cal, then Stan, USC, ASU, UW, Ore?

Ted Miller
  (3:44 PM)


Jason (Portland)

How long can Oregon stay at the top?

Ted Miller
  (3:45 PM)

I don't think Oregon is going anywhere, but the way programs seem to take a downturn after a run at the top starts with recruiting misses, particularly at QB. The Ducks have had a great run at the position. But what happens if they end up with a guy who end up not being preternaturally poised and skilled?

Blake (SL,UT)

Best tailgating spot in the league?

Ted Miller
  (3:46 PM)

Husky Stadium... particularly if you have a yacht.

Jason (Portland)

Will Brandon Cooks win the Biletnikof award?

Ted Miller
  (3:47 PM)

I think he's as good a choice as any at midseason. 11 TDs look good in addition to passing yards. No other pac-12 WR had more than five.

AAron (done messed up)

Fully healthy, who wins in a foot race DAT or Grice?

Ted Miller
  (3:47 PM)

I'd say DAT.

Joe (Eugene)

Which school's costumed mascot do you enjoy watching the most?

Ted Miller
  (3:48 PM)


Justin (Denver, CO)

Bralon Addison of Oregon over Ty Montgomery of Stanford for ESPN's mid-season all-American at kick returner. Haven't seen much of Addison, but Montgomery has been stellar. Please convince me why Addison gets the nod.

Ted Miller
  (3:49 PM)

tough call... Addison is No. 2 in the nation in punt returns with 2 TDs.

Fred (Walla Walla)

I know he is extremely mature for a 19 year old, but is Mariota just too young to go pro?

Ted Miller
  (3:50 PM)

He might think the same thing... but if he's got a chance to go in the top-10, age then just becomes a number.

Josh (San Francisco)

Kamatule just moved back to DE at Stanford due to the rash of injuries up front for Stanford. While we do have good depth on defense, how much of a concern is that for the defense as a whole?

Ted Miller
  (3:51 PM)

A big concern... DE Henry Anderson is extremely underrated. He's going to play in the NFL. And the other starters are banged up. Keep in mind that UCLA is a big-time up-tempo team. It surely is going to try to wear down the Cardinal defense.

Joe (Portland)

Everyone keeps ripping on Stanford's defense after one performance but Oregon shouldn't be quite licking their chops because of one game. Didn't last season's game show that Stanford's defense matched up well with Oregon's offense?

Ted Miller
  (3:52 PM)

It's not just one game. Stanford's defense needs to get healthy. It was last year in Eugene.

Ben (Los Angeles)

Did you think that David Shaw's play-calling cost Stanford the game against Utah? Gaffney was averaging almost 7 yard/carry, yet Shaw elected to throw the ball at the goal line. That was some Kiffin-esque "let's surpise 'em!" play-calling... what gives?

Ted Miller
  (3:53 PM)

I'm no coach, but I play one in this chat... I would have focused on getting the first down on third and 2 to give myself 2 shots at the end zone thereafter. So, yeah, I might have run Gaffney...

Andrew (Agoura Hills, CA)

If CB Anthony Brown is nearly fully healthy and ready to go, his return to the lineup could be bigger than Marqise Lee and Morgan Breslin. I was at the USC-UA game, the crowd was nearly apoplectic with the frequency that Torin Harris was getting toasted.

Ted Miller
  (3:54 PM)

Getting a starting cornerback is always big.... and if all three of those guys are 100 percent, the Trojans chances get a WHOLE lot better.

Burke (Dam Dam)

How close (or far) is the Beaver defense to your preseason expectation?

Ted Miller
  (3:56 PM)

Other than the Eastern Washington game, the defense has been OK... The run defense has been better than I thought it would be. The pass defense worse.

Will J (Portland, OR)

Who's your favorite sports announcer past or present to listen to on tv or radio?

Ted Miller
  (3:56 PM)

Keith Jackson... a prince of a guy, too.

The MUSS (might Utah student section) (Across the Green...SLC)

We rushed the field (AGAIN) after we beat Stanford! Are there any guidelines we should know about before we do it again?

Ted Miller
  (3:57 PM)

It's all good as long as the clock has struck zero and the officials are heading to the locker room.


Any hope for Cal to win a game that doesn't involve an FCS school?

Ted Miller
  (3:57 PM)

Always hope, particularly if the defense gets a few guys back. The best chance is probably at Colorado on Nov. 16.

Jose (Medford, OR)

Now that the Oregon-Stanford has lost a little luster...what would be better for Oregon (UCLA over Stanford or Stanford over UCLA)?

Ted Miller
  (3:59 PM)

That's hard to say. Will winning or losing at Stanford change the UCLA team that comes to Autzen on the 26th? As far as the rankings, it's about the whole season. Oregon wants everyone it beats to do well. Even Washington.

Coach O (Troy)

If we manage to finish 8-4 do I get to coach the team again next year?

Ted Miller
  (4:00 PM)

Probably not... but you'll certainly distinguish yourself at 8-4. Guessing next coach likely would want you on staff. And give you a nice raise.

Austin (Seattle)

How do we know this is really you, Ted?

Ted Miller
  (4:01 PM)

The sense of awesomeness permeating the chat? even I was a bit late.

Michael (Cali)

Say Oregon beats both UCLA and Stanford (as a BCS title game pick), doesn't the UCLA/Stanford game this weekend determine the PAC12 Rose Bowl rep?

Ted Miller
  (4:02 PM)

Might...if the Stanford-UCLA winner wins out (other that Oregon) I believe it will go to the Rose Bowl.

Ted Miller
  (4:02 PM)

OK gang... got to roll on. Thanks for stopping by. See you next week!