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March 3, 1:00 PM ET
Chat with Scott Burnside

Scott Burnside
  (1:00 PM)

Hello all. In lovely Bristol, Ct., preparing for Wednesday's trade deadline. Trying to wean myself from the term 'frenzy' but sadly it'll likely work its way into my copy in the next couple of days. Now, where were we?

Jason [via mobile]

As the Olympics showed, guys on the Kings CAN SCORE. Is their lack of scoring in the NHL due to really a lack of talent or the system?

Scott Burnside
  (1:01 PM)

Jason; Yes, Kings players managed to light it up pretty well in Sochi. Not sure it's a talent or system thing as just two separate worlds. The ice, of course, is bigger, so the game is different and there is something to getting into a 'rut' in the NHL. The good thing if you're a Kings fan is that they've been down this road before, no, and that road ended up with a championship parade.

Harry (Miami)

Watched a terrible meltdown (aided by some awful officiating) by Phoenix last night when St. Louis bullied them in their own arena. Wouldn't the Coyotes be well served by adding some toughness to the lineup. They looked like they were afraid to win and expecting to lose. Thanks...

Scott Burnside
  (1:04 PM)

Harry; Yes, that wasn't pretty. But unfortunately for the brave (foolhardy?) few that picked the Coyotes to win a Cup this year the season has been marked by very un-Coyote like play especially when it comes to goaltending and team defense/toughness. Would a guy like Ryan Callahan be a fit? Sure. Not sure he's going anywhere and the asking price for a player like that doesn't fit what the Coyotes are looking to do long-term. The trade deadline is rarely the place to try and remake your identity (not that GMs don't try and do just that every year).

Erik Bruckner (Pittsburgh)

Will Kesler get dealt for sure?

Scott Burnside
  (1:06 PM)

Erik; I don't think it's a given at all. But there's no doubt the Canucks are in transition. The window on the team that went to Game 7 of the '11 Stanley Cup final is closing and GM Mike Gillis, who bungled the Roberto Luongo situation, has to start moving some pieces around if the team is to avoid the dire situation the Calgary Flames are in; ie . waiting too long and then having a giant hole from which to dig out of. So, would it surprise me if Kesler is dealt by Wednesday? No. But it's not close to being a given.

R.Coppens. (Carbondale, IL)

Out of all the defenseman available (Erhoff, Myers, Tallinder, Edler, Macdonald) who would Detroit be best to go after with their extra cap space from Zetterberg injury?

Scott Burnside
  (1:08 PM)

R.Coppens; The guy I like as a fit is Christian Ehrhoff. Tons of term left (through 20-21) but at a manageable cap hit ($4 million). But GM Ken Holland isn't going to give up a ton to make that kind of move. I think he'd be a nice fit stylistically with Mike Babcock and he's really picked up his offensive game of late for the Sabres.

Stu (Newport Beach)

Scott, what moves do you see the Ducks making prior to the deadline? Do they trade away some of their young assets for a solid D man for the playoff run?

Scott Burnside
  (1:10 PM)

Stu; Ducks have a nice collection of talented, speedy young players and they could use a depth defenseman for the playoffs maybe a guy like Andrew MacDonald of the Islanders. Would a guy like Emerson Etem be enough of a lure? Don't imagine the Ducks will be making a blockbuster but definitely another solid body on the blue line would enhance their chances of a good, long run this spring.

Tom (Long Island)

Never-ending rebuild continues for Isles, waiting for them to ship out Vanek and MacDonald. Possible landing spots? Could AMac be traded for a goalie? I know teams like ANA and WSH are looking for D depth, and both have at least one goalie to spare.

Scott Burnside
  (1:12 PM)

Tom; There are a number of goaltending options out there should GM Garth Snow decide to try and add a young or up and coming netminder like a Viktor Fasth (his injuries this year have blunted his value but he's shown he can play at the NHL level). And you're right too many netminders in Washington with Philipp Grubauer looking like he may be the best of the bunch (with all due respect to Michal Neuvirth and Braden Holtby). This is a position that should have been addressed last summer and wasn't. Maybe it gets done this week.

Andrew (Toronto)

On the Kesler to Pittsburgh trade talk - obviously Kesler can make an impact when healthy, but wouldn't you say Pittsburgh's greatest needs would be a top line right winger to play with Sid and Kunitz and a solid backup goalie?

Scott Burnside
  (1:14 PM)

Andrew; I think the Kesler to Pittsburgh idea is something that addresses issues into the future if the Pens can get the deal done and move to a system that more closely mirrors their Crosby/Malkin/J. Staal lineup that was so successful in 2008 and 2009. But you're right it doesn't address the here and now needs but you only get so many chances to add a player like Kesler if, indeed, he's ready for a change.

Ryan (LI)

Why wouldnt Garth Snow take a chance on Reimer or Neuvirth or even Fasth at the deadline? Also if he can't move Vanek for the right price, is he gone?

Scott Burnside
  (1:15 PM)

Ryan; Not suggesting he wouldn't take a chance on those guys if a deal could be made either for Vanek/MacDonald or separately. And Snow better move Vanek, right price or not, because he is out the door July 1.

Greg (Vancouver)

Do you think the Canucks and Kings would ever entertain a deal like Kesler and Edler for Brown, Pearson/Vey, and a couple of high picks?

Scott Burnside
  (1:17 PM)

Greg; Always tricky to make a deal in-Conference and specifically with a team that is nipping at your heels vis a vis a playoff berth. The deal itself makes sense on some levels for both teams but too close to home I think for something like that ever happen.

Bill (Washington DC)

True or False: Brodeur will finish the season with the Devils?

Scott Burnside
  (1:19 PM)

Bill; I have no gut feel on this. No doubt Martin Brodeur would go if there's a deal. But what does Lou Lamoriello ask for? A second-round pick? Third? Problem is you're trading for a goaltender's reputation not his current level of play which is only okay. And what kind of fit is Brodeur in Minnesota or even in Pittsburgh? In the end I just don't think it gets done and Brodeur remains a Devil at least 'til the off-season.

Paul Holmgren (Philadelphia)

Why is my team not getting any respect???? We have comeback this season after a terrible start and we continue coming back in games to defeat our opponents. Last I checked we were second in the Metro.

Scott Burnside
  (1:21 PM)

Paul; I think it's because people watch your team play against San Jose on Thursday. Seriously, hard to get a handle on where the Flyers are at (and yes they are second in the Metro and have won seven of 10) but the defense continues to wax and wane as does the goaltending. A playoff team? I think so but I suspect it's going to be nip and tuck (and who knows, maybe a first-round date with Pittsburgh - who doesn't want that?).

Corey (Pennsylvania)

I know the Bruins are looking for a defenseman who are they looking at and would it be a good fit?

Scott Burnside
  (1:23 PM)

Corey; Not many D-men to be had by Wednesday but a couple of options would be Andrew MacDonald of the Islanders and maybe Chris Philips of Ottawa who is trying to hammer out a new deal with the Sens but may not be able to agree on term. Still, hard to imagine GM Bryan Murray dealing a roster player to a team in Boston they could end up playing in the first round of the playoffs. Stephane Robidas in Dallas is coming off serious leg injury but could be healthy by the next couple of weeks and is a Claude Julien kind of guy if Dallas decides they want to move the veteran defender.

John (St Louis) [via mobile]

Which team won the Ryan miller trade in your opinion?

Scott Burnside
  (1:24 PM)

John; No way to know until the Blues play their last playoff game. But at the risk of sounding like a politician I think both teams got what they want. Buffalo will or could move both J. Halak and C. Stewart and the Blues moved salary and got two important assets that could/should help them get over the playoff hump.

Marcie (Issaquah)

Is there a way for the Pens to get a quality right winger without sacrificing a player like sutter or puliot?

Scott Burnside
  (1:27 PM)

Marcie; One guy that is a bit under the radar is Ales Hemsky in Edmonton. Oilers have to move him as he'll be gone in July and he's a right-handed shot and he's got better than average skill even though he's sort of been buried in Edmonton. Have to think he makes a nice alternative to teams like Pittsburgh if they can't get in on Vanek, Moulson, Cammalleri and the asking price should be (if Craig MacTavish is thinking right) more modest than for those other guys. Think he'd be a nice fit for the Pens actually.

Shane (NY)

Ryan Callahan seems to be getting a TON of love for a guy who scores 40-50 points a year and is chronically injured. I mean, yes, he's a good two-way guy, and grit/toughness adds value. But to break the bank for him seems ridiculous unless you've already got a lot of forward scoring.

Scott Burnside
  (1:29 PM)

Shane; That's the issue for the Rangers vis a vis term and dollar. Callahan, apart from being a Ranger through and through, has playoffs written all over him. But the down-side of a player like that is that the style of play is that it catches up over time. That's why the Rangers balked at a seven-year deal (Callahan now reported to have rolled that demand back to a six-year deal). Classic high-risk, medium to high reward whether you're the Rangers or a team that is looking to acquire Callahan at the deadline.

Ryan (stl)

do you see halak being moved from buffalo before the deadline? and does stewart's inconsistent play get a little better now that he is on the 2nd line?

Scott Burnside
  (1:32 PM)

Ryan; I wouldn't be surprised to see both Halak and Stewart moved although Stewart has value to the Sabres as he has another year left on his deal and someone is going to have to play there next year. Halak may have some value to a team like Minnesota where Darcy Kuemper has been terrific but is an unknown quantity. Or in Pittsburgh perhaps as long as the asking price isn't too great. Apparently Ottawa, which fancies itself buyers not sellers at the deadline, might have an interest in Stewart given his size and his sometimes ability to put the puck in the net.

Eric (LA, CA)

My niece and her boyfriend have taken to talking a lot of smack, about the recent trade for STL, in getting Miller. I replied with, it will still end with Quicky beating Miller in a game 7 (or 6) as usual... But what I really need, is for you to answer the question of; Is Miller better than Quick? Or, who would you choose, to start a new team? I said the olympics settled it, but I think they need to hear from a hockey expert!

Scott Burnside
  (1:33 PM)

Eric; I think Quick's resume over the past three years outline who the better goalie is right now. But remember that Miller's teams in Buffalo have left a lot to be desired. Playing behind a much better defense in St. Louis Miller is going to put up better numbers. The more important question is who wins in a seven-game series and over that short window I think you'd give the edge to Quick but it's a slight, slight edge.

Mark (Denver, CO)

Hello Scott. Do you see the Avs making some kind of overture towards Paul Statsny and signing him to an extension, or will they trade him by Wednesday?

Scott Burnside
  (1:37 PM)

Mark; Interesting issue for Joe Sakic and Patrick Roy. Stastny has been playing with Nathan MacKinnon and Gabriel Landeskog and the Avs are very much a playoff team although they're headed for a first-round matchup with either St. Louis or Chicago. Are they best served keeping Stastny for the playoffs even though he may not fit long-term or do they move Stastny to a team looking for help down the middle rather than watch him walk in July? Avs aren't likely to hit a home run with Stastny but could get a package with a second-round pick included.

Tyler (Harrisburg, PA)

What do you make of the Lightning, they've had a great season so far, but are they really going to do any damage in the playoffs?

Scott Burnside
  (1:39 PM)

Tyler; Absolutely. Ben Bishop was my quarter-pole pick to win the Vezina and the team has played pretty well defensively (notwithstanding Sunday's wipeout against Colorado) and they are getting Steven Stamkos back. They should get a favorable first-round matchup against a Montreal or Toronto or even Detroit. Jon Cooper should also be in the running for coach of the year so lots of reasons to be optimistic about the Bolts this spring.

Mitch (Chapel Hill, NC)

The Hurricanes are playing more like a tropical depression, with an emphasis on depression. They clearly are now sellers after losing 5 straight. Is anyone untouchable on the team....and which players would garner the most interest before the deadline?

Scott Burnside
  (1:42 PM)

Mitch; Yes, not a good start to the post-Olympic break for the 'Canes. They have to settle their goaltending situation although not sure who has the most value of Anton Khudobin, Cam Ward or Justin Peters. Is there a market for Tuomo Ruutu? He has a no-trade and two more years at $4.75 million which is a lot. Ron Hainsey might be attractive to a team looking for depth on the blue line. Not too many home run options though.

Bob (NY)

Any sense the Rangers are looking to add a forward by Wends?

Scott Burnside
  (1:42 PM)

Bob; I think they'd like to add Ryan Callahan. The rest will flow from that. If he goes they'll have to plug the hole somehow. If Callahan signs, which I think he will, my guess is the Rangers are pretty quiet.

Weston (Minneapolis, MN)

Hey Scott. I am a die hard phoenix coyotes fan. I know they have struggled mightly with inconsistency. But is there any other reason as to why they struggled this year?

Scott Burnside
  (1:44 PM)

Weston; Not sure there's any one reason. Not going to put this on Mike Smith's shoulders but he hasn't been as consistent as he was the year they went to the West finals in '12 and that hurts. Overall the team defense just hasn't been where Dave Tippett wants it to be. Still time to turn things around but the clock is definitely ticking. Weird that it would happen in the first season after they finally get their ownership situation settled and there is finally some stability. Go figure.

Rick (Philly)

Are you surprised Laviolette hasn't landed another coaching gig? I thought he did a good job with the Flyers, but it seemed like he got the blame for alot of poor trades, contract signings, and other management issues. Is there a team you could see him going to?

Scott Burnside
  (1:46 PM)

Rick; I am a little bit surprised. Thought Laviolette might get a look at the Winnipeg job (although obviously they got the right man in Paul Maurice given the work he's done there). He'll get another shot, though, and hey, who knows what happens on Long Island but if there's a new GM why not give Laviolette a shot with a team that has lots of interesting elements there.

Dylan [via mobile]

What do u think of the canucks this season

Scott Burnside
  (1:47 PM)

Dylan; I think they are a wacky, wacky team. I know it sounds trite but in some ways they're a team at a crossroads. Sedins banged up and slumping, goaltending still unsettled (see the decision to start Eddie Lack over Roberto Luongo in the Heritage Classic Sunday) and the depth that was once their strength has evaporated. Wacky, wacky times there.

Jay (Winnipeg)

Are rumors true that Dustin Byfuglien is available to be had for a 1st and a forward roster player?

Scott Burnside
  (1:51 PM)

Jay; Not sure where the Jets are at with Byfuglien who is under contract until 2015-16 at $5.2 million cap hit. He makes $5.75 million and $6 million in real dollars the next two years so maybe that's attractive to Winnipeg to get out from under that deal. But just not sure his value to a contending team; is he a forward is he a defenseman with big offensive up-side but significant defensive liabilities? He is a wild card kind of player (see his play in the '10 playoffs for Chicago) but if I'm a GM I'm reticent to sell the farm for that kind of player.

Dave (Buffalo)

Vancouver wacky doesn't approach Buffalo wacky, though, right?

Scott Burnside
  (1:51 PM)

Dave; Ha, ha. Good point. Good point. Different kinds of wacky.

Will (CA)

Do you see the Sharks making a move at the deadline? Seems like the window is closing on them to make a cup run with Boyle, Thornton & Marleu getting older.

Scott Burnside
  (1:53 PM)

Will; With Logan Couture coming back into the lineup and with the moves that GM Doug Wilson made last year to get younger, faster I'm not sure there's too much that will get done this year. Doubt they move Dan Boyle even though he could be gone in July. Not sure what else they need to do lineup-wise given how well they've played.

Rick (NJ)

Can Brodeur regain the starting role with the Devils?

Scott Burnside
  (1:53 PM)

Rick; Not unless something terrible happens to Cory Schneider.

Rich (Philly)

Scott.....Katie likes the B's coming out of the you agree?

Scott Burnside
  (1:54 PM)

Rich; Katie is infinitely wise. But I think a rematch sees the Penguins getting revenge for last year's conference final sweep.

Scott Burnside
  (1:54 PM)

Okay folks have to cut this slightly short and go and meet Craig Custance for a podcast taping. Hope you'll give it a listen in a bit. Thanks as always for stopping by. Should be a fun couple of days. Until next time be well.